Giants allow Osi Umenyiora to seek a trade


The “good conversation” between Osi Umenyiora and the Giants on Sunday provided immediate results.

ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio reports that the Giants have granted Umenyiora’s agent permission to seek a trade.  This sounds promising for Umenyiora’s hope for a new deal, but the Giants’ trade demands could hold things up.

The Giants want a first round pick in exchange for Umenyiora, which will be difficult to attain. Umenyiora’s agent began calling teams Monday morning to find out who is interested.  The Giants may have to come off that price if they really plan to move the disgruntled pass rusher.

Umenyiora will remain at Giants camp while trade talks happen.

91 responses to “Giants allow Osi Umenyiora to seek a trade

  1. just pay him or whatever……
    Giants have lost touch. They let the running backs leave and refuse to do anything about it.
    receivers keep getting injured…. etc etc…
    Eli isnt sure which man is his teammate and just throws to anyone on the field….
    real issues

  2. Pats could use him. Don’t see them giving up a first round but stranger things have happened – like picking up Chad Ochocinco and Haynesworth.
    Adalius Thomas may have made the Pats a little gunshy about doing that kind of a trade though. Thanks Adalius, your legend lives on.

  3. Lotsa luck getting a #1; that ain’t happening. He’s no longer a kid and naturally, he’s looking to get paid. He’d certainly be a valuable piece to someone’s DL but there are a lot of obstacles.

  4. I was casually saying in convo last week the Eagles should try for him… a fan can wish.

    Doubt they’d let him go to a divisional opponent or let him go for anything less than a 1st rnd’r though. (of course not but this way they can say they tried to accommodate him)

  5. The sooner, the better. I will miss Osi but he wants out and until he’s gone he will just be another distraction for camp that seems in disarray.

  6. No way the giants get a 1st for him. Not even close. Most likely a 3rd and a 5th. Ravens probably in the mix if he restructures his contract.

  7. 1 and a big contract for OSI what idiot is going to do that deal? Hmm? I smell Osi in Oak town for not just a 1 but crazy Al is going to throw in a 2 to sweeten the deal

  8. it would take a pretty terrible GM to give up a 1st round for Osi, the cry baby. Not sure anyone wants to put up w/ his drama queen BS

  9. I’d take a 1st rounder for Osi. No trade for anything less, otherwise just shut up and play like your contract pays you to do.

  10. Osi has been complaining about his contract since about five minutes after he signed it. I’m not sure why, either, but that must mean his agent did not help him get the deal he wanted. So if that’s the case Osi, get a better agent because I doubt this guy can coax a team into giving up a first-rounder for your one-sided playing ability.

  11. If you are Cleveland, do you consider dealing the second of two 1st rounders (via Atlanta) for Osi?

  12. Put him next to Haloti Ngata. NOW.

    I’d love to see anyone try running the ball against that tandem.

  13. OSI TO THE PATS. They need a pure DE for their base 4-3. The hoodie will pick him up for a mid round draft pick that he’ll recoup on draft day.

  14. Strike that – Osi and Suggs coming at QBs from opposite ends would be even better.

  15. Please Ozzie, make a call. Tell em they can have Paul Kruger, Sergio Kindle, and a specially designed mobile-elevator to be named later.(For Surge of course)

  16. Won’t happen with the Packers. Wrong side of 30 and too many injuries. But call Jerry Angelo. He’ll trade away all the draft picks the Bears have left for the next three years.

  17. As an Eagles Fan I couldn’t be happier, the Giants are really in a downward spiral after winning the superbowl, while my team is on a nice consistant upswing 🙂

  18. A trade with Rams to reunite Osi with Spagnuolo is most logical. Just not sure the Giants will want to trade him to a team they will play against this season.

  19. 10% of this guys career sacks are from one game against a slice of swiss cheese sometimes referred to as the ’07 Eagles offensive line. Ask any real Giants fan if the guy is worth the mouth and the money.

  20. Giants are’nt dumb enough to trade him to an nfc east much as i hate the pats,he’d be awesome playing with haynesworth there.from what i’m reading and hearing,AH is pushing guys all over the place.give them osi,and they will be hard to beat.

  21. I can only assume that the Giants told the agent they want a First (nothing less), and see what he can find. If no one bites, then the Giants tried to accommodate him, so shut up and play.
    And why would the Giants want to trade him to Philly for Asante Samuel? The LAST thing the Giants need is another corner, especially an over-priced one.
    I think they would be happy with Cleveland 1st next year.

