Kyle Orton trying to overcome “The Tebow Thing”


In Miami, they are chanting Kyle Orton’s name.

It’s hard to imagine Broncos fans doing the same, but Orton’s teammates sure seem to appreciate the guy.’s Jim Trotter wrote about the unspoken reality after the start of Broncos training camp: The players can see that Orton gives the team the best chance to win.

“How could the front office — and [John] Fox, by extension — even consider moving Orton when the gap between him, [Tim] Tebow and Brady Quinn has been as wide as the initial debt-reduction plans of Democrats and Republicans?” Trotter writes.

Trotter says many Broncos veterans shake their head at the notion Orton could be dealt.

“It’s the Tebow Thing,” wideout Brandon Lloyd said. “They’ll put Kyle on the trading block because they don’t want to deal with the Tebow Thing. But it’s not going to end until [Tebow] plays. The faster they get this Tebow Thing over with, one way or the other …”

Lloyd said he would be “pissed” if Orton was dealt, but he’s also thought about life with Tebow. More than anything, it sounds like Broncos players want clarity.  Lloyd said he practiced differently this offseason expecting Tebow to be the guy.

“Running routes is easy, especially with a pure drop-back passer like Orton. But with Tim the ball is going to be coming from different spots and different angles. That takes getting used to,” Lloyd told Trotter.

Broncos VP John Elway seems to understand that they can’t fix the quarterback competition. Orton is taking all the first team snaps now.

“Before I got here, we heard different things about the situation down in the locker room, and obviously we don’t want that to be a problem. But where we are right here is, Kyle’s here and the best guy is going to play. There’s no question that the locker room means a lot to me and a lot to John Fox. Players know players, and they want the best opportunity to win,” Elway said.

If the Broncos were going to trade to Orton, they should have done it before training camp started.  Orton bet on himself by helping to scuttle the deal to Miami.

At this point, that bet is paying off.

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  1. Tebow isn’t ready and it is obvious to everyone at practice. To every writer covering the team to every player trying out. Tebow doesn’t know how to play this position, his position in college was far different. Maybe one day he will be able to compete but he by his own admittance still needs to work on dropping back and timing routes. You can’t work on that in real time and expect to get it down. Tebow is still a least a year away from starting. If he played RB in college the fan base wouldn’t be so eager to throw him in there, this isn’t too far off that.

  2. Orton isn’t a bad QB. He is just far from a great QB and he could never be counted on by a team looking to push far into the post season.
    Even if Orton is clearly playing better than Tebow right now, Denver needs to see what Tebow can do so they can move on if he is a bust.
    Its not a matter of who is playing better right now between them, but how many years will Denver dink around with these two before they realize neither of them are “franchise quarterbacks”
    If Tebow is the future lets see it, if not, get both of these turkeys out of Denver.

  3. “The players can see that Orton gives the team the best chance to win.” No isht…ha ha ha

  4. as a packer fan…alot can be gained from having a guy sit back a few yrs. that being said, Rodgers wasnt expected or paid to be the future/face of the organization until AFTER he proved himself.
    -I say let him sit back, but its not my money he’s being paid.

  5. So John Elway told his players to hype up Orton as much as possible to raise his trade value so he can get a better offer from Miami.

    Got it.

  6. Orton vs God……Orton prolly loses…Too bad because he is a pretty decent QB….Can’t blame that record last year on him…They were an awful mess all the way around..

  7. Why would Denver want to get rid of a better player for a guy that is an average QB at best?

  8. Okay, the bashing Tebow for his religion thing is way beyond old. I know you think your funny, but your just showing everyone your an idiot.

    What is this middle school? Grow up.

  9. Orton is going to walk next year anyway, trade him, get something for him, start Tebow, if he shows he’s got it, good, if not, great group of QB’s next year, if he’s no good should finish low enough to get one!

  10. All these glowing reports about the incredible production of guys like Orton and Ochocinco last year – how quickly we forget that for those two guys, most of that production was during mop-up time in games in which their teams were getting blown out.

    The fact is, if Orton had produced in the first three quarters of games last year and kept his team competitive, he would not be the subject of trade talk right now.

