Snelling heads to New York for a visit

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Silva took a break from the Rotoworld grindstone earlier today to report that the Giants could have interest in free-agent running back Jason Snelling.

The “could” has become a little stronger.

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Snelling is on his way to New York for a visit.

The development comes at a time when veteran free agent Ahmad Bradshaw remains unsigned.  With Bradshaw possibly willing to explore other options, the Giants are, too.

The flirtation with Snelling could be aimed at getting a final answer out of Bradshaw.  And if the answer is “no,” maybe Snelling could be the guy.

Snelling spent his first four seasons with the Falcons.

21 responses to “Snelling heads to New York for a visit

  1. “Is it possible to ban this 6 rings guy?”

    Especially since 4 of them are due to steroids. Oh right … we’re supposed to pretend that isn’t true. My bad.

  2. steel6times says: Jul 31, 2011 9:03 PM

    LOLOLOLOL Loser player to a loser team. 6 rings


  3. @steel6times
    “LOLOLOLOLOLOL”? Really?

    Go back to your pajama party, little girl? Let the adults talk about football now.

    What kind of man uses “LOL” in ANY context? I’m sure the Steelers are VERY happy that you root for their team. Too bad real Steeler fans can’t find out who you are and beat some maturity into you.

  4. steel6times says: … Would you please shut the hell up ? I dont think he is a real STeelers fan . He is a fan of another team just trying to ppl to hate the Steeler fans more . Were hated enough we dont need 6 douche to help with that .

  5. steel6times,

    Was in not your team that were the “losers” in the biggest game in the NFL in February. Right – because when you mention something about a “loser player to a loser team”, you unequivocally understand what being a loser is all about. What is apparent is that you are still butt-hurt about said Super Bowl in which your D couldn’t bail out Ben like the 2 other times, and you try to feel better about yourself by lashing out at other teams and players. Typical display of an 18 year old with no tools to move on. Go take out the trash and wash your mom’s minivan. But don’t worry too much – since you did your chores, Mom and Dad will be home soon enough with your zit cream and the Justin Bieber CD you asked for.

  6. jenniferxxx says:Jul 31, 2011 9:14 PM

    “Is it possible to ban this 6 rings guy?”

    Especially since 4 of them are due to steroids. Oh right … we’re supposed to pretend that isn’t true. My bad.
    And two are thanks to the zebras

  7. “Terrific as a pass protector and receiver out of the backfield, Snelling wound up playing more snaps than starter Michael Turner in Atlanta over the past two seasons.”

    ….yeah, Atlanta has been a horrible team the last 2 years, right, loser? Dude has been more active than Michael Turner, the fantasy football icon.

  8. Falcons fan here. Jason Snelling is a very solid player. He can run between the tackles, catch passes out of the backfield, play fullback and spe cial teams and has a high motor – solid character as well. Jason can get the 3rd and 2’s and 4th and 1’s converted as well.

    What Jason Snelling does not have in his game is much wiggle and he does not have a lot of speed and won’t pop the long-runs. I think he is a platoon type RB to go with a fast guy.

    I don’t see Jason as a true #1 – but more of a #1-A type. He’s not special – but very solid.

  9. lets pick up Snelling then go after Zach Miller. That way we at least have two dump off options (that can catch), let Boss go and then focus on a Middlebacker, C’MON REESE FILL THE VOID

  10. Another Falcons fan that saw Jason being solid. He’s a big load with really good feet and hands. Out in the open, he’s hard to bring down.

    But echoing the other Falcons fan, he doesn’t have breakaway speed. He’s Thunder and he would need some Lightning to balance him out.

    But Snelling’s versatility is that he’s a banger between the tackles that can also catch out in the backfield. I like him and wish he could remain a Falcon.

  11. What I’m seeing above is that Snelling would fit in well in NY with Bradshaw, not with Jacobs. But, it aint gonna be that way with Jabobs signed.

    Snelling could be a better version of Jacobs. Atlanta did not take a step back when Turner went down and Snelling got all the action. Some even say their FA signing of Turner was a bad move because they had their #1 guy already on the roster in Snelling.
    Playing with Jacobs in NY could be a big time move for Snelling. His chance to show if he can really be THE GUY or not.

    Meanwhile, Atlanta better worry about who backs up Turner. Fantasy owners cant be the only ones aware of the mileage this guy has on his legs the last few years, and the amount of time Snelling has been on the field because Turner could not be.

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