Randy Moss decides to retire

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It doesn’t matter what kind of shape Randy Moss is in now: The surefire Hall of Fame player is going to retire.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter got the word from Moss’ agent Joel Segal: “After weighing his options and contemplating offers, he’s decided to retire,” Segal said.

It’s not a huge shock to us. We suspect Moss did not have many attractive offers, and he didn’t want to take a huge paycut to do the Terrell Owens thing and keep taking one-year deals.  We guessed more than once that Moss would ultimately hang em up because of low contract offers.

It’s a shame that Moss’ career ended on such a sour note, but most great careers do.  One of the singular players of his generation, Moss is second all time in career touchdowns and fifth in yards.  He’s in the discussion as one of the best receivers and big play threats ever.

Speculation will ensue that Moss will pull a Brett Favre and return at some point.  We have our doubts.

Moss didn’t return to football because teams didn’t want to pay him.  His pride is too big to battle for snaps and a roster spot on a low salary. We don’t expect to see him on the field again, but we do expect to see him one day in Canton.

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  1. Wow. Didn’t see this coming. Thought JJ would try to right his wrongs from the past and sign him so the Cowboys would have 3 decent receivers.

  2. Probably one of the top two wide receivers of all time. He could have been the greatest if he wouldn’t have had such an attitude problem. He brought on the end of his career himself.

  3. Ive heard over and over how Randy Moss is in scary good shape this offseason and has a huge chip on his shoulder. Now he retires, what a huge chip on his shoulder that was. Get lost Randy. Slouch!!

  4. Of course, that could change during the season when someone’s #1 receiver gets injured and the team gets desperate.

  5. Sorry to see him retire. One of the best WRs of a generation. But better to see him go with something left in the tank rather than leave when he clearly has nothing left..

  6. After what he did in Oakland, I could care less if he played another down of football in his life…

    I wouldn’t pick him up in a pick-up Game… See ya!

  7. Now we’ll have to find someone else to watch dogging it every other route.

    Oh wait, has Braylon Edwards signed yet…?

  8. I’m sure he thought he had one more good year left, but nobody else did. The NFL teams aren’t stupid. They watched him play – or NOT play (as the case may be) – when he wanted to. Why would any team shell out big money for a one-year stop-gap that’s going to throw temper tantrums and quit on you when he doesn’t get his way? Randy Moss’s last great season was in 2007. He’s been on a downhill slide ever since.

  9. “In fact, we predicted that Moss would retire many times on PFT.”

    Oo great ones at PFT…we are honored to be in your presence. Do you point out when you’re wrong too?

  10. Im still Happy Naumdi didn’t pick the Jets to play for,.. Naumdi said the jets, 49ers or Dallas was no better than the Raiders and that he was eyeballing a Oakland return instill the Eagles open there mouths…

  11. I appreciate what he did in Minnesota during his first and last stint there. Especially his rookie season. 🙂 Cant wait to see him go to Canton.

  12. Guess the reality that a guy who just spent two years in the pokey was more in demand than you was a clue.

    The guy screwed himself over by talking his way outta New England.

  13. Moss is honestly what got me into football. I remember seeing him on the 98 Vikes and was amazed at how awesome he was. I don’t care what anyone says about him, the man was an amazing player in his prime. I only regret that a moron like Childress would ruin his homecoming to Minnesota.

  14. There will always be those who are critical of Randy Moss, but there is no denying when he was at the top of his game everybody wished they had him.

  15. Good! Moss gave me the finger after a TD at Kent St 14 yrs ago… Now I have to let that go. Kinda conflicted…?

  16. Damn. No rings for Randy. And that may mean no HOF. Which is a shame since he was astonishing on the field… one of the best & scariest I’ve ever seen (when he was motivated)… hated when the Bears had to see him twice a year.

    Sorry to see you go, Randy.

  17. Watching his whole career Ill always admire the times he played for Minny. Purely unstoppable except for when he would stop himself.

  18. HOF 2015 Showdown – Moss vs. TO. My guess is only 1 will be first ballot if they both retire at the same time, TO better hold off a year!

  19. I understand his feelings completely. After all, who wants to work his butt off for a lousy $2M/year?

  20. At least he didn’t drag it out for a couple more years. Definitely the best ever though. One glimpse of the one-handed catch with Darelle Revis pulling a hamstring 5 feet behind him tells you everything you need to know.

  21. Definitely the 2nd best receiver of all time. He had the ability to be 1A but that is what seperates 1 from the rest.

