Ahmad Bradshaw agrees to terms with Giants


After running back Ahmad Bradshaw flirted with a couple of other terms and after the Giants flirted with at least one other running back (Jason Snelling), the player and the team reportedly have decided to love the ones they were with.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that Bradshaw has agreed to terms with the Giants.  A source with knowledge of the situation has confirmed that a deal has been struck.  Per the source, it’s a four-year deal.

Bradshaw, a four-year veteran who played college football at Marshall (that other program in West Virginia), rushed for 1,235 yards in 2010.

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  1. Well that’s good, but we’re gonna be in trouble if we don’t get some LB’s. Hopefully they sign some because I’m awfully tired of the front office neglecting our OBVIOUS need at the position.

  2. wise decision my friend. you don’t want to go to Washington. they would’ve given you a huge contract and then cut or traded you after 1 season.

  3. @austskate

    You are in the wrong line of work, you should be working as a GM somewhere. You have unlocked the sacred wisdom of the NFL, congratulations… Considering that comment can be used to describe any of the thousands of transactions the NFL see’s.

  4. This guy is money. He is one of the better RB’s in the league, but under the radar. He is a surefire playmaker, just needs to hold onto the rock lil better. He had a gr8 season on a pass first team.

  5. “dontbeemo says: Aug 1, 2011 1:49 PM

    Who is going to block for him since the GMEN keep cutting o-linemen???”

    They’ve signed two more.

  6. I’m glad he’s coming back to NY, but I’ll be happier once it’s confirmed he wasn’t given a boatload of money he was demanding. I’m hoping for the $4M/year range or so. Anything significantly higher than that and we overpaid for a RB who’s not even going to get 300 carries/year.

    Now to re-sign Smith and Boss. The OL is fine, in my opinion, so long as Beatty can rise to the occasion at LT. I’m hoping Smith gets a 1-year deal and ultimately re-signs in 2012 for a big extension. And I think Boss is worth about $18-20M over 5-6 years.

  7. @azjintsfan says: Aug 1, 2011 1:56 PM

    Good for the G-Men. Bad for the depleted line of the Eagles.


    I think you need to go check the transaction list. Your O-line for the GMEN has been cut apart by your front office, without any effort to fill those holes.

    The Eagles on the other hand have upgraded their defensive line.

    But as a Giants fan, I wouldn’t expect you to be smart enough to understand.

  8. @zaggs says: Aug 1, 2011 2:03 PM

    They’ve signed two more.


    That aren’t as good as the guys they cut.

  9. as a giants fan, i have to say i have mixed feelings.
    while i love his heart and running ability, everytime they hand him the rock in a clutch situation i am sweating bullets and yelling at the tv, “don’t cough it up baby!”
    i like him though and hope he does address his fumbling issues.

  10. im tired of hearing that the giants O line is weakened by two old o-lineman who barely played last year. Bradshaw rushed for over 1200 yards last year behind this line.

    In what world is this a bad O line: Beatty, diehl, baas, snee and mckenzie

    I salute o’hara and seubert for all they have done but their time has come and past. It was time for the giants to get younger on the o-line and that is exactly what they are doing. Expect big numbers from Bradshaw again this year.

  11. to anyone questioning the giants o-line: assuming beatty is an upgrade over diehl at LT, the giants upgraded THREE positions on their o-line. baas is a big upgrade over o’hara and diehl is an upgrade over seubert at LG.

    the giants cut three guys….two of them, seubert and o’hara, were just too injured to help anymore. the third, andrews, was a cap casualty….and as much as i liked him, he was always a snap away from getting injured himself.

  12. One tough dude, plays with broken feet and got a under age drinking charge after the super bowl, even a Eagles fan like me can appreciate a guy like that. Good call G-men.

  13. @mad5555
    Wow. You just brought down my opinion of Philly fans. Didn’t think that was even possible.

    Even Philly fans should be embarrassed by you. You are truly trash.

  14. Sorry, michaelbot1, but I have to disagree about Seubert. He WAS the anchor of that O-line last year. He played all 16, blowing out his knee in the last game.

    O’Hara was not the same player. Hurt often, and pretty ineffective when he did play. Love the guy, but I understand the cut. Seubert was a tough one to swallow though.

    Shawn Andrews…we ALL saw that cut coming.

    Like the pickup of Baas.

  15. again @mad555
    I’m sure a lot of NFL fans and non-NFL fans alike wouldn’t mind seeing your By Scout of a QB get his head bashed into a concrete wall, then electrocuted, then drowned either. You know, like he did to those dogs?

  16. I love all the Eagle fans commenting as if they all the sudden have the best defense ever.

    You guys are still lacking the most important position. Defensive Coordinator.

  17. @dcbassguy

    Yes, I’m so stupid…and apparently deaf with the three Super Bowl rings stuffed in my ears, but you wouldn’t know anyting about that, would you, little miss?

  18. @mad5555

    unless i’m mistaking you for some other idiot weren’t you just complaining yesterday about how the redskins were racist? gotta love people with double standards.

  19. gcsuk

    agree with your point about seubert. he was the heart and soul of that o-line….if not the entire team. dont forget though….even if we hadnt cut him he probably wasnt going to be able to play until the second half of the season.

  20. @dcbassguy
    Even Philly fans can understand that we let go of Andrews, and O’Hara was really banged up (only played 6 games last year) and he is 34 years old. Seubert was a tough one to let go of (very versatile, great team guy), but as jdandcoke said, he was going to miss AT LEAST half the season.
    Sometimes as a fan it sucks watching the business side of football, as we have to watch fan favorites get cast aside.

  21. Other classier program in WV. Winningest football program in the 90s. Home of Randy Moss, Byron Leftwich, Chad Pennington, and Bradshaw. Home of the 1970 Marshall Thundering RIP. We have history, we have the players, we’ve been competitive, evening beating you in basketball. Don’t “other school” me. CHILD PLEASE!

  22. Dear Philly,

    The Giants have 3 beautiful Lombardi trophies on display at their stadium when you come to play. That is the closest you will ever get to one…your Eagles are overrated and failures!!! Be proud of your dog killing QB and the fact that you booed Sanata in 1968

  23. Huge, HUGE resign. I love Jacobs, but we needed Bradshaw back. Danny Ware may/may not live up to his potential, but we can definitely count on Jacobs and Bradshaw to make most of the carries. Maybe even a couple third and shorts/red zone carries for Da’Rel Scott as the season progresses.

  24. I was looking forward to Snelling signing, I feel like IF the Giants DID in fact USE that man,,,,they ADDED to his VALUE because the GIANTS saw what I saw & that’s a RB that will NOT FUMBLE & make plays! Best of luck Snelling~I hope the Ravens are paying attention!

  25. To all
    Lets see what happens next month when it counts
    Right now in the paper champion contest we have two the Filthy Egirls and the wish they were the Giants jets

    Now come next month when the talking is done lets see who beats who
    For now I will trust in the Giants office doing what is needed to make it all happen come opening day

    The Giants owners are some of best in the NFL

    And the only ones that did not demand money during the labor dispute
    Thats right Boys and Egirls fans we season ticket holder did not pay a dime until it was settled

  26. Antonio Pierce nicknamed him the best – “junkyard dog”. He might not be the biggest or fastest but he’s good to have and I wouldnt want to mess with him. Welcome home Akmad “junkyard dog” Bradshaw! GO BLUE.

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