  11. It’s simple….the Broncos overpaid (3 draft picks….4 if you include the one they used to pick Tebow). Now they are forced to use Tebow or admit that they risked too much on him.

    Everyone else in the league seems to understand that Orton played well last year. Well enough to earn the right to compete for the top-spot. However, Bronco fans don’t want to admit that signing Tebow may have sent their organization back a few years.

  12. Only the youth of today would make Stars out of no talent people like Paris Hilton, the 3 sisters on TV and others.

    The Denver Fans must be real slow pokes if they have a guy that looks as bad as Tebow at practice while Orton is tearing it up yet they call for Tebow. What kind of show they running over there.

    My hope is they trade Orton and start Tebow as I am not a Denver Fan. Start Tebow, the nes Paris Hilton of the NFL lol

  13. Orton wins a superbowl if he’s starting on the right team. Period. Tebow?

    He wins a superbowl if he’s on the bench on the right team.

  14. Orton is the best player on the practice field. Orton gives you the best chance to win. Orton throws a catchable ball. Orton is a pure passer. Orton is underrated. Orton is on the top of some general manager’s wish list. Orton will give you 300 yards, if you let him throw the ball 50 times. Orton is solid in the first three quarters of every football game. In Orton’s last game as a Bronco (against Arizona’s vaunted defense), he went 19-41 for 166 yards, 46.3 completion average, 4.0 yards per catch, 0 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, for a quarterback rating of 27.1….The game before that against the Chiefs and their oft spoken of defense was just as pathetic. Look at the games. Look at the stats. Orton is garbage. That’s why they put Tebow in. And that’s why this is all smoke and mirrors.

  15. Let me see if I understand this correctly,

    “Orton isn’t a bad QB. He is just far from a great QB and he could never be counted on by a team looking to push far into the post season.”

    What has Tebow done to prove that he can be counted on to push far into the post season?

    Orton’s rookie year he led an offense well enough to not screw things ups while the defense took them to post season.

  16. Im done defending Henne after the past few practices i dont know if its because hes scrimaging against a good defense or he just flat out sucks but i rather still not get Orton because it will put us in a better situation to get landry jones or andrew luck. Getting Orton hell most likely lead us to another 7, 8 win season putting us in another crappy spot on the board

  17. I agree, Daniel.

    This is a great sales job being done here. I watched almost every Orton game last year and he was exactly what I, and D coordinators, expected. He is not going to shred a good D, a la the top tier QBs.

    Orton does not handle pressure well, and isn’t good against the Blitz. It’d be one thing if he had Brady level accuracy, but he doesn’t.

    Tebow is more raw. However, the guy is a gamer and you see many plays where Orton would be eating turf that he keeps alive with his feet. He also has a much stronger arm than Orton, but he needs to work on his accuracy..

    If I were a Broncs fan I’d be clamoring for Tebow. He has a chance to take that team to the promise land. Orton can drive the ship, but you aren’t getting an X factor there or a top tier prototype pocket passer.

  18. Orton will lead your offense well enough to not screw things up while the defense takes you to the postseason? Great. Problem is Denver hasn’t had a good defense since the 70s. Therefore, we need a quarterback that will do more than “not screw things up”. Man, you guys just don’t get it. Nobody wants Orton. He’s the only quarterback available that no team in the NFL really wanted. Get it? And we don’t want him in Denver either. Smoke and MFIN mirrors! You guys will believe anything you read. Check the stats! Check the last two games Orton started. He’s garbage. You can have him for a paper clip and a dirty napkin. We’ll even pay his salary. Enjoy.

  19. Absolutely NO ONE was bagging on Kyle Orton this hard when they were 6-0 in McDaniels’ God-forsaken first year (minus his sexual offender beard). You saw what he’s done at the beginning of games when the score’s still 0-0. He’s pretty stinking good. But constantly having to come from behind in the second half just isn’t a recipe for success, unless your name is Peyton Manning or a QB of that caliber. The real problem the front office faces is repeating the same mistake McDaniels did: not addressing the defensive side of the ball. There were opportunities to draft/sign some legit talent at the weakest point of the D (DL) and they sat on their hands and waited. Sure, Bunkley’s an intriguing option, as is Harvey/Jarmon. But with guys like Marcel Dareus, Nick Fairley, Barry Cofield and others not suiting up in orange and blue, it makes you wonder WTF they’re really thinking right now in Dove Valley.

