Bryant McKinnie gets the boot

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Nearly a decade after the Vikings memorably drafted tackle Bryant McKinnie, the team has decided to let the veteran loose.

PFT’s Mike Florio reports via a league a source that McKinnie was released on Tuesday.

“Its been fun,” McKinnie wrote on Twitter.

Ultimately, dealing with McKinnie was no longer fun for Minnesota. He reportedly showed up to camp “extremely” out of shape and overweight, which forced the Vikings to place him on the “NFI” (non-football injury) list.  He was due $5.6 million in total pay for 2011 and his play had fallen off quite a bit in 2010.

The Vikings anticipated this move. They went aggressively after Jermon Bushrod before he re-signed in New Orleans.  They signed Charlie Johnson on Monday and he will likely handle the left side.

McKinnie had a very good run overall in Minnesota, but this should have been a fairly cut and dried decision for the Vikings.

UPDATE: Leslie Frazier commented on the move: “”This decision, while not an easy one, is in the best interests of our football team as we move forward.”

78 responses to “Bryant McKinnie gets the boot

  1. He’s going to be 32 years-old. Someone’s going to pick him up immediately, nevertheless…

  2. This move is WAY past due. Just sucks we couldn’t have traded him for something. Should have done it when he still had some value after his last pro bowl (which he skipped btw).

  3. They should have put him on the D-line to substitute for the cheater Williams’ twins.

  4. Charlie Johnson on the blind side may get McNabb killed. his release and ability to read the field, isn’t quite what Manning’s is. Peyton makes his o-lineman look better than they really are.

  5. There really isn’t any reason for any fan to like McKinney. Whether it’s his half-assed approach, his initial holdout as a rookie, late night fights in a convenience store, or getting kicked out of the Pro Bowl, he hasn’t given anyone a reason to be a fan of his. Not sad to see him go

  6. Great move for the Vikes. Hopefully we’ll bring in another solid veteran that can play both guard or tackle to give us some depth.

    The added cap space should be huge.

  7. OMG — for a second there I thought he had unpaid tickets at a local college and his vehicle was locked with a boot. McKinnie is a Scientology deacon at my church.

  8. Why was the 2002 draft memorable for the Vikings? That wasn’t the year they skipped their #7 pick…

  9. Way to go Leslie! This tub of goo was about as worthless as they come. This fat ass ate his way out of the NFL.

    Take the salary cap savings and sign Malcom Floyd to a reasonable contract.

  10. I clearly remember when every draftnik was drooling over Robert Gallery and Bryant McKinnie in back to back years…they both sucked.

  11. Charlie Johnson is alright.

    As a Vikings fan, I applaud the move, but I think more needs to be done to go after a solid offensive line. Even if Johnson turns out to be stellar, our depth is lacking.

    And someone, preferably Loadholt himself, needs to find a way to stop Loadholt from penalties at the line. My God.

  12. Yep i guess that $100,000 bar tab came in handy. His of season consisted of partying and bull….

  13. He must have been in crappy shape if they couldn’t even trade for anything…the ‘skins were able to get something for Haynesworth and McNabb.

  14. melonvoxveritas says:Aug 2, 2011 4:04 PM

    OMG — for a second there I thought he had unpaid tickets at a local college and his vehicle was locked with a boot. McKinnie is a Scientology deacon at my church.


    Is that a joke? This guy has a HORRIBLE reputation, but somehow he’s an empowered church leader?

    Wow, what page of Dianetics references this kind of shannigans?

  15. could play right tackle or guard for another team maybe….. It hurt watching favre drop back last season, at least johnson isn’t slow and fat like mckinney

  16. Didn’t PFT say Johnson wouldn’t beat Massive McKinnie out just the other day? Stop saying it was expected when PFT just wrote the exact opposite !

  17. now he can spend 12hrs a day trying to hook up with Serena Williams instead of 8 to 10

  18. Frazier seems to be walking the high character talk. Didn’t make much news, but a few days ago he indicated that they weren’t interested in Braylon. Now McKinnie is gone. I think they would have had patience with his conditioning if it wasn’t for the baggage. Look for the Bears to pick him up, as Tice was his line coach at the Vikes. If they pass, that will say something.

  19. Wow Vikings fans really hated that guy i guess. Wasn’t he really good uptill last year ??? Didn’t he make a few pro bowls???? Oh well i guess he sucks.

