Ed Sabol gets his due


Every Hall of Fame Week is special, but this one means even more to the folks at NFL Films.

Ed Sabol, the company’s founder, will get some long overdue recognition.  NFL Network is running four original hour-long specials this week to honor the new Hall of Fame class every night this week at 8 p.m. and it starts Monday night with “Ed Sabol: King of Football Movies.”

We screened a preview copy of the show, and it’s a must-watch for any big NFL Films fan. (Which means any big NFL fan.)

The love for Sabol shines through during the hour, just like Sabol’s love for football is evident in everything NFL Films makes.

9 responses to “Ed Sabol gets his due

  1. It’s about time Sabol gets his due. Because we’ve all been indebted to him for a long time.

    Best wishes to Steve Sabol, too.

  2. It’s a shame really. That Ed, who made so much money for the NFL, and gave it so much recognition had to pass first before he got this acknowledgment. Ed should have had this day many years ago.

  3. Agreed — LONG overdue.

    Same for Steve — get him in. Very very deserving of enshrinement.

    Those two were KEY to enriching the NFL experience for all fans, plus the players too. It’d take quite a while to get through everything cool about Ed and Steve Sabol.

    As for jmorand47, got good news for ya — Ed didn’t pass away. At least not to my knowledge. He’s old, but last I knew – he was still with us.

    Now let’s see Steve go in before he approaches 100 years old like his dad. That took way too long.

  4. Hey jmorand47 Ed’s still with us. Age 94 and still sharp. Lord willing, we’ll all see him this weekend! His son Steve, though is fighting a serious bought with cancer.

  5. Does anyone know the status on Steve? I’ve seen no news since it first broke in March that he had a malignant brain tumor. Nothing but the best, seems like a class act and has continued and expanded his father’s legacy.

    Couple that with the heart problems that Ray Didinger (the hall-of-fame sportswriter who wrote scripts for NFL Films and is one of the scant few in Philadelphia who can talk intelligent football), and it’s really a shame to see the hardships these great minds are going through. All of them were owed their due a lot sooner.

    Goodell might be slashing the crap out of NFL Films and the progressively-less entertaining NFL Network, but we still care about Holywood on the Delaware.

  6. That show was great. Lots of old home video footage of Ed and Steve. I love the end where they were showing the HOF selection reactions of both guys and the very end that showed how Ed is still a salty dude who was giving everyone the business.

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