Buffalo News says Bills are still “embarrassingly cheap”


In the same column in Tuesday’s Buffalo News, the Bills are lauded for their fiscal responsibility when it comes to Paul Posluszny and berated for not trying to win at all costs.

Let’s start with the bad news.

Jerry Sullivan calls the Bills “embarrassingly cheap,” noting that the team is never within $10 million of the salary cap despite not amortizing their signing bonus money for cap purposes.

“A few years from now, [G.M. Buddy Nix] might have a real contender. But if you think the Bills are fully committed to winning right now, you’re kidding yourselves,” Sullivan writes.

We actually like the moves Buffalo has made, picking up Brad Smith, Tyler Thigpen, Nick Barnett, and re-signing Drayton Florence.  But the Bills were outbid on tackle Tyson Clabo, who would have greatly helped a position of need at a relatively low price.  The same price the Bills gave Langston Walker a few years back. (Yikes.)

There is no denying the tackle situation is a problem, but the Bills were smart to replace Poslusnzy with Barnett for much less money.

Sullivan calls Poslusnzy an “average linebacker on his best day” who couldn’t cover a crockpot. He got $42 million from Jacksonville, including $15 million guaranteed.

The Jaguars spent almost $37 million guaranteed and $99.5 million overall on Posluszny, Dawan Landry, and Clint Session.   The Bills may be better off being “embarrassingly cheap.”

60 responses to “Buffalo News says Bills are still “embarrassingly cheap”

  1. Jerry Sullivan embarrasses Buffalo daily. The Bills spend money but unfortunately over the past 10 years it’s been directed at players who haven’t produced enough wins. Wilson has not been willing to spend big money on coaches and front office personnel and that is my biggest complaint. There are other small market franchises who spend less on players but have no problem signing a tier 1 HC. It was dumb luck he hired Polian/Levy and look what that did for the franchise.

  2. So it’s ok for the Bills, who haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999, to be cheap.

    But the Bengals, who have been to the playoffs twice in the last 5 years, are a joke because of their cheap owner?

  3. Please do not quote Sullivan on anything. He is a laughingstock and one of the least credible or respected writers in the region.

    Nix has stated that the team has been mismanaged and needs to be rebuilt through the draft and that FA should be used only to shore up thin positions (which on this team could be any number). Sullivan seems to disregard this and refuses to acknowledge we have a 2nd year GM who is implementing his own rebuilding strategy. That said, i am happy with our offseason, minus the lack of a new RT, as I don’t think Pears is a starter.

    To sum up: Sullivan is a hack. Please choose people with a modicum of respectability if you’re going to report on the Bills. I would suggest Sal Capaccio.

  4. Jerry Sullivan is a big time Buffalo sportswriter hack…….he puts down the Sabres and Bills, never has a decent word to say………He needs to go back to Boston with his buddy Bucky Gleason. Don’t believe a word Sullivan says.

  5. The Bills are the Baltimore Orioles of the NFL. A once proud franchise that has languished in mediocrity for over a decade and has little hope on the horizon.

  6. Sullivan is a curmudgeon that does nothing but crap on the Bills and Sabres no matter what they do.

    Nix could have traded for the entire New England Patriots roster and Sullivan would have found a reason to complain about it.

  7. So the moral of this story is that this “Jerry Sullivan” is a Debbie Downer with an ax to grind against the team he gets paid to cover? Isn’t there one of those in every city?

  8. I think that writers and detractors should leave the Bills alone. They are in a unique position by NFL standards geographically. There’s also a huge hypocrisy in that, when the Bills don’t spend right up to their cap, they get chastised, but when teams spend tons, like my Redskins, they are trying to “buy a championship”.

    The Bills play hard every week. Their fans deserve a winner. Hopefully, they find a way to do that this season in the AFCE.

  9. Why aren’t the Bills going after Zach Miller? They haven’t had a quality TE in almost a decade!!

  10. Don’t understand why they aren’t spending money on one significant Oline signing. They were smart with Poz. My boys the Lions got Tulloch for 3 Million. Wanna bet who has a better year and career going forward! That aside the Bills get a B. You can’t get an A for an offseason where your number one weakness isn’t addressed….and it is because you were being cheap.

