Cardinals first priority: Get Fitzgerald paid before season starts


The Cardinals know how they want to spend all that salary cap space.

“Our number one priority at this point is to get an extension for Larry Fitzgerald,” G.M. Rod Graves said Tuesday on PFT Live. “We are prepared to make him our highest paid player in our history. We’re prepared to make him one of the highest paid players in the National Football League. I see no reason why we can’t get this deal in place before the start of the season.”

Asked about Braylon Edwards, Graves confirmed the team had discussed adding him like other players. But Graves quickly noted that getting Fitzgerald signed is the team’s big priority before the start of the 2011 campaign.

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18 responses to “Cardinals first priority: Get Fitzgerald paid before season starts

  1. Larry, wait until next season and accept a 1 year 47 million dollar contract with the Bengals. Mike Brown will pay you the rest of the salary cap and will cut a couple players if you want 50 a year.

    He’s a good owner, as you can tell by the proven vet he has at QB and that RB that has never gotten into trouble in his life.

  2. They are obviously a wiser organization than that of the Eagles.

    Take care of your stars before all hell breaks loose.

    Forcing Desean to play for $600k is nothing more than silly. Rest of the Eagles take note.

  3. Getting Fitzgerald signed before a potential dud year is neccessary.

    Also, I might receive flak for this, but signing Braylon Edwards is a VERY good idea. Does he have character concerns off the field? Yes. But having someone on the field with that kind of talent makes it hard to smother Fitzgerald with the whole defense.

    Edwards, Fitzgerald, Doucet, Heap, and Wells/Williams in the backfield makes Kevin Kolb’s job easier… As long as the O-Line holds up.

  4. Do we live in a parallel universe? In what world do the widely regarded cheap-as-hell Cards extend players under contract but Phi/NYG don’t?

  5. I love it that Phi and NYG don’t take care of their own. That frees up Asante Samuel for the Seahawks. All they need is a great CB and Asante fills the need perfectly. They have added to the Offensive Line incredibly, picked up 2 outstanding receivers (Rice and our new starting TE as a gift from Oakland), beefed up the defensive line, and have an above-average secondary. The holes? Just the CBs (and Tarvaris has to come through).

  6. I have a feeling Larry would want to test the free agent market or at the very least see how Kolb does before signing a long term extension… He’s a rare talent and I think he wants to win. If Kolb can help him do that, then he will be more than happy to sign the extension. However, if things don’t go so well…

  7. People call the Cardinals cheap, but they don’t do their research on them.

    They didn’t want to sign Rolle (who became one of the highest paid safeties ever) because he wasn’t worth what he wanted. They found a good replacement in Rhodes who came much cheaper.

    They wanted Dansby, but Dansby wanted to (and got) be paid like the best LBer in the game; he wasn’t worth it. They spent a 2nd rounder in 2010 on Daryl Washington to replace him.

    They let go of Boldin because they didn’t want to pay $10 million to 2 receivers. Nobody mentions that they signed Adrian Wilson and Dockett to extensions or that they made Fitz one of the highest paid WRs ever with his last contract.

    When the patriots decide to let go of players, it’s “smart”; when the Cardinals choose not to overpay players, they’re “cheap”.

    Perception is everything in this game.

  8. Heard a rumor that the Cards were shopping Dockett around a bit for a trade. Anyone else hear this or if any of it is true?

  9. LF4mvp:sorry bud but I see all kinds of posts calling the Patriots cheap…I just understand that they are wrong & laugh it off….

  10. I’d like to say he will play for the Vikings next year, but Arizona is doing the same thing the Vikings will do for Adrian Peterson. Break the bank and confirm how much he means to them. Probably cost 1/4 of a new stadium.

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