The real competition in Denver could be Quinn vs. Tebow


We know there is a school of thought in Miami that says Kyle Orton could still be traded there. It makes a lot of sense.

In the meantime, Orton could be convincing the coaching staff in Denver that he’s the right man to lead the Broncos. Mike Klis of the Denver Post writes that Tim Tebow is no longer getting any snaps with the No. 1 offense.

“Tim Tebow is in a serious quarterback competition all right. He and Brady Quinn are neck and neck in the battle for the No. 2 quarterback spot,” Kils writes.

Orton is getting all the snaps with the starters, while Quinn occasionally takes the No. 2 snaps over Tebow. If the Broncos are playing a game of chicken here, it’s an expensive one.

They already paid Orton $1.5 million. They owe him $2.9 million in salary even if they cut him.  Tebow needs the offense to be tailored around him if he’s going to be the starter, which is hard to do when Tebow is splitting second team snaps.

Nothing would shock us with this situation, but we’re starting to wonder if there was something to that February NFL Network report that said Tebow “lacked support” within the Broncos building.

80 responses to “The real competition in Denver could be Quinn vs. Tebow

  1. They obviously want to trade Orton because they’ve been trying to do it for the last week. They wouldn’t do that if Tebow didn’t have any support. They probably figure they can get more in a trade for their starting quarterback than they can get for their backup quarterback.

  2. Orton is good, not sure why no one realizes that. Not sure why Bronocs weren’t shopping Tebow though if he truly lacked support.

  3. that is sad. if i was a broncos fan and they trade Orton and Brady Quinn becomes starter i would be pissed.

  4. Tim Tebow needs to be traded to a team that wants him. This is the Vince Young saga all over again with one exception. Tim is not an immature headcase like Vince was. But he is in an identical situation. Whereby he’s contracted to a team and coach who doesn’t want him. I say trade the kid to Miami for a 3rd or 4th round draft choice. Let him compete where he is comfortable before Denver destroys his confidence. I’d like to see him at least get a chance on a team that wants him.

  5. “The real competition in Denver could be Quinn vs. Tebow”?

    Then what you’re really saying is that the competition is over. Quinn’s place is in the number 3 quarterback spot, and sooner or later, out of the NFL.

  6. Nothing good ever comes from reading too much into these. Teams are always switching player’s “roster spots” during camp, trying to evaluate.

  7. not surprised by this….Orton did good things last year…..Tebow hasn’t proved anything other than he was not worth trading the 2nd, 3rd and 4th draft picks for him.

  8. Tebow is a great leader but he is not a good QB, at least not yet. I’m sorry Tebow fans, Orton is much more ready to win games. The fact that Tebow went from being the starter to a battle for #2 in 4-5 days just proves it. The Broncos may have dodged a bullet by not trading Orton.

  9. Here’s the deal whether Quinn or Tebow they’ll suck and have the rights to Luck quite possibly so whomever it is they’ll only have the job for a year then Denver who’ll probably be picking in the top 2 will take Luck!

  10. Elway has been critical of Tebow from the start. That’s where the lack of support comes from and trickles down through the coaches.

  11. Hm. What would Tebow’s trade value be worth right now? And who would pay it? And for the Broncos’ sake, who would over-pay it?

  12. I think it’s nothing more than an inexperienced FO botching a QB situation.

  13. Orton is a good QB! He’ll likely never be in the HOF but he is solid.

    Let Tebow or Quinn get a year or three watching him. Then make the move. Worked well for Rodgers and the Packers.

    Lack of Consistenency with your QB development is a recipe for disaster. Ask Alex Smith!

  14. Can’t believe the Bronco’s traded into the first round to take Tebow!! A even bigger surprise is the amount of love this guy gets, he will never be a NFL QB.

  15. Quinn is NOT the answer.

    Give Tebow his shot – then bellyache and whine IF…IF…IF he fails.

  16. Most reports have stated that Orton has created this situation by not restructuring his cap-unfriendly contract. The Broncos should have called his bluff and made him the 3rd string QB. This way he can’t show off his skills for free agency next year. Keeping Orton as the starting QB makes me think they’re either doing this to create a market for him (hoping miami is watching i guess) or they think Tebow isn’t the answer and never will be. They should trade Orton for a Miami DT straight up. Let Tebow have all the reps and if he flops we’ll get Andrew Luck next year.

  17. Congrats Denver fans…. foxy is gonna run even more of your young talent out of town. He hates young players. He wants veteran no name qbs and veteran defense. So forget about tebow his career with the broncs is over long before it started. Trust me I watched 9 years of his pathetic style. I feel so bad for yaw right now.

