Resetting the free agent market, once again

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The avalanche of free agent acquisitions didn’t slow down over the weekend. That figures to change this week, because the numbers of quality free agents has dropped dramatically.

Our top-80 free agent list is hardly perfect, but it gives us a broad look at what type of player is out there.

1. 16 of our top 20 players have been signed. Our best remaining guys: Zach Miller, Braylon Edwards, Matt Roth, and Aubrayo Franklin.

2. 39 of our top 50 players have been signed.  The middle tier guys still available: Kevin Boss, Steve Smith (NYG), Carlos Rogers, Ronnie Brown, Dashon Goldson, Jared Gaither, and Malcom Floyd.

3. 59 of our top 80 players have been signed.  No. 80 Randy Moss has retired.  Names towards the bottom list: Shaun Ellis, Kirk Morrison, Marc Bulger, Jason Snelling, Bo Scaife, Manny Lawson, Tommie Harris, Le’Ron McClain, Ricky Williams, and Tommie Harris.

While this is a rough approximation, about 75% of the quality free agents out there have been accounted for.  Not bad for a week of action.

To stay on top of all the moves big and small, keep checking back with our acquisition tracker and release tracker.