Brodrick Bunkley a no-show in Browns camp

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Two years ago, defensive lineman Richard Seymour took his sweet time reporting for work with the Raiders after being traded there by the Patriots.  Now, another defensive lineman has yet to appear in his new place of employment after a trade.

Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that Broderick Bunkley, a first-round draft pick of the Eagles in 2006, has not shown up in Cleveland after being traded to the Browns on Saturday for a fifth-round draft pick.

Per McLane, “[N]o one knows if [Bunkley] ever will.”

The procedure that would apply depends on whether the trade hinged (as trades normally do) on the player passing a physical in his new city.  Since the player has to report before he can pass a physical, the trade isn’t over until the player shows up.

If there is such a condition, the Eagles and Browns could re-work the deal, like the Broncos and Bucs did several years ago after Jake Plummer was traded to Tampa and never showed up.  (The Bucs later obtained a partial reimbursement of signing bonus money the Bucs never paid.)

Whether the rights are held by the Eagles or the Browns, the only way to squeeze the player is to send a so-called “five-day letter.”

“The club sends a letter to the player warning him that, in five days, the club has the right to place him on the reserve/left squad list,” NFL spokesman Michael Signora told PFT during the Seymour episode.  “It explains to him that if they do place him in that category, he cannot play again this season, etc.  After sending that letter and the expiration of the five-day period, the club does not have to place the player on the reserve/left squad list, but it may do so.”

The devil will be lurking in the details on this one.  There’s a chance that the Browns gave up a fifth-rounder for nothing, and there’s a chance that the Browns ultimately will give up nothing, with Bunkley’s rights reverting to the Eagles.

Either way, Seymour ended up showing up in Oakland.  And now he’s happy there.  So maybe Bunkley should give the Browns a chance.  It’s not as if he has many other options, if he wants to play football for money.

27 responses to “Brodrick Bunkley a no-show in Browns camp

  1. Hey – Bunkley got money for not playing much pro football in Philly, either. Nice job – if you can get one like that!

  2. At least Bunkley didn’t show up, collect a big paycheck, and pull a LeCharles Bentley…

  3. I remember Belichick playing the Seymour situation to perfection. Like him or not, he just spoke like it was a Raiders internal matter, and that was that.

  4. Some guys just dominate college offensive linemen and can’t do it at the next level. That’s the simple case with bunkley. He was all power no technique for my noles, and that doesn’t cut it in the league. Either he wasn’t coachable by on his accord or ours. He won’t do much but eat up a blocker wherever he goes. Ngata went two picks earlier…

  5. Great first impression with your new employer / coach. Go get a real job then and struggle to pay your bills like the rest of us Bunkhole.

  6. If his rights revert back to the Eagles it simply becomes a way a player can force free agency.

    However if his rights revert back to the Eagles, they can mess with him and hold onto him to latest possible time in preseason and then cut him when most rosters are filled and only vet minimum salaries are still availble.

  7. What a waste of space, literally.

    Go report to the Browns, and be happy that somebody is willing to pick up the stupid salary you were scheduled to make.

    This guy never understood that he had to actually “try” in the NFL.

  8. What a fool. He gets the chance to play for the front office that drafted him and he’s being an idiot. Stay in Philly – it has all the charm of Cleveland and just as many Super Bowl wins.

  9. why the hate….they guy played through a nasty elbow dislocation last year….has made plenty of plays. Probably bummed to go to the Browns though. Can’t blame him. Still a lot of $$ he’ll get over it.

  10. Under acheiver is putting it mildly. Complete flop as a FIRST ROUND PICK is more accurate. Failure to report is perhaps a character flaw that allowed him to flop. You can’t coach character.

  11. @ jdmu

    That last sentence in your comment is a classic! – From a diehard (and often Browns fan).

  12. dgreenfi says:
    Aug 1, 2011 2:45 PM

    I saw on Twitter that Bunkley didn’t show up because he is afraid of Staph infections.

    Oh, you must mean that he was afraid the Browns were gonna put him in a time machine and send him back to 3 years ago…? That *must* be what you meant because that’s when the staph infections were happening.

    Nothing like timely jokes.

  13. and all these people who ovbiously dont know what they are talking about in reguards to the Eagles ability to sign D-JAX because of their supposed “lack” of cap room… ie; the idiot who made the first comment about Bunkley’s cap hit hurting the Eagles chance of signing D-JAX .. Joe Banner is a douche.. he drives me and other Eagles fans crazy.. but one thing he isnt is an idiot when it comes to the cap and manipulating it… if you think 1.5 million is gonna keep Banner from working it youre crazy or your from Nashville and dont know what youre talking about.. The Eagles were in the middle of the pack as far as cap room went and they got these deals done because they are intellegent.. they didnt go and overpay like the awful Panthers and they didnt think that they could sit on their asses and wait for guys to come to them like Dallas.. we are and will be LOSERS until we win a super bowl but one thing we arent is STUPID

  14. Um, this just in: The browns stink.

    SIX wins vs the Steelers in the last TWO DECADES means the browns have beat the Steelers an average of once every 3.3 years. Oh and they haven’t won sh!t since there were 8 teams in the NFL and no SB.

    The Ravens are the rival, not the poop-jersey clowns.

  15. this ought to be a wake up call for all Browns fans. A guy who never saw the light of day in Philly, turns his back on your team. Maybe this team should consider a dispersal draft.

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