  18. Does not matter who they roll out there on the MNF opener. The Raiders will have the guy on his freakin back all night long. We will tear their heads off.


  19. I haven’t heard of any character issues with Orton; maybe he just isn’t an inspiring leader. People say all you need is talent and players will follow, but look at what happened to Kyle Boller. A former lineman that played with him in St. Louis said on the air that they guy had “all the talent in the world”, but “zero” presence in the locker room.

  20. I always hated Tebow and wanted him to fail until I saw him on The Daily Show. Now I actually feel bad for the guy. He has all the intangibles you could want, he just needs to groomed properly into an offense. You’d think Elway of all people would value what Tebow brings to the table and want to make him successful. Unfortunately, I think as long as Tebow stays in Denver he is doomed to fail.

  21. Well, you don’t have to be dressed, groomed, and spray tanned by the ladies down at NFLN to realize that Tebow “lacks support” in the Bronco F.O. That was obvious from the moment that Ominous Severed Horsehead told Pat Bowlen to fire Josh McDaniels last winter in order to tank the season for a shot at Andrew Luck.

  22. Waiting for the Matt Moore Kyle Orton trade to happen. If Tebow can’t beat out Quinn that’s awful! John Fox is awful.

  23. Just cut him and let him go on a sabbatical, his true calling since he doesn’t have the skills or mentality to be an NFL QB.

  24. This is downright comical. I look forward to the this coming season of QB flip-flopping that John Fox loves to do. I bet all three of them see at least one start, just like Claussen, Moore, and St-Pierre last year, as Denver plays themselves into the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes.

    Bunch of amateurs running the show there. If you aren’t starting your 1st round pick QB in year two, it’s quite obvious you have no faith in him. Even the Cardinals gave Leinart a shot before being forced to go with Kurt Warner. Orton is no Kurt Warner.

    Make up your minds and ship one of them out for a pick while you still can before you end up killing both of their values.

  25. They’d be better off bringing ole Horse face Elway out of the front office to strap on the crusty old jockstrap rather than choosing between Pretty boy Quinn or the Legendary Big Tebowski as their QB.

  26. Come on Tim. Make that 2nd miracle (1st was getting drafted in 1st round). One more miracle and you can be a Saint!

  27. terrellblowens says:
    Aug 1, 2011 3:22 PM
    Tebow is a great leader but he is not a good QB, at least not yet. I’m sorry Tebow fans, Orton is much more ready to win games. The fact that Tebow went from being the starter to a battle for #2 in 4-5 days just proves it. The Broncos may have dodged a bullet by not trading Orton.

    yea thats why in 13 games last season Orton went 3-10..hes such a winner…Tebow needs to be on a team that knows what to do with a QB and can make him succeed…if you dont think the kid is ready then tell him “hey look you still need some work so your gonna be our #2 but you need to be ready to go every week”…

  28. If Tebow is so bad that he’s competing with Quinn, how would it be possible for him to be a starter?

  29. Tebow hype is over. Let Orton do his thing in Denver. The offense trust him and he knows the system.

  30. Tim Tebow is not an NFL caliber QB and he won’t be until he gets more accurate and strengthens his arm.

    Tebow is a slower Kordell Stewart with a noodle for an arm and superior leadership skills.

  31. If Tebow’s ever gonna be good, it’s gonna take a couple years. He’s a project. If they’re not gonna commit to him, they need to ship him to someone who will. Imagine what Andy Reid could have him doing after a few years of training.

  32. This has Lifetime movie written all over it. Unwanted QB who was almost traded has MVP candidate season and leads his team to title.

    OK maybe not Lifetime, but some lesser chick channel because we know its not possible for Orton to take Denver that far or be that good. The chicks would buy it though.

    But, if Orton has any kind of good start the talking heads will be all over themselves wanting to say “some of the best trades are the ones that dont happen.”

  33. Another thing about Tebow. He had more than solid numbers last year on a god-awful mess of a team with an interim head coach. He was more effective than most rook QB’s thrown into a situation like that. We were competitive with him in there and were actually in games. He’s a true leader and will be a great QB if given a fair chance. He energized a life-less beaten down team at the end of last year and deserves a shot to be the man and the first team reps that go with it. The only that would be worse than giving him a shot and having him fail would be not giving him a shot, trading him, and watching him become great on another team (see Hillis, Peyton). Turn Orton into a DT, let Tebow roll with the #1’s and let us Bronco fans have some sense of happiness after the McDaniels era (error).

