James Jones stays with the Packers

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Now that Aaron Rodgers has as many Super Bowl rings as Brett Favre, Rodgers has no qualms about suggesting personnel moves.  The different between Rodgers and Favre?  The front office actually seems to be listening to Rodgers.

Days after Rodgers made a public plea for the Packers to keep receiver James Jones, Jones has agreed to terms on a three-year deal, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“James is extremely talented and he’s a guy that I think we have to bring back without a doubt,” Rodgers told ESPN Milwaukee. “He should be priority No. 1.  And I mean that with all my heart.  He really should be priority No. 1.  We don’t win the Super Bowl without him.  And we need him.”

They got him.

Per Tom Silverstein of the Journal-Sentinel, Rodgers and receiver Donald Driver lobbied the front office directly to keep Jones.  A four-year veteran, Jones had a career best 679 receiving yards in 2010, third on the team behind Greg Jennings and Driver.  Jones also had 11 catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns in the postseason, including five for 50 yards in Super Bowl XLV.

The move comes after Jones flirted with the Vikings, who signed former Falcons first-rounder Michael Jenkins.

73 responses to “James Jones stays with the Packers

  1. What about Kuhn. We all really care about Kuhn. I can take or leave Jones, glad we got him back….BUT WHAT ABOUT KUHN!

  2. YESSS. I am so psyched about this. The kid can really develop into a great player and I am thrilled he will be doing it with the Pack instead of a division rival.

  3. Driver went to bat for JJ too. Now all he has to do is soften up those occasional hands of stone.

  4. This is a very smart resign as i still think James is getting better. He needs to work on his hands but when left on a non number one type corner this guy can make a lot of plays. He has done well against my Eagles for few years now.

    And the other thing is Driver isn’t getting younger, though watching him play last year he doesn’t seem to be getting any older either.

    Pack vs EAgles NFC championship Epic !

  5. The thing I’ve always liked about Rodgers is guys like Jennings, Jones and Nelson have always been “his guys.” He was tight with them when he was sitting on the bench and I’m glad he spoke up for Jones. He’ll still kill the Packers at some point with an untimely drop, but he has the ability to make plays. Now, I also agree with the above poster – how about Kuhn?

  6. Well I’m conflicted. Guy has great upside but the drops at the largest times are bothersome. Now that Edgar is the WR coach – perhaps he can teach him how to hold onto the ball and concetrate. Edgar wasn’t a fumbler.

    Even with some of the big name CB signings that certain other teams have made – it’s going to be hard for a team to cover GB when they do the 5 wide deal. Driver, Jones, Jennings, Cobb and Finely.

    Who are you going to let kill you as you try and cover with a LB?

  7. With Driver’s age, smart move.

    If Minnesota had any brains, he would’ve been a Viking.

    But I guess not everyone can be as good as Jenkins and Aromashadu

  8. If it makes Rodgers happy, then as long as they didn’t over pay I’m fine with it.

    With that said, James Jones isn’t a difference maker… especially now that they have cobb.

  9. So now that he is staying with the Packers instead of signing with the Vikings this guy went from “scraps” to “best WR project”.

  10. OK, but can he play ILB too?
    Kuhn’s going to get resigned but I’m a little jumpy on ILB. I’ve alway thought that teams need 5 or 6 ILB’s. We’ve still got a couple of slots left. Soooo.
    Did I say that I think TT needs to look at ILB?

  11. The Eagles better sign another CB.

    How’s this for a fab 5?


    Hmm… Throw Finley in there too? Hand it off to Grant or Starks?

    Repeat. 🙂

  12. Jones is a good team player, and he’s been waiting for his chance to usurp Donald Driver as the #2 receiver for GB… will it happen this year?

    He’s had some horrific drops the final 6 games of the year (playoffs included), but he has the speed and the moves to get open… just needs to relax and catch those passes and he’ll be lining up opposite Greg Jennings in no time.

  13. Next up, Kuhn. Keep him. He’s versatile, plays special teams, can catch, run, block, and the fans love him! With Hall gone, they can keep Kuhn and Johnson as FB’s. Go Pack Go!!

  14. The Lambeau Leap should be a penalty…every other excessive celebration is…why not this one?!?

  15. Good move, just hope that he starts to figure out how to catch the ball more. But I am glad that he came back.

  16. Philly is going to need all of that high-priced defensive talent to slow down this offense. Packers have added Cobb and are getting Finley back. Meanwhile, Philly still has holes at safety and MLB.