  20. Why do they keep asking that fool Brandon Lloyd for interviews? a while ago he was all in for Tebow..

  21. The fact that Orton is light years ahead of Tebow and Quinn tells me that Tebow and Quinn must be playing like a couple of powder puff girls. It doesn’t matter how much better orton is. Its like being the best actor on a day time soap opera.. you’re still a crappy actor.

    Orton is not the answer he doesnt have a clutch bone in his entire body. DUMP HIM! Give Tebow a shot and if he sucks then you know that you need to start looking at drafting a QB. By the way when did anyone care what Brandon Lloyd thinks? One year of not completely sucking and he is suddenly the voice of the team? He needs to shut his mouth and concentrate on not sucking.

  22. Didn’t Miami learn their lesson when they dropped pursuit of Drew Brees who joined the Saints?

  23. Any Denver fan who thinks Tebow should start probably also thinks Sarah Palin would be a good President. Just sayin’…don’t take their opinion too seriously

  24. Someone in the front office needs to grow a set and name a starting QB, and trade/cut/bench anyone who is not a part of their long term plans. The circus in Denver has moved from the sidelines (a la McDaniels), to the front office.

  25. Wblind would think Tebow can play QB is beyond me. He is a TE or FB waiting to happen. It seems nobody has the stones to tell him what everybody else knows.

  26. with Tim the ball is going to be coming from different spots and different angles. That takes getting used to,” Lloyd told Trotter

    Yeah- different angles like 3 feet over your head, 2 feet behind you, 2 inches above your shoelaces, or if you’re standing 5 feet from him, 175 mph through the center of your chest.

    It’s awesome that Bowlen cleans house and installs a new management team and then saddles them with a system QB they didn’t even draft just because the previous regime gave up so much to get him.

    Have fun with that.

  27. Ortons the guy, plain and simple. I hope the front office and coaching staff doesn’t let the media and fans pressure them into starting TeBum!

    I like Orton and I believe he will stay and have a productive season.

  28. Orton is the most underrated QB in the league. I hope he doesn’t get traded to Miami. I don’t know why all these teams keep giving the guy the shaft.

  29. So, Orton gives you the best chance to win?

    2010 – Orton as a starter 3-10
    2010 – Tebow as a starter 1-2

    Let’s not make Orton out to be the second coming of Brady or Manning. For all his perfect timing, fast delivery, and crisp throws…..the guy won 3 games last year in a pass friendly offense. You know what you’re getting with Orton. I say give Tebow a shot. If he’s horrible and does not progress through the year, then start looking at the draft for next year. This team isn’t going to win many games with either of them as the quarterback.

  30. Bronco fans pretty much ran Cutler out of town because he “wasn’t Elway”. Same with Jake Plummer. Now it’s Orton.

    Get over yourselves. You’re not entitled to a HOF quaterback on every team you have. These fans are classless, which is disappointing, as this is a sweet town.

  31. Orton is not going to take a team anywhere. He’s horrible on 3rd down and he’s horrible in the 4th quarter. He just simply can’t perform when the pressure is on.
    Tebow on the other hand does perform when the pressure is on, he loves it. He’s a winner and I don’t understand how all you people on here like to just criticize him for his faith instead of his football play.
    Last year he won a game after the team was hanging their heads from a horrible season, and better yet was trailing at half time. Oh and with no running game, defense, or a head coach. Pretty good for a rookie if you ask me.
    Brandon Lloyd needs to shut his mouth and just play with whatever QB the team goes with. He just likes Orton because last year he had his coming out year after 8 years in the league. So shut up Brandon.
    Go Tebow! Go Broncos!

  32. the broncos are kind of in a tough place. If dealing Orton can give them a player or good draft pick that can improve there horrible team then it’s worth it,but I’m not sure anyone would want that. they are better off just keeping him this year and he is either going to start one more year and show people how good or bad he can be or be an angry, not neccesarily publicly angry, back up. to be fair to Tebow, he looked better than alot of people said he would, but another year of at least not having to be the starter is probably good for him. i think there were a number of teams hoping to pick up Orton for a song, and the broncos knew he was worth more than that.