  34. Tim Tebow started Denver’s final three games and finished with the highest passer rating (82.1) among the eight NFL rookies that opened a game in 2010, while registering the most rushing yards (199) over a quarterback’s first three starts since the 1970 merger.

    — What a totally ineffective loser he was…. oops

  35. As someone who lives in Denver, it is alarming how poor the Broncos offseason has been:
    1) Xanders proved ineffective under McDaniels so no reason he should have been brought over
    2) The Orton situation is officially a debacle in Denver – Miami called their bluff and know they’re stuck with a $9MM QB who either sits (to please Tebow followers) or starts and (renders McDufus’ Tebow pick worthless)
    3) Broncos have not signed 1 Free Agent listed on anyone’s top 100 list…McGahee, Derrick Harvey, and other aging vets or busts do not bolster fan support
    4) Failure to realize that their D & Running game are far more important than any QB situation.

    Sadly, the Broncos could be highly competitive with Orton if they had 2-3 SOLID RBs and a play-making D (which will be improved with Von Miller & return of Elvis)

  36. Anyone with an IQ over 100 never thought Tebow could be out Orton.

    But, cheer up Tebow Nation, this is actually an insult to Brady Quinn. He has to struggle with a guy who has horrible mechanics is absolutely a year away from even being considered to be a QB.

    My how far the “Mighty Quinn” has fallen.

  37. I say there is a big differnce between a passer and a quarterback. Orton is one, Tebow the other.

    There is nothing wrong with keeping both of them, but when the game is on the line, when you need a TD or a red-zone conversion, Tebow is the better choice. The rest of the time Orton is average.

  38. I’m a Broncos fan, this is my opinion…

    Orton – a proven above average QB. He showed some great things in Denver last season, and has the stats to prove it. If he continues to improve in his third season in Denver he could be a great QB. He needs to get the lockroom behind him and needs to be able to rally the players to help him lead the team to victory when they’re down in the fourth quarter like Elway did so many times in the past.

    Quinn – a proven below average veteran QB. His long ball accuracy is terrible. He’s had several years, including plenty of playing time as a starter, to improve and has only seemed to get worse. He’s a career backup QB.

    Tebow – Tremendous college QB with major potential. He hasn’t really had the chance yet to show anyone what he can really do in the pros. He had what, three or four games as a starter last year? Just like so many of today’s great QBs he needs to be given playing time to either become great (Elway, P Manning, etc etc etc) or become a bust (Leinart, Leaf, etc etc etc).

    Personally, I’d like to give Tebow a chance to grow and see what he turns in to. What does Denver have to lose? He’s good and Denver has a franchise QB. He’s bad and Denver’s in the hunt for Andrew Luck.

  39. Pretty sure Tebow will start at some point this season, even if Orton stays. If not, he’ll play next season. Brady Quinn will always be the backup QB on this team.

  40. @bronconation said:

    Tim Tebow started Denver’s final three games and finished with the highest passer rating (82.1) among the eight NFL rookies that opened a game in 2010, while registering the most rushing yards (199) over a quarterback’s first three starts since the 1970 merger.

    — What a totally ineffective loser he was…. oops


    Dude you cant be serious?

    yeah he had a good rating and some big rushing yards, but he got REAL LUCKY more than once last year. He had that long run against where the defense split and didnt see him until it was too late. ALso he had that TD that went through 3 defenders hands before miracolously being caught for a TD. You can seay miracles happen because he is Tim Tebow, but do you really want to pin your hopes on that. the fact of the matter is he was as below 50% passer (40 of 81). Broncos fans have to be smarter than that.

  41. What a trainwreck this franchise is.

    Dealing away Orton would be the icing on the cake.

    Please make it happen donkeyjohn.

  42. I am the only one who thinks Brady Quinn never got a real chance in Cleveland. He would randomly get tossed into a losing effort in the third quarter once Derek Anderson showed his ass. People turn on the tube and see Quinn playing in a losing effort, and I think he was never given a true shot. I think every first round pick at QB should get one full year to start, not mop up time. Quinn also had about 3 or 4 different O coordinators, and little to no offensive talent around him. One-legged Winslow, and Dropsies Edwards. Elway will prob give him a legit shot. Tebow belongs in the CFL.

  43. Bradus Quinn. What a joke!

    This guy couldn’t be a starter in the UFO league even though most of his passes are classified as UFO’s!

    This is a guy who couldn’t beat out Derek Anderson! And look what Derek did last year with possibly the best receiving corps in football.

