DeSean Jackson not planning to end holdout, yet

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Contrary to a report from in Philly, we’re told that Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson does not intend to end his holdout without a new contract on Monday or Tuesday.

Jackson faces fines in the amount of $30,000 per day for holding out while under contract.  If anything, the events of the past few days — featuring big-money contracts given by the Eagles to cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, defensive end Jason Babin, and defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins — would tend to make DeSean’s resolve to get his new contract even stronger.

A real question remains regarding the date on which Jackson would lose a year of credit toward free agency.  The Transition Rules approved last week by the NFLPA provide that any player under contract must show up 23 days after the start of the 2011 League Year, which would put the deadline in late August.  However, the official NFL calendar identifies the deadline as August 9.  We asked the NFL for clarification on Thursday, and we’re waiting for a final answer.

If Jackson doesn’t show up in time to get a year of credit toward free agency, it won’t matter if he fulfills the final year of his contract by showing up before Week 10.  Next March, he would have only three years of service toward free agency, and he would be a restricted free agent.

Thus, whatever the deadline for getting a year of credit toward free agency, it’s safe to say that Jackson will show up by then.

UPDATE:  Reuben Frank of reports, citing a team official, that Jackson plans to end his holdout “really soon.”  Though Jackson could change his mind at any time, his intention as of Sunday night was to not report, absent a new deal.

49 responses to “DeSean Jackson not planning to end holdout, yet

  1. Just dumb. The eagles look like they are willing to pay their players. Seems to me like they are just taking care of the guys that can get away (FA) first. Grow up and go to work.

  2. Mabye not. This guy has shown he isnt the brightest of the bunch and he’s been sitting home and watching them bring in FA’s with nice money deals. And is probably saying ” Why aint I gots mines yet”

  3. Would someone tell this idiot the reason Nnamdi, Jason, and Cullen got new contracts was because they didn’t have contracts! DeSean does. Get your ass to camp, moron.

  4. And hey call Edwards a diva? This little guy needs to shut up and play. He’s behaving like a Jet….. A loudmouth clown!

  5. When will these guys learn that holding out doesn’t get them paid? I agree he deserves the money and he will get it. Whether right or wrong holding out on Joe, Andy and the rest of the FO does you no good in this city…Only hurting himself and his team at this point.

  6. If I were the Eagles, I would trade Asante and his $9 million contract and give it to Desean. The Eagles can’t afford for him to sit out. But neither can Desean. Makes sense for both sides.

  7. I believe the FO will take care of djax, especially with what they’re trying to do. They need djax and the eagles still have cap space.

  8. Come on Eagles, just pay the guy. He’s not great but he’s better than anything else you’ve got. Don’t screw this up like you did when T.O asked for a new deal

  9. Eagles haven’t had issues paying guys who haven’t performed for them, they shouldn’t have any problem paying for guys who have. In 99% of situations I disapprove of lockouts but DeSean deserves a higher salary. Don’t piss him off Eagles! I can guarantee 31 teams will pay him what he deserves and he will remember how you treated him…..

  10. Why should he? With Maclin out. They have no one else

    because its pointless…if he keeps holding out and loses whats left of his half a mil salary and the Eagles dont resign him this season then you would think he might be a little more unhappy.

    get your a$$ to camp. dont waste anymore time being a pain. YOU WILL GET PAID.

  11. How come when players like Frank Gore hold-out (granted he’s back in camp, but he did hold-out) it’s because he wants a long term deal and he loves his team and football. But when DeSean holds out, he’s a punk, selfish, and trying to bring his team down??????

  12. D’oh I meant HOLDOUTS not lockouts. Give me a break I’ve had a few tonight.

  13. The problem most likely isn’t giving Jackson more money. Most likely it’s giving Jackson the amount of money Rosenhaus thinks he’s worth. Jackson is an explosive receiver but he isn’t Andre Johnson or Calvin Johnson or even Roddy White. His ego is bigger than his talent.

