Plaxico Burress will join the Jets

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Plaxico Burress is about to become a New York Jet.

Burress, the former New York Giants receiver who spent two years in prison on a gun conviction, will sign with the Jets, PFT has confirmed.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Burress’s deal is a one-year, $3,017,000 fully guaranteed contract.

There was talk that the Steelers, 49ers or Giants would sign Burress, but the Jets make a lot of sense: Burress can play a similar role to Braylon Edwards, who isn’t expected to return, and $3 million for a year is less than they would have had to pay to keep Edwards.

The question now is whether Burress has anything left: He already looked like he was slowing down before he accidentally shot himself, and now he may be rusty and out of shape. We’ll see soon how Burress looks — in a Jets uniform.

66 responses to “Plaxico Burress will join the Jets

  1. Ryan will give him some passion, which counts for a lot.

    From a purely physical standpoint, I’m pretty certain Plax has more in the tank than Jet Favre did.

    (Yeah yeah, different regime. Work with me here.)

  2. Jets just like to stick it to the Steelers . They didnt want him as much as it was they didnt want us to get him . If you arent with us your against us . Show just him why he made a mistake .

  3. Just because Vick came out of prison a better player doesn’t mean that’s the normal pattern. I’m not sure why being an older player who has been off the field for over a year nets more than the league minimum. It’s not like there aren’t WRs available on the market who actually played last year who are available for less than $3 million. You could get someone like a Houshmenzadah for a lot less than that, I would think. This simply doesn’t sound like a smart move.

  4. bluefan did u really think he was goin back to a team where he openly bashed the coach and eli indicated in an interview yesterday that he wasnt to happy about plax, the jets are a better fit for him.

  5. The Jets are just addicted to acquiring big names. How or whether they’ll fit almost seems beside the point. At least this one is a 30-something receiver who hasn’t played in two years, not Nnamdi or someone actually scary.

  6. This guy is like an urban legend. The less people see of him, the greater the legend grows.

    He was just going through the motion the year he shot himself; he was just playing when he wanted. Changed man or not, 2 years older does not help his cause. Roy Williams would have been a better option, and well that isnt saying much.

    His per catch average had plummeted and his TD total was 4. His two best years preceeded this season, but Eli had no one else to throw too; so Plax was the only option. This is akin to an NBA player scoring 22 a game because no one else is on the team who has talent.

  7. Let me get this straight, the guy gives up a 2 year $10.5 Million dollar contract to return to the team that HE screwed out of back to back Super Bowls and now wants to join the paper champ squatters for a 1 year $3 million deal… in SPITE of the Giants. It’s gonna be like living with the wife you just divorced for cheating on you that can’t afford to move out. Another dumb move Plax!

  8. As a Giants, I say, let them have him. He was a distraction even before he shot himself.

    Never mind that the distractions of the big city will be back in play.

    Now if only the Giants would actually make a move.

  9. I thought $3mil was a lot for this guy, but when you compare it to Braylon Edwards getting more than that…it sounds like a bargain.

    Is some team really going to sign a guy with legal troubles, bad character and worse hands, for over $3mil/yr?

  10. Send braylon to eagles for samuel… get your corner, and maclin jackson edwards with vick throwing bombs could be unstoppable



    0-2 so far big guy.

  12. After being in jail for a few years, the Steelers should have had Big Ben “recruiting” him harder…

  13. “$3,017,000 one-year fully guaranteed”

    Not after the following taxes and fees:

    Federal income tax – 35%

    Agents commission – 4%

    New jersey State income tax – 8.97%
    (For people earning over $500,000 a year)

    Social Security and Medicare taxes – 8%

    It’s more liken $1.3 million fully guaranteed after all of the taxes and fees.

  14. It sems Braylon’s legal problems, and his lackadaisical attitude about them, led to him being shown the locker room door. Its a shame, too, since he became more clutch last season. But good luck to Plaxico! You’ve joined a team that gets along well on and off the field, and I’m sure they’re glad to have you aboard!

  15. Is some team really going to sign a guy with legal troubles, bad character and worse hands, for over $3mil/yr?


    Why not? Vick’s getting what, $16 million for this year?

  16. Replacing Howdy Doody with Bozo the Clown, and a downgrade at that. This won’t sell any PSLs. I’m surprised the Green Beans didn’t go hard for Albert Haynesworth to complete their collection of societal outcasts. What a pathetic franchise.

  17. As a Steelers fan, I wish nothing but the best of luck to Plaxico…….my Black~n~Gold ALMOST had him, but oh well.

    “Here we go STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!!”

  18. Sanchez, except in Rex’s mind’s eye, has never shown himself to be an “unstoppable quarterback.”

  19. Steelers could not afford Plax, his visit on Saturday was just a reunion with old teammates.
    Every one of them told Plax to do what was best for his family = go for the money!!!!!!

  20. steelcity why is it ok for the steelers to try to get plax and not the jets? u jus a gay a$$ pittsburgh white trash fan thats jealous the jets got your man. one thing pittsburgh fans and eagle fans have in common, they are all white trash for some reason.

  21. Jets have really become a joke. If there is someone with a name out there, they go for it. They lost a real workhorse guy in Brad Smith. Now they want to sign Todd “garbage” Heap. Another year of misery, except they will exit way before the AFC Championship

  22. Jet vs Eagles SUPERBOWL would be awesome
    (and i’m a BUCS Fan. a FRICKIN Punter was our big signing)

  23. Jets aren’t making the superbowl LOL , they have no pass rush , still missing a corner , they lost brad smith and braylon and added a 34 year old WR that has been in prison for two years , franchise is a joke along with fat boy ryan.

  24. @ bobbyd12;
    Oh …whats the matter bobby???? The Jets are doing the same as any other NFL team is doing. Did this hurt your feelings??…Ohhhhhhhh

  25. All you poster who were giddy with excitement when Plax met with the Giants and Steelers changed your tunes pretty damned quick, didn’t You? And I love the Steelers fans who really think the NFL revolves around them. And Giants fans acted like their dog died when Plax got in trouble and started his, in my opinion, excessive sentence.

    There’s enough bitter grapes here to make a lot of bad wine.

  26. SteelTownPride and Tunescribe…you’ve posted some seriously stupid comments over time, but you’ve both outdone yourselves here! Congrats!!

  27. How does anyone know the jets won’t have a pass rush, they just drafted two beasts on the line. Then again I’m arguing with people that have no football knowledge whatsoever and jus make feet jokes. $hit gets old after awhile, keep hatin though this is what we as jet fans love

  28. Fool convention in the AFC East this year? LOL.

    Haynesworth, Ochocinco, Plax – is this the master plan for bringing the Lombardi back to your division for the first time since ’04?? In my humble opinion, it looks a lot more like teams are reaching on big names to sell tickets, after years of failing to draft and coach up the necessary talent.

  29. @merc13

    The hatred toward the Jets is IMO is jealousy. Real football commentary is few and far between on Jets articles. I am excited about the two defensive tackles, they are big bodies that can keep the linebackers clean.

  30. Damn that’s all it takes is for you to shoot yourself in the leg and do two years lock up for 3 mill? where do I sign up?

  31. Thank you I am so happy that he is playing for the redheaded step kinds at the meadowlands

    He is done over finished he was a punk when he played for the Real NY team and I sure after a year or two in jail he is worse

    The good news is he will be a short drive away from the club where the ahole shot himself

    lets see how all you jet fans cheer when he gives up on plays or does run the right route

    You have the second best QB at the Meadowlands and now your giving him one of the biggest DIVAS in the game

    The good news is now someone on the team has a SB ring watch out rex does not eat it

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