    But I have to wonder – does Philly even remember that it was James Starks who gashed that defense on the ground in the postseason? Have they really addressed that yet?

  17. Haha bobnelsonjr. 11 likes to 40 dislikes, even your own people have grown tiresome of your lame posts. Guess it’s time to change your screen name again loser.

  18. The fact that a lot of other receivers were being signed ahead of him (even by teams he “visited”) had to play into this. Jones found out he wasn’t the guy everyone wanted, and by that he reconsidered, and GB could afford him. The 3 year deal would seem to suggest the same, or he’d have signed a one year deal and tried again next year. To me, it’s good for all involved, except Swain!

  19. Good move. Guy has too much talent to just let walk. If he figures out how to fix the drops then it could be a fantastic move. That’s a big if tho. Welcome back James!

  20. Uff, NOW ne is great again? When he might sign with the Vikes, he was Packer scraps…. now he’s soooo good

    Packers fans proving their hypocrisy.

    Pakers fans- most pathetic, unknowledgable fan base in all of sports.

  21. surprised to see him back…said all along i’d like to have him back at the right price…hopefully the pack got him for the right price

  22. Good move. Even though he had way too many heartbreaking drops last year. I think it would have been a mistake to let him go.

  23. was worried when we decided to keep grant on the roster that we wouldn’t have the money to keep jones as well. now we have the best receiving group in the league (jennings, driver, jones, nelson, cobb), as well as our good pass catching TE’s (finley, williams, quarless). love it.

  24. So, the Packers keep their top 4 WRs, add Randall Cobb and have Finley at TE who wants to line up wide more often. It’s almost embarrassing.

  25. I’m happy. Jones dropped a few but he also made some great catches and Rodgers must have seen a
    lot of potential in Jones the way he lobbied to keep him.

  26. If he can fix the mental glich that causes easy drops Jones can become one of the best in the game. Very glad he’s back. The Viking s are going to be kicking there own dumb asses for letting him get away.

  27. I thought there might be something up since his authentic jersey went on sale at the Packer Pro Shop. He has a real knack for getting open. He has a knack for making a drop at the worst possible time. If he’s on, which I think he will be, the Beagles are going to have to sign another DB off of someone else’s roster.

  28. After the signing, Jones was quoted as saying “Green Bay is a great place to play — I’m really looking forward to dropping more touchdown passes as a Packer.”

  29. not to be a pessimist, but i just dont see it in this guy. not a bad player…just a guy. some routine plays but a lot of drops too. hopefully this POTENTIAL is finally reached.

  30. Now that Jones is signed the Packers can work on signing Kuhn. If this team stays healthy, signing Asomugha and trading for Rodgers-Cromartie might not be enough to stop Aaron Rodgers throwing to Jennings, Finley, Nelson, Jones, and Driver.

    For each of those dropped passes you remember Jones has a great catch you forgot.

    Can’t wait for the season to start.

  31. Pretty much assures GB of having the best WR corp once again in the NFL ……. I mean R. Cobb is your WR#5 !! …… Looks even better than 2010 ….. Ad Finley & a deep RB trio & no wonder the rest of the NFC is looking up at the Pack …..

  32. Yeah, because, when Favre lobbied for the Packers to trade for Randy Moss in 2007, he really had “no effect” what-so-ever for the Patriots that year did he ???

    Oh wait, he argueably had the greatest season a WR had ever had.

  33. Yeah, Packer fans are the greatest. If he would’ve left and signed with the Vikings they would’ve spouted off about his drops and they don’t need him. Since he stayed though he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sorry but the Packers will be lucky to finish 8-8 this year.

  34. James may have had some bad drops (they ALL did) but the dude gets open and also makes some catches that shouldn’t have been caught. Dude is also tough as nails. Driver only has a year, maybe 2 left. Jones will be an asset this year and in the future!

    Kuhn will get signed and if not (which I doubt) Ted will have a better plan.

    Their ain’t a team in the league doesn’t fear the Pack! They are even BETTER than last year!

    All you wanna-hava-good-team cry babies know what I’m talkin’ bout!

    (It’s OK “bee-ot-chiz”, keep hope alive, it’s all you got!)