  22. Imagine what he could have done if he wanted to play every time he was on the field.

  23. I’m not surprised he’s retiring. He proved with the Vikes last year that he can’t be trusted to put in genuine effort. Who could afford to take a chance that he’d just decide not to catch the ball with the game on the line? He should never play another down of football. And that stunt should keep him from going into the Hall on first ballot, too.

  24. So Randy Mo Mo retired. Ha! I’ve met him a few times and he was always a jerk. Over/under 2 years when you hear “Randy Moss is Bankrupt”. i’m thinking under.

  25. Good luck to you Randy! You never played for my team but was always amazed to watch you! God bless!

  26. I’d sue Bill Bellicek (joking) for what the Pats did in Moss’s last 2 games not throwing him the ball…

    From there I’d sue Childress (joking) for the stunt he pulled letting Moss go.

    There’s no way you can sit here and tell me that in 2 years he went from being the #1 target on the best team in football to not being wanted at all!?

    Such a shame it’s ending this way…I’d still love to see him on the other side of Ocho with Branch or Welker in the slot

  27. Thanks for all the great highlights Randy, you are one of the best receivers to play this game.

    Nothing but the best for you in what ever the future holds.

  28. “p4hbiz says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:10 PM
    After what he did in Oakland, I could care less if he played another down of football in his life…

    I wouldn’t pick him up in a pick-up Game… See ya!”

    Pretty sure you mean that you “couldn’t” care less. dont be tommy tough nuts here…you would too pick him in a pick up game. too proud to win? i bet…

  29. He dug his own grave near the end… I still don’t understand why he wanted out of New England and held that bizarre press conference Week 1. Dumb and selfish I guess. Glad I don’t have to see him eating Vontae Davis alive ever again though… Guy was a beast in 2007 like him or not.

  30. Banner of Philly has Randy on speed dial. There will be some hamstring pulls soon. Once WRs start running full tilt, some will go down. Randy may not be done yet.

  31. last man who called randy a slouch pulled up early to grab his hamstring and watched one sik one hander. probly lost on some island in his own head or something

  32. Thanx for all the memories # 84. You will always be my second favorite Viking. No one messes with #80.Can’t wait to see you in the Hall of Fame…..SKOL 4 LYFE!!!

  33. Randy Moss is most def a top 5 reciever all time in his prime, played on one of the best offenses ever when the patriots had that undefeated run that got shut down by the giants in the super bowl. always exciting to watch unless he wasnt getting his way but the raw talent he had and stats should land him in HOF soon.

  34. Mr. Moss Dancing With the Stars is on the line. They need a diva for their next season.

  35. Minnesota wrecked what should have been one of the most talented WRs ever to play the game. Is there anything they can’t wreck up there?

  36. That’s what happens when you behave like the south end of north-bound moose. Randy’s attitude has finally trumped his ability.

    In one sense it’s a shame. If Moss would’ve had Jerry Rice’s attitude, he would have gone down as the game’s greatest player ever.

    To paraphrase Dick Nixon: “Well, the NFL won’t have Randy Moss to kick around anymore”.

  37. If he had kept his mouth shut after the Opening Week win over Cincy he likely could’ve stayed in NE and finished his career there. But he had to gripe about not having his contract extended.

    And saying “the Pats don’t pay anything” irritated Kraft, who had given him a 3 yr./$27 million deal two seasons before. He wasn’t the highest paid WR in the league but $9 million a year sure ain’t chicken feed either.
    That said, the dude scored 50 TD’s in 51 games as a Patriot. And would’ve likely had more in Brady was around in 2008. Great player; too bad it had to end this way.

  38. Wait, is this a ploy by him and his agent to say hey you better sign me I’m going to retire. For so much talent he will be remembered most on how his attitude got in his way.

  39. @anotherringing – No you heard it right Dork! And it’s nothing to be tough about Dude.

    Once again I could care less if Moss ever touched a field again, he’s a waste of time and talent his best year was his rookie year and the few years with the Patroits.

    And the “F” are you anyway’s Bro?….

  40. God wish we all could be so lucky, retire at age 34 with millions in the bank.
    He will probably pursue his other passion which is auto racing. He already has a company called Randy Moss Motor Sports and a truck in the NASCAR craftsman truck series.
    Goodluck Randy you lucky SOB.

  41. Such wasted talent. If he dedicated himself he could’ve been the best WR of all time, but this guy wouldn’t take plays off he would take games off.

