Redskins, Jammal Brown agree to five-year deal

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The Washington Redskins have locked up one of their offensive linemen for five more years.

Jammal Brown, a tackle who started 14 games last season, has re-signed to a five-year contract, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Our list of the Top 80 free agents in the NFL had Brown at No. 61.

Brown arrived in Washington last year after five years with the Saints. Now he’ll be a starter in Washington for the foreseeable future.

26 responses to “Redskins, Jammal Brown agree to five-year deal

  1. Good. He picked up his play at the end of the season. Now, if we had a LG our line would start to approach respectability.

  2. Spending $ on big uglies is where it’s at.

    You’ll need ’em in a division with newly acquired Babin and Jenkins, on top of the already dominant NYG d-line, and of course D Ware amongst others.

    As a non Eagles fan I’m really starting to miss those McNabb, Hank Basket, Reggie Brown, Kevin Curtis, James Thrash, LJ Smith days.

    Should be a fun year regardless.

  3. Sweet.

    He played much better his last 5 games. Much more help was needed inside. I don’t think there was any FA better suited for RT in this system.

  4. skinsfantom says:Jul 31, 2011 7:30 PM

    Smart move, i like it. ” THE FUTURES SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES” HAIL.
    Future? bright? Really? Maybe you need to take off the shades so you can see the racistskin FAIL!

  5. Bring in a left guard and let Montgomery and Litensieger(?) Battle it out for center.

  6. Okay – everyone used to think that BOYSROLL was a tool, but this mad5555 guy takes the cake. Congrats for being “That Guy” here. You are officially the biggest idiot here. Please wow us with more of your musings. We can’t wait…

  7. Why is it mad5555 comments on every Redskins post but says nothing on a Philly story?

    Could it be the retard knows nothing about football. And just because one lady says the name Redskin is racist doesnt make it reality. I got it…that woman is your mom and Mike Wise is your dad huh?

  8. Smart move, i like it. ” THE FUTURES SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES” HAIL.

    Are you freaking kidding me? Maybe if you change the H to an F and make it FAIL, it will make more sense. Right now the Foreskins are odds on favorites for the Andrew Luck sweepstakes! Maybe that is what you meant by the future is so bright. Could you clarify?

  9. Damn I can’t say enough how good the Skins are actually doing this offseason.. Its something that I havent been able to say for years. Futur is actually looking bright for us Skins fans..

    Hail to the Redskins!!!
    Hail to the Redskins!!!

  10. mad5555 says:
    Jul 31, 2011 8:33 PM
    skinsfantom says:Jul 31, 2011 7:30 PM

    Smart move, i like it. ” THE FUTURES SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES” HAIL.
    Future? bright? Really? Maybe you need to take off the shades so you can see the racistskin FAIL!

    This whole format would be far better if your Mom’s basement didn’t have internet. Typical internet coward who would soil himself if he (she??) ever had to confront any of the people he insulted. The racist line is not original, not factual, and not really even clever. But you hang on to that. It’s pretty good stuff, from you anyway.

  11. @mad5555……u seriously don’t have anything better to do than rome the sites looking for everything the skins do and just talk crap….U must be a 40 year old who still lives in his mommy’s basement with nothing better to do than call the skins “racistskins” LOL I think you’re stuck in the 50’s buddy!!! You would be bashing the skins even if they made the same signings the eagles did and you keep calling them losers well not too many teams have made the playoffs twice in the past 6 years let alone won a playoff game. Last year they sucked but you c they are going thru something called rebuilding and are getting some good solid players in there. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t like the QB situation but the D will be much improved. Y don’t you try debating instead of constantly thinking about how bad your life sucks in your mommy’s basement that or go play your lord of the rings video games or whatever it is you losers like to do besides just slamming one of the most successful historic franchises in NFL history. Redskins is a nickname just like seminoles, indians, chiefs, or the fighting illini….Get a life dude

  12. skinsfantom says:
    Jul 31, 2011 7:30 PM
    Smart move, i like it. ” THE FUTURES SO BRIGHT, I GOTTA WEAR SHADES” HAIL.

    Your QB is John Beck.

    Settle down, wacko.

  13. JOHN BECK. it just sounds right doesn’t it? for the haters: relax, it’s preseason for christ sake. you’re posting comments on teams you don’t even like?in preseason? WOW,thats gotta be the definition of lame. now all you haters HAIL and KISS THE RINGS BITCHES,g’night.

  14. TLAW21…..dude you seem like you take things too seriously. The Redskins are going to be awful, their Defense will be average at best. The Mad5555 dude was obviously talking trash to get a rise out of ignorant Redskin fans and it totally worked. Over half the posts on here are people talking stupid and trying to get a rise out of opposing team’s fans. Chill. Your team will have a shot at Luck next year, because you’re f****ing team sucks. And yes, I know my team has McNabb now but we just gave up a 6th round pick for him, plus we have one of the easiest schedules coming up this year and if we wanted we could start David Dixon and finish at a possible 10-6. Good luck to your ‘Skins and hopefully there will be a time when you and all the other 40-something wannabe footballers out there who think they know sh*t about football, will just stop and watch and enjoy the game without taking it toooo seriously because you miss your supposed “glory days” of high school ball when you may have once been something. GO VIKES!

  15. Watching the so called “experts” on NFL Network, and Baldi thinks the Skins are one of the biggest losers in free agency so far, and the Eagles are the biggest winners. I remember when the Redskins have been the biggest winners of free agency by signing the biggest names … all disappointing years. Of course, they finally show restraint and pick the best players to fit the system instead of the biggest names, and now they’re losers. Only time will tell.

  16. I love the fact we are signing all these younger players, we will be able to let rookies who don’t make the team learn the system on the practice squad and continue building through the draft from here out. We will also have trade bait in the future. I also think with the offense we are running the quarterbacks we have are perfect, they will run things the way we need them to run. I guarantee we will be close to making the playoffs with the schedule we have and definitely will next year. I also think with our d-line we will wear the other teams o-lines down by the 4th quarter and have sacks galore. ABOUT TIME

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