  22. ygkr85 says:
    Aug 1, 2011 11:14 AM
    A first round pick for Osi would be awesome. I’d be happy with a 2nd.

    Discovering a unicorn farm in my backyard would be awesome too.

    Both have an equal chance of happening.

  23. Detroit should go after him HARD. He can’t be double teamed regularly with Suh and Fairley there. God knows that a good pass rush covers up for a shaky secondary, and most importantly, they would probably give up the picks (G-Men probably want a 2nd + a 6/7). If you think Reese will trade him in the NFC East, I have a bridge for sale?

  24. Denver possibly has the worst D-Line in the NFL and they haven’t done much yet to improve it. Osi would be a great pick up, but I’m not sure if he’s worth a first round draft pick. Go get him Denver!

  25. bilichecksmissingsleeves says:
    Aug 1, 2011 11:22 AM
    OSI TO THE PATS. They need a pure DE for their base 4-3. The hoodie will pick him up for a mid round draft pick that he’ll recoup on draft day.

    The Giants aren’t the Vikings.

  26. southpaw2k says: Aug 1, 2011 11:22 AM

    Put him next to Haloti Ngata. NOW.

    I’d love to see anyone try running the ball against that tandem.


    I’d love to see that too considering Osi is not very strong against the run.

  27. Well let’s check Osi’s most recent scouting report:

    “Overrated n soft 3rd best d-line on his team honestly”

    Yep, that sounds about right.

  28. Something tells me Steve Spagnuolo may welcome Osi with open arms if he becomes available. Just not sure what St. Louis would give up in return. Draft picks?

  29. Also, Osi is NOT going to the Eagles. Not because they wouldn’t want him, but because he famously hates LeSean and several other Eagles players.

    I know money talks and BS walks, but I don’t see the Eagles enriching their biggest rivals and I don’t see Osi wanting to come to Philly.

  30. So, doesn’t anyone want to give up a 1st round pick for a high buck malcontent with about 20 games left in the tank?

  31. bigdan7885 said,

    “Put him next to Haloti Ngata. NOW.

    I’d love to see anyone try running the ball against that tandem.


    I’d love to see that too considering Osi is not very strong against the run.”


    Very good point, which was why I had posted right after clicking Submit to put him opposite Suggs for the pass rush. The posts weren’t directly connected, so my thoughts were pretty disjointed on that one.

  32. this is just a win win move by the giants. If they get a first round pick or something better its a no brainer for them. If they don’t get anything decent they say we tried and shut him up for the season.

  33. he’s not going anywhere unless he realizes no one is giving him peppers money. Also no one but the Redskins is giving a one for Osi. Its just not going to happen. This guy is going to be traded for a 4-6 maybe two picks in that range or maybe another player who is older and fading but fits what the giants need.

    The guy has really become kind of a one trick pony the last 2-3 years and he gets hurt an awful lot. But he can still rush the passer on passing downs and maybe getting out of New York and a new place will make him want to be better again. I’d guess New England because its a good fit, the other dark horse i would think would be Detroit who has guys but Osi thrown in that rotation could make them look pretty good. And who wouldn’t want to play end in Detroit with those tackles. I am glad I changed to dish and got that Sunday ticket deal because the Lions are going to be so much fun.

  34. upsettingshorts says:
    Aug 1, 2011 11:20 AM

    Sounds like he’d be perfect for a team with extra 2012 1st and 2nd round picks switching to a 4-3 defense this season…

    anyone particular in mind?
    He would be a terrific addition in New England; a terrific addition most anywhere.

    In light of the money he’s looking to get, the Giants should take a 3rd and be happy.

  35. ‘scudbot says:
    Aug 1, 2011 11:29 AM
    Won’t happen with the Packers. Wrong side of 30 and too many injuries. But call Jerry Angelo. He’ll trade away all the draft picks the Bears have left for the next three years.”

    Gotta help the Packer fans with their math. I didn’t realize that 29 was on either side of 30!

    Osi Umenyiora
    #72 DE
    New York Giants | Official Team Site
    Height: 6-3 Weight: 261 Age: 29
    Born: 11/16/1981 London England
    College: Troy
    Experience: 9th season
    High School: Auburn HS [AL]

  36. “smellsmalicious says:
    Aug 1, 2011 11:42 AM
    anybody on this board thinking he should go to philly is insane. soft overrated losers liek him aren’t welcome.”


