Dolphins fans chant “We want Orton” at training camp

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It’s not quite as bad as 49ers fans chanting for David Carr during last season, but the Dolphins organization had a rather embarrassing moment at training camp Monday night.

The fans started booing every underthrown Chad Henne pass, then chanted, “We want Orton!”

Somewhere, Orton’s agent is smiling.   Broncos VP John Elway should be smiling too, except he may be leaning towards keeping Orton at this point.’s Jim Trotter writes that Orton has “clearly separated” himself at Broncos practices from Tim Tebow, who has struggled in the early going.  Orton has looked better by a “wide margin.”

The Broncos staff and players seem to appreciate Orton, but the fans want to get rid of him. The fans in Miami would gladly take Orton off their hands.

90 responses to “Dolphins fans chant “We want Orton” at training camp

  1. That’s funny. Bronco fans at Dove Valley broke out into a “You can have him” chant about 5 minutes ago.

  2. Tebow was the worst most recent 1st round QB until Locker and Newton were drafted. LMFAO@ Denver and Josh McDaniels right now.

  3. @305phinphan

    speaking of mediocre, you guys can’t even get kyle orton

    this signing of wimbley solidifies a solid front 7 for the raiders

  4. Good to see my fellow Dolphins fans are smart enough to realize Orton is worlds better than Henne…

  5. Dolphins would be better off trading for Tebow, at least the gator nation would buy tickets and then maybe it wouldn’t be a home game for the visiting team.

  6. The Dolphins organization is replete with obstinate morons. They will be stuck at the basement with the Bengals all season long. Perhaps they are vying for Andrew Luck.

  7. Redskins fans were heard chanting: “Our owner is richer than your owner, and we don’t really want to stay John Beck”

  8. Apparently the chant is going up in training camps all around the league. Veteran observers have never seen anything like it. “I was around for Elvis” said one, “but this is way bigger.”.

  9. I hope at least one was chanting bring back Marino. There chances in the AFC would be just as good.

  10. This may be the first time that Kyle has had such cheers. As a Denver fan, I just want the brass to make up their damn minds already.

    Since they are rebuilding, they may as well see what they have in Tebow. If he fails, then at least they get a chance to draft from what may be one of the better QB classes in quite some time.

    I wish Kyle the best, but clearly he is not the future of the Broncos. What’s the point of keeping him one more year?

  11. Being a Raider fan, my honest opinion: You NEED Orton. Tebow is Peyton Hillis at QB lol.

    Take that and then realize that they have reported that Quinn is outplaying Tebow too.

    Then again, OAK put up 59 in Denver last year with Orton as the starter. If your going to be a 4-5 win team you might as well have Tebow the fan favorite out there.

  12. People who chant are probably more qualified at evaluating QB talent than the Dolphins front office.

    And please don’t read that in a sarcastic tone. Because it’s not.

    And neither is that.


  13. This is all starting to bring about a strange, but outside, possibility. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Broncos start shopping Tebow around if he continues to struggle to beat Quinn in camp.

    Orton is very talented and has many miles left on his tires. Tebow may require more work than it is worth to make him even an acceptable starter in the NFL.Unfortunately, for the Broncos, they wouldn’t see anything more than a 2nd round pick for Tebow.

  14. Tenow sucks, mcdaniels overdrafted him but he don’t care now, not his problem. He set that franchise back 5 years and now he went back what he does better, OC. Denver needs to start orton and get rid of tenow, hes a bum. I bet mcdaniels is laughing at Denver now too. Lol

  15. That’s so weird that bronco fans don’t like him. At this point until Tebow is ready, Orton gives you the best chance to win. Granted, he’s certainly no Brady or Manning, but his numbers are always solid and he had nothing to throw to last year, noone as good as marshall anyway. Bronco fans.. you’ll be sorry if you run him out of town this year, tebow is not ready!

  16. Say what you will. Kyle Orton isn’t a pretty QB, He doesn’t sell jerseys, but he’s the model example of how being efficient wins football games in this league. Eliminate risk by making the safe plays until the defense cheats up to take away the underneath stuff, then bam…. go over the top. Denver would be foolish to trade him, if they do they better hope Quinn is ready.

  17. Best story out of this Orton saga yet. Miami may have the only fanbase in the NFL that wants him. His current team’s fans certainly don’t.

    Think about it, Kyle! You could be the Tebow of Miami!

  18. Dolphin fans can be sooo short sighted… I for one want no part of Orton. How many mid-round picks are we going to waste on mediocre QB’s before we realize it doesn’t work???

    Give Henne one more year. If he fails, we can draft a QB in the first round next year. If he succeeds, then you’ll all be eating your words.