    I suspect that Elway’s plan is to get Luck(y)! With either of these T*U*R*D*S at the controls (Quinn & Tebow) that is a virtual certainty!

    Good luck Denver!

  44. Orton sucks in the red zone while Tebow is pretty much money inside the 20. Just bring in Timmy and let him run the wildcat or mustang or whatever the hell they call it once you get in the red zone. He’s arguably the best running back we have right now LOL.

  45. Ya think the Rams (w/Josh McDaniels) would be interested in Tebow to back up Bradford? Think they’d give up a third rounder for Tebow?

  46. So for all the Tebow hype, and by hype I’m talking about his book, his beliefs, hiw abilities, this is what it comes down to: battling Brady Quinn for #2. God, it’s hard being a Denver Bronco fan these days…

    P.S. Hey Josh! Yes, you! Josh McDaniels. You don’t know jack. You looked within the soul of Tim Tebow and you saw a guy who’s battling Brandy Quinn for #2, behind an unwanted Kyle Orton. Good job!

  47. Denver could have run this same moronic qb competition this spring without bothering to fire their coach.

    What was the lyric from that great Talking Heads song? “Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was…”

  48. And with the first of the 2012 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford.

    (cut to image of Luck standing next to John Elway’s teeth holding up a #1 Broncos jersey)

  49. Tebow shares the same problem as any other QB coming out of a spread offense: Their tendency is to make plays with their legs, to take one read and run. They lack the patience to stay in the pocket and let the play develop. Some guys like Elway and Roethlisberger combine a powerful gun with those wild running skills to create a scary kind of hybrid. Others like Vick learn to make that adjustment over time.

    Unfortunately, Tebow has a mechanical issue with his throwing motion and he’s been stuck with a team in flux where he hasn’t necessarily gotten the technical support he needs. He has every other quality you could want in a starting QB, but if he can’t master the motion and the reads, he can’t take Denver to the promised land.

  50. Today’s post on here for Total Quarterback rating just proves the point about Orton, that he is average. Here is from Mike Sando and the ratings that factor in his junk stats. Behind in games Orton is terrible, 3rd down conversion and under pressure bad.

    From MIke Sandos column.

    I’ve seen an outline for the rating system breaking down 2010 quarterbacks into six general categories, from top tier to poor. Precise rating numbers were not yet available. The quarterbacks under consideration broke down as follows:

    Top tier: Brady, Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Michael Vick, Rodgers and Drew Brees.

    Well above average: Josh Freeman, Eli Manning and Philip Rivers.

    Above average: Ben Roethlisberger, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Matt Schaub, David Garrard and Kerry Collins.

    Around average: Matt Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Colt McCoy, Kyle Orton and Jon Kitna.

  51. If you want to believe everything Mike Klis writes then be my guest…. I think the trade talks with Orton and Miami are pretty much dead. With that being said I think Denver figures out some way to get Tebow in there to start. He needs the experience. Klis is an idiot… what would you expect out of a competition between a 7 year vet and a 2nd year player?

  52. #1 Reason why Orton will not be the starter for the Broncos this season. ANDREW LUCK. John Elway has a man crush on his schools alma mater QB. There will be no trade from the number 1 overall pick in next years draft, whomever has the number one pick will take Luck with no exceptions. If Orton is in the lineup it gives the Broncos a better chance to win games and winning games = no Luck.

  53. @The Blog of Don Comontofski

    Matt Ryan is better then Phillip Rivers?

    David Garrard and Kerry Collins are better then Carson Palmer & Kyle Orton?

    Eli Manning is better then Ben Roethlisberger, Joe Flacco, and Matt Schaub?


  54. The bashing of Tebow is a joke. We all know it takes 2-3 years of starts and training camps to see if a QB pick can play. I’m just saying that Tebow’s starts showed someone that could play at this level and certainly make a team competitive. His teammates like playing for him and seemed eager to go before this year. Common opponents between him and Orton.
    Tebow – lost to SD 33-28
    lost to OAK 39-23

    Orton – lost to SD – 35-14
    lost to OAK – 59-14

    We were in both games with Tebow and NEVER in each game with Orton. They both had the same atrocious defense.

    As for Timmy’s completion % dooming him. And I know it was only 3 games.

    Rookie year stats of QBS completion % –
    Peyton Manning – 56%
    Dree Brees – 55%
    Mike Vick – 44%
    Eli Manning – 41%
    Donovan McNabb – 49%
    Josh Freeman – 54.5%

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