  42. def goin to the hall of fame. gotta lot of respect for moss. he just shulda neva spoke out in new england last year. best deep ball threat ever and the best three words ever STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!! ha

  43. I don’t care what yall say about Moss..He will always be and have always been one of my most favorite players ever…His talent, like Jerry Rice, is extremely rare these days. One of the best ever to play the game…even if you hated him, you LOVED to watch him play.

  44. As a Viking fan, I was thrilled everytime Randy caught a pass and took it to the house. McCombs was truly unfair in the trade to upset the fans. He also had a good mentor in C.Carter. I do believe the trade from the Viking to the Raiders was the worst move for him and his attitude. I personally thought that move made him more of a buisness man than a player. Thats how bad it hurt him. He like the Vikings, and Red stabbed him in the back. Its to bad an owner of greed, could put revenge and priofit of a mans happiness. Vikings gave Randy a chance drafting him and he was loyal. The ownership wasn’t. But us fans were. So Randy, I bid you fairwell, and hope all your ventures be at least happy ones. Good Luck Buddy!!! The fans will miss you.

  45. One of the most electrifying wide recievers to ever have played in the NFL.

    I have a framed photo of my wife and I hanging onto # 84 after a TD jump into the stands at Metrodome.

    All the BS aside, Moss is a first round HOF selection.

    We miss you in Purple 84.

  46. I wish people would remember Randy’s time in Oakland. I’m not a Raider fan, but the only reason he had the chance to reignite his career was because he quit on Oakland so bad they got rid of him out of spite.

    Should a guy who flat out quits on his team be the type of player who makes it into the hall of fame? This is the same Randy Moss who said he doesnt go out there and give 100% on every play.

    By his very own words, he is not the type of player who should be in the hall of fame. Randy Moss was a great wide receiver, but there’s a reason he’s never won a ring, we should save the hall for the guys who went about their business the right way.

  47. anotherringingb says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:19 PM
    “p4hbiz says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:10 PM
    After what he did in Oakland, I could care less if he played another down of football in his life…

    I wouldn’t pick him up in a pick-up Game… See ya!”

    Pretty sure you mean that you “couldn’t” care less. dont be tommy tough nuts here…you would too pick him in a pick up game. too proud to win? i bet…

    p4hbiz is right. After the way he took the money and refused to play in Oakland he should have been blackballed and forced to retire.

  48. WOW!!! I think this story made the hamster made the hamster fall off the wheel for a second.

  49. I can’t believe how many people think he had “something left in the tank” or “one more good year.” Did you watch him last year? He sucked. I even hoped he turn it around but he didn’t.

    This makes me think of all the talk about Mark Bulger – he’s done too. These guys hit their walls and you have to forget about what they had done in the past because they can’t bring it well enough *now*.

  50. Best of luck to Moss, who’s given us plenty of thrills over the years. I hope he finds happiness in retirement that I never felt he had while playing the past few years. I know he’ll get a lot of satisfaction out of the service work he does with kids, and I bet he’ll be fantastic at it, too.

  51. OMG I never seen anyone come in the league and made everybody pay! he made Pro Bowlers look like Pee Wee Players as a Rookie! Just think if the Titans took him that year!

  52. I think between the money and lack of desire Randy will stay retired. He still has the physical tools. He may have lost a step but was still faster than half of the WR out there and still has a tremendous vertical leap. He was the 2nd best I ever saw behind Rice and the most physically gifted of all WR’s.

  53. One of The Greatest of all time probally right behind Mr. Rice there wus a reason why his nickname is the Freak all the freakish things he has done since the min he stepped on the field to the amazing one-handed catch over Revis last year in week 2 1st ballot H.O.F.er no dought about it….check the stats numbers DONT LIE

  54. Randy, stay by the phone—-
    The Dream Team may be calling.
    Unsubstantiated rumor has Maclin with mono and has lost twenty pounds.
    I realize that they just signed Higgins,but he isn’t a 6-4 target.
    Everyone is ragging on Randy for his season last year. The man played in three different systems and put up 28/393/5. I didn’t see too many wideouts average one score every six touches!
    I thought he was just starting to build comraderie with Favre.
    The Vikings mistake was they got rid of the wrong person.Chilli should have been the one to go.

  55. If these HOF voters try to prove a point by not letting him in on first ballot, I hope when he gets his yellow jacket he moons the HOF voters like he did the Packers fans!!!

