Zach Miller visits the Seahawks

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We mentioned earlier Monday that Zach Miller was expected to remain with the Raiders barring a “last-minute jaw dropping offer” from another team.

The Seahawks could be that team.

Miller will visit Seattle this week, as first reported by Aaron Wilson of  He would be an intriguing addition to a Seahawks offense that has re-built their line, and added Sidney Rice.

Tom Cable is now an assistant and Seattle and surely put in a good word for Miller.  And surely he’d love to steal away one of Al Davis’ favorite players.

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  1. its all part of the plan let tarvaris jackson start go 2-14 draft andy luck and win for the next 10 years… miller is a great player the raiders should have locked him up…

  2. The Raiders need to get on the horn and stop Miller from leaving at all costs. This would be more devastating than losing Nnamdi. There is no one behind Miller with even half his talent. There is no excuse for the Raiders to not be 100% focused on getting Miller back right now. Bush is a RFA, so his deal can wait. Get Miller in the fold NOW!

  3. Zach Miller and John Carlson are practically the same player. Both 6’5″, 255lbs, pass catching TEs. I would imagine that Carlson would come on the cheap if they just resigned him instead of paying top dollar Miller.

    I think Miller is a great player. But the Hawks already have that piece of their offense. Maybe Bevell has some clever way of playing both of those TEs at the same time that he didn’t do in Minnesota.

    Who knows. Maybe they just need to spend Paul Allen’s money.

  4. You people are slow! He is THERE in Seattle right now…Looking over his new contract.

  5. Would be a great pick up for them. Don’t even know if Carlson is still on the squad, but he’s not the answer.

  6. I also think that next season there is a good chance that Seattle trades everything they can to get the #1 spot in the draft to take Luck. No matter what their record is this year.

    Just seems like something Pete Carroll and John Schneider would do.

  7. agree , losing miller would be worse for the raiders then losing Nnamdi. I do love both of the rookies the raiders drafted this year (ausberry and gordon) but we NEED Miller.

  8. Red zone receiving lineup, Seattle, 2011:

    Sidney Rice
    Mike Williams
    Zach Miller
    John Carlson

    For fun, let’s throw in rookie Kris Durham as the third WR.

    At 6’4″, Sidney Rice would be the shortest eligible receiver on the field.

    At this point, the defense better hope TJack is as bad as everyone claims, because there will be a favorable matchup somewhere on the field.

  9. Now WHY would Raider players be so loyal to Cable? Cable did his best, but the Raiders lost games to the Cards, 49ers, Jags, & the Dolphins which they arguably should have won.

    They swept their division, then could only manage to beat the Rams & Seachix??!!

    When you are in the habit of being blacked out 6 times a yr, then show up at home & STINK THE JOINT OUT against the Dolphins, somebody’s gotta pay for it. The Texans couldn’t stop anybody last yr. They show up in Alameda & STOMP the Raiders at home? I dunno. It just seemed like the players were just not ready to play that day.

    Rashad Jennings is a RB for the Jags. He is probably the slowest RB in the NFL. He went 70 yds UNTOUCHED against the Raider D. It took him 30 seconds to do it. Jags stormed back & stole a game they arguably should have lost.

    Somebody has to pay for that.

    jus’ sayin’

  10. Hmm… If the Raiders already had a deal that was all but signed, looks like miller’s agent has shopped it around. Mr Davis is a hardass with a lot of pride. He won’t be held hostage. If the Water-Chickens beat his deal, he probably won’t counter.

  11. Obviously this would be HUGE for the Seahawks. Imagine elite talent at the #3 option of your passing game.

    Not too shabby for a QBOTF to step in and contribute quickly.

    I would think Carlson would get dealt if they land Miller. While Morrah and McCoy are promising, they aren’t in the same stratosphere as Miller.

    If the Hawks nab him, this would be an unbelievable offseason.

  12. 1.) al davis is pissed at zach miller per the comments on behalf of tom cable.
    2.) zach miller is a good te but look around the league and i see alot better……..he had alot of drops l/y, his blocking is below average, his speed is average at best…..
    3.) all raider fans like him because our wr’s suck and as they say a te is the qb best friend in the passing game.
    4.) if we lose him as hue jackson says, next man up……

  13. Al is going to kill someone if Miller sign with Sea. LITERALLY. Thats our best receiver. If he signs…our playoff chances basically go down the drain. We dont even have an option at TE behind Miller besides practice squad types.

    This is so not cool being a Raider fan right now. Please Zach…they have Carlson. You wouldn’t be featured. Since when is Tarvaris Jackson a better QB than Jason Campbell? We have Darren Mcfadden and a D thats on the verge of greatness.

    OAK > SEA by far right now. Jesus God don’t let him slip through your fingers Al




    RULE # 3…….SEE RULES 1 AND 2

  15. Either way Seattle or Oakland his fantasy value will never go up. If he was on a good pass happy team he could possibly put up the best numbers for a TE in the entire league.

  16. T jack is horrible!! Still pissed off about the vikings losing Sidney to the hawks (where receivers go to die). Keep miller in Oakland!!

