Rex Ryan pressing Todd Heap to join the Jets


During Todd Heap’s first eight years with the Ravens, Rex Ryan was one of Baltimore’s assistant coaches. Now Ryan is working hard to become Heap’s head coach in New York.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Ryan picked Heap up at Newark Liberty International Airport Saturday night, grabbing Heap in a bear hug when he arrived.

Having both Heap and Dustin Keller would give the Jets the option of using more two-tight-end sets. The 31-year-old Heap had 40 catches for 599 yards and five touchdowns last season.

The Ravens cut Heap last week, and he’s been drawing interest from the Cardinals. Baltimore is also thought to be interested in re-signing Heap at a reduced price.

30 responses to “Rex Ryan pressing Todd Heap to join the Jets

  1. “Hey man, that picture is cool dawg, brandon merriweather just playin’ da’ game!… you Goodell lovers always hatin’ on a real football playa’ like Harrison/Ward/Merriweather, seriously, if yo’ like flag football, then go play it den’!”

  2. Win the damn super bowl with what u have, trying to buy a ring is not the way, & if u hate my comment u must be one the ppl that sign all the top free agent on Madden!!!

  3. If Buddy, errr, Rex Ryan REALLY wants the Jets to win the Super Bowl, he should fire himself and hire a real head coach.

    Well, at least they got Nnamdi.

    Oh, wait…

  4. woodys money is buring a hole is rex’s fat ass pocket…..he wants every free agent out there… what is he compensating for? he must be pissed Nnamdi said no… rex ur team isnt perfect but its in hella better shape than mine….. dont compete with what NE is doing…just do ur thing. dont mortgage EVERYTHING for this year…and be glad u dont have 25 mil tied up in cb’s…

  5. Of all the Jets’s pressing needs, TE is not one of them. And Heap ain’t gonna come cheap, although he is ALWAYS injured when healthy he plays elite, so he’s gonna want an elite paycheck. They’d be putting money into him that needs to go to CB, OL, returner and their demolished WR core.

    But yeah Rex, just keep building your Jr. Ravens Empire, mostly just out of bitterness and spite…

  6. Looks like Rex is getting desperate and following the footsteps of another former HC Colonel Klink(Childress).

    J ust
    E nd
    T his
    S tupidity

  7. Every team in the NFL is active in this free agency bidding process.Its part of the buisness of pro-sports . Why is it that we cant have a somewhat mature back and forth about the game? All I see in here are a bunch of high school like idiots acting like morons insulting players and coaches,as if you know them. No team is exempt from the salary cap…if a few teams seem to grab the headlines ..well..then so be it. It seems like many in here get pissed off cause its not “thier team” thats getting the attention….finish your milk&cookies and have mommy tuck you in…Oh! and dont forget to put on your huggies!

  8. Heap is going to be a great addition to whoever gets him. I’ve watched him his entire career in Baltimore and nobody is better when you need a third down conversion over the middle or a TD from 10 yards out.

    The man never drops an important catch and gas sacrificed his body to do it more then anyone else I’ve seen in the league.

  9. Heap seems pretty washed up, so I’d love it Rex signs him. If he does sign you can just change the punctuation a little from the current headline:

    “Rex Ryan Pressing. Todd Heap to join the Jets.”

  10. Getting bear hugged by Rex Ryan seems about an unpleasant experience any man would have to endure……

  11. every good franchise has to buy good players. the yankees built a dynasty by buying themselves good players, and i am not a yankee fan- its just known.

    if you don’t pick up good players, or buy them, how do you become a successful team. sounds like a case of gang green, figuratively and literally. Talk all the crap you want, Rex Ryan is making moves to go after FREE AGENTS, which also are good players… Thats how you build a GOOOD team… not by sitting with your fellow coaches and watch other teams grab the sought after players!!!

  12. ampats says: “Looks like Rex is getting desperate and following the footsteps of another former HC Colonel Klink(Childress).” The Patriots signed Albert Haynesworthless and Ocho Stinko. Now thats desperate!

  13. Carolina is going to show how 2 pass catching tight end sets are going to open up things for everyone else… Shockey and Olsen, Williams and Stewart, Cam to Steve Smith.

    Good pick up by NY if they can do it.

  14. I see that all the pressing worked out well for Rex, hunh? That buffoon should stick to pressing his wife’s arches. This guy is a clown.

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