Burress deal was “all about Rex”


So what distinguished the Jets from the Steelers, Giants, and 49ers when it came to wooing Plaxico Burress?

None of the other teams had Rex Ryan.

Per a source with knowledge of the process, it was “all about Rex” for Plaxico.  Though it didn’t hurt that the one-year, $3 million guaranteed contract also represented the best financial package placed on the table, it was the total package and Ryan’s presence — and pitch — got it done.

Ryan sold Burress on the coach’s belief that Plaxico can get them over the top, just as he helped get the Giants over the top four years ago.

Though we’d previously believed the Giants were possibly kicking tires on Burress to protect themselves against criticism if he went to a team like the Jets or Eagles and became a star again, we’re told that the Giants were indeed serious.

But not as serious as the Jets.

In the end, it turns out that Burress was accurate in his assessment of his priorities earlier this month, when talking with our friends Adam Schein and Rich Gannon of SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Well, the head coach is going to be first and foremost,” Burress said.  “It’s going to be somebody to where, well, you know, he has an open door policy, I can walk in his office and sit down and talk to him whether it’s about football or life or whatever that may be.  Then, of course, second, it’s going to be a quarterback.  I’m a wide receiver.  I mean, that’s a no brainer.  I’m not going to sit here and say it’s not.  And surround myself with guys that are hungry and guys that know how to play and want to win.”

On Saturday, Burress gushed specifically about Ryan in comments to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “I think he’s great,” Burress said of Rex Ryan.  “He stands behind his players, I think his players have a lot of respect for him and they play hard for him. . . .  He’s a great coach, great personality.  He seems like he’s always upbeat.”

So the Jets have everything that Burress was looking for.  And they think he gives them what they need to get what they’ve been striving for.

So instead of a formidable one-two punch at cornerback with Darrelle Revis and Nnamdi Asomugha, the Jets will unleash a potent combination of Burress and Santonio Holmes, six weeks from tonight on NBC.

96 responses to “Burress deal was “all about Rex”

  1. Nice so glad we didnt sign randy moss.. This is going to be interesting. I still dont know what to think of it yet. But i see it as low risk high reward for the jets. Lets bring back Cromartie and go kick some ass now!!!

  2. Jets still need Cromartie. Also, signing Todd Heap would help, mix and match with 2 TE formations and 3 WR sets. I’m not sure Burress is the no.2 ahead of Cotchery but the Jets have a solid no.1 with Holmes.

  3. Wasn’t it being reported the one team that was after him that had no chance was the jets?

  4. It’s all about a fat, arrogant big mouth who makes failed guarantees every year? Should have stayed in prison, Plax. You’d have been better off.

  5. It had to be the money, Sanchez is not the QB Big Ben is and Rex is the Carnival Side Show Barker/Used Car Salesman to Tomlin’s NFL Coach with 2 Super Bowls on his resume with a bright future in front of him.

    Yup, it was the money.

  6. I think he really did want to play in new york, but had a little scarefest when thinking about playing Nnamdi and Derelle twice each year lol

  7. Anyone who thinks it was “all about the money” needs a CBA tutorial. All this does is guarantee his salary for a few weeks.

    If he made the roster, a very likely scenario, his base salary becomes guaranteed anyway. It’s just a technicality.

  8. If the Jets are collecting ex-Steelers first-round wideouts, I’m sure Troy Edwards is available.

  9. If this was about the quarterback he wouldn’t have gone to the Jets. This was about the money and a team that doesn’t discipline its players for poor behavior. Let me know when the J-E-T-S actually do something other than come in second place in their conference and/or division. After all, Second place is First loser.

  10. tommccrossin says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:15 AM
    Wasn’t it being reported the one team that was after him that had no chance was the jets?

    I think we should all realize by now that putting any stock whatsoever in “reports” about where players are heading is not the way to go.

    If you need any more proof, go into the archives and read the article that Asomugwa was guaranteed to be going to either the Cowboys or the Jets less than 24 before he umm……didn’t.

  11. Rex Ryan is a PUNK he will be putting “HIS FOOT ” in his mouth again when he finds out that plax sucks. the giants were more then happy when he went to jail. Rex is a bum and has no coaching ability yeah he may win a few games but the best he will NEVER be. He has no football knowledge unless he learned it from his brother.

  12. The Jets didnt lose Braylon Edwards…they didnt want him for the price he was asking. Good pic on Plax!!!!

  13. Dream team activity off the field of the Jets still has to prove in winning games on the field.

  14. santonio holmes got most of the press for his big plays at the end of games, BUT Braylon made just as many if not more. he was a big target as well as a homerun threat for the jets. everyone likes to talk about his dropsies but he only had ONE last season.

    as a jets fan i do not like losing him at all. cannot believe the jets are not bringing him back.

