Dennis Dixon changes mind, will sign Steelers tender

I noted yesterday that Steelers quarterback Dennis Dixon hadn’t reported to training camp because he wanted to go to a team that would give him a chance to start. I also opined that if Dixon wants to develop into an NFL starter, the place to do that is on the practice field, not at home.

Apparently Dixon has now come around.

James Walker of ESPN reports that Dixon will sign his one-year restricted free-agent tender and report to the Steelers.

Dixon is a restricted free agent with a fifth-round tender, which means any team was free to sign Dixon to an offer sheet and, if the Steelers declined to match the offer, acquire him for nothing more than a fifth-round pick. The fact that no team signed him to such an offer sheet indicates that NFL teams don’t view Dixon as ready to be an NFL starter.

So Dixon’s best bet is to keep working as he backs up Ben Roethlisberger. Now he’s about to get back to work.

17 responses to “Dennis Dixon changes mind, will sign Steelers tender

  1. I’ve always like Dixon but through a remarkable set of circumstances last year – Roethlisberger suspension and Leftwich injury – he got his chance to start and he got injured in his second start. On the first play of the second quarter.

    That’s not exactly seizing the moment.

  2. The Steelers have been good to Dennis, and are giving him a chance to remain employed in the NFL. Now that the rules have relaxed on the third QB, I wish they’d check out his receiving skills and see if they can’t get some kind of slash production out of him.

  3. How dixon thinks he’s an nfl starter is beyond me. There’s not one starting qb that he can beat out imo… not even grossman and beck.

  4. Some teams use 5th round picks to draft long snappers or kickers.
    Not a huge price to pay if you think you’re getting a staring QB.

    nuff said.

  5. @dogsweat1 …

    I’ve spent as much time playing the game as many of the male commenters you never bother to question. Have you ever run a business or a nation? But I’m sure that doesn’t stop you from mouthing off about the president, Congress, or your boss.

    After all the vulgar, filthy things you’ve posted to me in the past, it should have occurred to you by now that I don’t care whether a Neanderthal like you approves of my comments. I’m not going anywhere.

    @diamonddayton23 …

    You may like Dennis more than Batch and Leftwich, but Tomlin and Arians have said repeatedly that he can’t seem to learn the playbook. He has to extend plays because he can’t make reads or find the open receivers downfield. He takes one look and runs when there are open receivers available. If he could get the ball to his man, he wouldn’t have to extend the play.

    With new rules freeing up the third QB, if he were willing to run some WR routes, he could get more playing time in a slash/wildcat role and give us the opportunity to mix it up a little on offense … if he’s willing to leave his ego at the door and be what the team needs.

  6. @dogsweat

    I’ll bet Deb has as many starts in the NFL as you have.
    At least she makes sense with all her posts rather than just taking shots at someone as losers like you seem to be fond of doing.

  7. @dogsweat

    Your name fits you well. I can tell Deb is a very intellegent lady and I enjoy her post very much. She has forgotten more about football than you have ever known.

  8. dogsweat1, I was actually the QB on my high school’s powder puff team. I’m in my 30’s now and have recently taken a few snaps on my co-ed (social) football team.

    What’s your point? People can’t comment on football unless they’ve played..or is it just women?

    Shame on you.

  9. @ Deb
    I’m guessing dogsweat is curled up in the fetal position after that kick to the n*ts….well done.

  10. @ Deb
    I’m guessing dogsweat is curled up in the fetal position after that kick to the n*ts….well done.


    Not really.

    I ‘m having a nice laugh watching the worship of Deb.

    Especially from the Males.

    I think I will go to the “Pregnancy” Message Board and share my thoughts with all the Women who have had a baby.

    I think they will understand and enjoy my input…..


  11. Dennis will get a lot more looks this year with the relaxed 3rd QB rules and will cash in next year. He needs serious work on his short and mid-range accuracy and defense reading ability. He frequently overthrows wide-open receivers and seems to struggle reading defenses from the pocket.

    Break him out of the pocket, and he seems pretty comfortable.

    He also needs to work on remaining healthy. He would have been at least a late-2md round pick when he came out of college, had it not been for his knee injury. Then he gets his chance to start and is injured only a few series into the game.

    Dixon has the raw ability — big arm, athleticism, deep accuracy and desire — to be a starter, but he needs to check his ego, learn from the coaches and work hard on his deficiencies.

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