Your Monday visits update includes Lofa Tatupu, Kelvin Hayden

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While free agency is dying down, there are still plenty of quality options out there.

Some of the best guys left are players that recently lost jobs with their original teams.  A roundup of who is visiting where:

1. Lofa Tatupu is meeting with the Raiders on Monday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.  NFL Network says Tatupu will go to Washington from there.

2. NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora reports the Redskins will also host cornerback Kelvin Hayden, recently dropped by the Colts.

3. The Chiefs confirmed that Ty Warren is visiting.  It makes a lot of sense considering their defense and Warren’s ties to G.M. Scott Pioli.

11 responses to “Your Monday visits update includes Lofa Tatupu, Kelvin Hayden

  1. Hopefully Lofa doesn’t leave Oakland.
    Hopefully Lofa never makes it to Washington.
    Hopefully Lofa signs with the Raiders.
    Hopefully everything I hope for comes true.
    I am hopefully hoping so… I hopefully am.

  2. Lofa,, come to philly..

    why would you wanna go to a place like oakland or Washington where there is no hope of competing for a championship in your career.

    notice the phrasing.. ‘competing’
    ( i still dont think andy can put it all together)

    if he doesnt this year, do yall think andy would get the boot??

  3. And Zach Miller visiting the Seachickens! Cmon Al sign his ass already. Raiders are screwed without him.

  4. Skins will sign both, Dannys got too much money on his hands, n we need another CB n a LB. Oakland might get Tatupu, if Al throws a few duckets

    If Eagles dont make it to the NFC Championship, it would be considered an epic fail.

  5. I would like to see Ty Warren sign with the Chiefs. That would help solidify us up front. I would say theres a good chance of it happening considering the Pioli connection, as well as Romeo being here.

  6. I can’t believe everyone here is hoping for Tatupu to come to their teams after hating and clearly not knowing much of anything about our “South Alaska” Seahawks.

    Why do you think his numbers went down sharply and suddenly? Why do you think the team tried to restructure his deal to save a few million?

    He’s breaking down. He’s slower and is hobbled by bad knees. He can’t seem to stay on the field anymore.

    Good luck, I guess.

  7. Lofa meant a lot to Seattle I can’t believe he didn’t restructure his contract, he won’t be the same thats for sure as he is always injured

  8. Lets hope that “Dream Team” lol finally is able to do something NO team in Philly History has ever been able to do, play when it really mattered without folding like a cheap deck of cards. Maybe one day they will be able to add their names along the CHAMPIONSHIP TEAMS of the NFL and they can finally buy that Trophy Case they have been shopping for. lol

    Have the Eagles EVER won a Super Bowl?
    Eagles SB Wins = 0

    Through the 2008 season, none. The Eagles have played in two Super Bowls and lost both.

    SB XV – Raiders 27, Eagles 10
    SB XXXIX – Patriots 24, Eagles 21

    “They have that Championship Feel” lol a bunch

    The NFL is littered with Teams that have tried to build a Team by bringing in other Teams Free Agents by the boat load that have crashed and burned.

    “I think the guys are a little nervous and playing a little tight, we need to relax” “Where is that Nose Tackle coming from?” Dick the Meal on sidelines when Raiders Punked them. I know old history, the Raiders also Punked you last time they played you, Dream Team my ?

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