  56. Thanks for the memories Randy…Loved the Pats-Fins game a few years back when he beat 2 db’s in the endzone for a td…I believe he beat Renaldo Hill so bad on that play that he broke his ankle and was done for the season…now that’s a beast!

  57. Yeah, I think he’ll stay retired until someone offers enough “straight cash homie”, and then it’ll be “get your 84 jerseys out…”

  58. He obviously decided he’d rather retire than play for the lowly Jets. Good decision Randy.

  59. @Deb – Absolutely. The first Minnesota game vs. G.B. last season could have been one for the ages if Moss didn’t quit on Favre’s last pass. That took the heart out of Brett, I think. Randy deserves to slide into obscurity for that.

  60. Owens a little better just because of complete game, otherwise the two best ever to play the position behind that guy on a completely different planet, Jerry Rice

  61. Randy, call Mike Tomlin asap. Go get that super bowl ring in Pittsburgh this year. It would put the cherry on a great career and you and Hines can retire next year together. Plus, you are right down I-79 to get home. Do it Randy!!

  62. Hell, I thought he retired halfway through last season.

    I hope he stays retired, so we can just focus on his glory days (which were incredible). Watching him try to play these days when his heart’s not really in it is downright painful.

  63. Moss was one of the most exciting players to watch over his career. I’ll never forget watching him rip up the Cowboys on thanksgiving day his rookie year. So long Randy good luck to ya.

  64. “It’s a shame that Moss’ career ended on such a sour note, but most great careers do. ”

    See here’s the thing…it’s hard to feel sorry for RM because HE is 100% responsible for the “sour note”. For good guys who go out giving their all, or are injured and can’t return or never win rings, I feel a heartfelt sadness.

    To the person who thinks he’ll be broke. I doubt that. Randy’s no dummy. He’s never blinged away all his money and he’s invested in several businesses.

  65. Two things: Deb, you have shown a wealth of football knowledge and a broad frame of reference, generally. However, if you don’t think Randy Moss is going in the HoF on the very first ballot, you have lost touch with reality. You should also be concerned that you agreed with noted bigot HobartBarker. Also, Randy Moss has been heavily invested in several other ventures since he was a rookie. All you jealous freaks will be waiting a long time to suck the marrow from his bones.

  66. “In fact, we predicted that Moss would retire many times on PFT.”

    And eventually it came true, as will retirement for everybody else in the NFL.

  67. Without a doubt, Randy Moss could still suck it up and play like a maniac for one more season, and there are never enough “quality” wideouts in the NFL. Look at the pieces of crap on some of these NFL rosters today, you mean to tell me that not one of 31 other teams could find a spot for a motivated Randy Moss, at whatever the price, for ONE season?

    What this retirement clearly says is that Randy Moss truly DID realize how badly he misplayed the whole Patriots thing, and that he was truly hoping for a reconciliation with Belichick.

    The signing this past week of Chad Johnson nailed home for Randy that this wasn’t going to happen for him.

    No, there was only one job Moss truly wanted, and 85 has it.

    You eff’d up, Randy, and you know it. But thanks for the memories

  68. Scary for Jets fans, he’ll serves insurance for Patriots this year, when BB and Brady call going into the playoff run, he’ll sign……Gulp!

  69. “His pride is too big to battle for snaps and a roster spot on a low salary”.

    Oh Good Lord!! There are so many people out of work or working at step down low paying jobs. If this loser won’t take “only” a million dollars or so to play then f**k him. He is TO with a criminal record – that’s the only difference, a lockerroom cancer. Good riddance.

  70. When thinking of Randy Moss I think of…a wussy. Sure, he’s a HOF’er, one of the best deep threats of all time (not better than Cliff Branch).

    But I’ll always remember his week 2 @ BAL in 06. As an offensive captain for the Raiders…before it was even decided they were as bad as they were…altho they hinted it…her QUIT.

    He had a 20+ catch down the sideline for a first down and PURPOSELY dropped the ball when Ed Reed was closing in. What a wuss. And then he didn’t even try his hardest the rest of the season (kind of like…LAST season).

    TO will always be better than Moss in my opion. Harder work ethic and showed up more on Sundays. Yeah he’s got a mouth but he has always had PASSION. Something Randy has had to turn on over the years.

    Yeah, he’s a great…but really a SOB if you think about it. Him quitting now with this image doesn’t bode well. W/e. Hate my comment all you want, but when your offensive team captain quits on your team in week2 and forces his way out of town than goes to show what kind of player he is…w/e.