  15. I think it’s a big deal over very little. Plax was good a few years back but his skills were diminishing before he went to prison, don’t see him as being much of a factor for the jets or any other team that would’ve signed him. I’d still take Randy Moss over Plax considering the baggage they both carry.

  16. I don’t see the Jets being as good as they were last year. I think they overperformed and I give them credit. But they goofed on not resigning Cro, losing Smith and bringing in Plax.

  17. @ Aron Krishman;
    Thank you for the well thought-out and articulate comment. Thats what this site is supposed to be for. Not the childish remarks like “The Jets have a head cheerleader”…and I agree with your strategy…thanks

  18. It was all about Rex, because Rex offered him the most money. Plus he didn’t have to move……other than out of Rikers of course.

  19. This will bolster the Jets offense tremendously..The Jets will contend against the Patriots for the AFC Title this year…

  20. pacash80 says:Jul 31, 2011 10:13 AM

    SEE? EVERYONE wants to play for Rex Ryan.
    Errrr, Uhmmm – except for the guy that they spent the last week trying to get….

  21. EVERYBODY can dream! He’ll be a Steeler this time next year because no one else will take him and he’ll be too embarrassed to come back to the Giants with his tail between his legs!

  22. So…
    * Players hate playing for Mike Tomlin…
    * Sanchez is a better QB than Roethlisberger…
    * The Steelers don’t have any hungry guys who know how to win…

    That’s the criminal mind for ya….

  23. I think Rex may have shot himself in the foot
    with this move.

    But seriously folks, Jets will get about the same from Plax as Balti got from Stallworth. He was
    getting old and slowing down before he was out
    of the league for 2yrs.

  24. so you’ve got holmes and burress wide, cotchery in the slot, keller (maybe heap!) at te, and lt2 as a pass catching rb. you also have a good qb in his third year. you hope more than anything else for a fun to watch, winning season. looking good.

  25. They replaced a tall douchey WR wearing #17 who has a “NY essence” with another tall douchey WR wearing #17 who has a “NY rap sheet”.

  26. Burress is unproven now, very risky move for the Jets, the only thing he has probably caught in 3 years is an STD from Bubba

  27. Way to stick it to the Pats.

    Give them a reminder twice a year of that dreaded SuperBowl Sunday.

    Why don’t you pick up that genius who made the helmet catch? and help him find the rest of his marbles while you at it.

  28. Good luck Plax … thanks for the memories … and especially that Superbowl catch.

  29. Chowderhead if Rex is such a bad coach how did he manage to knock your team out the playoffs last year at your own field?

  30. So you opted for a 34 year old wide reciever who hasn’t done anything football related for 2 years and expect him to start and have chemistry with Sanchez?

    Instead of Edwards, who had one of his best seasons last year and already had chemistry with Mark Sanchez?

    Alright, Edwards might have costed a little bit more but you lost that discount when you put Asomugha first and failed miserably. Way to go Jets.

  31. Rex Ryan….pompous blow hard. snake oil salesman. what will he be the excuse this year?

  32. Good for Plax. I guess he hasn’t had enough of NY laws. What is next? 2 years in jail for accidentally dropping a loaded turd down the toilet?

    If I were the Jets I would be concerned about Plax’s ability to catch. The guy couldn’t even get a hold of his own gun as it was sliding down in his pants.

  33. As a Pats fan, a big sigh of relief. Even BEFORE he left the game, Burress was a slow possession receiver whose main attribute was his length and ability to “go get the ball”. IF he can get back to that level, and that’s a big IF, then he’s a legitimate red zone threat, but certain no better than Edwards, and a LOT slower.

    I’m sure Burress now “gets it” and will be no problem in the locker room or off the field. I’m sure he’ll give the Jets a good effort, but part of Burress’ success came from pushing off smaller DBs. That might have been effective back in 2007 and 2008, but the refs are much more aware of that now, and it could mitigate one of Burress’ best attributes.

    Not to say Burress was a horrible signing, but IMHO its a downgrade from Edwards. I’d have been more concerned if they had signed any number of WRs, like Jones, Moss, Floyd, or Edwards. AND a $3MM cap hit for a 34 year old WR who hasn’t played in 2 years seems a bit excessive.

    OTOH getting Todd Heap would be a great signing.

  34. BTW the worst part of this signing is that Pats fans will be subjected to a constant barrage of Burress catching the winning TD in the game “that shall not be mentioned” lol

  35. “sbs0311 says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:24 AM
    Anyone who thinks it was “all about the money” needs a CBA tutorial. All this does is guarantee his salary for a few weeks.

