Noel Devine quit on the Eagles

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Yes, I tend to pay a little more attention to former West Virginia Mountaineers in the NFL than perhaps I should.  But running back Noel Devine is a special case.  A YouTube phenomenon in high school, Devine seemed destined to contend eventually for a Heisman Trophy during his first two college seasons, when all he needed was a glimmer of daylight in order to rocket toward the end zone.

His last two years, based on the standard he set in 2007 and 2008, ended in disappointment.  In 2010, Devine opted to pass on the possibility of being a mid-round pick in the hopes of pushing his draft stock higher.  Instead, an injury against LSU caused his senior season to be ordinary in comparison to his extraordinary promise, and he wasn’t drafted.

Devine then became one of the most-watched undrafted free agents, forced with all others to wait until the lockout ended to get a crack at the NFL.  After false reports emerged that he’d join a Falcons team that has too many running backs, Devine opted to join an Eagles team . . . that has too many running backs.

Still, it was surprising to see that the Eagles waived Devine on Saturday, after only three days of work.  Per, Devine left the team.  A source with knowledge of the Personnel Notice tells PFT that Devine indeed was listed as being waived with the “left squad” designation.

He officially was placed into the waiver system Sunday, giving every other team an opportunity to claim his minimum-salaries contract.

The question becomes whether a stew of frustrations for a guy for whom everything came easily boiled over on Saturday and caused him to do something rash — or whether a player who seemed destined to dazzle at the NFL level has ended up being a dud.

With 90 roster spots this year, it makes plenty of sense for anyone with needs at the position to bring him in for another look.

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  1. Considering most of the RBs on the Eagles roster were smaller, quick types: LeSean McCoy, Dion Lewis, Derrick Locke,…even Craig Cooper, it’s not surprising that Devine felt like he would have a hard time standing out.

    Assuming everything checks out with his story and his health and another GM want to take a chance on him, his ideal situation should came in a place where he can complement a bigger back, not a guy that he is basically a carbon copy (but with a more limited reportoire of skills) of. A place like Tampa, where all of their RBs are big bruisers (Blount, Graham, Bradford) 230 lbs or well over, would be a place where he could possibly earn a spot and have a valuable role by being able to get on the field and be a change-of-pace.

  2. A Quitter is a quitter is a quitter, no matter what excuse you put infront of it…..

  3. The Eagles have too many backs??? It’s McCoy, rookie 5th rounder Dion Lewis, and Eldra Buckley who is really only there because he’s a good special teamer. Everyone else is a Fullback or an unknown UFA.

    Odd, because Devine seems to fit the mold that the Eagles look for in a back. It’s hard to believe you would find a much better situation for a UFA trying to make a team.

  4. You shilled all through the lockout for the owners, now you’re shilling for this quitter to get another shot? I don’t care if the camp rosters have 900 players, you quit…that’s it no more chances LOSER BOY.

  5. Your homerism is showing, Mike.

    Without question, Noel Devine had the most spectacular high school film I have ever seen. It’s not even close. And the fact that he put up ridiculous stat lines (365 yds. and 6 TDs on 9 carries once) and reportedly bench pressed 400+ lbs., close to three times his playing weight, made him all the more intriguing.

    Still, even as he was torching HS opponents, all you had to do was look at him to see that he’d have a hard time being a premier RB in college, let alone the NFL. He’s anywhere between 5’6″ and 5’8″, depending on whom you believe, and he’s perilously thin for a RB. This isn’t Barry Sanders with his tree trunk legs, or even Warrick Dunn, who was very stout for his size.

    Am I surprised he quit? Yes. But to say it makes sense for “anyone who needs help at the position” to bring him in is only logical if the position you’re talking about is kick returner.

    Noel will never be a star, and probably won’t even be a starter, at RB in the NFL. But hey, at least we have his high school films to look back on.

  6. Maybe he didn’t like the stench of desperation that permeates the Novacare Complex.

  7. Is it that obvious? The agents make this site run fellas. Who do you think gives Mike his info? The Agents. Im sure Mike is Shilling for Devines agent, its a scratch my back I scratch yours world in tabloid journalism.

  8. Do you have a used car to sell me too? For someone who rode Pasquarelli endlessly for making his articles sales pitches for players he was in the tank for, this smells a whole lot like that exact formula.

  9. It seems awefully strange that after only 3 days this kid is being called a quiter.

    Not possible to make that determination that quickly. He could just as easily have been sick or something. OR overwhelmed.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him in Training Camp in Tampa…though I think we’re pretty full down here.

  10. Dude, any one else and you would be calling him a quitter. But instead you explain away this guys actions as youthful rashness.

    If he quit today, he’ll quit tomorrow.

  11. But wait a minute here, Noel is Deion’s boy. I’m sure he listens to Deion all the time and as Deion constantly tells us, the key to success in the NFL is to pay heed to what Deion says.

  12. Why would you bring a guy in you know is a quitter? That’s why you can’t measure everything in terms of 4.3 speed , etc. If he quit after two days of camp with a team that has Super Bowl aspirations, he’ll quit on a lesser team; he’ll just do it after he’s made the team , and they’re trailing in the 4th quarter in a game against a tougher team. Once the other GM’s see that “left squad” designation just days after the lockout was settled, they’ll know to stay away from this stiff.

  13. “But wait a minute here, Noel is Deion’s boy. I’m sure he listens to Deion all the time and as Deion constantly tells us, the key to success in the NFL is to pay heed to what Deion says.”
    Deion actually cut ties with him some time ago,and now we can see why! Same as Dez Bryant. This kid will struggle at the Pro Level,BANK ON IT!

  14. It is hard when you have been idolized since HS to suddenly be a lesser mortal and are behind 5 other guys on the depth chart. Immaturity comes in many flavors. Will he grow out of this one before the whole league gives up on him or not? Who knows? Too early to tell.

  15. It was sad arriving to camp practice Sunday morning and hearing the news that he had left. I know i was there to see how explosive he was, and there were many WVU fans there to see him and Owen Schmitt. I’m not sure he would have made the team, but I think it would have been fun to watch.

  16. …sorry… wiping coffee off my computer screen after reading the assessment that this guy was going to contend for the Heisman.

  17. Without an absolutely mind blowing camp, he wasn’t gonna be on the final roster. Maybe he’s one of those kids that peaked in college and just don’t have enough for the next level. Most undrafted free agents are undrafted for a reason.

  18. Yeah he would definitely fit in down n tampa, we could definitely use his speed and hes got some hands…i would like to see him get picked up and cadillac resigned, giv the kid a shot

  19. I heard he was pissed that undrafted guys like himeslf weren’t getting enough reps. That will be the case on every team. He can play with Pat White in the UFL for a year and then give it a shot next yr

  20. To duanethomas

    You choose the name of one of football’s biggest problem and then dare to call Noel Devine a quitter? Read his biography, he could have quit on life a long time ago.

    Give the kid a break!

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