Raiders re-sign Michael Huff

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Michael Huff is staying in Oakland.

Huff, the safety whom the Raiders selected seventh overall in the 2006 NFL draft, has re-signed with the team, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Although he hasn’t developed into quite the player the Raiders thought he would be, Huff has played in all 80 games for the Raiders since they drafted him, and last year he was a starter for every game but one.

Huff was expected to move on in free agency this year, but the Raiders have apparently decided he’s a veteran worth keeping.

26 responses to “Raiders re-sign Michael Huff

  1. “Where is Zach??? Zach Zach Zach Zach!”

    Waiting for Cam Wimbley to restructure so there’s money is the best guess I’ve heard.

  2. It’s good to have Huff back. He is not a great player, but he has finally become good. Now we need to get Zach Miller resigned. Really, that is the Raiders’ most pressing concern at this point.

  3. I don’t like his run stopping ability but he’s a damn good blitzer and decent coverage guy and a leader in our secondary.

    We needed him back after loosing Naumdi! Now get M. Floyd from free agency and sign Zac Miller back and we will be the afc champs this year

  4. slickster35 says:
    Jul 31, 2011 9:44 AM
    When no one else wants you, stay in oakland. lol
    and sweep the west, LMAO!!!!

  5. I think AFC west champs are pushing it a bit…

    However, resigning Zach. Signing Floyd and snagging a vet OG like Waters, who just got released from the chiefs and we could be the favorites in the AFC west.

    we still have a lot of question marks for us to make a run at the title. We will be very competitive though. Hoping Rod Woodson can help the DBs improve as they will be tested, often, by everyone.

    if we have enough cap space it would be nice to address our OLB position. Rumor has it Kirk Morrison might come back and man the WLB spot. Unless we think we are going to roll with Goethel, which I think would be a mistake.

  6. @p4hbiz, what a phawking idiot you are. It’s ignorant so called Raider fans like you that have unrealistic expectations and live in a fantasy world that REAL knowledgable dedicated fans like myself despise.

    Zach Miller and M. Floyd are going to make us AFC champs? Really? Slap yourself. Go ahead. Do it. Read what you typed moron. AFC Champs, as in GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL. What an idiot. Over the Patriots, Jets, Colts, Chargers, Steelers, you expect US to be AFC champs? Let alone AFC West Champs because clearly, you are still an idiot. Let me break it down to you as a REAL RAIDER FAN living in REALITY KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS without the proverbial pom-poms. I SUPPORT my team, but unlike the half million retarded uneducated Raider fans out there, I KNOW what REAL expectations are.

    The Chargers or Chiefs will win the AFC West, with the advantage to the Bolts, plain and simple. I hate them too, but barring an injury to Rivers and VJ, along with their stout Defense, they should win. Remember, had their ST not folded last year, they would be Champs and had a 12-4 record and KC would have been 9-7.

    Denver is in rebuild mode and is out of contention for a couple of years. Even THEY know this.

    PLEASE stop acting like idiots about sweeping the Chargers. Dude, they swept us 14 games in a ROW, so in my eyes we have 12 more to go before we can start blowing our own trumpets. We will finish 8-8 again this year. Why? Because we will not sweep the West again, and we have a new HC, a new system to learn, and a few personnel changes.

    Until all you little boys who think you are Raider fans shut your pie hole and really kick down knowledge, stay put and get your shoe shine box ready. Toys.

  7. @RaiderMojo,

    You are the bizness homie. YOU know what’s up, unlike these crackpots out there with dumb predictions. Glad to see real true fans like yourself out there to balance out the dogcrap comments but “fans”. Good lookin!

  8. Welcome back Mr. Huff. I will be more excited if Mr. Miller is re-signed however…the offense would struggle badly without him.

    But keep playing like you did last year Michael and rack up some picks back there…gonna need them with all the questions at DB.

  9. Huff had basically a breakout year in Oakland last year . He is in the prime of his career and understands what it takes to play the very demanding role of FS in Oakland .

    I doubt most fans understand the pressure safety is under playing the single high position Oakland runs 95% of the time .

    Last time AL Davis let a pro bowl CB go it was Charles Woodson ……who was replaced by the developing Nnamdi Ashoumgha . This time the task goes to the evolving Stanford Routt . FOr those who don’t know it Routt had an excellent season last year .
    Now they just need one of the many youngCBs drafed the last 2 years to step up and fill the other CB spot nd the nickel back spot . Al Davis is many things and has made many mistakes BUT when it comes to CBs he is one of the best at picking up young CBs coming outta college. I’d like to hear all the experts who bashed Al Davis into the ground when he drafted Nnamdi . Called him a huge reach taken 4 or 5 rds to early . Then he turned out to be the best in the NFL after 3 years .