  35. “I get thumbs down for wanting Kuhn”

    I’m not one of those who gave a thumbs-down, but do they really need Kuhn? He’d be the number 4 halfback or the number 2 fullback. Yes, he’s a fan favorite because he plays hard and has a chant-able name, but I don’t think he really makes the team better. I’d rather they save that money and use it towards resigning Nelson, Finley, or Sitton.

  36. I sort of agree, but the word is that he’ll be one of the highest paid FBs in the league. TT must think he’s better than we do.

  37. when Favre lobbied for the Packers to trade for Randy Moss in 2007, he really had “no effect” what-so-ever for the Patriots that year did he ???

    Oh wait, he argueably had the greatest season a WR had ever had.


    Yeah but, who’s to say Moss would have “I play when I want to play.” in Green bay.

    The Titans and Vikes (the 2nd time around) found that out the hard way.

  38. To those asking that the Packers sign Kuhn too. Good news they have. These are two great signings. Jones did have some key drops last season but the rap that he has bad hands is unwarranted. Last year was a rough year for Jones but if you go back before last season he had pretty good hands. So the Eagles can now try to sign a 12 man defense to cover Jennings, Driver, Jones, Nelson, Cobb and Finley. Good luck Dream Team!

  39. For those asking about Kuhn, he just re-upped with the Pack for three years, per the JS. He’ll reportedly be one of the league’s highest paid fullbacks.

  40. What makes Kuhn valuable is that he’s a triple threat, good on Special Teams, can block, and run for short yardage. Oh yea he also has good enough hands to catch a defense off guard with an unexpected pass reception.

  41. The difference between Favre and Rodgers —

    with Favre it was all about Favre.

    With Rodgers it is about the team.

    Had they signed Moss when Favre had his hissy fit — Brett might have had his target — but it would have retarded the development of Greg Jennings and maybe sent Donald Driver to retirement.

    Ted Thompson called that one right.

  42. phuckyouall says:
    Jul 31, 2011 5:15 PM
    Yeah, Packer fans are the greatest. If he would’ve left and signed with the Vikings they would’ve spouted off about his drops and they don’t need him. Since he stayed though he is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Sorry but the Packers will be lucky to finish 8-8 this year.

    God quit making us Viking fans look so friggen dumb you Moron Your the type that thinks Donovan McNot is the next washed up QB (that failed much more than he succeeded in big games) that will lead us to the promised land
    The Only thing that will stop the Pack are
    injuries and then really only if Rodgers is included I don’t want to see that. Your ilk that sucks on lutefisk and is jealous of Wisconsin wouldn’t mind though because you are a big old Ole BTW Ragnar sucks too a big smelly biker as a mascot
    God it’s hard being a Vikes fan so many of us have absolutely no class and are such band jumping wishing injuries on other teams [layers jerks The other NFL sees us as buffoons so why don’t you do to yourself what your name suggests

  43. As to the Randy Moss deal – Brandt has said that the Packers DID go after Moss, TWICE. Moss didn’t want to come here. Yet Favre made the stink like he was ignored or disrespected.

    NOT SO and another reason Favre is a douche.

    Ted tried for Moss, Moss wasn’t interested – basically priced himself so high GB couldn’t pay – he took less than GB offered to play in NE – with a real QB.

  44. I noticed a couple of Viking fan idiots (Paul Hargis—surprise, surprise) complaining that Packer fans belittled Jones’ value when he was likely headed to the Vikings, yet now hail him as a valuable weapon since he is headed back to GB. You see Paul…..what you don’t understand is that if the Packers had let him go, they still would have been fine. Jones is very good, but he still could be their #4 receiver this year. Your squad simply could not afford him and went instead with a lesser player in Jenkins. So this means that our #4 WR is a superior football player to your #2 WR. And don’t even get me started with your #3 WR—Berrian. And how many games will Harvin miss this year due to migraines?? Four……five???

    The point is simple. The Packers are f’n stacked on offense. They have the best QB in the league. They have the best WR corps in the league. And they have the best TE in the league. If they had lost Jones to the Queens…..they still would have been stacked. THAT is the point you idiots. Jones is a very good WR….but he still may be #4 on his team this year.

    Feels very good to be a Packer fan right now. Don Banks of SI just wrote that he doesn’t see how they finish any worse than 12-4.

  45. Now, I know I’m not exactly a favorite with most Packer posters, but hear me out…..

    I honestly think this was a bad signing. The only good part of it is that it made Rodgers happy. But think about splitting up the snaps….

