Jason Taylor is going back to Miami

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Jasn Taylor is going to be a Miami Dolphin once again, and it’s not for some ceremonial one-day contract.

“We are very excited to share with all of you that Jason has made his decision regarding where he is playing for the upcoming 2011 season,” said the Facebook page for the Jason Taylor Foundation. “Jason is coming home to MIAMI and will once again proudly wear the aqua and orange! He hasn’t told anyone yet, so let’s just keep this between us! Shhh!”

Well, announcing the move on Facebook is one way to make sure it gets out there.  (And gain some friends.) The Miami Herald has already confirmed the move.

Taylor was solid last season for the Jets, but not spectacular.  He will add depth to Miami’s solid linebacker group.  The Dolphins seem unlikely to ask Taylor to play every down.

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  1. Dolphins have Wake and Misi at OLB, so they are set there. All they needed was a 3rd down pass rusher, which JT can bring. I like this pick up and happily welcome him back.

  2. Good now i can go back to hating him. I never wanted him on the jets to begin with. He did have a few good plays though i will say.

  3. As a young Dolphins fan, this is like my dad leaving me and coming back. When he left with his mistress (Redskins), that was tough. Not nearly as bad as him leaving me for my third grade nemesis’ family (Jets).
    Now he wants to come back?
    Quit playin’ games with my heart…

  4. He will be a great locker room leader and will create backfield issues on key downs when teams roll protection to Wake. I’m glad he decided to head back to Miami. He isn’t what he once was, but is a solid addition to an already capable defense.

  5. how can fin fans welcome him back he from the fins to the skins to the fins to the jets and back to the fins. How can they root against him as a jet but welcome him back.

  6. I think this works as he can sub in for Kio on 3rd down and certain passing situations.

    I like this signing but i think Taylor could have went to play for a few other teams that were contenders and maybe won a title

  7. Didn’t these guys get the memo about everyone wanting to hang with Rex Ryan? There’s like an epidemic of rats leaving a sinking ship or something.

  8. Phins fans went from saying “So long JT and thanks for the great years” to “Welcome back!” to “F u traitor!!!!!” and now “ehhhh welcome back JT! Can you say awkwaaaaaard

  9. As a Fins fans this makes me want to throw up. As great as he was I stopped liking him the moment he became a jet. Some things are unforgivable and this is one of them.

  10. I just about tired of almost burning his jersey and then deciding to keep it until it’s retro.

  11. Sorry once your a Jet I have no more support for you…. JT you were a great player but you should hang em up. dolphins fans dont want you, we hate the Jets always have & you went to them and played with that jersey on your back…. smh

  12. Long time Phins fan here and I will say I never hated JT for getting a paycheck last year. I hated the jersey he wore, but the Jests were the only team that offered him a contract last year. Man’s gotta get paid. I booed him every time I saw him take the field wearing green. I was happy every time he made a mistake. But that was the team, not the man.

    But I said then, even if he comes back for a one-day-and-retire contract, I would wear 99 again. Welcome home, JT. Your jersey gets pulled out of the bottom drawer. Now, wash that Jersey stink off of you and get back to work. Oh, and kindly hand over that Jets playbook on your way to the locker room.

  13. Jason Taylor’s odyssey is as follows

    First I was like ^_^

    Then with Redskins 8(

    Then back to Phins 8)

    Then Dancing with stars? o.O

    Jets? 8(

    Now back to Miami >.<

  14. First he leaves Miami because he is tired of losing and gets traded to the redskins( talk about a losing org). Then he goes to the highest bidder in the AFC East. Now because he can’t get another team to offer him a contract he goes back to Miami and pretends that where he wants to be.

    Hey Rick Spielman, bend over and grab your ankles, JT is back in Miami.

    Matt Moore/Chad Henne get ready for another great season Fin fans ! hahaha Buffalo has leapfrogged you in the AFC East.

  15. “We are very excited to share with all of you that Jason has made his decision regarding where he is playing for the upcoming 2011 season”

    Is it me or does this sound pretentious as hell!? This dude should be lucky to have a job at all….

  16. nyjalleffingday says: Aug 1, 2011 2:03 PM

    LOL, Miami is SB bound now!

    We’ll see. They have as good a chance as the Jets, Mr jallefingday. Besides, don’t you have 50 other threads where the jets are celebrating their 40 something in a row offseason championship, tool?

  17. JAM says: Aug 1, 2011 2:17 PM

    It was a one year ‘Recon mission’ to the Jets… Better change your signals Rex.

    That might be true if it weren’t for the fact that the phins can kick the crap out the jets anytime. Remember Ted Ginn owning Revis? I do. Ahahahaha.

  18. As a jet fan I’m glad this windbag is off the team, he was NEVER a jet, just like when Johnny Damon came to the Yankees from Boston, I cant support some1 who helped the enemy for so long, by the way Greg you opened this article with a typo, that’s how much people care about Jason Taylor…

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