Coughlin says Umenyiora, Reese had a “good conversation”

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On Saturday, a report emerged that Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora would “never” talk to G.M. Jerry Reese again.  As it turns out, “never” is now an accepted synonym for “today.”

According to team spokesman Pat Hanlon’s Twitter feed, Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Sunday that Umenyiora and Reese had a “good conversation.”

Umenyiora reportedly wants a new contract or a trade.  He has been grousing about his current deal since not long after signing it.

During the now-settled Brady antitrust lawsuit, Umenyiora signed an affidavit that claims Reese promised a new deal or a trade.  The affidavit was never filed.  Co-owner John Mara has since said that Umenyiora and Reese need to “sit down . . . man-to-man and work this thing out.”

It’s unclear whether Saturday’s conversation resulted in “this thing” being worked out.  Per various reports, defensive tackle Chris Canty told the media Sunday that Osi doesn’t want to be a distraction.

The problem is that Osi already has been a distraction.  The only way to end it will be to pay him or trade him.

29 responses to “Coughlin says Umenyiora, Reese had a “good conversation”

  1. Bye bye Osi…could go to the Browns, they have the picks to go after him, and they are looking for 4-3 fits.

  2. The guy was part of the Anti-Trust Lawsuit, He said he was lied to about his contract, he held out all be it for one day, then said he would never talk to his GM, he has his coach, owner, and other players making public statement to defend him ……………………so when is he going to start not being a distraction?

    How could you be anymore of a distraction?

  3. If keeping Osi means losing Bradshaw, then keep Osi. You don’t find Pro Bowl DE’s every day. RB’s are a dime a dozen.

  4. Gist of the “good conversation”: You ain’t worth what you’re getting already…perhaps you’d prefer to be cut and find what your value on the market really is? Osi: No sir, getting to work, right away sir.

  5. I’m loving life right now, The NFC east is ours once again. The Giants and Cowboys are sliding (I don’t ever count the Deadskins) and this has to be the best team the Eagles has ever put together.

  6. either shut up and play or holdout i’m so tired of hearing about osi umenyiora…way to back up your “i’ll never talk to him again” comments

  7. Osi should focus on proving that he is the defensive force everytone ‘thought he was’, and not that just Strahan double teams making him look good.

    Play football Osi.

  8. phillymagic50

    the giants are a BETTER team this coming year than last…and it wont even be close. yes, the eagles have the better team on paper, but why you would presume that the giants are “sliding” is beyond me. you should really pay attention to ALL personnel moves, and not just worry about osi.

  9. Philly fans, you’re amazing. You’re winning the annual offseason free agency contest once again. I don’t think that has ever translated into a Super Bowl victory. See 2004, for example.

  10. I like that trade for Seattle’s first. They’ll be looking at top 5 in the draft, which would be a much more valuable pick with the new rookie cap.

  11. @phillymagic50

    woohoo the nfc east crown is yours. how about winning a SB trophy like everyone else in the division before you start dancing on tables.

  12. As an Eagles fan i have great respect for the Giants and the wya they do business. They have been step for step with my team about a decade now. But this offseason has been a mystery to me. They released what amounts to 2 of their best 5 Oline (O’Hara i still want to come to the Eagles ) They even had a thought of signing Plax when they have two good recivers signed and another guy has don nothing but catch tons of balls they could sign in Smith. It just doesn’t make much sense.

    And now they are going to keep Osi who definetly should have been traded before the hold out as he really isn’t even as good as the guy three they have that start in front of him. They might have been able to get a 2-3 pick before the hold out and now i don’t know if they can even get a 5th. Or if he even fits anywhere. In fact the only team i think he could fit with that has extra picks to trad eis New England and i am not sure if the Giants will be doing anything with that team. But if he does move thats where i think he goes.

    Oh and to the bal. fan who wants him… if Suggs isn’t hurt bad then you don’t need him Kindle is going to very good in that system as a rush linebacker if he can stay healthy. He is going to be very good. I still don’t think they are better than the steeler s because of the offensive losses but who knows they may have enough in rookies to step up. But losing the TE is going to hurt one way or another.

  13. osi cant stop the run anyway… trade him for multiple picks or a stud LB. good riddance osi, kiwi can fill in your shoes easily.

  14. Osi dosi swing your partner round and round this is starting to make the GIANTS organization look like bumbling idiots ! Yo Reese do the job your being paid for and end this nonsense one way or the other !

  15. To all of the Egirls
    Your starting to sound like Rex Ryan
    The only difference is the Jets did once win it all
    Stop bad mouthing the skins the boys and the Giants
    They have owned or team forever check out what Div has the most SB wins and then check out what team in that Div has NONE

    The first thing the egirls need are new fans some that have a clue
    You have won nothing zip zero nada
    You had #5 for all those years and he could not do it now you have Mick Dick and he will not do it sit down shut up and deal Philly is a third rate city go back to fish town and your row houses btw in the rest of the world they call those SLUMS

  16. Justin says: Jul 31, 2011 2:45 PM

    Sounds like Umenyiora is like most Giants. All talk but doesn’t back it up

    He takes his cues from Rex Ryan and Andy Reid. Whaddaya gonna do?

  17. phillymagic50 says: Jul 31, 2011 2:40 PM

    I’m loving life right now, The NFC east is ours once again

    How sad that the NFC East is all it takes to make you happy. Most other fans want Super Bowls, but since you’re an Eagle fan, you’ve probably just lowered the bar and will settle for anything with the word “Champions” in it. It’s all they can muster, and you’re ok with it. Too funny.

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