  33. Maybe Orton should be trying to “overcome” helping the Broncos to their worst record since the 60s. Or maybe he should be trying to overcome the fact that he’s never finished a full season. Or possibly he could try overcoming that phantom sack/crumble in the pocket when slightly pressured thing. Or the fact that in a league desperate for quarterbacks, he will never see his big payday and is doomed to be a stopgap journeyman for the rest of his career. Tebow is the least of his problems, really.

    As for Lloyd, he bends to whichever way the wind is blowing. This summer he couldn’t say enough good things about Tebow – who was flying Lloyd around on his dime to work out – but now he’s “pissed off” about the “Tebow thing”. Great teammate right there.

  34. Just so we’re all on the same page with all things regarding Kyle Orton:

    1. He had a passer rating of 97.5 on anything 15+yds or more. To say that Tebow can run and make plays, but in the same sentence, say he needs to work on his accuracy. Um, is he a QB or a RB? If a QB isn’t accurate, how does that put a team in a better position to win? What it does do is run the risk of a big defensive play or getting your WR’s killed in traffic.

    2. All of this talk about how Orton doesn’t have a clutch bone in his body? Yet, he’s lead several almost comebacks in his career, some not of his own doing(vs ATL in ’08), and has had a handful of come from behind victories in his career.

    3. Name the last mobile QB to win a Super Bowl.

    4. Wins and losses are a team stat, not an individual stat. Kyle Orton was on pace, at one time during the season, to shatter Marino’s single season passing record. Regardless if the circumstances, he was the ONLY option that Denver had on offense. So, if you know that Denver is passing, and the guy still had a 2-1 TD/Int ratio, what does that say for how well Orton knows the offense or how well Orton is overall?

    5. In 2008, Bears had a horrible defense and yet that team finished 9-7 and lost a tiebreaker to Atlanta to miss the playoffs. That same year, Orton lead the Bears to, what should’ve been a comeback win against Atlanta. The reason they lost was because Lovie Smith overcoached. Orton lost the game while on the sidelines. Is that Orton’s fault? No.

    6. Before coming to Denver, Orton had a total of 2 career losses at home.

    7. Before last year, Orton had a better winning pct, more wins, and never had a losing season, which his better than his predecessor could’ve said at that time.

    8. Who was the person before Tim Tebow to have the most jersey sales? How has that person’s career done?

    9. Who is the only Denver QB who has had more consecutive 400 yd passing games than Kyle Orton?

    10. Finally, it is the job of any organization to win. Winning puts fans in the seats. It is the organization’s job to put the best team out there in order to win. If anyone really thinks that Tim Tebow, regardless if he’s the “future” or not, puts Denver in the best position to win over Kyle Orton, then you might as well admit that you’re a Tebow fan and renounce your Denver Broncos fan card.

  35. BroncoNick….or should I say TebowNick. When a defense knows you’re going to throw, do they even attempt to cover the run? And when you’re at the goal line and your options are to pass, pass, and pass, there is a 5 yd window to complete a pass while everyone is bearing down on you. If Denver had a run game worth even talking about, those 3rd down conversions wouldn’t be so hard.

    It’s much easier to defend against something you know that’s coming than it is against something that you don’t.

  36. Why does anyone think that Tebow has a strong arm?

    He short-arms throws and couldn’t hit a deep out if the Book of Revelations depends on it.

    Yes, he is a gamer. But so was Doug Flutie

  37. turdfurguson2 says:Aug 2, 2011 11:33 AM

    The fact that Orton is light years ahead of Tebow and Quinn tells me that Tebow and Quinn must be playing like a couple of powder puff girls.

    Hey! Get my favorite cartoon right! It’s Powerpuff Girls, not Powder puff girls.

    And they had supernaturally awesome powers! So comparing someone to them is a complement.

  38. Denver knows what they have in Orton. He’s above average, but can’t seem to come from behind to win. With a defense that can’t stop a bad check this is not a good thing.

    Barring some sort of miracle Denver is not going to the playoffs this year. It can’t hurt to give Tebow a full season to turn himself in to the Franchise QB Denver is desperate for. If he fails, Denver at least knows that they need to look elsewhere. If he’s bad enough, we can welcome Andrew Luck to the team next April.

