With Olin Kreutz gone, Bears sign Chris Spencer

A day after it became clear that the Bears and veteran center Olin Kreutz wouldn’t be able to come to terms, a new veteran center is coming to town.

The Bears have announced that they agreed to terms with center Chris Spencer on a two-year deal.

Spencer has spent his entire six-year career with the Seahawks, and he started all 16 games in Seattle last year.

Tim Ruskell, the Bears’ assistant general manager, was the Seahawks’ general manager in 2005 when they chose Spencer in the first round of the NFL draft.

48 responses to “With Olin Kreutz gone, Bears sign Chris Spencer

  1. Seahawks better replace him with someone who’s short enough to not impede T-Jack’s jump pass opportunities.

  2. How could this even happen?

    My team lost its most important player over 500K.

    This is just awful. Makes the whole year seem very shaky to me. How can you lose the most important member of the worst part of the team last year?

    I am speechless and very annoyed.

  3. Normally a team will “protect” their QB when they do something that’s caused a ruckus.

    Like when the team comes out and supports Cutler after the NFCCG. Support the guy, help make excuses in other areas of the team to explain a loss instead of placing it all on a young QB’s shoulders. You know…

    Now they’re just surrounding him with horrible talent to cover both the QB and coach.

  4. The Bears organization is showing a lack of class-again. Kreutz was a warrior for a long long time and he gets set out like the trash. I’m a Lions fan but even I think Kreutz deserves better. Good luck to your new fish at center. He is going to need it when the Bears come to Detroit. I predict we’ll be seeing Caleb Hanie before halftime.

  5. Wow! Assistant GM Timmy Ruskell is trying to do to the Bears in one year what he did for Seattle over five…Ruin them! Anyone asking themselves why Seattle didn’t resign this guy? You’ll have your answer when Cutler is on IR from a delayed blitz up the middle.

  6. As a bear’s fan I love Olin. He has played 13 years. The last couple of years though he has been pushed around alot. I wish they could of signed him but they still would need a center in a year or two. Will miss Olin’s fire. No one look at for his team mates better but the last couple of years he has not produced

  7. Good thing they don’t have to play the new Lions defensive front 7 or anything this year…..Oh, Wait!!!!

  8. Angelo’s holding out for the supplemental draft and he’s willing to spend up to $50,000 before he starts trading away future draft picks.

  9. What a Joke; You mean to tell me this whole pissing match was over $500 K. Where is Olin going to go? He just priced away his chances of getting back to the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl. Angelo and Ruskell are in deep trouble if they fail.
    I hope George Mckaskey knows what he is doing…… You had better be thinking about 2012 as far as who is gonna be your new general manager and head coach..

  10. Caleb Hanie better keep his arm warm every game. I don’t think Cutler is going to survive. 52 sacks from last year may feel like a vacation after this season.

  11. Kreutz was a leader in the lockerroom but he was a horrible blocker and made bad decisions.

    I don’t know how many games there were late last year (I know at least one was against Seattle), where Cutler was getting sacked with a safety blitz on the outside. As a center you have to call that shift and he just KEPT missing the call.

    He was getting old and was going to get replaced eventually.

  12. So let me get this straight: You won’t pay Olin the 4.5 mil for a one year deal, but you will pay a salary greater than or equal to that number for an inferior/oft-injured player (Spencer), and make it a multi-year deal? Executive leadership at it’s best Jerry.

  13. wow…mike martz got to much stroke for his worthless scheme this is an embarrassment terrible FA period…Bears have went from pretty good to pretty suck…just wow

  14. People relax!! cutler was gonna get killed back there with olin too, its time to move on.

  15. Olin Kreutz had a horrible yar last year, watching last years games he made a ton of stupid moving violations at some serisously bad times. he might have been good at some point, and im not in the lockerroom so from that point of view maybe they did lose a good leader, but he made a lot of stupid mistakes last year ones that hurt the team more then anything. im not sad to see him gone..

  16. AS a Packer fan, I must say Why r the Bears getting
    rid of all there great Players? Olsen and now kreutz

  17. I’m confident this will end up being a positive for the Bears. #57 has often been more of a distraction than anything else, and not truly much of a leader, the O-line has a been a weakness for the Bears for a few seasons now and when you proclaim yourself the leader of that bad unit at some point that “leader” needs to be held accountable! I’m glad he is gone let him flap his gums and disrupt some other team for a few years.

  18. Bears looks like they may be racing the Vikings to determine who will finish last in the Central

  19. as a hawks fan, id like to thank the chicago bears for taking tim ruskell off of seattles hands. get used to moves like this.

    how do I know how bad of a gm this guy is? only two guys that were hawks when he was gm are still around.

