Redskins could make a run at Ahmad Bradshaw

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As we pointed out last night, the market for veteran running backs has gone soft, with guys like Marion Barber involuntarily trading in deals averaging more than $6 million annually for contracts worth less than half that.

Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw has been waiting for the kind of big-money offer that every free agent with name recognition and more than 1,000 yards rushing in his contract year believes he’ll receive.  To date, it hasn’t happened.  The most interest in Bradshaw has come from the Giants, but another player could be emerging.

The Redskins, we’re told, recently have expressed preliminary interest.  If it progresses, there could be an NFC East tug-o-war for two teams who’ll face each other in Week One.

That said, Bradshaw doesn’t really fit the Mike Shanahan profile of little-known interchangeable backs who get their yards because they get great blocking.  Either way, Bradshaw and other veteran running backs who got excited when DeAngelo Williams hit the jackpot will soon realize, if they haven’t already, that the Panthers are the only team that has treated the 2011 spending cycle like a remake of Brewster’s Millions.

58 responses to “Redskins could make a run at Ahmad Bradshaw

  1. This proves how awful the panthers are… they are the only team in the league that went out and completely overspent before they even saw what the market was.. Deangelo Williams and Charels Johnson got all that money while Ahmad Bradshaw wont see half of what D Williams got and Ray Edwards got pennies compared to Charels Johnson who is even less proven

    Panthers fans there are reasons you guys are awful.. your GM is retarded.. just like your new QB

  2. If the giants lose Bradshaw they’re not gonna be even a little competitive

  3. how about the racistskins make a run for the gun closet and shoot themselves in the face…. again!!! I love reading about moves that this laughingstock, lemonade stand operation makes, because you can pretty much call it a failure of a move, because that is all they know. Thumbs up, If anyone thinks this is a good move or that this organization is going to win anything this year.

  4. I think he will resign with the G-hens…….As they realize that Jacobs yearly yeast infection could flare up at any moment…….

  5. Hey mad555 you are the dumbest son of a bitch to post on this website since that douche bag boyroll. I think everyone reading this will agree that you should walk your dumb ass into oncoming traffic

  6. This headling might as well have been quoted from Bradshaws agent. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Bradshaw in a Skins jersey, but I honestly don’t see it. No way Mike Shanahan wants this. If Skins sign him its all Snyder. Still, I’m not buying it. I think Bradshaw’s agent is just trying to drive up Giants price.

    Unless you have a legit game-changing running back (AP, CJ2k), you should never pay big bucks for the position. Production can be very easily replicated by a number of guys.

  7. Redskins are crazy. Roy Helu is gonna turn heads and Ryan Torrain runs hard and hit the holes very quickly. I think they could be a thunder and lightning combo. But if Bradshaw wants to be a 3rd down RB, I could see Earth, Wind and Fire at Fed Ex Field.

  8. My guess is that Shanahan is just trying to up the price tag for the Giants. Doubt he’s seriously interested in Bradshaw. If this is the case, Rosenhaus is thanking the Gods of Football.

  9. I’d be worried if Bradshaw was only looking for money because we all know the skins spend it like it’s going out of style, but i think he’ll be back with the g-men sooner rather than later, everyone knows Washington is just the resting place for overrated players looking for that monster contract that they haven’t earned yet

  10. I’m no Skins fan but everyone needs to STFU, this is a whole new front office, this isn’t the front office that signed Haynesworth, traded for Duckett, Taylor, etc. How can you bash a team who has Ryan Torrain and Roy Helu as their best backs for wanting to go after a good back like Bradshaw? Some people here just lack any sort of football knowledge.

  11. I’m a diehard Giants fan and love Bradshaw. But he’s not an Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson. I like DeAngelo Williams, but considering he’s been injured two straight years and is approaching 30, the Panthers just made AB’s contract overpriced. I’d love to have him back in blue, but not if it’ll cost us over $5M/year. AB, you fumbled like crazy last year but you are as shifty as they come.

    $5M/year, tops.

  12. WTH is this?! As a Giants fan, I’m already pissed off about the MILLION FA’s the Eagles are getting, the MILLION FA’s our lessees (nyj) are getting and meanwhile, my Giants are just watching this happen, losing a friggin’ ex-con and now possibly the kid he was going to pick up the night he shot himself (bad neighborhood). This is ridiculous!!! F’n GO or SIGN, that’s where I’m at with these guys now! BJ even took a pay cut so Bradshaw could get his money, WTF?!!!

  13. If this Skins can get him, they should. Bradshaw is a great RB. He is injury prone but what back isn’t. His fantasy value will drop because the Skins O line isn’t great. I’m still hoping for a free agent OL pickup for one of the Falcons OL free agents.