    All those fans who chanted are a disgrace.

  19. Wow. They could’ve had Brees, Rodgers, or Matty Ice. The owner did say he wanted a more exciting brand of football. Look for Miami to make some front office changes if they don’t get abQB soon.

  20. I think Miami should give up a 2nd and give Orton a new deal. Miami brass is stupid to think Orton would want to come to a team that doesnt want to give him a new contract. Denver already gave him $1.5 million roster bonus so Denver now might want a player back and a 2nd for him. If they don’t they will be in the Luck lottery.

    I think Seattle wins the Luck lottery. 2 wins

  21. Pretty pathetic fan base.

    Pretty pathetic franchise at this point.

    Fans should be chanting “Andrew Luck… Andrew Luck”… cause that’s what they’re in line for.

  22. As a true fan I was definetly excited to hear that we were going after Orton. Anything to improve the team, but as soon as we let him go, I immediately hopped back on the Henne bandwagon. I support my team no matter what. Anyone booing or chanting for Orton in front of Heene, Moore or any other QB during practice is embarrasing themselves. I hope Henne has a great year and proves everyone of you losers wrong…thats what a true fan is.

  23. Donkey fans certainly aren’t the brightest bunch on the tree…shipping Orton off would be doom for Tebow and the Donkies.

    So I’m all for it…please, let it happen!

  24. I was at the stadium and honestly it sounded like roughly 20 people chanting opposed to 10,000.. it lasted all of 5 seconds and then died down..this is being completely blown out of proportion.. either way.. Henne sucks

  25. Ok, first of all, Kyle Orton sucks. He sucked in Chicago. He was beat out by Rex Grossman for crying out loud. The only reason he put up good stats in Denver was because of McDaniels. Say what you want about him, but the man can coach QBs. Also, a lot of Orton’s good stats came in garbage time when Denver was already down 35-3 and he would throw 200 yards and 3 TDs in the 4th quarter when the opposition is in a prevent with their second stringers.

    Second, neither of these teams have a shot in hell in doing anything this year. Sorry to the great fans of these teams, but they are both in rebuilding mode. All teams eventually go through it. So, regardless of who end up with Orton this year, both franchises will be eyeing up Luck, Barkley, or Landry Jones in the draft next year. They will probably be picking in the top ten so they will have a shot at them. And they shouldn’t think twice in taking any of them.

  26. Orton is a good QB – he showed it last season ,and if anything, you know he can throw the long ball evidenced by several accurate deep throws to Lloyd. If he leaves Denver, you can bet the Broncos will be in the basement of the AFC West. Orton is underrated, and Henne is a bum. The Dolphin fans want a QB of the future, and Henne just isn’t the guy. Moore could be that guy, but I don’t have any faith in that. Orton has proven he can be effective, and with Marshall on the team, you have that familiarity – Marshall caught 10 Td’s and have over 1100 yards with Orton. Marshall had similar yards, but only 3 Td’s last year. Orton to Marshall worked in Denver, and it could work in Miami. It all depends on what they want to give up for him.

  27. If the dolphins get Orton then can they trade Henne to the redskins? Because, as Dolphins fans know, John Beck sucks.

  28. Not a Bronco fan but ya’ll need to lay off Tebow too he played pretty good in what little he did last year and is one of the hardest workers in the NFL. Remember it’s usually the 3rd year before a QB really breaks out. Even Peyton, Elway, Brees, and many more struggled greatly their first few years. I’m not comparing Tebow to them just giving examples that say QB is the hardest position to learn in ANY sport hands down. I think the Broncos should hang on to Orton for the year unless they get an offer that blows them away…..As hard as Tebow works to perfect his craft he will be a darn good QB in the league for years to come he’s just not quite ready yet.

  29. I don’t understand why you Broncos fans don’t want him. He’s thrown for over 3500 yds and 20 TD’s two years in a row. Teblow won’t even throw for 3500 yds and 20 TD’s in two seasons combined.

  30. Kyle Orton is not the answer. Send a #1 to cinci for Carson. Mike brown will eventually cave.

  31. I don’t understand who these people are in the front offices for the dolphins that make the moves. Every year they draft the wrong players and miss out on great players they could have drafted and then they pick up FA’s that bust and miss out on ones that would help them win. I really don’t think they want a winning season. I predict 4-12 season. 4 losses between jets and pats, they always lose at least once to the bills, not beating the eagles or cowboys, no to the texans. I have a good sense of how good players are and who would work so hire me for the front office I would turn this organization around.

