Report: Pats bringing in Tommie Harris for a workout

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Maybe the Pats really are moving away from a 3-4 defense.

Days after trading for top-shelf (when motivated) 4-3 defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, the Pats will be taking a look at 4-3 defensive tackle Tommie Harris, according to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald.

Per Rapoport, Harris will be working out for the Patriots on Monday.

Harris, a seven-year veteran and three-time Pro Bowler, was cut before the lockout by the Bears.

49 responses to “Report: Pats bringing in Tommie Harris for a workout

  1. if they do this and move to a 4-3…what will he play…I’d figure that haynesworth and big V would play the middle

  2. The Pats are quickly putting together 2007’s most exciting Defensive line. Too bad it’s 2011 now.

  3. This is all to force the Jets, Bills and Dolphins to beat them throwing the football. I like the Pats’ chances.

  4. Packers hit it big last year with waiver wire candidate Howard Green. He’s now an important part of the rotation.

  5. clearly we finally have them on the ropes…..with us signing Brad Smith, the pats had no choice but to bring in defensive help…they have it wrong thought… 3 dt wont help when we line up one center, 3 qb, 5 wr and 2 rb…and what will they do when we return kicks after all 7 of their td’s… imagine leodis mckelvin, parrish, cj spiller, terrance mcgee and smith waiting at the goal line for the kick…. it will be the wildcat on ko returns….pure mayhem people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I think the Pats will look somewhat like the Vikings did the last couple of years. They had the famous Williams wall, which the Pats can get in Wilfork and maybe Haynesworth. Linebackers will be solid with Spikes, Mayo, and Guyton.

    I’m just not sure how they will be able to rush the passer with no proven pass rushers on the roster now with Banta-Cain being released. Maybe Manny Lawson? Would let them run a hybrid d, switching from OLB in 3-4 to DE in 4-3. They need somebody, though.

  7. His best days are so far in the rear view mirror, you’d need the Hubble telescope to find them.

  8. That would be a lot of beef upfront. It’s all about a role he will play (if signed).

    One thing to say; Bill has got something up his sleeve for his defense this year.

    Could be something new that will only enhance his brilliance reputation.

  9. Half their DL were “4-3” guys last year. This is a hybrid defense with a base package 3-4. They’ll do the same thing they always do — adapt.

  10. Tommie is an oversized child who only plays when he feels like it and has felt like it less and less oft.
    That said, when he gives his all (or anything close to it) he’s a beast. Perhaps playing for the Pats is what he needs to keep a fire lit… if so he’d be a bargain at any price. More likely he’ll revert to form and infuriate rather than inspire.
    Thanks for a few good years in Chicago, Tommie. When you were on you were truly a Monster of the Midway.
    Incidently, methinks his decline has coincided with his finding Jesus. Figures, don’t it?

  11. since haynesworth needs to be spelled often, you need at least 3 good DT’s to play a 4-3 with haynesworth

  12. High priced vets with injury issues are coming to the Pats. This isnt the Patriot way, because they usually find players from small programs (Fresno St.), etc.

  13. Tommie will show them flashes of what could be, then resort to his old ways. his maturity level doesn’t help him and he plays like he’s afraid to go full out. To land a spot he’ll show up, but once he gets signed watch him regress back to his old ways. I’m sure they’ll offer him an incentive laden contract for low guaranteed dough if he fails to meet expectations. he’s a funny dude and seems like a nice guy but jokes wont get you a ring, i hope it works out for him though. PROVE ME WRONG TOMMIE!!!

  14. “Wtf why do they need all these DT’s? Haynesworth and Wilfork is good enough.”

    Heaven forbid a team want to have a nice third to rotate with two really big guys, one with a massive lazy streak.

  15. @chrishenry15

    Probably beause Haynesworth is known for getting hurt and im sure they’ll have injuries in camp. Those Patriots sure know how to address key areas of their team thru free agency unlike my Broncos who haven’t signed didly squat for the most glaring need on their team.