  39. Almost comebacks mean, tool, that when you’re winning based on a comeback, and then you lose sitting on the sidelines, or when you lead your team back to tie the game, only to lose while, again, sitting on the sidelines.

    Almost comebacks.

  40. Actually, paulymugs, with a weak schedule this year, Denver has a good shot to get to the playoffs. Bal/Pit and NYJ/NE have to beat each other up to where if Denver plays it right, they can pick up the scraps.

    They’ll finish anywhere between 8-8 and 11-5.

    I just love how Bronco fans would rather just eat this season to hope that a QB like Luck pans out than try and have a winning season.

    Logic falls flat in Denver I guess.

  41. It makes perfect sense to start Tebow. I for one, believe he has potential, & I am trying to understand what he has or hasn’t done, to make everyone think he is a bust..Start him, if in fact he is a bust, scoop up the QB from the school John Elway attended in next years draft. Now, Ive been a Bronco fan since I watched “The Drive” on a 12 inch black&white TV so many years ago. I truly think there are many more problems than just the QB situation. But since its what everyone is talking about I’ll give my opinion that Orton is ok but will never be anyones franchise qb, we KNOW that, so give Tebow a chance to prove himself, so everyone will KNOW for sure. I think he will surprise alot of people, & one thing is certain, he has heart, & sometimes thats enough…

  42. Hey captainslapnuts…you are really just plain f’ing nuts if you think the Donks can even come close to sniffing the playoffs…with or without Orton.

    I just love how some Donkey fans would rather smoke tree than actually know a thing or two about the game.

  43. How many wins does potential get? And again, the fact that you’d sacrifice this season to draft another QB who has potential is ridiculous.

    I think you, as a fan jjbadd, will take Orton not being a franchise QB if he is the QB for the Broncos in the playoffs.

    This notion that Tebow is the only person alive who has heart is insulting to 99% of the football players.

  44. mmmpieyummy, really? Look at their soft schedule. They play the AFC East and the the NFC North and the other last place teams in the AFC. Cincy, Tennessee, Buffalo, Miami, Minnesota, Detroit, and Chicago are wins. Split the division and that makes 10 right out of the gate. Even if they lose one to one of the North teams or don’t split one of the division winners, that’s still a winning season.

    I also have them beating the Jets, as they almost did last year if it weren’t for a bogus PI call.

  45. @captainslapnuts
    So you’re saying when you’re down near the goal line that you would rather have Kyle Orton a 1 deimensional QB over Tim Tebow who can both run and pass. Trust me I’ve seen the effects of having a mobile QB that roll out on a PA boot and confuse defenses. How do you think we got to the 2005 AFC Championship with Jake Plummer.
    I know that Denver is going to run the ball better under coach Fox, and the defense is improving already. But as for me I would love to have a QB that is a dual threat against defenses. One more thing to look out for.
    So tell me… what has Kyle Orton done to prove that he is better than Tim Tebow?
    I assume you’re one of the very many that aren’t willing to give Tebow a shot to excel in this league. You can’t expect him to learn more and grow more as a QB if you don’t play him in real games.
    Plain and simple it’s TEBOW TIME.
    Thanks Captainslapshisnuts

  46. Fact: Every “almost comeback” ends in a loss. I was at the Orton’s awesome almost comeback against the Rams last year. It was really exciting, and they had the ball with a chance to win at the end. Orton could not cash in.

    Kyle Orton is simply not the long term answer at QB for the Denver Broncos. EFX knows that. What they don’t know (nor does anybody else, frankly) is whether or not Tim Tebow is the answer. Part of me thinks that Timmy could use another season on the bench, and that Kyle should start because he definitely gives them the best chance to win. However, another part of me thinks the Broncos aren’t going to be very good this year, regardless of who plays QB, so might as well get Tebow out there and see what he can do so as to make the decision easier for next year (when Orton certainly will not be here).

  47. “If anyone really thinks that Tim Tebow, regardless if he’s the “future” or not, puts Denver in the best position to win over Kyle Orton, then you might as well admit that you’re a Tebow fan and renounce your Denver Broncos fan card.”