  11. Eh… Just ignore Sullivan. I haven’t read the sports section of the Buffalo News in years (and switched to PFT and Rotoworld, of course!)

    He ‘s just filled with opinions………….. terrible, irrelevant opinions I should add.

  12. When you draft guys like Maybin, McKelvin, Whitner, Losman, etc…spending money is the least of your worries. Put that money you WOULD spend on FA’s and get better scouting and player development.

  13. As many others have posted Sullivan is never happy with anything the Bills do. They could win the SB and he would criticize them for taking so long to do it. I wouldn’t put any stock in anything he writes.

  14. bengalsown says: Aug 2, 2011 11:33 AM

    So it’s ok for the Bills, who haven’t been to the playoffs since 1999, to be cheap.

    But the Bengals, who have been to the playoffs twice in the last 5 years, are a joke because of their cheap owner?


    You’ve been to the playoffs twice in the last 20 years, as well. The Bills have been to the Super Bowl bowl 4 times in 21 years. Sure, they lost them, but it’s still better than the Bengirls…

  15. alanboy395 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 11:42 AM
    Would this writer like for the Bills to be like the Redskins of the last decade who spend like crazy and still suck?

    The Redskins have made the playoffs twice in the last six seasons, not great, but also much better than none since 1999. Also, if Buffalo is so much better the way they do it, then why would Shanahan and Marty be freely willing to coach in D.C. and never seriously consider Buffalo?

  16. The Redskins have made the playoffs twice in the last six seasons, not great, but also much better than none since 1999. Also, if Buffalo is so much better the way they do it, then why would Shanahan and Marty be freely willing to coach in D.C. and never seriously consider Buffalo?


    Shanahan is a horrible coach, so who cares? He was willing to coach in Washington simply because he needs an owner who will let him spend up to the cap.

  17. Achap39- we’ve been saying that for years. The front office and coach were replaced last year. Doug Whaley is the new director of player personnel.

    The lone decision-making holdover from those terrible days was Tom Modrak and Nix fired him this year. Look for our picks from last year and this year to be real contributors to the team. Nix helped build the Chargers and we’re all hoping he can do the same in Buffalo.

    MalekMJ- You can offer money, but some players just don’t want to play in buffalo. Sucks for us, but at the end of the day, you can’t force someone to take millions of dollars to go to a team with a poor public perception. The Bills pushed hard for Clabo. The interior OL is ok, but the Ts, RT specifically need help. Hoping the Fins release Vernon Carey and we pick him up!

  18. 2008-2010 total combined tackles:
    (what ILB are paid to do)

    Pos: 372
    Barnett: 179

    And Barnett’s a huge upgrade?

  19. The Bills are cheap. Its okay to over spend on one or 2 major impact guys.

    Buffalo’s offensive line has been abysmal for a decade and (much lke the chicago Bears) there front office almost stubbornly refuses to do anything to fix it.

    No one would have complained about overpaying a little for Clabo or Miller. 2 huge positions of need for Buffalo.

  20. I’m hoping the Jaguars don’t use Poslusnzy to cover anyone. I was under the impression he was brought in to knock the hell out of the running back.

  21. I love me my Bills. HOWEVER, all one needs to know about how cheap they are is to note that there has been no indication that the Bills are interested Zach Miller. They haven’t had a legit starting TE in over 10 years and here’s a young TE that can catch and open up the offense and nothing. It’s miserable being a Bills fan.

  22. @dspyank2k11

    Fully retired from coaching but keep stats for several agencies.

    Injured, not injured, bottom line is Pos makes roughly twice the tackles per games anyway you slice it. That’s why the Pack let Barnett walk.

  23. xstaticonradio says:
    Aug 2, 2011 12:13 PM
    The Redskins have made the playoffs twice in the last six seasons, not great, but also much better than none since 1999. Also, if Buffalo is so much better the way they do it, then why would Shanahan and Marty be freely willing to coach in D.C. and never seriously consider Buffalo?


    Shanahan is a horrible coach, so who cares? He was willing to coach in Washington simply because he needs an owner who will let him spend up to the cap.

