Vonta Leach chooses the Ravens

The Texans wanted to keep All Pro fullback Vonta Leach.  The Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, and Ravens wanted to take him away.

In the end, the Ravens won.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reports that Leach has agreed to terms on a three-year, $11 million contract with Baltimore.  The deal includes, per Mark Berman of FOX 26 in Houston, $6 million guaranteed.

McClain reports that, with Leach gone, the Texans will give tight end James Casey a crack at handling the lead-blocking duties for 2010 NFL rushing champ Arian Foster.  The Texans also will bring in a veteran free agent.

UPDATE:  Leach’s agent, Ralph Vitolo, says that Leach is now the highest paid fullback in the league, according to Berman.  That’s accurate, but Leach’s total contract comes in at No. 2 on the all-time list.  Last year, Leonard Weaver signed a three-year, $11 million deal with $6.5 million guaranteed.  Weaver has since been cut.

35 responses to “Vonta Leach chooses the Ravens

  1. Sad to see Leach go. He was reportedly well liked by his teammates. The Texans wanted him back but apparently not at that pricetag.

  2. So you’re going to replace an All Pro fullback with a TE? Arian Foster must be thrilled. Doesn’t look like the Ravens paid too much for Vonta.

  3. Finally the ravens sign someone who was not on the team last year!

    Picking up a legit FB and releasing McGahee should be a good overall team move , of course provided Rice does not get hurt.

  4. A nice pickup. John and Ozziw said they were going to run the ball this year, guess this a move in that direvtion. Now if we can just figure out the tackles…

  5. With the 2 DBs we got plus resigning the swing tackle (that started and played well for 4 games) there just wasn’t any money left to make him the highest paid FB. I still think the Texans did a great job this off season and a FB is easier to replace then the others mentioned above. But good luck to Leach, the Ravens match his kind of play and Ray Rice will love him.

  6. DANG IT!!!! Really wanted to see him back.

    Only upside is a chance to see more of James Casey. If he can handle the blocking well, then it’s a step up because he is an excellent receiver and should be much better in the open field than Leach. (Yes, Leach got the rock thrown at him occasionally and he was a decent receiver out of the backfield.)

  7. We got our Lorenzo Neal back!!!! Ray Rice’s stock just went wayy up. Leader in the locker room and a smashmouth football player. Will fit right in.

  8. Lorenzo Neal worked because he had a monster in LeRon McLain running behind him. Not sure Leach and Rice offers the same one two punch, because Rice behind McLain really didn’t. But this represents a needed upgrade in the Ravens ground game in a division that already is known for tough grind it out football.

  9. Not a big Le’Ron McClain fan but seeing that no one has stepped up to give him the contract and the chance to start thus far, I’d take a shot at him. Imagine him running behind Leach inside the 5 yard line or on third and short! Let the “McCLAIN 4 BACK-UP RB” campaign begin;-)

  10. ball20hawk says: We got our Lorenzo Neal back!!!! Ray Rice’s stock just went wayy up. Leader in the locker room and a smashmouth football player. Will fit right in…………….

    Exactly what I was thinking ballhawk

  11. Houston runs the Denver zone-blocking scheme, I’m sure Casey will come in and do a fine job.

    The question is, Does Baltimore run the same blocking scheme and will Leach struggle there ?

  12. One of the best pickups by any team. Vonta is a beast and he fits in so well with the Ravens ground and pound philosophy.

    Ravens are a very underrated football team.

  13. @ steel6times:
    Every comment you make is unwanted pathetic drunk idiot trash. Look at your comment ratings on every single post. Get a clue and stfu. Nobody cares about your stupid rings. You even embarrass other Steeler fans. It’s even worse considering the most recent NFL game played was a loss by the Steelers. JUST. SHUT. UP.

  14. leach is a hammer! good to have a real FB back in bmore. mclain wasn’t sure what he was. like to get ngata locked up to free up room for a ronnie brown or ricky williams to back up rice. would make a nice backfield.

  15. Good pickup but I hope it doesn’t end with Leach. Now we’re back to our 09 form.

  16. Let him walk. Like I said, the guy runs through a hole and hits someone and catches like 3 passes a year. I want to see what Casey can do anyway.

  17. Im a huge houston fan who lives in baltimore. i will, without a doubt, be buying a leach jersey

  18. Ravens reinforcing their physicality! Can’t wait to watch him steamroll the Steelers’ secondary in week 1!

  19. foster had a great year because of the texans o-line and kubiaks zone blocking scheme.. not because of vonta leach.. leach hit a few guys on arians route but fullback is a dying position and way too much money to pay for a thumper.. casey and vickers have both done fine in the preseason which allowed ogbannaya, foster, & tate to all have big games running the ball..

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