    If he made the roster, a very likely scenario, his base salary becomes guaranteed anyway. It’s just a technicality”
    Really? We’ll see how much of a technicality it is if he comes to camp and can’t play anymore. If they hadn’t guaranteed the contract, they could just cut him and pay him nothing. Now they would lose $3M off of their cap, even if he never plays a down.

    You do realize that he’s 33 years old, and hasn’t played since 2008? Why do you think that most teams wouldn’t be willing to guarantee chit.

    At least he had plenty of time to work out over the past 2 years.

  36. The Jets just paid Burress 3 Million Dollars to get back in football shape nice signing you didn’t even get a 2 year deal where you could trade him or use him in the year he may be back 100%.

    Rex it was all about the money and being able to get a better deal after he is in shape sorry buddy you just paid 3 Mil for a guy to workout at you training facility!

  37. Commish…. “Giants and Steelers … let’s show interest in Plax so some other idiot team can come in and get him so we don’t look bad for letting a convicted dog killer back in the league while ignoring a man who shoots himself”.
    Mission Accomplished.

  38. Three thoughts:
    1. Straight out of jail and guaranteed $3 million?
    2. Seems like the Jets have an excess of WRs.
    3. Could that be an illogical way to compensate for a mediocre QB?

  39. I thought the article said secondly he was focusing on going somewhere with a good quarterback?

  40. Wow!! So the J-E-T-S Jets have a coach that convicted criminals want to play for when their sentence is done. THAT is what sets them apart – a coach with Convict Appeal. I hope the organization remembers this moment when that convict and that attitude eventually does great harm to the program.

  41. Ben Your still waiting for your big tall receiver
    Maybe they will get one for you someday


  42. If I am the Steelers, I am saying, “Why not Randy Moss”?

    Same age as Plax, faster than Plax, clutch, and may have quite the large chip on his shoulder. He is 6’3″, and I am sure will be pissed that he has been ignored.

    Low risk, high reward. Call him Colbert.

  43. I think it was all about the green ($), not gang green. Not many teams were chomping at the bit to give $3 mil guaranteed for a guy who hasn’t played in almost 3 years. Plax is a downgrade from Braylon Edwards… the Jets actually may have become worse this offseason depending on what happens with Cromartie

  44. The Jets have been a place for “troubled” players to land and turn things around. The coach IS a cheerLEADER that the players work hard for. The QB has a great attitude and is still young and learning. The defense is strong and improved on the line with two draft picks. There is some talent there and they will win some games, maybe 10-11 of them.

  45. ny82jy says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:14 AM
    Nice so glad we didnt sign randy moss.. This is going to be interesting. I still dont know what to think of it yet. But i see it as low risk high reward for the jets. Lets bring back Cromartie and go kick some ass now!!!


    Low risk?

    What if Plexiglass accidently puts a errant bullet into Sexy Rexy’s foot?

    Ohhh Boy! sounds pretty risky to me

  46. “Potent combination of Burress and Santonio Holmes?” Making a few assumptions there. The only potency we can be sure Burress has these days is that twinkle in his eye when he sees a man’s bare butt after a couple years in the pokey. He was on the decline going into prison. I doubt he does squat now.

  47. Patriot fan a upset cause no one wants to play for the Patriots anymore, except for Ocho Cinco and Fat Albert (sniker) The Patriots are” has beens”

  48. Still think Braylon would be a better signing? Not sure why the jets are not interested?

  49. you guys have it all wrong! it’s not about the money. Rex just wants to kiss plex’s boo-boo foot.Remember it’s all about the benefits.

  50. Remember Plax, when you get dressed for the NYC clubs after the game and stick the unregistered 9mm in the waistband of your jogging pants – try putting the safety ON this time.

  51. Internet and NFL Network have been down all day, so I missed the excitement. Hope Plaxico will be happy in New York. Whatever else I think about them, the Jets are hungry and Rex is a players’ coach, so he got what he wanted. Good luck, Plaxico!

  52. I would imagine that Rex Ryan and Tom Coughlin are as opposite as any two men can be.
    Plax knows that he’ll be free to come and go as he pleases with the Jets. Plax doesn’t do well with rules outside of prison.

  53. As a Steeler fan I’ve got to say that I’m very happy for the Jets, because Plax not coming back to the Steelers makes me extremely happy. I think his skills will be deminished and he’ll have the alligator arms for quite a while, resulting in incomplete passes. But, most of all, I think he’ll still have his old attitude and will work only when he wants to.

    I’m sure that the resident Steeler super guru expert poster will disagree with me, but I don’t really give a rats ass.

  54. So long Plax. Should of came back to the steelers. Now instead of having Big Ben throwing you the ball. Your gonna have to settle with San-chez. You may make more money but in the end you will be regretting this decision.
    I doubt the steelers will look again at you in the future. Good Luck tho.

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