    Kudos to Philly for signing Nnamdi . He deserved to go to a team with real SB aspirations . Oakland is still a year or 2 away from being a real contender though the playoffs are a possiblility this year with a few breaks . Philly is at the top of the list in terms of personel depts along with Ozzie Newsome in Baltimore . Keepping Routt over Nnamdi made sense for Oakland . Nnamdi is just over 30 Routt is 3years younger and just hitting his prime .

    Philly signing Nnamdi made alot of sense as they will be competing for the SB this year and Nnamdi is right in the prime of his career . Philly is run by football geniuses . A 2nd rder for McNabb a 2nd and Cromartie for Kolb and they get Vince Young for nothing as insurance . Hard to see them not taking the East this year .

    Good job by Al keeping Huff . Why let him go when he just came into his own playing the tough FS spot in Oakland . Best play was the blitz /strip of Phillip Rivers to ice the SD game last year .

    Haters can hate but real fans with real football knowledge understand how this works .

  10. Go look at the tape of both Charger games, just to name a few,…Huff was the one player I wanted to resign,..Nambdi was about as overrated as it gets…adios loser…Huff is a baller who HAD to be kept,..awesome move….Phil Rivers just had a jolt up his spine when he heard Huff resigned,..well, actually no,..Rivers has no spine, scratch that.

  11. Well I guess were out when it comes to picking up Gholdson. Wish we made that happen. They need to go get Cromartie or trade for Samuels. Sign Malcom Floyd, and Kirk Morrison maybe Lofa Tatupu once the Seahawks cut him. Need to strengthen the O-line but there nothing out there unless there’s a trade involved. But who can the Raiders trade honestly. But priority number 1 is bringing back Zach Miller. Restructure Michael Bushs contract as well.

  12. wow seems like these guys have declared that they have some unfinished biz to attend to, and they want to do it “together”.

    zach you are next, and mario as well…….say what you want butv all anybody has to do is watch the last game of the year last year at arrowhead, and will tell you how good this team is. Sorry Nnamdi, you help lay the foundation, but will not be there to reap the rewards!

  13. Wow… this is kinda surprising. Thought for sure that Huff was going to a Texas team.

    Like everyone else, the Raiders better get ZMiller’s deal done. Still want us to bring in a veteran offensive lineman and a CB for sure.

    Raidermjo said KMorrison might be coming back to man WLB? I’m okay with that, though I’d rather see us go after Manny Lawson, whom I believe isn’t signed yet (and it’s not because he’s gonna command the big bucks; nearly all those types are signed by now).

  14. I suspect the Raiders didn’t have to try too hard. He’s a decent safety who’s still prone to bonehead plays. He’s peaked, I think.

  15. The ONLY reason I’m not mad or happy about this is because taking the chance that Tyvon Branch is going to become better at free safety is a scary thought. He gets beat in coverage a lot at SS. He’s basically our 4th LB more than a DB.

    The deal with Huff is that he’s OK. Was really really hoping the Raiders could get someone more with the knack for the football but at least he knows what it takes here. Here’s to hoping he can do something more than just be average. Cause that’s all he is, period. We need to get a ball hawk next yr whether its in the draft or FA…

  16. Huff only adds more depth to a crowded defensive backfield. Losing Nnam leaves a hole, but I for one am happy to see some of the young talent that’s developing.
    Stevie Brown and Walter McFadden are ALWAYS around the ball.
    Mike Mitchell is great in the box. Not sure about his TE cover skills yet.
    Tyvon Branch faltered a little at times last year, but is generally very good.
    Routt gets picked on by the Zebras, but with a little vet savy should anchor one side.
    Reports are out that Chris Johnson has been lighting up camp at the other corner.

    All in all the “D” will have it together long before the offense will.
    What’s up with DHB? Is he texting Crabtree to find out how to miss training camp?

  17. The only red flag I see with Huff… two words… Contract Year. Huff had his best season in 2010… basically becoming a “good” safety. How much of him stepping up has to do with wanting that next big pay day? Wait and see…

  18. We certainly do not have to beat the Chargers 1`2 more times before we “start blowing our trumpets”. Ridiculous. We didnt just sweep them and the division, we f-ckin crushed the lot of them and will do so again this year. We will win the West and we will go to the playoffs. How anyone can say this team will not be better is absurd. The loss of Mugs is not that big a deal. He was rarely thrown at and the guys who were getting picked on last year will be the same guys on the field now.

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