    Well, he’s no Chan Gailey, that’s for sure. Too many Super Bowls and victories for that. Buffalo, since they interviewed him, also must disagree with you.

    Ralph Wilson is cheap and Buffalo will be moved to L.A. when he passes. None of that is Dan Snyder’s fault.

  24. It’s a challenge to strike a balance between being cheap and overspending. I can’t complain about the way my Steelers run player personnel, but we’re up against the cap, and I wish we had a little wiggle room. And no one wants to be the Redskins spending $41 million guaranteed and getting nothing in return for Haynesworth.

    The Bills have made some nice moves this week, and they’re a better team than last season’s record. It wouldn’t hurt the local press to be more positive.

  25. Oh I see…..Now Posluszny is average at best. Boy I wasnt hearing that before he left. All I ever heard was that he was a fan favorite. Who are you a fan favorite of now? CJ Spiller?

  26. @ richkotitte

    Wow….nice job using stats from two years instead of one to falsely prove your point. Barnett was out last year. Good job proving you’re a deceptive chode.

  27. I just read this article and it starts out saying Bills were right to not pay for Pozlusny and then too cheap to compete. I am confused, my English teacher used to call information that did not advance my point superfluous and not essential.

    J’Ville committed 45 million to Pozlusny and Buffalo committed 40 Million to Barnett, Brad Smith and Tyler Thigpen. That is a pretty good return on close to the same amount of money.

    But in reality Buffalo should not be major players in Free Agency at this point. Free Agency is best used as icing on the cake. Once you have the foundational pieces in place you put the finishing touches on with free agents. You have to build your roster through the draft and Buffalo completely overhauled their front office in the last two years and is committed to doing that.

    The reality is for a passionate and win starved fan base that is tired of losing, yet another tear down and rebuild seems a pointless piece of surgery, but reality has the Bills trending up and by all appearances doing it the right way, from the inside out and not the outside in.

  28. Poz may have had more tackles but they were after getting blown off the ball 7 yards down field.

  29. I think buddy nix is building the team the right way. In a couple years we might be a real contender. What I will never understand is how does Ralph have the patience for ANOTHER rebuilding era. The clock’s ticking Buddy!! P.S. Why don’t the bills go after tatupu and make our linebacking corps (and our D) downright nasty?

  30. davidjarka says:

    Poz may have had more tackles but they were after getting blown off the ball 7 yards down field.


    Yeah? And where was the rest of your defense? On a potty break?

  31. @richkotitte

    You sure you got the right “-ired”? Because if you guage a player on tackels, you were probaly FIRED! About 80% of Poz’s tackles were 3-4 yards down the field. If you like the tackles stat so much, check this one out. Donte Whitner had 140 combined tackles last season, so that means the front 7 (including Poz) allowed 140 ball carriers by them before the tackle was made. A saftey is 8-10 yards deep, you do the math. So if you think tackles will make your defense tick, good luck. And as to being cheap on the O-Line, who would you like us to sign? Gaither, with chronic back issues? I mean come on, the Bills are being wise with their money, I commend them for that.

    @ Kspec
    Well atleast you don’t have to worry about him getting trucked by MJD. Let’s see how he fares up against CJ2K twice a year.

  32. Jerry Sullivan is a joke here in Western NY. He never praises the Bills, even when well deserved. He is “Mr. Negative,” here in Buffalo.

    I think Buffalo did a good job finding Paul Posluszny’s replacement. A better cover LB for much cheaper. Buddy Nix is on his way to building himself a team worthy of a Superbowl run. Go Bills!!!!

  33. This Jerry guy is dumb and he needs to do his homework first. The Bills went hard after Tyson Calbo, Tyson choose The Falcons. He used the Bills to get more money. The Bills are trying hard despite the fact that I think there having a great offseason. There draft was probally one of the best that anyone had this year. The Bills I believe got the best player in the draft. Marcus Daurus will be a beast for years to come just watch Jerry. Your gonna eat those words.

  34. I’m glad that a Miami Dolfan feels pain & suffering. There are many Bills fans who still remember 0 for the 70’s. Payback was sweet!