  32. Orton is one of the best back up quarterbacks in the entire NFL…. He is a GREAT backup quarterback. He can totally manage a game and hold his own until an actual athlete comes back from whatever is ailing him… Orton sucks. He is totally average, and if someone farts in his general direction he trips over his size 27 feet and falls flat on his face. He is the Joe Flaco of real life.

  33. tlaw21 … you are correct in that it takes most quarterbacks 2-3 years of experience to play well …

    as a Dolfan, I can remember chalking up a win in Peyton Manning’s first couple of years … he really stunk it up and never looked like he would be a star …

    a fact rarely mentioned with Henne … is that he is entering his 3rd year as a “real” qb … he only threw 12 passes his rookie year … so not a lot of experience there … and he hasn’t looked any worse than Peyton did his first two years under center … maybe there still is something there … besides stupid decisions and untimely picks …

    I don’t know if Orton is a real upgrade over Henne … but if not, don’t waste the picks … Miami will need the ammunition in the spring to move up in the draft …

  34. goawayeverybody has it right.

    Even so, reports indicate that even Brady Quinn is laying the smackdown on Tebow in camp. Orton is a decent to good QB. Perhaps if he got some protection and a substantial running game going he could do some damage.

  35. Let me set you fools straight:

    1. You are pathetic if you are counting on Al “The Undead” Davis to save your franchise.

    2. Kyle Orton is a great system qb with great stats but the fact is the past two years Denver has been terrible on 3rd down and in the redzone. Orton is not a difference maker; Tebow is a redzone machine.

    3. All 1st round draft picks are all hype until they get the chance to prove it on the field. Some fools get 3 years to prove it (Jamarcus Russell)… I guess Tebow gets 3 games.

    4. All of this is Mcdaniels fault. He should have sat Orton at the bye week after the fourth straight loss. At least the team would have competed like they did in the last 3 games under tebow and he might still have his job.

    5. Tebow proved he could lead a team (comeback from 17 down); He proved he could run an offense (26 ppg average in his starts). He proved he can play! Let’s see if he can do it for the long haul. Trade Orton and stop the hate!

  36. Too bad that the Broncos fans don’t really know what they have. This Tebow thing is a disaster waiting to happen.

  37. With all do respect I find it silly to read that the reason not to part ways with K.O. is because Tebow isn’t ready and K.O. can win now!!! If Tebow isn’t ready, K.O. isn’t the franchise QB and the team isn’t competing for a Super Bowl anytime soon then you plan Tebow and trade K.O. What ever picks you get out of K.O. will help with drafting for the future plus you get a year to evaluate Tebow. At the end of that year you’ll can move forward with Tebow or take advantage of a Top Ten drafting position. But to keep K.O. around for the possibility of winning a few more games is exactly the mentality that gets you those 8-8 records. You know, the kind of record that keeps your team out of the playoffs and out of the best drafting positions. Fans and GM’s should be more accepting to rebuilding. The Lions finally started to a few years back while a team like the Redskins has avoided it till this year. Give Tebow his shot and if you completely fails the Broncos could have Luck!!!

  38. Note to self….Add Dolphin fans to list of worst fans in the league…check. How disrespectful can you be. I feel bad for Henne having to contend with that at camp.

  39. Being a Purdue guy, I desperately want to see Orton succeed (I think Curtis Painter offsets Drew Brees). So while I admit I have a bias, I truly believe Orton is a playoff caliber quarterback that could take a team even further with some luck.

    Orton getting traded to Miami would be best for all three parties. Even if Denver thinks Orton is the best option for QB at this point, it’s clear that they don’t want him to be the future of the franchise. Keeping him around would be a waste of his time and theirs.

  40. Dolphins fans would be chanting, “we want a lobotomy” if they didn’t all already have one.

  41. “Somewhere, Orton’s agent is smiling.”

    Ironically, both Chad Henne and Kyle Orton are represented by the same agent. In this scenario, it puts David Dunn and his Athletes First staff in an extremely difficult situation; you must look out for the best interests of both players correct?

    I am curious about what you all have to say about this predicament within the sports representation industry; would you stay with Athletes First if you were Chad Henne right now? Are they looking out for your best interests?

