Don’t rule out a Randy Moss return

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We gave Randy Moss a round of applause last night, in light of his decision to retire from the NFL.  But since the move has all the earmarks of a kid who decided to take his bat and ball and pretend to go home, we’re not ready to conclude that this is going to stick.

Sure, he may be adamant about his decision for now, given that he’s miffed that he didn’t get the kind of offer he thought he’d receive.  And he probably genuinely believes he won’t come back.  But what happens if a contending team with a high-end quarterback loses a No. 1 wideout?

Whether it’s the Patriots, Colts, Saints, or Eagles, we think an in-season phone call and a fair (in Randy’s view) offer would bring him to town.

We also think it makes sense to keep an eye on any objectively solid teams with strong-armed quarterbacks.  Jay Cutler, for example, has been compared to Jeff George, both in good ways and in bad.  But George and Moss were a great combination 12 years ago in Minnesota, given that George could fire it and Moss could go get it.

Thus, like Brett Favre, we won’t believe Moss is done until at least two seasons go by without Moss playing.

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  1. I guess so. IDK though Moss is arrogant enough to just leave, and never be heard from again.

  2. Whether it’s the Patriots, Colts, Saints, or Eagles, we think an in-season phone call and a fair (in Randy’s view) offer would bring him to town.

    Which begs the question:

    does Randy Moss know what kind of season Randy Moss HAD last year?

  3. why doesnt the same agent for Jason Campbell make the move for him in Oakland, they need a WR, they tried to get Ocho before the Pats got him…

    oh wait Randys agent is the same agent as Campbell, Joel Segal – make the move

    if not whatever, peace Randy

    TO better then you bc he still wants to play and ball,

    you wanna retire? whack. not come to Oakland whack too….

    no one else wants you, get the point. They are disrespecting you with these 1 year deals and low money

    when bums are getting paid wayyyyy more

    if Manning had any moxy he would lobby

    but he wants to keep his 1 ring vs rex grossman in a rainy SB… great

    Steelers r a good fit with all WR’s being like 5 foot 8

    whatever I’m one 1.

  4. I agree with the dude who said he wouldn’t vote for Moss for HoF due to him giving up several times in his career.

    HoFers don’t quit.

  5. I don’t think Moss wants to play badly enough to accept a support role. I think it is the money and the role that he doesn’t accept.

    Randy Moss was unfortunately born into a society not yet advanced enough to understand and appreciate him.

  6. Ok, I’m going to say that this belongs in the ‘Obvious’ file. Most, including me, will be very surprised if he doesn’t pop up somewhere this season….

  7. Its hard to tell but he could be in that brett favre “I want the most attention” stage now I can see a couple of retirements out of moss before it all said and done hell we still aint said that brett favre is done yet I think Randy is heading into diva stage

  8. What ever his weeknesses are (they are alot less the most people who post on this site) and there are some.

    He is a First Ballot Hall Of Famer!

    What interest me is “Who will he have as his presenter when he gets Inducted?

    Best Guesses:

    – Chris Carter
    – Dante Cullpepper
    – Dennis Green
    – Tom Brady
    – Randy Him Self

  9. Jeff George can be 93 years old, only standing because of a walker, & NFL teams will still think about signing him.

  10. “But since the move has all the earmarks of a kid who decided to take his bat and ball and pretend to go home…”

    So in other words, he really didn’t retire, he just quit. Again. What a POS.

  11. moss is washed up. either because he has lost any will what so ever to really give any effort or he really has lost a step or 2. in any event noone wants this quitter especially at his asking price.i do have a great money making idea and that is i’d like to buy moss for what i think he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth me and all my friends could retire on that deal

  12. Pats need to just take him back if not to use him in plays but at least to get the fans amped for the season lol

  13. “Is it just me or does everyone wish that ‘randysavage4ever’ was a passenger in Macho Man’s car that day?” —-

    That’s cold, man

    But… Yeah

  14. Drew Brees, Randy Moss, Marques Colston, Lance Moore, Darren Sproles, Robert Meachem, Jimmy Graham, is an insane offense prowess.

  15. Moss is just being his normal, pouty self because nobody was crawling over broken glass throwing money at him to get him signed.

    He’s over…

  16. Lmao Randy had to hang em up with no ring.. I love IT!!! If you quit on your team you are NOT a 1st ballot hall of famer period.. Randy hows that humble pie taste?? Loved watching karma get ya last year it was GREAT!!!

  17. I don’t understand why we have to watch all of the NFL Networks and the 4 letter networks half assed farewell tributes to this guy who never gave it his all when he’s going to be on a roster this season without a doubt. so stupid… WHITE TROATED SPARROW

  18. Did he submit his retirement papers to the NFL? If and when he does then I’ll believe he’s retired. Until then I believe he’s on on a self imposed sabbatical.

    Plus it cost big money bankrolling that stock car team of his and in time he’ll be back.

  19. I like that Dallas has (at least for now) diverted from the path of Al Davis and have become more like the Green Bay Packers as far as free agency goes…

    BUT, we all know how Randy felt about going to Dallas in 1998. It might be nice to see Moss finally don the star.

    How he would fit? Not sure.

    As a GM, I wouldn’t make the move; as a fan, though, I’d love to see Randy in Dallas.

    I hope it another Bryant injury isn’t what brings him there.

  20. No doubt, just wants the attention. No way he is done yet. He hasn’t thrown his arrogance around enough yet. Too bad someone with a brain didn’t get all Moss’ talents.

  21. What happened to this man? He seems to be alone all the time. No friends or companions to give him support or advice. Sad to see. Randy is or was a great talent who can no longer focus on the job. Teams who need his talent will have to take the emotional turmoil that accompanies him.

  22. It says a lot when (despite his amazing talent) he is cut from the Pats, and the Pats go on to sign overrated locker room loudmouth Asso Holo to take his place.

    Seriously. Moss is about as welcome in an NFL locker room as T.O. would be. Both of them have serious attitude/mental problems.

    Good luck, Randy. There is no doubt you will be enshrined in Canton one day, and now you can smoke all the dope you want without any worries of getting caught via a random urine sample.

  23. A greta ploy by Randy and his agent. I”M RETIRING, so you better hurry if you want me. It worked for some QB for years.

  24. Moss should have been the first thing the Bears did in FA a no brainer he would have been the perfect fit for Cutler…better then dropsies Roy Williams…

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