  20. Huge Viking fan.

    Someone will pick him up. He is still better than at least 15 tackles in the league.


    I have never been as happy to get rid of a starter on than Vikings than this.

    Moss might have taken a few plays off and when he did it still took two DB’s out of the play….Bryant took off entire games…never appreciated the opportunity he had.

    So long…won’t miss him…won’t remember him.

    Viking fan

  21. I remember reading a story about this guy back when he was at the U. He played an instrument and didn’t start playing football until 10th grade. He was able to bicep curl 50 lbs dumbells his first time lifting.

  22. It’s sickening to have to admit that the Vikings are actually starting to take a player’s character into consideration.

  23. norsedrew,

    Those are my feelings exactly. Everyone I’ve talked to at work feels the same. Our team might not be as good today as it was yesterday, but I’m thrilled that this big piece of crap is off the team and out of our state.

    Too bad we couldn’t have gotten Bushrod though in hindsight. The Colts guy is servicable but Bushrod as far as I understand is a good player.

  24. @kumiteking

    Absolutely!!! Bring back moss and let him retire like he should. Maybe even give him a chance for a ring.

    Moss…Vikings…2011…3rd time is a charm. He may not be the exact same as the moss of old but he is sure better than berrian and Jenkins and anyone else we could bring in.

    Plus it’s just the right thing to do for him and the right thing to do for the fans who still feel cheated out of last year.

    Let us at least spend one last season rooting for him with our voices, hearts and most importantly to the Viking decision makers …our money. We will buy anything with 84 on it if you bring him back one last time.

  25. im not as hard on mckinnie as everyone else and still think he is one of the better LTs in the league, but i am also not sad that he is gone. i think he did a decent job at the LT but our coaching staff should have also done a better job recognizing when he needed help…mckinnie rarely got help on his side. what else can i say? the guy was never a team player, was always out of shape, was constantly making a scene or getting into trouble and was completely apathetic about everything. guy claimed he was in the best shape of his life after playing tennis all summer and losing weight so this scenario really couldn’t be any more pathetic.
    the only other problem is that we now need more depth on the Oline again.

  26. I disliked Mckinnie’s style as much as the next Vikes fan… and sure he was a headache. However, IMO the vikes line was in serious danger already. Yeah we brought in Charlie Johnson.. but he’s not as good as Mckinnie. Yeah he came into camp outta weight… but he’s going to lose it before the season starts. I get why they made the move… i just don’t know if it was the best decision at this point in the vikes season.

  27. Ok, we just saved $5.6M on McKinney. We let Rice go cause we didn’t wanna pay $8M. And we have Berrian, who was absolutely worthless last year, sitting here at $6.3M. We have plenty of $$ to sign a decent deep threat…otherwise why even bother so sign McNabb. Not even Favre could do anything with all these bums we kept running in & outta here last year (Camarillo, Baskett, Greg Lewis, Javon Walker, Moss….and more, each one was here for like 3 weeks each).

  28. Two comments : 1) McKinnie has the same agent as Rice (Rosenhaus). Is there a connection between Rice leaving to play with T-Jack (laughable decision) and the Vikes cutting McKinnie? Only Vikings management knows. 2) McKinnie tested Frazier by showing up for camp out of shape and overweight. Wheres Chilly put up with McKinnie’s antics, Frazier didn’t. Chilly failed the test; Frazier passed by standing up to one of the team’s most difficult players. As a Vikings fan, I am also comforted by the fact McKinnie lost $750k in bonuses and even if he signs a new deal, it won’t pay close to the $4.9 mil. Ziggy had agreed to pay him. Goodbye you lazy bum.

  29. norsedrew says:
    Absolutely!!! Bring back moss and let him retire like he should. Maybe even give him a chance for a ring.
    Oh, I get it….. If you sign with the vikes you get a team ring or something….gotcha….

  30. mikemccarthyisfat:
    “Its been fun”

    Did he get cut or just leave Old Country Buffet?
    Way to steal Common Man’s joke!

  31. i would say that the vikings were getting better, but they signed McNabb… so i just cant say that with a straight face.

    McKinnie might be a fat slob, but wait til you get a load of McNabb huffin & puffin in the 4th….

  32. Leslie Frazier means business. This should have been done immediately after the sex boat scandal. It would have been painful at the time but we’d have a left tackle by now.

