Cameron Jordan comes to terms

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And then there were four.

The list of first-round holdouts continues to dwindle, with Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan agreeing to terms, per Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Jordan’s decision was a no-brainer.  With the 23rd overall pick (Danny Watkins of the Eagles) and the 25th overall pick (James Carpenter of the Seahawks) agreeing to slotted deals with only the first three years guaranteed, any designs Jordan may have had on getting a full four-year guarantee surely disappeared.

Unsigned are pick No. 17 (Pats offensive lineman Nate Solder), No. 18 (Chargers defensive tackle Corey Liuget), No. 19 (Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara), and No. 21 (Browns defensive tackle Phil Taylor).

19 responses to “Cameron Jordan comes to terms

  1. Saints still are not gonna make playoffs this year, wouldnt be suprised to see Carolina have a better season. Go Bucs!

  2. If this guy turns out to be a stud and puts heavy pressure on the QB, Gregg Williams’ boys are going to be much better this season. Last year they had minimal pass rush.

  3. WHen will these clowns and their agents get it. The days of SUPER mega first round contracts are over so take your mega first round offer that is still too high and get to camp.

  4. @dwntwnbadboy19…..Worry about your yucs,because the Saints will be in the playoffs,again ,i think you have our 2 teams mixed up,Tampa WILL NOT make the playoffs..

  5. @dwntwnbadboy19

    Keep dreaming buddy. The Saints are going to sink that little rowboat the bucs like to clown around on. Better hope the games aren’t blacked out again this year or you might not see! HA!

  6. Later round picks continue to negotiate over whether or not they will receive travel expenses, food, and accomodation, while attending camp.

  7. Didn’t the Saints give up two relatively high draft picks for Mark Ingram? Assuming the 1st Rd pick in 2012 is roughly equivalent to the pick they used for Ingram, the move up price was the Saints 2d Rd pick in 2011. It’s easier to believe the Saints “got him” at that price.

    In contrast, the Lions gave up substantially less to move up to get the No. 2 rated RB in Leshoure in Round 2. Basically, it worked out to a giving up a 4th Rd pick, plus switching draft positions with Seattle in Rounds 5 and 7.

  8. @Saints25.. Yea, i would bet everything i own that Bucs would have beat seattle if they made playoffs last year, and if your “Saints25” is refering to reggie bust, you might want to update your screen name…. @cdsaints, would rather have blacked out games rather than having a stadium uglier than metrodome, i am sick of hearing about hurricane katrina, atleast my stadium doesnt smell like dead bodies. Drew Brees is gonna get his head taken off by pissed off people cause the way he was a douch bag in labour settlement.

  9. hey, dwntwnbadboy19, its the SUPERDOME not the metrodome. you don’t even know where the hell things are. and you ought to be thankful that drew brees work with your quarterback in the off season. the bucks suck! and so do you!

  10. @tedsarsfield… I know it is the superdome, if you had half a brain, you would have been able to read properly “stadium uglier than metrodome” should have stayed in school buddy

  11. For the reading comprehension impaired and samie09, that’s exactly what I said.

    Patriots gave up their 2011 1st Rd pick, No. 28 overall.

    Saints gave up their 2012 1st Rd pick, which assuming the Saints are a final four team, should be in the Nos. 28-32 range. In other words, the Saints should be pretty darn good this coming season.

    In return, the “extra” compensation in the deal (beyond the swap of the two 1st Rd picks–albeit in different years), was the Saints 2d Rd pick in 2011.

  12. @dwntwnbadboy19

    1. The Bucs watched the playoffs at home, this is a fact. It doesn’t matter what they would’ve done in your fantasy world where they make the playoffs and Josh Freeman feeds you grapes in a thong. Keep your fantasies to yourself and come back to THE REAL WORLD, neo.

    2.The only person I see bringing up Katrina is you.

    3.The only person that will care about anything that has to do with the labor dispute and Brees’ involvement now that the season is underway, is you.

    So basically all signs point to the problem being you.

    The Bucs got lucky because they were flying under the radar last season. Sure, THEY DIDN’T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, but they had a competitive team.
    Other teams won’t be taking them as lightly this year and will likely be more prepared for Freeman’s ridiculous haircut this time around.

  13. @ dwntwnbadboy

    You’re sick of hearing about Katrina? I’m sick of still living with it and I live over Mississippi where she really hit. God knows I would NEVER wish on you what happened to me here. Don’t make cracks about something you have no idea about living through. When was the last time Tampa had a catastrophe like Katrina? I, for one, hope to God you never have to find out.

    That being said, the Bucs are a good young team in a very tough division. Good young qb and good defense. We’ll see what happens this fall between the Saints and Bucs….should be fun to watch. But please quit spewing venom and quit talking about Katrina….I’m tired of hearing about the storm, tired of still living with it and I’m ready to get back to football.

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