Eagles’ Maclin missing because of illness, Samuel has personal issue


It’s been largely overlooked in the frenzy of news surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles that two of the team’s returning starters have been absent for reasons that haven’t been fully explained.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin is out with what has been described as an illness, while cornerback Asante Samuel is missing because of a personal issue.

Eagles coach Andy Reid refused to say what’s wrong with Maclin.

I really can’t talk about it until he gets up here,” Reid said of Maclin. “And that’s no pressure on him or I’m pushing. I just want what’s best for him and that’s all I care about right now. This is a personal thing and I can’t go any further than that. When it’s taken care of, then we’ll talk. But right now, I’m saying you guys, I’ve had a chance to talk to him every day and we all love the kid. He’s nothing but toughness and grit and everything. He loves to play the game, but we just have to get this part taken care of. . . . I can’t get into any of the details on this.”

With Maclin sick and DeSean Jackson holding out, the Eagles have opened camp without either of their starting wide receivers.

Samuel, a starting cornerback last season, has been missing for what’s being described as an excused absence for a personal issue. Although there’s talk that Samuel may be traded now that the Eagles have signed Nnamdi Asomugha, Samuel’s agent says Samuel wants to remain an Eagle.

55 responses to “Eagles’ Maclin missing because of illness, Samuel has personal issue

  1. As a Giants fan I hope its not serious and the kid is ok. Good football player for the Eagles..

  2. I can tell you what Samuel’s personal issue is – he’s crying because he is no longer needed. Actually, that’s probably a good thing, I can’t imagine living and playing in Philadelphia with all those a-holes is a treat.

    Let’s let this team of misfits, dog killers, and rejects who are coached by a guy that raised 2 of the biggest idiot kids go on their way to another disappointing season…where there is no super bowl ending (as usual). Hey, but they have Rocky – a make believe winner to make them feel good.

  3. I didn’t know they called the tackling ability of a two year old a “personal issue”.

  4. steelerhypocrite would definately recognize an A-HOLE he see;s one everytime he looks in the mirror.

  5. I can’t wait to see the crying Eagles fans at the end of the year. You can’t buy rings. I think these signings might bring other problems.

  6. I’m not an Eagles fan but I like Maclin. He’s a good, tough WR who just shuts up and plays. Kind of rare in a WR these days.

  7. If I were Samuel I’d have a “personal issue” too. The team finally takes the steps it needs to be a dominant force in the NFC, and one of the steps is to get a much better player to play cornerback. I think most of us would have “personal issues” if our bosses went out and hired objectively more qualified people for our jobs.

  8. Really!?! You’re calling my teams character into question. I think the mirror is something you need to look into. Your team’s franchise player is a rapist. The player that personifies your team is a walking hardon, and the saddest part is it looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson. Oh and for the record Nnamdi Asomugha is not a reject in fact I think he might be just a tad bit better than Ike Taylor.

  9. Steeler that comment was way uncalled for. how pathetic could u possibly be?

  10. Yea.. because it isn’t like we have the best team in baseball right now and it’s not like the Phillies won the World Series a couple seasons ago. oh, but all we have is a make believe winner in Rocky..

    Typical Steelers fan… your QB rapes women, but ours is a dog killer so that makes Vick worse then Rottenburger.

  11. Maclin’s illness is concerning. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.

    I don’t think anyone will be surprised if Samuel’s “personal issue” is that the Eagles told him to stay away from camp so he doesn’t get hurt before they can deal him.

  12. Maclin’s probably sick of the way the Eagles roll out the red carpet for strangers but treat players that they’ve drafted like crap just because they can.

  13. Hey Steelerhypocrite, shut your pie hole! You sound like every other Steeler and Penguins fan, like your $-it don’t stink. Its painful for me to listen to all the Steelers nation crap. One more thing about calling the Eagles of convicts, lets remember James Harrison domestic abuse, Hines Ward DUI, Big Ben RAPE CHARGES, get off your high horse because your squad is far from perfect!!!

  14. And so the season begins for the Super Bowl Champions. Well, SB Champions on paper, anyhow.

  15. Whatever Asante Samuel’s issue is, it preceded both the Kolb trade for Rodgers-Cromartie and the free agent signing of Nnamdi Asomugha, and he has been out since the start of camp.

  16. The Eagles haters tears taste like lemons. You can hate them all you want, but don’t act like you didn’t want your team to make the moves they did. You’d only be lying to yourself.

  17. And there it is…….melonnhead’s daily Eagles Trollapalooza if off and running.

  18. How is it buying a championship when every team has the same budget? This isn’t baseball where the Yankees can spend $250 million and some teams only spend $50 million.

  19. For the record, I’m not a Steelers fan…I chose this name back when Ben was raping left and right, and because of that I think the Steelers (organization) are a bunch of hypocrites. They rip and chide on teams that don’t cut/suspend players for their off the field behavior…but now that they have some (the Raper, Harrison, Ward), they don’t take any action…can you say hypocrisy?