  14. Let me get this straight, if the giants sign him it’s a great move, if the redskins sign him it’s a terrible move…makes a lot of sense

  15. WTF JerryReese?!?! Would u get off your a$$ and sign someone! Maybe your 1200 yard RB perhaps!?!? My god! The Giants have completely whiffed on the FA bonanza.
    Current wish list:
    Zach Miller
    Nick Barnett
    Randy Moss
    Olineman – any extra Oline depth will do

  16. typicaleaglesfan

    yeah bro….without bradshaw the giants will be lucky to win 5 games….hell we may even get the first overall pick in next years draft if ahmad “barry sanders” bradshaw isnt a giant. yeah. ok. sure. whatever you say.

  17. The NFCE across the board will have mediocre OL’s with each having a couple of liabilities. Championships are won in the trenches and with a running game.

    The defense will be much better this year and having a caliber RB is a solid plus, given the unsettled QB.

  18. I love the double standard that now exists. The Skins think about bringing in one guy and suddenly it’s a bad
    Move but Philly is trying to buy a championship and everyone just says they r the team to beat. Spare me, Philly is desperate to win because Reids time is running out

  19. i don’t get why any player would choose to play for the redskins especially for the shanahans. i would rather retire than play for those two clowns.

  20. They may want to think about upgrading that OL before they go out and sign a big money – good but not great RB…

  21. “Bradshaw doesn’t really fit the Mike Shanahan profile of little-known interchangeable backs who get their yards because they get great blocking”


    The Redskins do not have great blocking yet. Bradshaw is a great back.

  22. Mad555 you are worthless and u need to shoot yourself because all u do in life is hate on the skins and ur 27 and live with ur parents u fat azz

  23. wow Ricky, you sound like a true class act. lol…

    Heaven forbid Richardson rewarding his players who stuck through last years debacle… Charles Johnson is 24 years old and had 12 sacks last year, his first year starting because of Julius Peppers.

    Deangelo Williams runs for 1,500 yards and 20 td’s in 2008,(doesn’t make pro-bowl) and then becomes part of the first duo in nfl history with Stewart to rush for 1,100 yards the following year.

    I think what the Panthers are doing is brilliant and showing hard work, loyalty, and no off-field issues will get you paid.

  24. Ahmad Bradshaw, great little player. Prior to the draft I would have loved to have had him on the roster. But, we drafted two RBs. Last year we finished the season, with a bunch of young guys.

    It is time to commit to a proper, long-term rebuilding project. It’s time to commit to young guys and the guys we drafted. Bradshaw, great player, he is going to help some team. He’d help the Redskins. Still, I hope we don’t sign him. Even if we get him on the cheap, he is going to be standing in the way of developing a guy who might be around when the rest of the roster is ready to compete.

  25. It’s Shanahan, just let him keep plugging backs in his ZBS and getting good production.

    Going after Bradshaw would be a waste.

    Maybe he just wants to drive up what the GMen have to pay?

  26. If anyone seriously thinks Shanallenhan is going to sign Bradshaw you know very little. All of the success Shanahan has had in the past in the running game has been with late round, no name, RB’s. He just drafted 2 in Helu and Royster to compete with Torain. Why would he sign a veteran back for a lot of money, especially considering he had Southeast Jerome (Portis) probably confirm his belief that highpriced vet RB’s cannot be counted on last season. This is Bradshaws agents attempt to get what he can out of the Giants. Good luck.

    In regards to Mad555’s comment, stupid is as stupid does right?

  27. @ Mad555:

    How do you get Internet access in your van , DOWN BY THE RIVER?!?!?!? Dumb Ass!

  28. mad5555 says:
    Jul 31, 2011 11:05 AM

    how about the racistskins make a run for the gun closet and shoot themselves in the face…. again!!! I love reading about moves that this laughingstock, lemonade stand operation makes, because you can pretty much call it a failure of a move, because that is all they know. Thumbs up, If anyone thinks this is a good move or that this organization is going to win anything this year.

    Dude, do us all a favor and kill yourself.
    Thumbs up, if you agree

  29. Hey PFT could you please break the story down more for the retarded Eagles fans. 1. Let them know Vinny is gone and Snyder isnt calling the shots for now thats the reason we havent seen any huge contracts the past 2 years. 2. Portis came to the Redskins because Shanahan doesnt like to give backs big contracts so the whole “Oh he just wants to get paid” shows you know nothing about how Shanahan pays backs. 3. Worry about that sorry ass team of yours when the D holds teams to 10 and your O cant score a TD when Vick gets hurt which he will because he thinks hes still in college and can run free without getting hit and you have to put the dummy in at QB thats probably to stupid to even tie his own shoes.