  20. wow i can’t believe this did any of you bear watch of the games last dude was getting blown up every time i watched any of you games. He’s been garbage for tge ladt 2 or 3 years

  21. Kreutz was rated the 33rd best center in the league last season. There are only 32 teams! Spencer at least has some youth on his side, while Olin has consistently gotten blown up on running plays.

  22. The bears are going to be a disaster this year. Kreutz is a far superior center compared to spencer. The only reason that olin’s performance has declined is that he is in an offense that is run by mike martz that forces the qb to hold onto the ball forever. I’m a lions fan, so I know that martz’s offense just does’t work anymore in this league first hand. You can’t expect your linemen to maintain blocks for ten + seconds. Hey bears, good luck vs. Detroit’s front four.

  23. Somebody needs to stand outside Soldier Field with a petition to get Angelo fired! Then if every fan signs it maybe we can get somethin done!

  24. To anyone wondering why Seahawks never had a run game since Alexander his Last year here. This is your guy. One of the worst run blocking centers I have ever seen. You know it’s bad when we saw back up centers outperform this guy. Good luck lolll

  25. Another thing the loss of Kreutz could provide is a chance for Cutler to take control of this team. All of the media has been saying Cutler is not tough and not a leader. Well, with Cutler reportedly ready to change his mentality this season maybe the chance to become this offensive leader will help in that quest.

  26. Kreutz was on a fast decline. The Bears Oline sucked but they got Carimi and hopefully Webb solidifies the other tackle position. Garza is actually solid, and Williams will hopefully not be terrible at the other guard spot. I felt like last year the Bears O Line would land them at 4 and 12 but they surprised me. They should be better this year.

    Angelo still sucks and needs to be fired though.

  27. romosexualtendencies69 says:Jul 31, 2011 5:43 PM

    Bears looks like they may be racing the Vikings to determine who will finish last in the Central
    You’re stupid. Stay on your Cowboys posts. Speaking of which, I think they will be racing the Redskins for the AL West title.

  28. Angello and his fat @ssed buddy Ruskell. They both couldn’t pick a winner in their nose let alone a football player……………………

  29. This is complete BS! Angelo and company are ruining the team! I am tired of wasting year after year of having our dream of winning a superbowl come crashing down. We as Bears fans need to let the organization know that we will not tolerate this crap! Time is precious and it’s clear that we care more then these a$$ clowns do! Enough is enough! Clear house and bring Cowher in!

  30. joeyballgame4 says: Jul 31, 2011 4:46 PM

    fairley and suh will surely kill cutler now…


    there were going to kill him anyway. Kreutz wasn’t going to stop those guys. Unless he was holding them and getting flagged for it on his own goal line, or false starting (which is hard for a center to do). I’m a bears season ticket holder by the way

  31. Bears fans freaking out about this need to chill, he was overrated, old, mistake-prone, heavily flagged in bad situations, and basically a punk in negotiations. He acts like the Bears didn’t pay him his whole career. $4M for an ancient center who gets penalized twice a game isn’t an unfair offer, and he wiped his ass with it. Get bent dude, good luck getting that offer on the open market. I guarantee he gets nowhere near that when he lands.

  32. @tecmobowl34,

    Amen. Like most Bears fans, I’m sentimentally attached to Kreutz after all these years — but his play no longer matched his rep. He was VERY rapidily diminishing from “leader” to “liability”.

    Intangibles aside, I’d rather have the performance on the field when it counts (now whether Spencer is the answer to that…I’m still skeptical).

    But I think you’re right on when it comes to the contract and pay — Kreutz could’ve easily let the 500K go in order to stay with his team, to stay in familiar surroundings, knowing the offense, and to finish his career and retire as a BEAR. Not to mention staying on a team that’s “close”.

    If his relationship with the players/team/city means as much as people think, why not sacrifice the (relatively) small amount?

    I think in the end many of you who are weeping, wailing, and gnashing your teeth like this is the end of the world may come to see differently, that this is probably a blessing in disguise.

    Better play at center, fewer penalties, and Jay takes over as unquestioned leader of the offense.
    I guess we’ll see.

    P.S. Lions fans have become this year’s version of last year’s Vikings fans — off-season paper champs, chest thumpers, obnoxious braggadocius blowhards.

    Games are played in the field, kitties, not in draft rooms, not on message boards. And no matter what you THINK you have in talent, you also have injuries, arrests, training camp, pre-season, coaching changes, referees (haha), and countless other variables that turn LOSING franchises (like yours) into WINNING franchises (like ours).
    So until you DO finish with more than 6 wins, you haven’t. So quit acting like the Lions are “the sh!t” — cause you haven’t earned that “the” yet.

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