Eskin: DeSean holdout will end this week

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We were told earlier tonight that, contrary to a report from in Philly, Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson does not intend to end his holdout on Monday or Tuesday.

We didn’t look into the question of whether he’ll return to camp on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

Howard Eskin of WIP and NBC 10 reports that Jackson will end his holdout this week.  Eskin also says that the Eagles won’t negotiate with Jackson while he stays out of camp.

Jackson is incurring potential fines of up to $30,000 per day.  More importantly, he must report by the deadline for accruing a year of service toward free agency.  It remains to be seen whether that deadline is August 9 or 23 days after the League Year officially begins or something in between.

26 responses to “Eskin: DeSean holdout will end this week

  1. He’s gonna get paid…everyone knows this kid is one-of-a-kind. The Birds might as well pay him now before he blows up and commands a more lucrative contract next year.

  2. He’s gonna get paid…everyone knows this kid is one-of-a-kind.


    You misspelled “one trick pony”.

  3. As good as this news is, what I really want to know is what’s up with Maclin? The common rumor is that it’s mono, but some people are saying it might be cancer. That thought terrifies me.

  4. They definitely need to give him compensation for all the things he did in the past and is gonna do in the future, but as a eagles fan I cringe ever time I see him take a big hit hoping he will get up.

  5. Ya stop playing games and pay him. He will show up as soon as you give him a contract. This should have been done already. And what is this with Eskin, he has no clue…

  6. Everybody know the Philadelphia Eagles dont f*ck around when it comes to players complaining because they dont get what they want. DeSean knows this is a special organization and it’s in his best interest not to screw things up. And there’s no doubt he will get his payday.

  7. Well if anyone knows its Eskin! Especially since his head is so far up Andy Reid’s butt,that he can tell you what he had for breakfast 10 years ago!

  8. I wish pft would stop reporting anything Eskin says. He’ll say anything to get his name out there. I still hate him for the stupid Farve rumor he started that we had to sit through for an entire news cycle last week. He’s not a journalist, he’s a loudmouth rumor machine.

  9. ditto to captianwisdom888. eagles seem to be making all the right moves in this short off season and this should be inline for their next one. deserves to get paid, does work on special teams as well as wr. also seems j. maclin is recovering from some sort of serious illness so in case they think he is going to miss the start of the season would be good idea for them to get Jackson in there.

  10. If he wants a new deal, he should report to camp. The Eagles don’t get backed into a corner with these types of negotiations–and his agent, Rosenhaus should know that.

  11. Even though he deserves to make more money I still believe he should honor his original contract.
    After all, he signed it.

    Just wait until the new crop of rookies start to play well. I can hear the whining already.

  12. The Eagles arnt going to pay a non-rookie hold out. They will never do it. And if they do it will be kept quiet Jackson will come back and act like they are “working on it” and then they will say they have it done 4 days later.

    The Eagles stupid about contracts and the way they do things. They will not be pushed into doing something that involves long term deals. Unlike Mike Brown, they will trade you if you request it but they will not be forced into signing a long term deal with any player undercontract.

    So i am guessing he comes back on his own and practices acouple times and then they give him a deal close to Holmes got. Which is funny and almost unfair to Jackson because truly Jackson is light years ahead of Holmes. Jackson had more yards more touchdowns and draws more coverage than Holmes, hes faster runs a tiny bit better route. the only thing i would give Holmes is he has better hands than Jackson. But holmes has some of the best in the league. They are both a wash as far as attitude Jackson is a Ohco type diva and Holmes is Moss/pacman (not nearly as bad its just example) type diva.

  13. Everybody knows the eagles do not give in to such tactics, especially drew rosenhaus, he should have just reported on time, he probably would have had his contract done by now.

  14. Hs will get paid. Eagles have plenty of cap space to do so. They’re working on a long term for Vick which will free up been more under the cap. And if they trade Asante, they’ll be able to keep adding pieces. And if these additions don’t work, they can cut ties with all but nnamdi. Babin only has 5m guaranteed, Jenkins 4m guaranteed and they already have 11 draft picks in next years draft. It’s good to be an eagles fan, enjoy it and keep laughing at the haters.

  15. The days of training camp/in-season RFA holdouts are over with the new CBA. Players can pout and whine all they want, but if they listen to their agent and actually holdout, then they’re dumber than a tree limb and don’t deserve the big $$.

  16. It would help if you understood the rules.

    Players do not face fines for holding out until the league year starts August 4th.

    That’s Thursday for those scoring at home.

    So these early “holdouts” are just for show.

    Look for Jackson, and these other “holdouts” to come sauntering into camp sometime Wednesday evening.

  17. @realitypolice:

    You need to go back and read those rules for this year again. He is being fined 30k per day that he is not in camp. He is still under contract, and his league year has already begun.

    The players with new contracts have a league year start of Aug 4th. (Which is the dumbest thing ever)

    The rules for players under contract, and those with new contracts are different. The is why I was watching DRC practice on Sunday, but only got to shake hands with Nnamdi.

    There are several nuances is to this “year start” and they all depend on contract status. The only guys practicing under new contracts are the rookies.

  18. @dcbassguy:

    From article on Jackson on this morning:

    “Starting Thursday, Jackson would be fined $30,000 for each day of a holdout”.

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