  71. He took one look at the kick ass benefits package in the new CBA and said “I’m out!”.

  72. He ran into a female cop with his car, humiliated a caterer, and quit in the middle of routes.

    That’s how I will remember Randy Moss.

  73. carlgerbschmidt says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:22 PM
    Minnesota wrecked what should have been one of the most talented WRs ever to play the game. Is there anything they can’t wreck up there?

    Wrecked him? Darn near killed him.

  74. Kind of glad it may end this way for him.

    Odd though Burress gets a contract and Moss does not.

    There are #2 WR all over the place where Moss should be a better option.
    ego ego ego attitude attitude attude.

    League gets to say good bye to him and Owens in the same year, without a farewell tour. YES! It’ll be a big day in Canton when they go in at the same time, and a nice year this year without the two head cases.
    But of course they will screw up the enshrinement. One or the other will probably make sure his retirement date ensures they both wont go in together. One will fear being considered the 2nd best enshrined that day.

  75. I have a strong feeling that this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Randy Moss.

  76. Sensational talent but couldn’t come through in big games. And a real head case. Cursing at people catering his meals? A true low life. Don’t let the door hit you where the Good Lord split you.

  77. If anyone is dumb enough to think Moss isn’t a first ballot hall of famer, consider this. The top 2 offenses in the history of the NFL had one thing, and only one thing in common…Randy Moss. And in both cases, he was one of the core driving forces of those offenses…not some journeyman along for the ride. He is one of the greatest offensive threats of all time, and there really isn’t much debating that.

  78. Too bad it ended this way. He was magic with Tom Brady in NE. If he had toned it down on the contract stuff he would still be there. Because they loved his excitement in PatsLand. If the Pats had him in the playoffs they would have been in the SuperBowl. Still probably would have lost to Green Bay. But it would have been exciting to watch. But I think when the Patriots signed Ocho and the Jets signed Plaxico, Moss’s Heart was broken. And he said adios. He really wanted back in with the Patriots. And Tom Brady lobbied Kraft & Belichick hard to bring him back.

  79. Well, Randy, you were always entertaining to watch.

    You always had to be accounted for on the field (that’s the biggest compliment another team can give to an opposing player).

    We’ll miss you!

  80. Man, there are a lot of apologists for Moss here. You guys don’t get it – he only loved the money and the hype – that’s all. He didn’t want to win. Not really. To win the Super Bowl you have to play as a team – every down. Moss was about Moss. That’s all. Like Owens is about Owens.

    Is he talented? Sure. But he doesn’t change a team for the better. He’ll entertain, but he won’t get you to the next level.

  81. I’ll be looking forward to his HOF induction speech in 5 years!

    Straight cash homie!

  82. I still wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick doesn’t cut Deion Branch if he doesn’t return to form in the preseason and team up Moss with Chad Johnson and Welker. Or he may keep Branch and hide a youngster on the development squad until Branch inevitably gets injured or pulls a Hammy. Ocho is more of a speedy route runner. A cross hybrid of Branch and Welker. Moss & Ocho could tandem between 1st-3rd down and give them a lot of intermediate to deep packages to run without tiring either out.

  83. @hatessycophants …

    Thank you. I was a longtime Moss defender and never said he shouldn’t go into the Hall. But it’s a team sport. I can forgive almost any mistake a player makes–fumbles, INTs, dropped balls. But I can’t forgive when a player deliberately puts his need ahead of the team’s or pulls up short and doesn’t make the play.

    His attitude about money was detrimental to the team in New England, which is why Belichick let him go. And I’m pretty sure BB gave him a chance to back off before dropping the hammer. Then just throwing in the towel rather than making that play for Favre was inexcusable. Whatever else people may think of Favre, he always gave 110 percent on the field. I don’t always agree with Hobartbaker, but he’s right on this one.

    I’d never deny Randy has earned his spot in Canton and will probably go in on the first ballot. But that he leaves on a sour note is his own doing, and it’s a shame. You don’t quit on your teammates whether you’ve been with them a decade or a day.

    @steeelfann …

    No, he quit on plays last season, and we’d have no way of knowing he wouldn’t do it again until the game was on the line. That’s not a gamble we can afford to take.

  84. “In fact, we predicted that Moss would retire many times on PFT.”

    And you also “predicted” Terry Bradshaw was dead 🙂

  85. He had such incredible talent that he could’ve set every major receiving record out there, but personality flaws and bad decisions (Oakland? Seriously?) have a way of getting in the way of that.