  14. Hmmm….My home value went up by 20%. I guess it’s ok for my motgage holder to increase my payments and pay the previous owner the increase despite what we agreed upon and the language of our legal contract.

    H0ldouts and how they are dealt with are the part of the NFL that pisses me off. You signed a f#cking contract! Honor it or get sued.

  15. Also @captainwisdom, I can see how trading Samuel will open up cap space but can you think of anyone else the Eagles REALLY need to sign? Nnamdi at RCB, Asante at LCB, and DCR at nickelback? I’d take that over any free agent out there right now. Wouldn’t be opposed to a Tatupu signing right now though….

  16. I’m glad to see he can afford to not show up to work while some of us are struggling to find a decent job SMH

  17. DeSean would be crazy to play this year without a new contract. Dude’s making next to nothing and is severely undersized with everything to lose. He’s our homerun hitter and deserves much more. Pay the man and get this over with.

  18. steel6times says: Jul 31, 2011 10:08 PM

    Have you ever heard of a Steeler holding out? Of course not. 6 rings

    You dope, not only is the answer YES, a Steeler has held out, it wasn’t even long ago and it was another wide receiver! Unless winning a dance contest and driving drunk makes you forget that sort of unpleasantness.

  19. Hold out killa till they pay you what you deserve. Football is the only sport I know that doesn’t like to pay players who deserves it. Some of you sound like clowns saying he needs to report to camp when he’s only making the minimum, but yet he’s one of the best receivers in football, and I’m a bears fan but come on son and pay the man…

  20. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t…

    Pay him and the OL gets left with some gapping holes. Don’t pay him and there goes your most explosive player. Eagles blew it. He should have been taken care of some time ago. Now the big $$$ are flowing and at 175lbs I would not take the field until I got some of it. He is just a couple of concussions away from a forced retirement which brings up other concerns.

    Should he be signed to such a contract. At this stage the Eagles want their cake and to eat it too.

    Sorry it doesn’t work that way.

    GB just resigned their third WR, and letting go of
    an extra CB is no longer an easy decision irregardless of the huge cost carrying three top CB’s will incur.

    Pay the man, trade him or release him. The opportunity was lost and now they’re holding cracked eggs in hand. The mess will only get worse!

    Watch…In a few days the conversations within the organization and the media will continiously turn to the DJ watch.


  21. For some reason, I do not like DJ as a person, but I love him as a player…MONSTER TALENT…he needs to shut his damn mouth, and just play football. WHY CANT MORE RECEIVERS BE QUIET LIKE A REGGIE WAYNE, MARQUES COLSTON, OR HELL, EVEN MARVIN HARRISON? All these damn diva-assed WRs and their soap operas! TO, Chad, Braylon Edwards…just stfu and play football, man..damn.

  22. barnold1993 says: Jul 31, 2011 10:02 PM Im an die hard eagles fan and I say trade his ass!!

    Fans like you make us have a bad reputation

  23. MeSean Jackson. Dream F’n Team. Give me a break. Sick of all the hype. Howie Roseman is such a genius but he just blew his wad for the chance to win the SB in the next 2 years. They add a top shelf corner, A dumb @ss head case QB, a one hit wonder (Babin), and a DL with injury issues, and all of a sudden they are the most talented team in the league. Typical Philly BS. By the way, Tatupa sucks. He used to be great but has not been for 3 years. Of Course if Philly signs him, the NFL Network will herald it as a great signing because it will reunite him with the Ball Boy from Seattle.