    So because we don’t like going 8-8 and 4-12, and we are aware that Tebow’s ceiling could be much higher than Kyle Orton’s that makes us a Tebow fan instead of a Broncos fan?
    I’ve been a Broncos fan my whole life. Been through the ups and downs.
    I recall a great QB in Denver that struggled his first year and now is the King of the town.
    If you REALLY think that Kyle Orton is the answer for Denver to get back winning superbowls then you are sadly mistaken. Kyle Orton has reached his potential and has shown what he’s all about.
    He’s all about choking in the game when it really matters. He’s all about throwing for hundreds in a game and putting a whole 7 points on the board.
    Tebow has more potential and is a better worker/leader than Kyle Orton will ever be.
    So don’t go around saying you are a better Denver Broncos fans than others just because you like a mediocre QB for your team.
    We have to see what Tebow can do, get rid of Orton. And I can guarantee you we will never say “Oh we should have never gotten rid of that Orton guy… he was really something special.”

  48. So tell me… what has Kyle Orton done to prove that he is better than Tim Tebow?

    Wrong question. What has Tebow done to prove that he is better than Orton? Orton has NOTHING to prove to Tebow.

    You can’t expect him to learn more and grow more as a QB if you don’t play him in real games.

    You can’t? See Rogers, Aaron. See Rivers, Phillip. See Schaub, Matt.

    Three examples right there.

  49. Kyle Orton has reached his potential and has shown what he’s all about.

    Hasn’t Orton had two career years in Denver? How has he reached his potential exactly?

    Tebow has more potential and is a better worker/leader than Kyle Orton will ever be.

    There’s that potential word again. Tebow also has the potential to flop. What makes someone a better leader/worker? I think that’s an insult not only to Orton, but to many NFL players out there. If Tebow was such a great worker, then why hasn’t he closed the gap? Leaders don’t have to be rah rah guys and no leader I know was ever a 3rd stringer.

  50. You’re dreaming if you think the Broncos are going 8-8 this year. Any QB you like. No way.

    Certainly not beating the Bears. And probably not Detroit or Buffalo either.

  51. You can’t expect him to learn more and grow more as a QB if you don’t play him in real games.

    You can’t? See Rogers, Aaron. See Rivers, Phillip. See Schaub, Matt.


    Did you know these guys were going to be as great as they are before they stepped on the field??
    You never know until you try.

    You can’t expect a 2nd year pro to look better in the first week of training camp then a 7 year vet.
    Oh and BTW he’s played more than the 2 years in Denver. Not sure if you know he played in Chicago too.

    I just don’t get why people like YOU aren’t willing to give him that chance. Mr. Rivers, Rodgers, and Shaub all sat the bench behind their veteran players as well, but at some point they were given the opportunity to play and succeed.

    Rivers sat behind Brees. It’s safe to say they are both elite, so how could that not be the same situation we have in Denver. I’m not saying Orton is horrible, but I’m not about to say Tebow is… especially since he hasn’t had a real chance yet. He had 3 games last year and did pretty well for a horrible TEAM with no Coach.

  52. For all those who say “We need to find out what Tebow can do.”

    What are you going to find out about a guy who can’t drop back and read a defense? You expect him to learn some of the basic fundamentals of playing QB and perform well enough to show you his potential. Sorry but that is impossible. If you play Tebow now you will learn nothing about his potential because he isn’t even good enough to show you that. He needs to learn the QB position. He didn’t play this position in college. He played a whole different type of QB. Can he learn and become good through hard work? Sure but you better give him time because right now he will just get embarrassed.

  53. Nope, I said every “almost comeback” (a term that you invented and I am going to start using as an advanced statistic in my new qb rating system) ends in a loss. That’s why it’s almost, yo. The Tennessee game was an actual comeback, because they won. You see the difference there, right?

  54. @buckybadger
    He threw for over 9,000 yards, 88 Td’s, and 16 Int’s in college. Is that the “different” type of QB you’re talking about.
    Or is it the fact that he also AT THE SAME TIME broke rushing records and won 2 national championships and a Heisman?
    I’m confused….
    Is it because his senior year he completed 64.4% of his passes for 2746 yards, 30 Td’s and only 4 Int’s? In the SEC at that.
    Stop saying the dude can throw the ball… he can!
    If Denver never plays him and they get rid of him it could be the worst decision they’ve ever made.
    He wins, plain and simple.

