Panthers have interest in Carlos Rogers

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The Panthers have spent plenty of money in the early days of free agency.  And they could be spending some more.

Steve Reed of the Gaston Gazette reports that the Panthers are interested in free-agent cornerback Carlos Rogers.

Rogers, the ninth overall pick in the 2005 draft, has spent his entire career with the Redskins.  He expressed frustration in May regarding the perception that he’s the No. 2 corner, behind DeAngelo Hall.

In Carolina, Rogers would fill the void created when Richard Marshall took a one-year deal with the Cardinals.

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  1. Too bad he couldn’t catch for he would probably be a top FA CB this year because he dropped numerous pick 6s and easy INTs. A great coverage guy but has the worst hands I’ve ever seen in a CB hands down… pun intended

  2. Carlos Rogers was a good corner for the skins but he was never amazing. I think it would be better for him to go elsewhere.

  3. Give him a one year deal, he’s worse than Richard Marshall and #1. You’ll prob get him for cheaper and #2. This is a rebuilding year for Panthers, who cares if you’re signing if you’re signing crap free agents. (Full disclosure: I have a low opinion of Carlos Rodgers)

  4. Brick hands … but Carlos Rogers is a fairly solid cover guy. He’s a consistent guy, won’t get too flashy, but will do a solid job on the corner, and offer run support. As he ages, I imagine there will be a sprinkling of talk of shifting him to FS at some point.

    It would be a very nice pickup for the Panthers if they got him.

  5. We need another CB, specially with are number 4 draft pick on pup list, Richard gone, and Captain seems more fitted for a nickle package, we should have grabbed Jonathan Joseph

  6. And Mark Sanchez has interest in 16 year old high school girls. Unlike Roethliberger, however, he doesn’t need to force himself on them….

  7. “He expressed frustration in May regarding the perception that he’s the No. 2 corner, behind DeAngelo Hall.”

    It’s nothing personal, Carlos… it’s just that you suck, really really bad.

  8. This guy is a very good cover corner who simply has no ball skills.

    He has an inflated opinion of the market for his services, so I’ll be very interested to see what he commands vis-a-vis a FA contract.

    As a skins fan, it would make sense for him to come back and accept the slot/3rd CB role, but I don’t see it happening.

    I wish him the best though.

  9. The NFL has spoken. CR Just never became a leader or impact player. In fact, at times he appeared to be a malcontent who spoke of himself moreso than the team.

    A couple of times he was laughing on the field after one of his team mates made an error or gave up a play.

    Is anyone surprised that no other team came running at the beginning of the signing period?
    No list, at least that I have seen, catagorized him as an elite player. The has(d) the talent. A couple of years ago he played at an All-Pro level at the start of the season, but there was no sustain. The games were never decided on his play. He would boast that he was a star CB, but in a league that stresses turnovers, his employer found him dispensible and eager to move on.

    It’s obvious the NFL has spoken. It will be interesting to see how much he signs for. It will not be for what he was hoping for.

    Good Luck CR…A new start is what is in order.

  10. This is an upgrade from Marshall. Marshall was a good tackler. If a CB is one of the top CBs on the team, that should tell you something. (His man caught the ball a lot).

    At least Rogers gets his hands on the ball.

  11. He is a decent cover corner, and a pretty decent against the run but has the worst hands I’ve ever seen.

    He did amazingly well to come back from a serious knee injury in less than year. Which says a lot for his determination. Unfortunately, at least part of that determination stems from the totally unjustified belief that he should be paid as though he is one of the best corners in the league.

    He did actually allow for the fact that Asomugha was better than him, but he thought he fitted in right after that. Maybe watching a lot of other corners get signed ahead of him will puncture that massive ego and actually help him in the long run.

    As a Redskin fan, I should wish him the best because he did play hard. Still, I can’t help enjoy watching him being hung out to dry, because if there is one thing that gets on my tits it is someone constantly going on about how good they are, when they very clearly aren’t.

  12. I hope during the lockout he was working on his hand eye coordination and holding on to balls…Word of wisdom Carlos you may be a better cover corner than Hall but it was your ability to be a non factor as a playmaker that have you in the situation you’re in…that’s why it’s taken this long to actually see your name mentioned as an interest to any team! That there should tell you yourself something…

  13. Had to search high and low to find a picture of him with a ball in his hands. IDK how many times this guy has gotten hit in the numbers and whiffed but its ridiculous.

    His cover skills and toughness in run support is only overshadowed by his unreasonably high opinion of himself.

  14. If Los had even average hands the Redskins probably would have won 6-8 more games over the past 5 years, including at least 1 playoff game. Don’t let the door hit ya Auburn trash…

  15. I was not at all upset to see him leave. I feel we upgraded quite a bit with Josh Wilson taking his place. He tackles well for a corner, but the repeated comments in this section about how he can’t catch aren’t just jokes. He seriously had to have his eyes checked when he was here because they thought that was his issue. It’s as if he didn’t have thumbs.

  16. couldve def been one of the better corners in the league. couldve ended the game against the colts twice last year, he just cant catch man, hes like the roy williams of the redskins

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