  17. blackfootkiller says: Aug 1, 2011 7:18 PM

    You people are slow! He is THERE in Seattle right now…Looking over his new contract.

    I keep hearing the same thing that this is a DONE DEAL. Town is buzzing….. talking about it.

  18. alldayvikings: “T jack is horrible!! Still pissed off about the vikings losing Sidney to the hawks (where receivers go to die). Keep miller in Oakland!!”

    Where receivers go to die? Hmm…yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Gotta be the #1 most repeated phrase by sourpuss Vikings fans on this trolle’r’iffic site the past week.

    Hoping Miller stays with Oakland? Your bitterness about losing Rice TOTALLY doesn’t show at all either! I would have never known if you hadn’t told us!

  19. It is interesting half the people think miller is worth it and half don’t. We have Carlson. If our o-line does well, then he won’t need to help protect the qb, he can just go out on passing routes.

  20. @blackfootkiller & pacificnw7722- It is certainly possible your Seahawks have signed Miller. But I somehow doubt it. News travels fast these days, and no one outside of Seattle is “buzzing” about a “done deal.” I really doubt Zach Miller would actually leave Oakland to play for a worse team, unless the Seahawks are offering way more than the Raiders.

    If he leaves Seattle without signing a deal, you both are going to look pretty ridiculous. Kinda like the Seahawks under Pete Carroll.

  21. Very nice, I like this move. He will make a great addition to our squad. With Robert Gallery, Russel Okung, James Carpenter and Max Unger on our O-Line now…

    Okay we are not going to the super bowl this year. We Seattle-ites know it. But Carroll and Schneider are doing a hell of a job rebuilding our team and they are starting from the ground up. Ooooh we picked up Tavaris Jackson. Big whoop. We know he isn’t the answer to our problems. But now that he has some good protection and a few good targets to throw to and hand off to, well hell I think we could turn some heads. It’s a tough season for us this year (Steelers, Giants, Cowboys, Eagles, Falcons, Ravens, Bears) but I
    think we could pull off a decent year with T-Jack.

    And hey, if we don’t, then we will have a good shot at landing Andrew Luck.

    Either way, go hawks! 12th Man is behind you to the very end!

  22. Now that the Raiders have Wimbley locked up they have the franchise tag available. So if they let Zach Miller go it will because they don’t want him, which I don’t think is the case.

  23. Carlson is an amazing TE and has done everything asked of him and then some. I have heard many coaches say he has the most natural hands of any TE they have seen. Now that we will actually have a line again I anticipate he is going to have the opportunity to return to the form of his rookie season. Finally he shouldn’t have to block so much and can actually do what he does best. Don’t be fooled by his lack of production under Hass. This guy is about to explode. I see no reason however, why we can’t pick up another amazing player Seattle runs a lot of 2 TE sets.

  24. John Carlson and Zach Miller??!!! Can you say the best TE duo in the NFL!!! I WILL…but no one else will cause we’re stuck up here in Alaska right?! I would like this move…T Jack will take some time to adjust, so why not provide him w/ some weapons all over the field? If we signed Miller we have two TE’s who are more than capable of catching the ball, our Running backs are the same, with are TRIPLE TOWER WR duo now who knows…the only question I have is the line….it is young, but with Cable as the coach I’m confident we are on to something here in Seattle…maybe not this year, BUT LOOK OUT FOR US DOWN THE ROAD!!!!

  25. Ask Franco Harris et al : seattle is where careers go to die.

    Miller would, like Rice, make short-term $ but kill his career.

    Seattle does have a little better receiving corps at this point–compared to TJ’s early days with MN, but still, no running game, questionable line (Okung won’t be in the league in 5 years–lookit his stance and how fragile he is), and little in the way of defense.

    Furthermore, where is Carrol’s philosophy of football? Is anyone reminded of those Detroit years where they focused on receivers, almost exclusively? The word is Carrol wants to run the ball…but who does that for them? Lynch? hmmm….

    TJ was installed as the starter at the behest of Bevell with the idea that giving him the role would boost his confidence and he would become a quarterback–like Eli seemed to do several years ago: he started to believe the hype about himself and he became that guy.

    But fundamentally, confidence is not what TJ lacks: he needs a brain that can read a defense and an arm that can respond to said brain.

    Bevell doesn’t see that and he has made Carrol similarly blind.

  26. I was just reminded that Z. Miller was a pick of Mr. Davis’ favorite ex-head coach. The great Lane “Young Lance” Kiffin.
    It’s possible he’s not trying very hard to keep him…

  27. birdsnooper2 says:Aug 2, 2011 12:48 AM

    Ask Franco Harris et al : seattle is where careers go to die.

    Funny. Mike Williams was reborn there.

  28. Ha Ha Ha Ha!…. I love the feable attempts these Sea-chix fans are making at trying to sound vicious toward the Silver & Black… Moving out the AFC West was the ONLY way your franchise could even come close to being dominant in a division… Plus to disrespect Al Davis who is an icon in the NFL is just absurd… Just like the Chargers fans, things you say are irrelevant until you win a couple of championships…

  29. Sorry, Seahawks fans. No Zach Miller for you. So much for all the talk of a done deal. He’ll be back in Oakland soon.

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