  42. The real question is what are the Broncos going todo on thursday? YOU HAVE TO BE UNDER THE SALARY CAP BY THAT DAY. The problem denver faces is they are about 9-10 million over the cap. SOOO, what are they going todo? The Broncos have about 3 options,they are :(1)They cut Orton b/c he is owed about 9 million this season. (2)They rework a number of players contracts before Thurs to shed salary, OR They accept a trade from Miami. The problem with shedding close to 10 million is beyond hard for the Broncos todo and probably wont find enough players todo that. SO my guess is they will accept a TRADE from Miami before Thursday. STAY TUNED…

  43. Any chance the Bad News Bears could get him back? Our guy ain’t gonna get it done! LOL.

  44. Dolphins organization is retarded! henne has talent you idiots just suck. Trade henne to philly he will then look like marino then we can trade him to some one else for a 2nd rd pick after we give use a 5th rd pick for him. But seriously you dolphins fans need to realise henne is better than you guys think and maybe its the coaches or owner

  45. well you can say all you want about AL davis yes he is an odd bird. But Jamarcus Russell was 2-0 undefeated in Denver “mile high” maybe the purple drank has a good effect at high elevation, take him over tebow lol lol lol hahhahahaha Denver you suck, without Elway your franchise is as bad as detroit. realize that.

  46. They could have had Vince Young for peanuts. Ireland & Sporano are way too conservative & need to go.

  47. Henne is another one of those QBs that the NFL is still hoping and praying succeeds because hes in a big market.

    Rob Johnson > Chad Henne

  48. I want Orton too, but NOT COOL Dolphin fans. It might as well be the “Home of the Jets” because some Phin fans cheer for the Phins as well as a Jets fan.

  49. paulbrownsrevenge says:
    Aug 1, 2011 10:18 PM
    Say what you will. Kyle Orton isn’t a pretty QB, He doesn’t sell jerseys, but he’s the model example of how being efficient wins football games in this league. Eliminate risk by making the safe plays until the defense cheats up to take away the underneath stuff, then bam…. go over the top. Denver would be foolish to trade him, if they do they better hope Quinn is ready.

    Orton – 62 career games played in 6 years(32W-30L, 3/6 seasons above .500).
    58.1% career completion percentage ( highest season 62.1). 71 touchdowns to 48 interceptions. Avg. QB Rating – 79.6

    I think Orton has truly handled himself as a class act in this entire situation with Tebow, but unfortunately, the only model example he is in the NFL is one of mediocrity. The stats say it all.

  50. Maybe the Fins are holding out and trying to pry Palmer away from the Bengals…

  51. I really wish this trade would happen.

    Signed, the rest of the AFC West.

    LOL @ Tebow

  52. Im done defending Henne after the past few practices i dont know if its because hes scrimaging against a good defense or he just flat out sucks but i rather still not get Orton because it will put us in a better situation to get landry jones or andrew luck. Getting Orton hell most likely lead us to another 7, 8 win season putting us in another crappy spot on the board

  53. As long as the ‘Fins are not planning on getting into a 3rd down situation, or in the redzone, I like their odds with Orton.
    Seriously though. Come and get him. The Broncos should ahve realized when teams were taking guys like Matt Hasselbeck before Orton that they were asking too much for him. Remember, he lost his job to Rex Grossman in Chicago.
    As for my Broncos, we are not going to the playoffs either way. I’ll concede to that. And if that is the case, we may as well see what we have with Tebow so we can cleanly move forward after this season.

  54. goawayeverybody says: “lol at the people dissing Kyle Orton. A td/int ratio of 20:9 is quite strong. Those aren’t backup stats. Those are starting stats.”

    Are these starting stats too?

    Kyle Orton’s record in his last 23 starts: 5-18.

    Chad Henne’s record in his last 23 starts: 10-13

    Wonder what Henne would be with that weak sister AFC West schedule?

  55. The Raider fan ripping on Henne should be reminded how he shredded the Raiders for 307 yards and 2 TDs last year……yes, fish fans Henne has had 300 yard games in wins in his short career.

  56. Until something else happens Henne is our guy. Get behind him ! He is better than Fiedler, Lucas, Feely, Ferrott, Harrington, Beck, lemons, or Culpeper ……remember those losers than statistically look like Orton. Not crazy about Orton, who Denver so much to draft Tebow and Chicago loved so much they got Cutler…..Henne looks better than you think. Last years team had other frustrating issues that were not Henne’s fault.

  57. Neither HEizdnga nor Ross know anything about football. The fans have suffered since the mid 80’s . The booing and public outbursts are merely the fans way of showing their displeasure. One guru rejected Brees because he had a repaired shoulder. Another guru hired Chad Pennington even though he had a bad shoulder. The saga of guru vs. Genius continues. There is no rebate or relief for the fan; only the humiliation that comes with being a Dolphfan.

    Soprano will be gone by the end of November and Nolan will be the head coach. Ireland may last longer, if his contract protects him sufficiently, but he will loose influence with Ross. The team will win just enough games to take them out of the “suck for Luck” sweepstakes. Reggie Bush will get hurt and miss a few games. Jake long will play hurt. Jason Taylor will retire a Dolphin and Chad Henne will be tortured by the fans. It’s Dolphin foot all! It’s what we do.

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