Lofa Tatupu asks for his release, and he’ll get it

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Former USC coach Pete Carroll hasn’t exactly been rounding up former Trojans after returning to the NFL.  If anything, he’s alienating them.

It started last year, when safety Taylor Mays sounded off on Carroll, claiming that he had indicated that Mays would be picked by the Seahawks with their second selection in round one.  The Seahawks instead took Texas safety Earl Thomas.

Since then, Carroll has had two chances to sign Heisman winner Matt Leinart, and a shot at trading for Heisman winner Reggie Bush.  In both cases, Carroll passed.

Likewise, Carroll had (and still has) a clear shot at former Trojans receiver Steve Smith (the one who played through 2010 for the Giants), but Carroll opted instead for a guy who went to the other USC.

Most recently, former Trojan linebacker Lofa Tatupu, who preceded Carroll to Seattle, wants out.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Tatupu requested his release after the team asked him to take a pay cut.  Per Schefter, the Seahawks plan to comply.

A three-time Pro Bowler to start his career, Tatupu has fallen off in the second three seasons of his six-year career.

UPDATE:  We forgot about Mike Williams, a former Trojan and one-time first-round bust.  He resurrected his career with Carroll last year.  So that’s one.

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  1. Hmmmn. I didn’t see this coming. When healthy he was pretty solid for them. Come on to the desert and stick it to ole Pete.

  2. Might be a good pickup for Bucs. They need a veteran presence in the middle while the young guys learn. If he regains his form, even better, but he’d be solid at least.

  3. If the Bucs don’t sign this guy, each decisions maker in that Organization should be given a psychological exam and anal probe

  4. thats exactly what i wanted to wake up to.

    philly needs one more piece.. MLB is exactly what we need..

    make this happen Andy. cause all them corners wont matter when teams are running the ball down our throats.

    giants suck.

  5. its the right move tatupu is a great leader but his knees are gone… david hawthorne will go into the middle and lead the league in tackles…

  6. Any team who signs him after his release will give him less than what he would have made with Seattle, but it works out for him because he can handpick the team he wants to go to.

  7. 28 yr old former 3-time pro-bowler?

    let’s see buffalo…we have a 2nd year LB whose claim to fame is the guy who knocked favre out of the game (and he’s still riding that horse btw), a questionable merriman who still somehow is injured, chris kelsey who was a failed DE and now all of a sudden an OLB?! and reggie torbor as our starting LB’s……….nah! we’re set!

  8. “You Poo-pooe’d a Loafa???!” (sorry, I always say that when his name comes up!)

    I think he’s actually serviceable and should get a shot somewhere. NYG’s actually need LB’s but clearly he like every other Free Agent will probably chase paper dreams at PHI/NYJ/DAL or any other team that hasn’t won a championship since I’ve been living but claim every year is THE year!

  9. Pete didn’t take long to turn this place into malfunction junction. WTF? The Redskins moves the last few years look good compared to this flustercuck. Sheesh, why did he get hired again?

  10. Wow……So much for this comment made by Lofa….”I’m going to end my career with the Seahawks.”

    Good luck to ya. going to:

    A) Cleveland
    B) New England
    C) Philly

  11. This is an unusual angle to take in this article. The fact that Tatupu played for Carroll at USC is worth noting but that is hardly what makes this move dramatic. Tatupu was the heart of the Seahawks’ defense and, upon the loss of Hasselbeck, the leader of the team.

    Letting him go reflects a more dramatic statement than simply Carroll’s lack of blind faith in USC products. It shows he is willing to part with anyone to make the team younger, hungrier, and faster.

    Tatupu is a valuable commodity on any team. But he was not the best MLB on the Seahawks. And you don’t pay someone top money to be a locker room presence. I’m surprised he did not agree to take less money. We’ll see if another team is willing to take him at that salary.

  12. Linebacker is one of the few holes the Eagles still have left. Go get him birds!

  13. Hey – Pro Ball is a business – and you can’t be overtly sentimental. Love Tatupu – but he ain’t what he used to be (both knees?) and they probably have to clear some salary cap room to sign Carson Palmer (hopefully say Seahawk fans).

    BTW – when he dad went to SC – what did he say his hobby saw? Napping. 🙂

  14. I was afraid this would happen when I heard they wanted him to take a pay cut. Its true his performance these last couple of years doesn’t warrant that amount of money, but he’s still a good leader for the team and he does help the other guys around him to do better. I wish they had waited just one more year before cutting him. If he has a good year, you keep him. If he gets injured again then you let him go. I love Tatupu but having surgery on both knees……the writing was on the wall.

  15. Pete, dumb move. I don’t know which move was worse, this or over paying for whitehurst

  16. Great move – Lofa has a good history in Sea but has been a major dissapointment the last two years, and is coming off of (2) knee surgeries this spring

    26 yr old Tulloch from Titans would be a great replacement.

  17. And to think the USC guy he DID go after was LenWhale.
    I could see Lofa in some of the teams mentioned like Cle, TB, Phi, Buff too.
    Despite Lofa’s Patriot genetics, I don’t see him as a fit for the Pats.

  18. Stop hatin on the eagles and jets for tryin to improve there roster. That is what free agency is for. Not the jets or eagles fault that your favorite team does nothing to change.

  19. He’s from the east coast and grew up a few miles from Gillette Stadium and his father Mosi was a Patriot. But the Eagles make more sense than the Patriots for him.

  20. Don’t get me wrong. The guy is a warrior, and a leader…but as a fan of the Seahawks, it’s really kinda sucked to watch the slide he’s gone through the last three years.

    It really started when he tore his pectoral a few seasons ago. Once he got back, he just didn’t seem to be the tackler he was before. Where before he was sure, he was letting guys get away far too often.