    As for my Eagles synopsis, I think I’m pretty close to the mark.

  20. Steelerhypocrite’s name allows him to throw stones in glass houses. Rapist QB, drunk driving WR, Wife beating LB, and lets not forget, his pro terrorist RB. What a model team.

  21. The comments on this site can get pretty pathetic, going for the jugular on personal issues facing players. If you can’t find anything bad to say about pro’s abilities, or If You just don’t “get” the game itself, I guess that’s another option for you. Gives us something to be grateful for: that we’re not you.

  22. Maclin had mono in March I think and lost 18 pounds, rumor is that this illness is a recurrence. Sorry for the kid. We love him here in STL, he came from a rough background and made no excuses, but turned himself into a quality person and player. Good luck, Jeremy.

  23. Dude, is it just me, or is all this hater-aid and dream team stuff a little ridiculous?

    Here’s a reality check for all:
    1) They needed more pass rush from the d-line, so they signed Babin and Jenkins. These guys are not Hall of famers, or dream teamers. Bunkly was a bust, so they upgraded and got a 5th back in the process. Just a smart move. Not a dream team sellout.
    2) They needed a backup QB, so they signed vince young, probably because of all of the available qb’s to bring in, none of which know anything about the eagles offense, young’s athletic intangibles may give the eagles the best chance to still win a few games if vick is out. No one thinks young is a hall of famer or a dream team qb, do they?
    3) The eagles had ONE serviceable CB on the roster (or one who they can rely on to be serviceable that is; i personally thin trevard lindley will emerge eventually) who apparently has a personal issue… So they went and got Nnamdi and DRC. Plugging gaping holes with good players, again.

    They still have to work on a counter for the blitz. They let stewart bradley go and have not replaced them. All this dream team stuff, from the front office (settle down on the talky talk, roseman and banner. You are doing a good job- no need to talk it up) and the media is a little overboard.

    This team is promising, as they were last year, with some extra pices they didn’t have last yer, AND some missing pieces- namely an LB with ANY size to man the middle of the spread alignment washburn is bringing in, a defensive coordinator who has EVER led an NFL defense, a backup qb who knows our system, etc etc etc. Get a grip. hate the eagles all you want, you did already I’m sure. But they are not some “Dream Team” by any strettch of the imagination. As it is now, I wouldn’t even call a passing play once against them if i was playing. How are they gonna stop the runs up the gut? Still work to be done in philly. Anyone annointing them is a fool at this point. the games have to be played, and the whole eagles team knows that and is hungry to prove themselves- no take what they think is theirs.

  24. As an Eagles fan I’m extremely pleased with the signings but the season hasn’t started and those teams that best deal with injuries and illnesses are the ones that prevail in the end. So yeah, you need the players, the coaching and lotsa luck.

  25. With a salary cap, not sure how any team can really “buy a Super Bowl”. Every team is allowed spend 120 mil so tell your team to go out and spend it. They signed Asomugha for less than he made in Oakland, Jenkins to what could be 1 year 4 million, if they let him go after this year, 5 million a year worst case. They TRADED for DRC, meaning they had to DRAFT somewhat well to trade for value, right? Be pissed at your own teams for sitting on their asses, not the Eagles for doing what a team should so for their fans, especially one who doesn’t have a SB…..yet.

  26. OH, and almost forgot in my last post about the “dream team…” that they are slated to start a 2nd year FS coming off a knee injury (he good, don’t get me wrong) AND a rookie SS from Temple (he may be good too, don’t get me wrong again.) Dream team? Made moves they needed to make to improve? Check. Dream team? X. I’ll call them a dream team if they win. I live in Miami, btw, so I’ve got experience with this kind of media bafoonery- and what the eagles have done STILL isn’t ANYWHERE near the football eqivalent of having wade and lebron (bosh sucks). If we got adrian peterson and antonio gates for the offense, and they played all pro defense too then we’d be there perhaps lol.

  27. Anyone know if Maclin can come back from his illness 100%? I hear with mono that it never really goes away. I sure hope he can come back, if I were the Eagles i would have definitely tried a bit harder to sign Plax. Any other decent receivers out there?

  28. Not sure what’s up with Asante Samuel, but I can’t imagine anyone giving him a hard time about being a lesser DB than the Nnamdi or Dominique. Statistically Asante blows them both away. Comparing him to Nnamdi, he’s had 36 INTs over the past 5 yrs vs. Nnamdi’s 11. He’s even averaged more tackles per year than Nnamdi. They are both the same age, but the only difference is Nnamdi is 6-2, Samuel is 5-10. There are no stats that I can find for how often they’ve let up big plays or been burnt on the field, but from the stats I can find, Asante Samuel looks to be much better. Did the media blow up Nnamdi’s value to be the next super start DB? As a skins fan, I hope so. Time will tell (not just on the DB discussion, but the entire “dream team” thing.