  86. Who would want to sign him for any amount of money? He takes plays off. He is not a team player.

  87. bdraiterscsu says:
    Aug 1, 2011 1:17 PM
    So Randy Mo Mo retired. Ha! I’ve met him a few times and he was always a jerk. Over/under 2 years when you hear “Randy Moss is Bankrupt”. i’m thinking under.

    Ever heard of moss motorsports?????? He’s been a owner of a nascar truck team for like 5 years so I would take the over moron. Allways someone with no clue to spout off at the mouth. So did your brain catch up yet? He will be fine.

  88. It will be interesting to see how voters assess the careers of Moss, Chad and TO. All have big numbers but all were equally cancers in the locker room at various points of their careers and/or significant enough distractions where their accomplishments were often subjugated by their antics.

    Zero SBs between the three of them, to date. Fitting, isn’t it.

    I have to think Moss goes to the HOF for sure. I would say right now Chad does not. TO is a maybe. Why Moss? The numbers were simply too good for too long. He was dominant whereas Chad and TO have been merely very, very good (which might make them good enough for the Hall). But Moss – different category altogether.

    Great player. Lousy teammate.

    Thanks for the memories, good and bad, but good riddance. The game ultimately is better without you and the rest of the divine divas. Can’t wait for TO and Chad to join you.

  89. Being a head case and running your mouth eventually catches up to you. Randy just learned that the hard way.

  90. He has no one to blame but himself. If you flip an attitude on the field and make a stink in multiple locker rooms you can’t expect to be handed a mega deal by any team. Too bad he wasn’t a big enough man to get over his inner diva.

  91. No heart whatsoever. What a loser. Never has there been a player with a worse work ethic in the NFL. Good riddance, you lazy narcissist.

  92. Makes Randy Moss look like Mother Teresa. Makes Ochocinco look like Gandhi.

    “I ain’t eatin’ this garbage !! I used to eat food like this when I was poor, but now I got money !!”

    We’ll miss you, loser.

  93. You either get it or you don’t….. as mentioned above “He (Randy Moss) is in the discussion as one of the best receivers and big play threats ever.” As a person that has watched him in nearly every game he played from his rookie year with the vikings until his final game last season…….. I couldn’t agree more!

    For the naysayers/Beer Baggers… as far as his off field antics are concerned, for the most part the media put their spin on the events in order to grab a HEADLINE to drive people to their site or sell their media……..

    What he was on and off the field …. is what made him….. a confident NFL player and future Hall of Famers ……most of us enjoyed watching over the years.

    Good Luck Randy —

  94. Many of the commentors seem to have never seen him “play”. He never caught anything between the numbers on the field because he refused to go there.

    This is a criminal that deliberately hit a cop with his vehicle while there was marijuana in the vehicle.

    This is the same bad attitude players that threw water on a game official, walked off the field on his team during a game, screamed at team sponsors on a bus, insulted a European food caterer, got kicked out of college for starting racial fights, and repeatedly insulted the NFL.

    After treating the press so badly no body is going to remember this trivial player or mention him.

    Nobody has mentioned any career achievements.

  95. Best of luck to you in retirment. As a Pats fan I loved watching you play every week (even if some weeks you obviously didn’t try)… but you were always fun to watch cus on any given play something spectacular could happen! I have a feeling that we may see him again later this year when a “championship” calibur team out there loses a receiver… a call may go out to him at that point!!!

  96. chargerdillon says: Aug 1, 2011 1:34 PM

    Randy Moss was a great wide receiver, but there’s a reason he’s never won a ring, we should save the hall for the guys who went about their business the right way.


    There are two reasons he never won a ring.

    Because Asante Samuel has butterfingers and David Tyree wore a velcro helmet.

  97. @Deb, we are in agreement.

    @BobNelson, we already know the source of your dislike for Moss. As a result, there is no reason to post a series of poorly remembered (?) or intentionally fabricated incidents throughout his career.

    I find it hilarious how many of you list, as one of his offenses, the fact that he “humiliated a (European?) caterer. There are two guys in the league who killed people and one who intentionally killed dogs. Yep, Randy is a bad guy.

  98. Everyone who is a real football fan doesn’t really care that much about the players’ welfares, just about watching them kill themselves out there. Everyone who demands he is going to be back is doing a lot of wishful thinking. He did for Football what Tiger Woods did for Golf, he made it fun to watch. You can bet, whatever Randy Moss decides to do from now on will be fun to watch.

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