Madieu Williams joins the 49ers


Perhaps the 49ers don’t think they will be able to bring back free agent Dashon Goldson.

San Francisco agreed to terms with safety Madieu Williams on Monday, according to Matt Maiocco of  It seems unlikely but not impossible the 49ers could still sign Goldson, who was also reportedly negotiating with the Raiders.

Williams was the 2010 NFL Man of the Year in Minnesota, but his play struggled in recent years. At this point, Williams looks likely to start at free safety, probably opposite Taylor Mays.

16 responses to “Madieu Williams joins the 49ers

  1. Thank God, I was afraid Marvin Lewis would want to bring him back to Cincinnati.

    That was a tremendous pickup by the Vikings, well worth the $12million guaranteed.

  2. Happy Madieu found employment.

    Hopefully he can be more successful in San Fran. It won’t take much to surpass what he did in Minnesota.

  3. Great guy, but not a very good player. Maybe he can be more successful in a different system, as long as that system doesn’t require safeties to take good angles to reach receivers and ball carriers.

  4. What else is new? Balke keeps signing all this garbage players and letting the good ones walk. This GM says he is executing a plan? WTF plan is that.. being cheap?

  5. What a joke…Williams over Goldson…you have to be kidding me! WTF

    Goldson, who was injured some of last year, is far better. The Niners are seriously a joke.

    If you are going to go young, go young, don’t sign a 30 year old safety and a 36 year old kicker. Goldson is young, sign him now!

    Don’t be fooled, the Niners have no plan, none whatsoever…the front office is lost.

  6. It may surprise some of you but Dashon Goldson couldn’t tackle my grandma or cover her last year.

    Goldson was a joke in coverage. Just replay the Green Bay game. Anyone is an upgrade over the completely overrated Goldson. He had ONE standout game his entire career and that was the 2010 Monday night game AFTER the Niners were officially eliminated from the playoffs.


  7. I am soooooo glad he is gone. Just thinking of all of the balls through his hands makes me so fricken pissed! I’m still mad about all of his dropped passes last year. Niners fans be ready to pull your hair out. Just a warning. He will drive you flippen nuts!

  8. I would have taken Williams back cheaper and as a backup. Unfortunately 49ers fans, he hasn’t looked like starting material since he got to the Vikes (and our safties are weak to say the least). Honestly, you didn’t know he was even playing most weeks he did so little. Maybe a change of scenery will be good for him…

  9. Let flatfoot enjoy the weather in San Fran while sits on his a** 20 yds (minimum) from the play! It’s better than enjoying the Dome

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