  16. I’ll go ahead and make the third comment about this but what position would he play?

    Haynesworth and Wilfork are the superior DT’s and I don’t think Harris can play DE? Unless they do a 3-man DT rotation, and even then, signing Harris may not make a lot of sense because he won’t be that cheap.

    Any ideas on this?

  17. Everyone knows you can’t fit 4 on a line when two of those guys are Haynesworth and Wilfork.

  18. Whoop-De-Doo…. Even with Haynesworth and Harris..they still aint got NOTHIN on the early 2000s when Seymour, Wilfork, McGinest, Bruschi, and nem held it down on D in New England, baby.

  19. They could let wilfork play nose, harris and haynesworth play the ends… that would free up all the linebackers for sure. Ohh wait… they don’t have any linebackers except Mayo.

  20. I doubt that BB will abandoned the 3-4 with VW on the team..Just wants the right depth to play 4-3 when those old LBs are getting ran on.

  21. According to my sources the Pats are moving to the 5-2 this season. Belichick says to counter the Jet’s already stout OL, he’s looking to provide something new to deal with in this shortened off season.

  22. LOLOLOL the Pats are the new Bengals. Picking up worn out garbage and waiting for them to get arrested. What a pathetic football organization. Continue to live in the Steelers shadow everyone.

  23. Good luck Tommie, as a bears fan I wish you the best of luck with your new team. Maybe a fresh start is what the doctor ordered.

  24. “dude was the best DL back in his prime. Remember 06? If only he could stay healthy”

    It’s not just health. The bears took him out of their starting lineup because he became a headcase who wasn’t always giving the effort.

  25. Haynesworth and Harris are both head cases. Let me know how that one works out NE…and BTW good luck warden.

  26. @steel6times…
    still didn’t get your mothers permission to use the computer? Pittsburgh has only beaten NE twice in the past 9 yrs? idiot

  27. steel6times says:
    Aug 1, 2011 6:11 AM
    LOLOLOL the Pats are the new Bengals. Picking up worn out garbage and waiting for them to get arrested. What a pathetic football organization. Continue to live in the Steelers shadow everyone.


    Seriously? This coming from a fan that:

    1. Had their star WR arrested for DUI
    2. Jerome Harrison arrested for domestic disturbance and throwing team mates under the bus…oh wait that was misquoted…
    3. The Rothlesburger fiasco

  28. Thing is the Pats have been out-physicaled up front on both sides of the ball in their past three playoff losses. So I see the thinking with getting the two giant OL in the draft and now supersizing the DL.

  29. Don’t remember the Pats being this active in FA. Are they getting a little desperate? Is the age of their team getting to the point where a window is closing? Just wondering.

  30. tatum064 says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:30 AM
    High priced vets with injury issues are coming to the Pats. This isnt the Patriot way, because they usually find players from small programs (Fresno St.), etc.

    Wrong. That is exactly the “Patriot Way”. Fred Taylor is but one example.

    In the minds of most NFL fans, the “Patriot Way” will always be equated with “Spygate”. History will always remember it as such, outside of the delusional New England bubble.

  31. maybe they realized fat albert is not who they thought he was and bringing in Harris as security

  32. Okay…couple things here :

    Steelfan6 or whatever…dude, your team cannot beat ours. Brady turns your defense to swiss cheese more often times than not. Had the Pats beaten the Jets, they would have dismantled the Steelers in the AFC Championship. The Pats have proven to be a bad match up for the Steelers for one reason or another. Not sure they would have won the SB though against that Packers team…they were damn good.

    Billsfan1 – I hope you were being sarcastic. I don’t think your team has beaten ours since the first game in 2003. Yup – you got us right where you want us. 🙂

    As for the TH thing…could be interesting, but I’m starting to grow weary of these retreads. I’d rather give some cash to Gerard Warren who last year proved he could be an effective player in our system. AH is worth the fifth round pick two years from now…if he wants to play, he can be dominant. I don’t know about TH though…he couldn’t do much in the lower powered NFC North.

  33. as a pats fan i love it. that cleveland game last year is the perfect reason belichek is loadin up on the d-line. games are won and lost in the trenches he knows that

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