  33. He was out of shape… 400 lbs +, and he wouldnt restructure his contract. These are the facts. The rest is all speculation.

  34. mattyjp23 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 4:05 PM
    Why was the 2002 draft memorable for the Vikings? That wasn’t the year they skipped their #7 pick…

    No, that was the year that the Chiefs got their #6 pick in late and the Vikings were criticized for not jumping up and getting their pick in before the Chiefs finally got around to it. Everyone wanted them to jump and get Ryan Sims, a much bigger bust than McKinnie.

  35. I’ve been calling for this for years now. He got what he deserved, by being released. I hope the Vikings add one more OL stud and also sign Floyd or another WR who can actually be consistent. The team has more holes to patch, but this was an intelligent and overdue move. I was sick watching McKinnie go through the motions last year. He was a sieve and rarely opened any lanes for AP.

  36. …and nothing of value was lost.

    chilly gone, now mckinnie. if they get rid of berrian it’ll be the trifecta of “don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you”.

  37. medtxpack says: Aug 2, 2011 4:03 PM

    sucks for some of these guys who gut hurt by being lazy in the lockout….


    Why does it suck for them?

    The didn’t take care of themselves is all on them. Lazy and stupid.

    Have zero sympathy for them.

  38. Two things:

    First it took him way too long become a decent tackle. Second, it was a short-ride at ‘good’ and he went south in 2009 (and was ironically voted into the probowl despite his inadequateat 9-sack-surrendering pass-blocking).

  39. @baned0n that would be awesome… and then Jared Allen could abuse that fat pig much in the same way Peppers and Freeney did anytime they lined up across from him.

    So glad that worthless piece of garbage is gone.

  40. Wouldn’t mind seeing the bears pick him up for the right price… Can’t say all these vikings’ fans posts are encouraging, but our oline is pathetic and just lost 13 years of leadership.

  41. Come on Cardinals get this dude.

    they got like 20 1/2 Mill of cap space for the season.

    put of course Fitz needs to get signed.

  42. Too much crap with him. Love boat, 3-4 arrests, didn’t block good enough. Way overdue. Hope the colts pickup works he wasn’t on that team if he sucks.

  43. Called this one since lockout commenced. Vikings faithful don’t lose faith. Patrick Brown (practice squad), spent the lockout working out at UCF putting on an additional 10 pounds and improving his quickness. Looking for good things out of this young man. 6’5″ and 314.

  44. I’ll never forget reading about McKinnie getting kicked out of the Pro Bowl in 2009 for staying out all night in South Beach and skipping all the meetings and practices. And then running up a $175,000 bar bill last year in the middle of an economic crisis. What a tool. If you want to give your money away, find a good charity. I hope no one gives him a job.

  45. I think he will find a job & if he has something to prove he may even play well.
    Phil Loadholt take note.

  46. Stay strong, Mt. McK. Don’t let these trolls get you down. Nice, the way they stand behind one of their 10 year vets. You vike fans are the best.

  47. If I were coaching any NFL team, and one of my starters showed up to training camp overweight and out of shape…. you know what I’d do? I’d put them on the field. I would have other teams obliterate and embarrass him so bad, he would fake injury or pray for an actual injury just to get off the field. I would then make him publicly apologize to his teammates after the game for their poor performance, and then I would cut him. I’d be out of a coaching gig in probably less than 2 seasons, but I’d go out swinging and have at least done it my way.

  48. theoriginalcaptainmarvel

    Catch up with the rest of the world.

    Berrian’s deal was redone at thevet minimum, that’s why he has NOT practiced yet and can’t under the new CBA until Thursday.

  49. carlgerbschmidt says:
    Aug 2, 2011 9:43 PM

    Stay strong, Mt. McK. Don’t let these trolls get you down. Nice, the way they stand behind one of their 10 year vets. You vike fans are the best.


    Sort of like when Pack fans were referring to James Jones as “scraps” when it looked like he was going to sign with the Vikings, huh? Or when they went after Underwood and Jolly for their indiscretions.

    Truthfully, McKinnie wasn’t a bad LT until 2010. But he never seemed to care enough to be as good as he could/should have been and judging by his antics he didn’t care enough off the field either. It may have taken awhile, but his poor decisions finally caught up to him. Sad thing is…he probably doesn’t care.

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