    If there are 60 offensive plays, and the team goes single-back on 40 and 5-wide on 20, that comes out to 180 snaps to be divided amongst 6 players. Barring injuries, that’s an average of 30/player.

    Which players are going to be happy with only half, or less than half, of the team’s snaps? Jennings will get his. Nelson surely believes he deserves to have a greater share in the offense. If Jones is slighted, how long before he starts muttering “I came back for THIS?” Finley….doesn’t strike me as the sort who will take watching well. And then you have Cobb, who will likely take far less than half the snaps with a little better grace, being a rookie and with the players he has around him, but he won’t want to spend the whole game on the sideline either.

    This all makes me feel sorry for Driver. With his advancing age and diminishing physical abilities, and the young players beneath him, he will likely see his role drastically reduced. Not only will he have to take that with good grace, but will likely have to be a lockerroom peacemaker for those who think he should be playing more than he does. Thankfully for the Packers, I think he is just the kind of person to do that very thing.

    Winning cures a lot of things and soothes a lot of feelings. But if the team starts to lose, this wealth that you are so excited about is going to turn into a very bad distraction. It needs to be managed very carefully. Honestly, given this, you couldn’t get me to be McCarthy for anything short of $10 million. He might want to talk to Joe Torre and see if he can bring him is as a special assistant.

  46. Whoops. Hit post and then realized my math was off…. 40×4 + 20×5 = 260, making it 42.5 for the average. That makes it better, but still an emotional juggling act.

  47. As for Jones, very good tough underrated receiver. Has an occasional drop — but otherwise is a true baller whose best days are ahead of him.

    Also, it’s very cool to see Rodgers and Driver go to bat for Jones. When the most powerful voices in a great team’s locker room have your back, that speaks volumes. Big respect for Rodgers and Driver there.

    We just lost a tough one to Green Bay in the Super Bowl – but hard not to pull for the Pack the way they’re run these days by players and coaches alike.

  48. favreblows says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:09 PM
    I noticed a couple of Viking fan idiots (Paul Hargis—surprise, surprise) complaining that Packer fans belittled Jones’ value when he was likely headed to the Vikings, yet now hail him as a valuable weapon since he is headed back to GB. You see Paul…..
    Shut up, you have no leg to stand on here. The past few days exposed the Packer fanbase as hypocrites. Hell, your screenname says it all. One day he is your hero and the next…

  49. paulharghis says:Jul 31, 2011 3:53 PM
    “Uff, NOW ne is great again? When he might sign with the Vikes, he was Packer scraps…. now he’s soooo good”

    Let’s see…
    Aaron Rodgers throwing him the football = James Jones being pretty decent.

    Donovan or Ponder or Santa Clause throwing him the football = JJ disappears.

    Call it the Dion Branch without Brady syndrome…stupid

  50. @ Contra

    Ooooohhhhhh….good one. Such razor sharp wit. I mean……you just told me to…..shut up.

    Can’t get better proof than that…..you must be in full agreement that Jones as the Packer #4 WR is far superior to Jenkins as the Vikes #2 WR. Add that on to the best TE and QB in the league….and you have one devastating offense. Get ready to be b!tch slapped this year. And get ready to watch your fat QB get pummelled by BJ and crew. But keep it up with the wit….between you and Hargis with his trusty thesaurus….I don’t know how Packer fans can hang with you geniuses!!


  51. duncanthecat says: Jul 31, 2011 3:22 PM

    The Dream Team better keep their 3 corners now!
    Yeah, Dream Team, eh.
    How about The Philadelphia HEAT? First they gotta mesh. Then they gotta find 2 more corners to stop 5-wide with Finley and Cobb! If that works, they will then have to stop Grant, Starks, Green, and Kuuuuuuuuuuuhn! They better be good!
    I’m lovin’ this!

  52. Driver goes to bat for a guy who will take away some of his opportunities. Epitome of what it means to be “packer person.”

  53. sterlingrodgers says:
    Jul 31, 2011 3:37 PM
    This is good news. Now, even if the Eagles keep Samuel they still don’t have enough in the secondary to cover all of our guys.

    Yeah, cause teams only carry 3 defensive backs.

    I can’t wait for the inevitable letdown of this team.

  54. Boy, all this chest beating about keeping all your starters sounds A LOT like what many other teams have done before you and been heavily let down because the stars only align once. Best of luck, but simply believing all of the pundits doesn’t mean it’s going to come true.

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