Broncos sign Derrick Harvey


A former Jacksonville Jaguars draft bust has found a new home in Denver.

The Broncos have signed defensive end Derrick Harvey, who was released last week by the Jaguars.

Harvey played in every game but one in his three seasons with the Jaguars, and was a starter some of the time, but he was a major disappointment, given what the Jaguars expected of him. Jacksonville gave up the No. 26 pick in the 2008 draft as well as two third-round picks and a fourth round pick to move up to No. 8 overall and take Harvey. All they got out of him, for all that, was eight career sacks.

Now Harvey will try to make an impact in John Fox’s defense in Denver, where he’s unlikely to start but will have a good chance of making the team as a backup to starters Elvis Dumervil and Robert Ayers.

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  1. With the amount of trouble the Broncos had with getting to the QB last year, this is a great pick up. Low risk, high reward.

  2. This has been a frustrating start to free agency for Broncos fans. Our idea of “rebuilding” seems to be finding guys that have underachieved, signing them, and then crossing our fingers, closing our eyes, clicking our heels together, and hope that we catch lightening in a bottle. Damn.

  3. I’m just glad he’s gone. Sick of hearing about how bad he sucks all the time. Was a constant reminder of that on the field and off. Waste of so much. Career as a backup forthcoming.

  4. champgiff,

    You make it sound as if the Broncos have another option. Because of their cap situation and the mess that Joshie left behind, these are the only types of moves they can make. Additionally, all the “impact” free agents are gone at this point.

    We’re paying our lame duck QB almost 9 mil. Thanks Josh. Thank a lot.

  5. No decent free agent wants to sign with the Broncos. It’s a chaotic organization that fires the coach every two years, fires the DC every two years, punishes solid veterans because they have shiny new toys, etc.

    And anyway, the Broncos are unwilling or unable to spend the kind of money it takes to get a top free agent, so this is the caliber of player they’re reduced to.

  6. Certainly a lot of crossed fingers with these castoff players. Of course, the cap issue is the main problem (thanks Joshie)… Maybe it will work out, but that is a hard maybe due to recent history and a tough sell to a jaded fanbase.

  7. Evidently, the Broncos are going to a 4-3 without any DT’s. Let me get this right, we have picked up two DE’s that have been labeled as busts. 1 from WAS and one from the Jagwads. We also drafted a DE from OK who ran a 5.0 forty.

    Awesome work by the new braintrust. Resigning Vickerson and trying to get Marcus Thomas back at DT. Not impressed. Having no cash hurts.

  8. I don’t mind this signing, knowing that many of the team’s current DE’s won’t make the team. We seem to be stockpiling at DE, TE, and Safety, which is odd, but TEs and Safeties can also strengthen return teams. I also like the McGahee signing, but the team still needs a starting DT and a better 3rd at CB to be competitive. Sadly, the team doesn’t have much cash to toss around, so we’ll have to see.

  9. @ universalcynic

    That’s exactly my point….because of the piss poor decisions that have been made in the past (big contracts for mediocre free agents, whiffs on draft picks, etc) this philosophy is the only “rebuilding” option they have. Harvey is very much a low-risk/high reward move, but if or when he continues being a bust, we have yet another dead-weight player that makes zero impact.

  10. Yeah we need a DT…

    and @Spencer
    Shut your mouth up…
    Every time I read an article about Denver you have to log on a talk some crap. We fire our HC every 2 years?? Where were you when we had Shanahan for 14 years?

  11. That was an absolute bend over and screw you trade for the Ravens. Jax was hot to trot to get this guy, so we traded back and then up again a few picks and took Joe Flacco. Bet he would look better in teal than Derrick Harvey has.

    I think Shack Harris was still the GM at the time. His old boss Ozzie schooled the crap out of him on htat one.

  12. champgiff says:
    Aug 1, 2011 12:12 PM
    This has been a frustrating start to free agency for Broncos fans. Our idea of “rebuilding” seems to be finding guys that have underachieved, signing them, and then crossing our fingers, closing our eyes, clicking our heels together, and hope that we catch lightening in a bottle. Damn.

    You shouldn’t be frustrated. This is the “Patriot Way” and it seems to work well for them. When properly executed, the “get veterans cheap, use em up, and get rid of them” stategy is genius. We’ll soon find out if Elway, Xanders, and Fox are as good at this as Bill B.

  13. champgiff,

    I see your point and I guess we are saying the same thing.

    I for one am really tired of overpaying FAs. We’ve never been good at it. And I admit, there is a lot of “Gosh I hope this works out” going on.

  14. With no bonus money and little cap space, the Broncos can only wait for players to be cut at the 53 limit.
    Most all of the players so far are young (except McGahee) so developement is possible.
    I too am frustrated but still a Bronco fan.

  15. Broncos are rebuilding through the draft.

    Why sign big money free agents and continue being cash-strapped year to year when you’re going to be horrible-to-mediocre anyhow?

    They are hitting the reset button and doing things organically.

  16. Hey Dorothy Mantooth, if this is the case, please explain why they failed to address their biggest need DT through the draft in what was a pretty deep draft class. There was significant value to be had in the 2nd 3rd even 4th rounds – they stood pat, thinking they could get free agents, and it has blown up in their collective face.

  17. Watching the ninja warrior in that clip, I can’t help but notice he was faster in that video than he was chasing the QB. Good luck Denver. Hope you don’t have to pay that FAT salary he was making in Jax. He did, however, play on the same national championship team as Tebow. If that will make you feel better?

  18. Broncos fan you can say all you wan about low risk high reward. Its a low risk. Low reward. He sucks. Jags reached a huge amount to get him. Thanks a lot shack Harris

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