  24. To all the people who say if you signed a contract honor it and get to work. I have 1 question with u when u got a player u hate because hes underperforming or just playing plain terribly, what do u say when the team cuts him? do u get pissed and say hey u had him under contract pay him everything u owe him and all that. no u say good riddance now spend that money somewhere else were it will help. Seriously a player gets yelled at cause he wants more money and wont play as good as he can for such a cheap price. Yet when a owner cuts a player after 2 or 3 years who they signed to 5 YR contract its okay cause he wasnt playing up to performance. so i say holdout tell u get ur money if u underperform fans cheer cause the owner cuts u off of the money he agreed to pay u. but when u play way better than the expectations and the money their paying u isnt enough for what ur doing for the team id sit to. and paying others who werent part of ur team doesnt look good when u cant make ur own best players happy.

  25. Don’t worry Desean will get his new contract soon.It makes no sense for the Eagles to let there biggest play maker on the field just go like that.

  26. vegas691 says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:53 PM
    Hmmm….My home value went up by 20%. I guess it’s ok for my motgage holder to increase my payments and pay the previous owner the increase despite what we agreed upon and the language of our legal contract.

    H0ldouts and how they are dealt with are the part of the NFL that pisses me off. You signed a f#cking contract! Honor it or get sued.

    By comparing Football contracts to your mortgage (or MOTgage in your case) you have proved two things. 1. you haven’t watched football and don;t know this is what players do when in the last year of a deal to let the team know get me a deal or its going to bother them. 2. You sir are an extreamly bitter person that must hate his own life. I find that when people make those kinds of comparisons ‘….. Well if i had a contract at MY work i would show up ..” is a true sign that you hate your life and you also hate these players for being lucky enough to play a game and make millions.

    Its not healthy to love that way bud. You should just be happy with what you got and life will be much better than if you keep wanting what others have.

    Oh and just so everyone knows the Eagles have about 15 mill in useable cap including borrowing next year one time. They can also sign Vick to a long term deal which my guess will be for about 12 a year bu tthey may also get him to take a cheap year this year to get everything worked out. So i am guessing the Eagles have about 16-17 million to spend still. That means they have plenty of room to sign jackson to the 10 mil a year deal that i also believe will be around 8 against the cap this year. So they have about 10 after that and they need to sign the 1st round pick and i am thinking right now that a guy like Ryan Harris who knows Mudds style might be the guy and the Eagles are just waiting till all the money is gone in the Tackle market and will sign him for below market value like every other player they signed this year. And if they need to make a trade for someone on the line they do have an early second rounder from the AZ so they could trade their own for a nice RT or trade Samuel for one and maybe even get a good RT and a 3rd pick.

  27. steel6times says: Jul 31, 2011 10:08 PM

    Have you ever heard of a Steeler holding out? Of course not. 6 rings

    Never, huh?

    In 2005, Ward missed the first two weeks of training camp in a holdout for a contract extension that would increase his salary. Ward had considered holding out before camp in 2004, but had been persuaded by the Steelers that they could work out an extension during the year. Ward eventually showed up on August 15, 2005 and was on the sidelines for Pittsburgh’s first preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles that night, though he did not play in that game. On September 5, 2005, the Steelers announced that they had reached an agreement on a four-year contract extension worth $25.83 million with Ward.

    Thanks for being ignorant, like most Steeler fans usually are.


  28. Hard to fathom, the Eagles taking such a hard line with this one guy, their best wideout. He has clearly outplayed his contract. Pay the man.

  29. tempest in a teapot.

    no hard line being taken. i think desean knows his point has been made, and also knows that the eagles front office wasn’t hanging on the beach this last week.

    he showed his colors by texting his big brother from cal: asomugha to congratulate him on being an eagle.

    while this guy is young and hype, i remember prior to the draft jerry rice recommended him. that means he’s a worker and thats good enough for me.

    if the eagles owned an asset like desean, they would be trying to maximize its value, just like desean (and rosenhaus). it takes a huge heart for a little man to play out there, and to play the way he does is to risk serious injury. the eagles can’t have it both ways; if they want the guy who can play on the edge of the razor, then it seems he has to be rewarded for the risk.

    so hopefully the eagles brass is astute enough to know to take care of nnamdi’s little brother as well…..

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