Source: Jason Snelling to Giants a “definite possibility”

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Re-signing top running back Ahmad Bradshaw was one of the New York Giants’ main priorities in free agency, but ESPN’s John Clayton reported Sunday that the sides are “not close” to an agreement. The Giants may have directed their running back pursuits elsewhere.

A league source tells PFT that the Giants have been in discussions with free agent running back Jason Snelling, who played the last four seasons with the Falcons. The source called a deal between the Giants and Snelling a “definite possibility.”

Snelling has also received interest from the Bengals this week. It’s unclear whether Sunday’s re-signing of Cedric Benson removed Snelling from consideration in Cincinnati.

Listed at 5-foot-11, 223, Snelling has the look of a power back but offers impressive versatility. Terrific as a pass protector and receiver out of the backfield, Snelling wound up playing more snaps than starter Michael Turner in Atlanta over the past two seasons.

Snelling was also linked to the Rams in a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch report. He would back up Steven Jackson there.

12 responses to “Source: Jason Snelling to Giants a “definite possibility”

  1. Snelling is the classic guy to get overpaid. Nice player in ATL’s system but best attributes are his receiving and pass blocking skills. Strictly as a RB he is very average.

  2. why this guy isnt in higher demand is beyond me. Snelling is a great player and is a perfect FB that can carry the rock as a work horse if needed. he excels in every facet his position requires. great player.

  3. As a giants fan I can honestly say this is the offseason fro
    Hell. The eagles signed everyone and their mother to play defense for them and the giants can’t even resign their own players. Jerry Reese better have something up his sleeve

  4. I’ll be happy with either back. But Bradshaw is valuing himself WAY too high. If he wants DeAngelo Williams money, he should learn how to hang onto the ball. In his career, DeAngelo Williams has fumbled the ball 6 times in his career, and Bradshaw has fumbled 15 times in 4 years. Let’s not forget how many passes he dropped or deflected last year too…I’m sure Manning hasn’t forgotten.

    I’m getting really sick of these guys over-valuing themselves.

  5. Snelling is a solid player but that is a definite downgrade for the Giants from Bradshaw. If the Giants want to win the NFCE of at least compete in it they need a great running game.

    The Giants likely are the second most talented team in the NFCE with the Eagles standing in their way. With pass rushers like Trent Cole, Jason Babin and Cullen Jenkins at DT up front and elite talent like Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, Dominique Rodgers Cromartie, Nate Allen and 2nd round rookie Jaiqwan Jarrett in the secondary the Eagles have the look of a elite, top 3, pass defense but very well could be susceptible to power running teams.

    That makes bringing back Bradshaw even more important.

    Snelling is a solid player but I dont think he is the caliber player that can lead long clock eating drives consistently vs. teams like Philly and the Giants need a HB that can do that imo

  6. Snelling would offset the loss of Bradshaw by almost 100%. Bradshaw can’t stay healthy and is not a 300 carry back. Neither is Snelling, but Snelling will cost a fraction of what Bradshaw wants. Giants would do well to get Snelling.

  7. As I keep saying, if losing Bradshaw means keeping a Pro Bowl DE in Osi, I’d much prefer to keep Osi. Bradshaw’s outstanding, don’t get me wrong, but we’ve had success with just about every back (Tiki, Ward, Jacobs, Bradshaw) that’s ever been in our offense since Coughlin took over.

    I have absolutely no worries giving Ware and Scott the opportunity to replace Bradshaw while Jacobs gets 200+ carries. Our defensive ends are the keys to our defense at least as much as our running game is the cornerstone of our offense.

    I also think a solid veteran RB will be released by the start of the season and could just as easily fill AB’s spot. If it even meant having Jason Snelling for 5 years and a fraction of AB’s contract or even Ronnie Brown as our back on a 1-year or 2-year deal, I’m totally fine with it.

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