Plaxico says returning to form won’t be difficult


New Jets receiver Plaxico Burress says he doesn’t think he’s going to have a particularly tough time stepping back on the football field and playing for the first time since November of 2008.

In an interview with NFL Network’s Albert Breer, Burress said a lifetime of experience playing football will be more than enough to get him ready, even though he missed the last two seasons while he was incarcerated.

“I don’t really think anything really will be difficult for me to get back to at all,” Burress said. “I’ve been doing it for a long time. I’ve been playing football since I was 7 years old, back in 1984, and these are the only two seasons that I’ve missed. I have a great knowledge of this game, how to play it, I’m in a great scheme, I’m in a great offense, great organization, surrounded by more talent than anybody can ask for. I’m in a beautiful situation. I have no complaints. I’m ready to come in, play hard and compete to win a championship.”

The biggest question, however, may not be whether Burress can shake off two years of prison. It may be whether he can shake off two years of aging. Burress will turn 34 next week, and lots of athletes lose a step (or more) by the time they turn 34. Michael Vick proved that it’s possible to play football at a high level after a lengthy prison sentence, but Vick was only 29 when he signed with the Eagles.

But Burress says he’s just thrilled to be at training camp with the Jets.

“It’s a long time coming,” Burress said. “It finally happened for me.”

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  1. But it was hard for you to find a button on gun to prevent it from shooting YOURSELF. You didn’t even get to hit someone you didn’t like. You went to jail for 2 years for shooting YOURSELF. Makes me laugh.

  2. I find this hard to take seriously, and just reflects poorly on his judgement. He will be 35 in a few weeks, he hasnt run a pattern or caught a pass in two years, and this isn’t “men’s league”.. this is the NFL. Randy Moss, argueably the best receiver of all time just retired at age 35, and he is in playing shape. Just as shooting himself demonstrated poor judgement, so does his candid remarks about making this adjustment. Watch as this season unravels for him and destroys the jets chances of a postseason…sad but true

  3. Hey kmurph1226, I wouldn’t laugh buddy. I’ve had a few of my cop friends shoot themselves before. It happens and it’s not really funny.

  4. Well, he has a shot of starting…

    And I’ve heard reports that he’s as fast as a bullet.

  5. How are the Jets a team of misfits and divas? ..especially when a division rival just signed the biggest diva by far and one of the bigger misfits in the league

  6. Shaking off two years of physical inactivity while in prison isn’t going to be a peace of cake for anyone who’s turning 34 next week. I wish him luck, but thinking getting back into NFL starter shape is going to be a cake walk may be pretty delusional.

  7. Since Plax’ “form” consists of being 8″ taller than any of the defensive backs, that shouldn’t be difficult to achieve.

  8. These comments are exactly why i am glad the Eagles didn’t sign this guy. For anyone to think that after two years in prison holding tight to the soap that it won’t be difficult to get back into football shape is insane. This guy is so pompous. He didn’t learn anything. He still thinks he is above everyone else. I bet my life this guy is missing meetings by week 2.

    This guy is nothing like Mike Vick who is always humble and talks about how hard he wants to work and how he understands and appreciates the chance he has gotten. He is out his and his new community do good things. He works hard with the SPCA and the humane society and he doesn’t have to any more. Vick is why our prison system works when you ahve the right kinds of people to help when you get out and guide you the right way. I think with Vick, Andy Reid, Tony Dungy and his mom were the three people who who were allreally good people who did help Mike Vick.

    I do not see this with Plax. I just see a pompous jerk who thinks hes the best ever. This signing will end up being a huge mistake. Not on the field where this guy wasn’t all that good his last year and half anyway let alone two years later but even more so with the distractions he will create. And the jets stupidly gave him 3 mil fully for the year. Foolish.

  9. kmurph1226 says: Aug 1, 2011 1:07 PM

    But it was hard for you to find a button on gun to prevent it from shooting YOURSELF


    The Glock doesn’t have a safety button like most hand guns. There is a small lever on the trigger that is the safety. In the motion of pulling the trigger you depress this lever and the safety is off. This is one of the reasons you hear of cops shooting themselves in the leg while pulling a Glock from a holster. Gotta learn to not put your finger in the trigger guard until it is time to shoot.

    I do have to agree that it was not the smartest thing to do… Not the best firearm to shove in ones pants!!! Quite frankly I cant think of any gun that’s good to hang on the waistband of sweats.

    Plax has done his time and paid his debt to society. I hope the guy can actually get it together.

  10. I hope he doesn’t shoot himself in the foot. This time the NY justice system might not be so lenient.

  11. “returning to form” for him means he will disappear for long stretches of games as he has no speed or moves. No matter what he signed, for he is overpriced.

  12. First of all I have owned many Glocks and if you shot yourself in the leg with it (a cop or not) then you are not to bright and don’t know much about guns!

    2nd he said “I’m in a great offense”! Since when did the Jets get a great offense?

  13. Why you’d wanna go back to a city who publicly made a example of you is beyond me….
    Three million or not.

  14. damnws6,

    I bet your cop buddies who did shoot themselves didn’t do it by grabbing for the gun because it slipped out of their sweatpants waistband and had it subsequently fire when they grabbed at it. I know for sure your buddies didn’t do it with an unregistered and concealed gun in a NYC nightclub. Your cop buddies just couldn’t have been that stupid. Plax is lucky he has this opportunity with the Jets. He has paid his debt to society for being about as dumb as you can, but Plax is lucky the NFL doesn’t have a prerequisite IQ test for players like this. He would be out of an NFL job for sure.

    Plax, keep your mouth shut and just play. I doubt very highly you are in any kind of playing shape, so stop your mouth from running, and get your legs to do that for you.

  15. Plaxico says returning to form won’t be difficult

    So we can expect him to shoot the other leg this time?

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