Nick Barnett cancels trip to Lions, sticks around in Buffalo

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Former Packers linebacker Nick Barnett was supposed to visit the Lions today.  According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Barnett won’t be.

Given that the Lions have signed Stephen Tulloch, it’s no surprise.

As the folks at Buffalo Rumblings point out, it appears that Barnett is still in Buffalo, given this observation from Barnett on Twitter:  “So jealous in the locker room looking at helmets and pads can’t wait to find a home.”

He may already be in his next home.

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  1. The Bills had a good offense last season, with their draft and signing Barnett their defense should improve, this team is sounding like a tough outing.

  2. huge upgrade ove “the tacklin machine” poz,they the ppl adore here so much. they swore up and down that bryce paup was sooo much better than biscut.they 4got 2 mention that he cldnt tackle or cover.he was out of the nfl in 3 years. great 2 root 4 ur own ppl,nuthin wrong with it but come on maaaaaannnn. haha

  3. Definitely worth the risk. Merriman, Barnett, Moats, and Sheppard with Dareus and Williams in the middle. Nice! if Troupe and Carrington come on in their second year as well. D will be drastically improved.

  4. Jealous? That’s funny right there. I don’t think that Buffalo and jealous have ever been used in a sentence before.

  5. I just sent an email telling u thT. I hope buffalo sighns him soon they need lots of help in the linebacking corps.

  6. You want tackles…Nick Barnett could get them at least in his past. Want turnovers…..well that’s a different story.

    In 107 games he’s had 2 forced fumbles and 9 INTs.

    In 56 games (and only 13 starts) Bishop has 6 forced fumbles with only 1 INT but that came last year (I think against Favre in a pick-6).

    Bishop is also 3 years younger and less wear and tear on his body.

    Nick Barnett still may have some good games in his future. He always played like the game was 0-0 but it was time for the Packers to move on and get younger (and healthier). Hope he can get on a good team and he has a good rest of his career.

  7. i don`t get to see the pack much cept when there on national tv (actually i do get to see them much) so i am not really familiar with nick b`s style of play. if he can run stuff near the l.o.s and remotely cover a tight end then he is an upgrade over pozluzny, age not with standing.

  8. It’s ok Nick the Lions signed Tulloch today and will no longer be needing your services.

  9. Welcome to Buffalo Nick. I can’t wait to see this guy blasting blasting running backs in the backfield behind Williams and Dareus

  10. I’ve always liked Nick. Good, hard-nosed, and INTENSE football player that’s not a lot of flash……just has a nose for the ball.

    I hope he signs with the Bills.

  11. Seeing as the Lions only used him for signing leverage with Tulloch, a wise move on his part.

    Shame that he will be stuck in Siberia(aka Buffalo) though.

  12. Just read he signed with Buffalo.

    The AFC east is flat out getting after it this year in FA.

    Added in a ton of talent to a division that sent two teams to the playoffs already.

  13. You Buffalo fans will love Barnett, he’ll play smashmouth football, make big hits, tackle a guy, and then jump up and do his Samurai dance. You’ll Love It, then you’ll realize this all happened after Barnett gave up 8 yds, on 1st and 10, it’s the 4th quarter, and you’re trailing by 21 points! But hey, that’s Barnett, he celebrates everything! Probably does his samurai thing after hitting his wife. But, if you love twitter, you’ll love Barnett.

  14. polishkingski says:Jul 31, 2011 1:41 PM

    …. if he can run stuff near the l.o.s and remotely cover a tight end then he is an upgrade over pozluzny, age not with standing.

    Nick’s a decent player.

    He’s pretty quick side to side but he has a very hard time taking a blocker on, overpowering and shedding him and getting to the ball carrier.

    He’s not going to get you sacks by blowing up the line or even a RB to get to the passer either. He gets tackles but VERY few of them are for a loss. Most are 3 to 6 yards on the defensive side of the line of scrimmage. He can cover a TE – depending on the TE. Watching him in practice – Finely would light him up but Finely is a beast.

    He’s also getting older and has been struggling with injuries.

    If you’re weak at LB, he’s worth looking at but he’s not worth paying a lot of money for. Simply put – he’s not a game changer for a team with talent.

  15. I’m a Lions fan and I see where Nick Barnett signed with the Bills. Congratulations and best of luck to both him and the Bills. Stay healthy and play well.

  16. Three years, 12 million?

    I guess that’s one way to reach the floor.

    Barnett would have only recieved a one-year deal with Detroit

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