  55. Sorry BroncoNick but Tebows getting his chance and hes blowing it.

    Hes going up against bonafide NFL QB and hes blowing it.

    Do you think that anyone at training camp for the broncos gives a damn what Tebow did in college ? How far do you think that any player at that camp will get trying to use what they did in college as a reason they should be a starter in the NFL ?

    If you didnt know better you wouldnt even know that we played a season last year because the same problems Tebow had before the draft are the same ones he has right now Ive never heard of anyone practicing something 18 consecutive months and then not being any better at than when they started .

    Tin is probably two years away from challenging any QB not named Smith,Henne,Anderson.

    You have no one to blame but mcdaniels because he shouldnt have been taken in the first rd to begin with and now Tebowners have taken over Mile high and basically talked him up all season that he was ready to play QB in the NFL buts its painfully obvious that hes not yet .

    This doesnt mean he will never be a QB but people saying that Fox and Elway should flat out make a fool of themselves by playing someone they know is not ready is crazy .

    Tebow sits until after the presidential election and then we will see how far he go with 3 years of practice because obviously 1 1/2 aint enough .

  56. I think kyle Orton is Screwing the broncos. He’s gna leave next year any ways. He’s not going to restructure for a trade. He is just pissing on the broncos he noes he’s not the future in denver I see it as hate for tebow and the denver organization. So I hope the teamates who u say see him as the best for denver realize this.

  57. @Wilie
    I appreciate you stance, but how can you judge a 2nd year QB in the first week of camp in a shortened off-season and a new system?
    Orton is a perfect practice QB, maybe the best out there. But when it comes to game situations he can’t come through.
    I posted his college stats to show that he can indeed throw… I just think that sometimes people think that he literally can’t throw a football. He can, and he’s good.
    I’m not expecting Tebow to come out and be an All Pro his 1st season, but he’s got to have a chance to start sooner or later.
    If Orton starts we are maybe at best an 8 or 9 win team.
    With Tebow say because of his lack of experience we win 6 games… well at least he’s getting in there and learning and maturing at the position.
    Let him play, and he won’t let you down. He just doesn’t do that. He will win, it’s in his blood, it’s what he lives for.

  58. All I’m saying, is Orton clearly will never be elite, & I think that is pretty much agreed on by mostly everyone that is posting on here. Im not sure if Tebow is, or will be an elite qb in the NFL. So since they know Orton isn’t the answer, then take him out of the equation. They used their pick on Tebow, so what should they do, just get rid of him without finding out what he can do? Give him his chance & get on with it. I believe Tebow will be a good player, call me crazy, but I feel he is a winner. In reality, with either QB, Orton or Tebow, they have about the same chance. Especially when we suffer through Denver’s secondary this year! One of the biggest weaknesses that hasn’t been addressed.

  59. we know what orton is capable of, we dont know what tebow capable of… I say put in tebow, see what the broncos got. As much as I hate to say it, broncos are doing anything this year anyway. Here is a thought broncos, the “franchise” qb is not yet on the roster. Bring back Jake the snake Plummer.

  60. For the love of God orton take your horribly mediocre talents to south beach and let tebow take over the nfl

  61. Simply put Denver knows what they have in Orton, a mediocre QB who wont win any games for you him self. Fans are clamoring for Tebow because they are attracted to his potential.

  62. vonmillerglasses says: Aug 3, 2011 4:14 AM

    For the love of God orton take your horribly mediocre talents to south beach and let tebow take over the nfl.
    I’m trying not to laugh, because if you happen to be serious – why that is just, just sad. You leave me wondering is Tebow is switching to FB or TE or if there’s an open glue container near you.

  63. hey bronco nick, college numbers dont translate to the nfl as much as you think: heres a look at some “amazing” nfl qbs over the past few decades in their heisman seasons

    matt leinhart- 28 tds 8 int
    troy smith- 30 tds 6 int
    jason white-35 tds 9 ints
    chris weinke- 33 tds 11 ints
    danny weurfell- 33 tds 13 ints
    charlie ward-27 tds 4 ints

    among many others

    college numbers do not equal nfl success

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