Fins will be interested in Terrelle Pryor, if there’s a supplemental draft

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Largely lost in the last week of frenetic transactional activity has been the still-uncertain status of the supplemental draft.  The NFL has said there won’t be one if no players are eligible, an indirect way of saying that former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor may not be eligible.

With every training camp now open, the league still has made no decision.

If a decision is made to conduct the supplemental draft and thus to include Pryor, Omar Kelly of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that the Dolphins likely will be in the hunt.  Other teams previously linked to Pryor include the Buccaneers and the Browns.

Pryor will be a project at best in 2011, especially since he already is far behind where he’d be if he’d been drafted in a normal year.  But in a quarterback-hungry league, it’s hard to imagine no one taking a flyer on him.

That said, the vibrations coming from the league office suggest that the NFL is working on a way to keep Pryor out, possibly as a favor to the folks in charge of the league’s free farm system.  While we understand the league’s position that players shouldn’t be able to manipulate the system to become eligible for the supplemental draft, Pryor was eligible to join the April 2011 draft — and if his coach had resigned in time for Pryor to declare for the April 2011 draft, Pryor likely would have.  The delayed attempt hasn’t helped him, and there’s no reason to believe that Pryor specifically and intentionally engineered the process so that he could bypass the April selection process in order to enter via the supplemental draft.

If, in the end, the NFL doesn’t let him in until April 2012, Pryor’s options will be limited.  With the UFL on a 30-day hiatus and amid persistent rumors that the five-team league will shrink to four, there may not be a spot for him there, either.

If the UFL truly has any interest in eventually succeeding, the interest arising from hiring Pryor couldn’t hurt.  Then again, if the UFL truly has any interest in eventually being purchased by the NFL, maybe the UFL needs to take whatever hint the NFL will be dropping if it slams the door on Pryor until next year.

15 responses to “Fins will be interested in Terrelle Pryor, if there’s a supplemental draft

  1. deliberately break rules and get then get paid for it as a pro… sure, makes sense.

  2. Here we go again!
    When you think this organization can not be any worse they manage to suprise you again! Vince Young no – Pryor yes?

  3. Prior didn’t leave because Tressel resigned- he left because he was under investigation for serious NCAA violations and he didn’t want to be forced to answer questions that would make him ineligible and that would lead to sanctions for The Ohio State University.

    He didn’t try to circumvent the April draft, but he did succeed in circumventing repercussions of violating NCAA rules, for both himself and his university.

  4. As a Dolphin fan, I’d hate for us to use our draft picks in the….you know….actual draft.

    This is what sets the Patriots and other good organizations apart from us. The Patriots stock up on draft picks. The Dolphins waste them. Jesus, do I need to remind this organization of Pat White?

  5. By week eight Mike Nolan will be the HC…the Bill Cowher watch is on. The defense is solid but can’t be on the field all game with constant 3 and outs. The offense is going to be terrible once again.

  6. NFL tripped over itself to welcome Huge Gleaming Hologram into the league when they knew he was a thief, liar, cheat, and took a couple hundred thousand dollars under the table. The subject of an ONGOING NCAA investigation.

    The Pryor matter is CLOSED. The worst he did was to trade a few trinkets for favors. Any money Terrelle received was a fraction of what the Newtons got while both players were in college. Also, very likely a fraction of what FAIRLEY FAT was paid by Auburn. Which is another matter of CONTINUING INVESTIGATION.

  7. The kid is a great athelete, not a great QB. also has the potential to be one of the headache “diva” players we have become so accustomed to in the NFL. I don’t think his father Richard would be real proud if he was still alive.

  8. I’m no Terrelle Pryor fan by any means, but there are players that were selected high in this past draft that did far worse than Pryor did (or at least comparable) that had no problems getting into the league (Cam Newton, Kendrick Elllis and his impending court date that could send him away for a long time, half of the UNC draftees, heck-even Colin Kaepernick isn’t perfect-he’s got way too difficult of a name to spell-which of course will help make him a star-much like that Favre-Farve-Farvrerer guy.

  9. The word is, Pryor will be a project. What? Which rookie, particularly QB is not a project? They all are. For my money, the Phins and every other team will give Pryor a hard look. The kid is a great physical specimen and can only get better as a QB. He really hasn’t been too bad at that at OSU.

    It’ll be interesting to see when he does arrive, which will be hated more, he or Cam. They represent the most physically gifted QBs to ever come into the NFL. Haters, keep on hating. You won’t accept that he’s legit until Billicheck or Jerry Jones grabs him. Pryor will be a QB in the NFL and a good one at that.

  10. Theres no reason why Pryor cant get a job in the NFL. Ok, so he broke some old, out dated, NCAA rule of not saling jerseys or what ever. And Im sure most of you who posted about Pryor have never played college football and no nothing about those silly rules. A kid can be suspended for a yr for receiving a free T-shirt. The NCAA is run by a bunch of very OLD men who need retirement. Anyway, by either the supplemant draft or free angecy this kid should have the oppertunity to sign with an NFL team. This use to be a country where a man/woman could seek employeement. Goodell, get off your azz and let this kid work.

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