  30. This sounds like a typical Wasshington move, overpaying in free agency. Bradshaw is a nice player but you can get a nice running back with a second round pick in pretty much any draft.

    As long as Snyder is there I have no faith in the Washington front office. They have showed no more savvy than Al Davis and I have no expectation that will change.

    And for the Washington fan that posted earlier–Philly is making a big splash by signing and trading for some of the best cbs in the league. They already have some explosive talent on offense–if they shape up their O Line they are going to give the Packers or whoever all they can handle.

  31. I’m a Giants fan, and I’m waiting for some good news. Right now, the Giants look like the 3rd best team in the division behind the Eagles and Cowboys (is anyone else surprised the Cowboys haven’t made a big name signing yet ?). I don’t know what Brandon Jacobs restructured his contract for, but I know he wasn’t worth $5 million a year. The Giants must re-sign Bradshaw, and I’d like to see a few other key additions.

  32. Guys, this site has fairly high quality comments, but you troll feeders bring the quality down. The one comment that idiot made is nowhere near as distracting as all the people calling him out…which is EXACTLY what he wants.

    Anyway, I agree with whoever mentioned the double standard. There have been teams all along who were more aggressive than the Skins in FA (the Cowboys, Denver, Seattle, Miami, even the Eagles prior to this year). But the Skins are the only big spender. Ok!

  33. I like the idea of going after a pretty good running back inside of the division, because it would limit the Giants to a defensive lineman playing running back (seriously, there is no reason why Brandon Jacobs should be a starting NFL running back) and it would ultimately piss them off. Other than that, Bradshaw has a bad case of fumblitis and screwed me over in the fantasy football playoffs last season.

  34. @
    racistskins fans that are dumb enough to let it be know you root for a laughingstock team that does not have a chance to sniff the playoffs…
    Your team needs to grow up and stop calling themselves red skins. This is not 1892 and your team is not Indians. Grow up and stop offending people of color. Might as well call them the black skins or the slanted eyes. Giants players shoot themselves and racistskins players get shot and stabbed by others, forgot about that. You do have to admit at least that there really is no point in rooting for this pathetic bunch, right?
    Thumbs Down if you do understand that the racist skins are an embarrassment. Most of the closet fans are in hiding and no one blames them but you can vote here anonymously .

  35. Id go along with this move…change of pace and a pretty tough runner…I like RT but he runs like a bull in a China shop which will lead to missed downs..I also like helu…there again big runner but with better speed than RT

  36. This is absolutely got to be false. The Redskins have Ryan Torain(ASU), Keiland Williams (LSU), Andre Brown (NC State) , James Davis (Clemson), added 2 picks with Roy Helu Jr. (Neb) and Evan Royster (Penn St.) but are going to splurge for Ahmad Bradshaw? I don’t buy it. That’s extreme even by Daniel Snyder standards.

  37. I believe the skins are headed in the right way, they have signed good players, not the best available but good roll players that play hard, not the same Skins in over paying players and I personally think they are on the right track, give Shanahan one or two yrs and I think this will be a playoff team.

  38. Doesn’t Bradshaw know the Redskins are where NFL players go to die?

  39. mad5555, your second post has to be one of dumbest things ever typed on a site. I am glad that the Indians have you on their side. They should be so proud to have an absolute moron in their corner. So let me get this straight, you think that Skins fans should not root for their team because they do not have a chance at the playoffs? Do you have any clue of what it means to be a fan of a team? So you only root for a team if they are good? Seems pretty shallow and based on your other comments, it fits the profile.

  40. Redskins fans:

    Those of you saying Bradshaw would be a bad signing or a 3rd rb are off their rocker. Bradshaw would be the best rb you’ve had in the past decade. The guy is a beast. Countless times he turns broken plays from negative 3 yds to positive 4 yards. Breaks the big ones. Runs inside and out and fights for every yard. His only downside is he fumbles to often, which is believed to be correctable. If you steal him from us I will be very angry, he is badly needed in blue.

  41. Giants fan: let bradshaw go, if he doesn’t want to be here. If Tiki can solve his fumbleitis, so can Steve Slaton! Sign him up.

  42. hahah mad55 are you that stupid as to call the people you are trying to “protect” in your argument INDIANS? thats just as racist as redskin you ignorant moron. Red a history book once and awhile, you probably voted for Palin last election too

  43. Mad5555, you are’t hiding are you? You are putting yourself out there as an uneducated moron and you obviously don’t care that everyone sees it

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