  29. 99% of cap gonna be spent cause it has to…money well spent…yes we threw snowballs at Santa. Yes we have 3 championships..none of which are Lombardi trophies. get some new GD material. Set ourselves up quite nicely for a title run this year though wouldn’t you say?? HI HATERSSSSSS BAAAAHAHAHA. GO BIRDDS

  30. Assante has already said he wants to be on the team he doesnt wanna get traded.. they are gonna have the nickle package out there half the time anyway.. and if not the eagles are gonna get another 2nd round pick because apparently they are geniuses this time around

    I hope Maclin isnt gonna be out for that long because other than D-Jax stretching the field Maclin is a much better all around reciever

  31. Why do you Eagles fans get so upset saying you cant buy a team everyone spends the same amount when you have been the ones in the past saying Snyder in DC was trying to buy a team?

  32. steel6times says:
    Jul 31, 2011 8:45 AM
    I can’t wait to see the crying Eagles fans at the end of the year. You can’t buy rings. I think these signings might bring other problems.


    I love how delusional people like you just make things up. You’re actually criticizing these personnel moves? Seriously? They have vastly improved the team this offseason. No, it’s no guarantee of anything…but it’s a great start.

    Frankly, I just think you’re pissed because your Bathroom Casanova™ QB broke his thumb eating one of those disgusting sandwiches with the corned beef, fries, chicken, coleslaw, ketchup, mustard, blue cheese, liver and onions, ice cream, potatoes and caviar between 12 slices of moldy bread—all to make himself feel better about living in a filth-ridden, blue collar, Larry the Cable Guy-watching, smog-filled, bacteria trap towel-waving neanderthal city whose only legit claim is that it’s not Detroit or Cleveland.


  33. Does anyone know where the Eagles are salary cap wise? I know they didn’t pursue any of their own FA, but I can’t imagine any of the FA besides Bradley made any serious coin, yet the Eagles have handed out some pretty big contracts so far and still have to make Desean happy and pay Vick. PFT said the Panthers are acting like it’s Brewsters Millions, but I was thinking the same thng of the Eagles.

  34. Why does everyone say we are buying a team? We draft far more players than we sign in FA……….it just so happens this year we signed some big names. ASO came in at 3 Million less than what he was willing to go to any other team for………..sorry that is a bargin. We bring in Jenkins and ship Bunkley to the Browns for a 5th the net loss is 3 mil more a year but a better player and a draft pick. We signed Vince Young he was cheap insurance and we needed another QB after the Kolb trade. We got a second round pick and DRC …………..DRC btw makes less than 1mil a year and Kolb was due to make 6 Mil in cap space sorry net gain.

    They are spending well not foolishly like a 100 million dollar big Al contract.

    When they do a long term contract with Vick they will clear more cap space and they probably will deal asante because he has a big cap #. But they will get draft picks or a player 4 him.

    Keep in mind the Eagles draft history

    2012 already 11 picks and counting
    2011 11 picks all with team
    2010 13 picks 10 still with team
    2009 8 picks 4 with team still
    2008 10 picks 4 with team still

  35. And there it is…….melonnhead’s daily Eagles Trollapalooza if off and running.


    You know you love me.

  36. 99% of cap gonna be spent cause it has to…money well spent…yes we threw snowballs at Santa. Yes we have 3 championships..none of which are Lombardi trophies. get some new GD material.


    OK. Andy Reid’s the worst game day manager in the NFL. It’s not even arguable.

  37. The only move they didn’t make this offseason is the only move they would have to make to give the Eagles a shot at the Super Bowl… fire Andy Reid.

  38. Andy Reid is sure making Maclin’s mystery illness (whatever it is) sound very serious, to the point where he may miss all of training camp and into the regular season. If that’s the case, then the Eagles really need to sign another WR….especially with DeSean playing games about reporting.

  39. laeaglefan says:
    Jul 31, 2011 12:04 PM
    Andy Reid is sure making Maclin’s mystery illness (whatever it is) sound very serious, to the point where he may miss all of training camp and into the regular season. If that’s the case, then the Eagles really need to sign another WR….especially with DeSean playing games about reporting.
    Reid said: ““I really can’t talk about it until he gets up here,’’ Reid said about Maclin’s illness. “And that’s no pressure on him or I’m pushing….”

    That doesn’t sound like he’s going to miss regular season games to me.


  40. skins 2win…. you need to take up another sport. All you have to know is…..teams like the dead skins are scared to death to throw at him. Samuel is good but a far cry from the big N

  41. Now if only the Eagles weren’t a worse team than Green Bay, New Orleans, New England, Pittsburgh, the Jets, Baltimore, and probably the Colts, they’d really be in business.

  42. All of you egirl fans who compare Vick to Big Ben
    One major flaw Vick was found guilty by a jury big ben was never charged

    Hence forth and there for one is an excon and the other is a QB

    Do I think did it maybe or maybe not

    Do I know that vick did it hell yeah

    So egirls STFU
    Take about baseball who give a damn about baseball
    We all know what A Filly is a female horse so go eat some oats

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