  35. Ownership might be embarrassingly cheap but atleast ownership dosn’t consist of JLO, Marc Anthony and Fergie. Bills fans will always have that over Dolphin fans.

  36. Is Tyler Thigpen or Fitz the answer at QB? No. This is a QB driven league and if you want to win you need a good one. If I were a Bills fan I would be disappointed heading into a new season with no real starting quality QB. Good draft picks especially for the defense but when will they spend the big bucks to address the QB?

  37. Get a top 15 QB and an offensive line and this team can be good again. Unfortunately they are too cheap to keep their own good players at those positions and definitely too cheap to sign them via free agency. Really a shame.

  38. When hiring or retaining the best management, coaches & players in the NFL, the Buffalo Bills are officially the worst.

    I’d say the one thing has kept Buffalo from winning it all, it’s owner. We’ll keep him in our hearts forever but he’s been trying to teach the good people of WNY that they are poor, so he didn’t have to spend extra. That to me is pure old fashion communism.

  39. I am embarrassed by the comments of the people in buffalo….wake up,the truth hurts….ralph is cheap,11 years of mistakes…go read what you all commented about with donahoe,levy etc……buddy nix is and idiot..he says we are goinb to build thru the draft…what does he do,his first pick he picks another running back…You dont pick running backs in the first round…his top 3 picks last year were awful…..our organization is a joke…..marv levy hoooray go bills…then we make him a general manager…i dont know who was worse,levy or donahoe…hey ralph,you are 94 yrs old…are you taking it with you

  40. Why should jerry sullivan praise the bills…..people of buffalo wake up….just because people are happy makingten dollars and hour and living in buffalo,why are you guys happy just having a team…ralph makes 10. 20 30 million a yeAr…..90 percent of the people who wite on here know nothing about owning businesses or football….wake up

  41. @momentumtech

    Is Cam Newton, Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, or Colin Kapernick the answer? Id take a guy who just threw for 3,000 yds, and 20+ TD’s vs. an NFL caliber D. This team was 35 combined points from 11-5. Yea, they still lost those games, but they were a heck of alot closer with Fitz at the helm than they would have been with Edwards, or some Boom/Bust rookie. I am proud to be a Bills fan, we have had some poor preformances on the part of our players that no amount of money could have solved. I like to see Ralph spending wisely, and Buddy going to get players he wants and he thinks can instantly contribute. I will be happy with 8-8 this season, as I see this as a likley outcome. Next year would be the year I would like to see the bucks spent. And @ralphischeap, wow did this post inspire you to create a handle and comment? You should have thought that one through a bit more.

  42. Poor performances by our players..have you ever played the game…it means you paid for bad football players..it is called,identifying the right talent….they have not had one person in the organization who knows anything about football since polian and butler….It is called drafting 3 running backs in the first round…it is called drafting cj spiller in the first,then paying 10 million to brad smith,another luxury and gimmicky player…spend the money on your offensive and efensive line….but good ole boy buddy knows more then we do…that mansfield wrotto,keith urbik and david pears a re great football players….teams are built inside out….lines,quarterbacks,linebackers and so on….billsrabidfan….11 yeArs of futility,high drfting and we have garbage

  43. @jaxuar

    Yep, and 3 of the top ten, and 4 of the top 15 leading tacklers were on playoff teams…Hmm… Great logic, I’m glad you have a brain.

    Well judging by your typing abilities, Ralphischeap, would assume you have, and got knocked around bit. 10 Mil for a PROVEN game changer works for me. The CJ pick was well warranted. Everybody knocks that pick, but who else should they have taken? Put any one of the other 31 teams in that spot and I would say about 20 of them would have taken Spiller. What 3 runningbacks were 1st round picks? I mean if your going back to McGahee, and you say thats a bust pick, you are way off base my friend. Even Lynch was a solid pick, it’s not the teams fault he was a total idiot, and they did the right thing by shipping him out. And, to me, They are building from the inside out. Drafting Dareus at 3, Shep in the 3rd, moving Wood to center, drafting Hariston. By the way, It’s Kraig Urbik. I can’t even belive you know anything about the Bills, you know Erik Pears is penciled in outside right? So maybe you should do a bit more than just read haters comments before you try to build your own opinion on a franchise.

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