    Overrated losers…aren’t you basically describing the Eagles each season?

  37. I’m guessing he ends up in Cleveland or Cincy. Both of those teams need serious help at RDE. I know one thing: we absolutely won’t send him to a division rival, and we’ll probably keep him out of the NFC altogether. If Washington or Philly thinks they have a shot, they don’t. Reese isn’t that crazy or stupid…

    I’m not sure if we’ll get a 1st for him, but that’d be ideal. He’s only 29 and definitely has 3+ solid seasons left in him – he was outstanding the first half of last season. I don’t think a 1st round pick is too much to ask for one of the most productive pass rushing DE’s in the league. I’m guessing a 2nd and 3rd would suffice.

    As a Giants fan, I’d prefer we extend him and sign Snelling instead of Bradshaw. If AB’s asking for more than $5M/year, he’s nuts. He fumbles way too much and was demoted in his first year as the starter. Considering Jacobs could come right in as the starter with Ware and Scott in the fold, as well, I don’t see what kind of leverage he has.

  38. Osi’s problem is that Reese said if he was a dominant defensive end. First off Osi hasn’t put together back to back double digit sack seasons. And then how many of those sacks are of the “strip sack” variety because he goes so far out?

  39. You guys are on here saying he isn’t worth a 1st round pick but if you drafted a 1st rounder who would give you 3-4 years of what Osi can give you’d sign for it right now!

  40. after what shady mccoy said about him i doubt he’d want to go to the Eagles.

  41. He should go to the Jets.. Seems like a popular thing for Giants (ex) players to do.

    “Plaxico to the Jets. Giants fading…”

    Gotta love NY newspapers

    Could definitely see Osi there.

  42. What people are forgetting is that Osi is already under contract to the Giants for the next two year. They don’t HAVE to trade him, he is already signed. Any team that wants to trade for him would negotiate a new contract. Giants have NO obligation to trade him, except to get rid of the distraction he is causing.

    I like the guy, and agree with berniemadoffsides…let Bradshaw go to Cincy (poor guy), get Snelling (better receiver out of the backfield, less fumbles), give Osi “some” new paper (not all of it, just some of it).

  43. 1. Osi went to Troy with DeMarcus Ware and they remain great friends.

    2. They have the same agent.

    3. Dallas needs to upgrade its D line.

    4. Osi would love to play NYG twice a year to show them what he can do.

    Could see this happening.

  44. @ bhindenemylines:

    Absolutely no chance in hell he goes to Dallas, Philly or Washington.

    Reese isn’t going to help a division rival’s pass rush against our franchise QB. I’d be shocked if he ends up in the NFC at all. Jax, Cleveland, Cincy, or Oakland all could use him.

  45. By “seek a trade” Jerry Reese really meant “Good luck finding a team that will pay you an excessive amount of money AND give us a first round pick.” Take the $8 mil over the next two years, you don’t need/deserve anymore money than that.

  46. Seymour wasn’t much younger when the Raiders dished a 1st for him. I don’t expect Osi to get a 1st, but it could happen. A 2nd is more likely.

  47. It’s all very simple. Osi told Reese that he wanted to be paid as a top 5 defensive end in the league, or else be traded to a team that would pay him as a top five.

    Certainly a top 5 defensive end is worth a 1st round draft choice, no.

    So the Giants will get a first rounder for him or Osi will learn that the league doesn’t think he is a top 5 end and lower his demands.

    Perfect. Unless the Giants cave.

  48. chobes68 says: “Gotta help the Packer fans with their math. I didn’t realize that 29 was on either side of 30!” You should realize by now that the Packers are a forward looking team. Osi will be 30 on November 16, a month into the season. You think Ted Thomas is too dumb to notice?

  49. If anything, he will move his locker to the other side of the stadium or he will just shut up & play. The Jets truly expect to win the SB which means that any pick they give up is essentially one round lower. They need up front help and he would fit that bill but his worth is not 1st round. 3rd, maybe.

  50. Ok – I’ll flip. He was damaging when Strahan cleared a path in New York…. so….


  51. Not sure how the Texans would utilize him in their new scheme, but Steve Slaton and a 3rd?


    Yeah, there’s nothing that screams “Tom Coughlin-style football” more than a RB who puts it on the ground 1 out of every 10 carries.
    You might get a sixth or seventh round pick for Slaton.

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