    He had knee problems last year, and the defense was better with Hawthorne in the middle

    Yeah, he’s only 28, but he’s coming off offseason surgery on both knees. He was never the strongest or the fastest guy, he relied on his excellent football instincts to be in postion to make plays. He’s not the guy he was when they went to the Super Bowl his rookie season, and Eagle fans, he’s not the guy who was A.J. Feely’s #1 receiver three years ago.

    Sad to see him go, especially now that Seattle, without Hass and Tatupu, will be looking for leadership…but as it was with Hass, it is time to part ways.

  21. Two bad knees, multiple concussions, lots of games missed due to injury, a shell of what he was 3 years ago…Yeah, Pete doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  22. I’m pretty sure the commenters above are the same one’s bashing Lofa the last three years as injury after injury increased along with his lack of production. The minute there’s a chance he’s no longer a Hawk, look what happens, he actually is good?!!! Shocking for this site.

    Congrats to David Hawthorne! Well deserved promotion!

  23. I’ll tell you why Carroll’s distancing himself from anybody who had anything to do with USC. He ran away to Seattle from the situation he helped create, which caused an NCAA championship to be vacated, and he’s still running away from it. He had to know Bush was getting paid, had to know about all the rest of it, and anybody associated with USC is going to remind him of what he is still trying to run away from. If there’s anyone else on that team from USC, they’ll be gone ASAP.

  24. wayupsouth says:Jul 31, 2011 12:15 PM

    If there’s anyone else on that team from USC, they’ll be gone ASAP.

    Mike Williams says “Hi.”

  25. myeaglescantwin says:
    Jul 31, 2011 10:50 AM
    thats exactly what i wanted to wake up to.

    philly needs one more piece.. MLB is exactly what we need..

    Maybe they should just cancel the season and send the lombardi to philly.

  26. Tatupu was asked to take a paycut because his knees are shot, he’s slowing down, and he hasn’t been able to stay on the field.

    He wasn’t earning his money and the paycut should have been taken to help the team bring in more players.

    As a Seahawks fan I am very disappointed with how he just handled the situation. I thought more highly of him, I think we all did.

    This was a selfish move by Tatupu and it makes it hard for me to wish him luck elsewhere.

    The same people that are hoping to sign him are the same people that have bashed him and the Seahawks for years and are also completely oblivious as to why he was asked to take a paycut.

    Why the ‘Hawks are so hated on this site is anyone’s guess.

  27. Carroll gave another USC player a second chance… for about three seconds. How quickly people forget about LenWhale White.

  28. Yep, Eagles will continue to try to buy their way to a Superbowl. But, as we have learned from the ‘Skins, that doesn’t always work!

  29. USC attracted the best high school football players in the nation with the biggest pushover coach and the hottest girls.

    Those players who moved on to the NFL have figured out that having a pushover coach is not a good thing.

  30. I think he’s actually serviceable and should get a shot somewhere. NYG’s actually need LB’s but clearly he like every other Free Agent will probably chase paper dreams at PHI/NYJ/DAL or any other team that hasn’t won a championship since I’ve been living but claim every year is THE year!

    More envy.

    I love it!

  31. Why would the Eagles pick him up? I thought they were only going after good players? Lofa used to be one of the best MLB’s in the game. But, his time at the top was short lived. If you’ve watched him play the past few years, you’d know he’s really bad. Undersized to begin with, slow, injury prone as anybody, constantly getting swallowed up by blockers and out of position, and he completely forgot how to tackle. Good character guy and good leader, but he just doesn’t have it anymore. Not near worth his paycheck and if there’s a team out there that pays him what the Seahawks were, then they should be immediately fired because this guy’s covered in red flags.

    Pete Carroll is doing an amazing job in Seattle. Anybody who thinks this is a bad move on his part hasn’t watched Lofa play lately. The Heater is 3x the player Lofa is and is a huge upgrade at the MLB position.

    Good luck to whoever picks him up and good luck to Lofa. Just don’t expect the pro bowl Lofa, he’s not even close to that guy anymore.

  32. “We forgot about Mike Williams, a former Trojan and one-time first-round bust. He resurrected his career with Carroll last year. So that’s one.”

    There is no such thing as a FORMER Trojan. Williams is a Trojan for life, like the rest of these guys.

  33. I loved having Lofa on the team , he is a great leader on defense and will line the boys up in the proper set every time . However as several others have already mentioned , he has 2 bad knees and tore a pec muscle a couple of years ago . His play has declined substantially from when he first came into the league due to injuries …

    We ( Ruskell ) traded up to land him in the 2nd round to a lot of people’s dismay ; I remember Kiper saying he was too small to play MIKE in the NFL , and quite frankly he always has been too small for a middle ‘backer , which is ( I believe ) why he has the injuries he does .

    The Hawks have a more than adequate replacement in Hawthorne , but I do wish him the best .

    There’s several comments here about him going to the Eagles ; he won’t last the year as a starter , but as a fill-in or back-up on the team he’s absolutely worth it and will make smart plays as long as he’s healthy . He does have a tendency to get ran over in the middle by the bigger RB’s , but otherwise very servicable …

    Good luck Lofa , thanks for the memories !

  34. A shell of what he was, two steps slower, not as good in coverage as he was, not the sure tackler, can’t get off blocks, otherwise…great pickup for someone

  35. Sign him, I wish him the best. I’ll also be very happy that he is in another uniform. Lofa does not have the impact he once did. 3 years good, 3 years and counting very bad. Does call a good game he just can’t get to and fill the hole like he used to. He’s done.

  36. He should be picked up as a sort of on-field coach by someone. Let him organize the line and call out coverage schemes, then drop him back to deep deep deep safety and let him tackle anyone that happens to get 40 yards downfield.

    I’ll miss him. Good dude.

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