Foxworth says his knee “doesn’t feel great”

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During last year’s training camp, Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth suffered a torn ACL.  As he returns to football, he’s concerned about the status of the joint.

It just doesn’t feel great,” Foxworth said after Monday’s practice, according to Jamison Hensley of the Baltimore Sun. “It’s frustrating.  I don’t know.  I’m not very happy about it, but I’ll just keep working, I guess.  It hurts, and I don’t feel as quick or as fast as I once was.  Everyone says it’s part of the process, but I can’t go out there and let down the team.  So I’m just pushing and trying to get it where it needs to be as soon as possible.”

The Ravens recently lost Josh Wilson and Fabian Washington to free agency.  Chris Carr re-signed, but he won’t be able to practice until the new League Year begins.  Foxworth is expected to start Week One, along with Lardarius Webb.   Rookie Jimmy Smith, who tweaked a groin Monday, could be in line to secure the nickel position.

But first Foxworth has to be at 100 percent, or close to it.

“The coaches and trainers try to roll me back and roll back my reps, and I’m trying to push them forward,” Foxworth said. “I think they’re scared I’m going to reinjure it, and I’m scared it’s not going to be strong enough.  So I just want to push and push and push, and they want to make sure that I don’t kill myself.  It’s August, and Jimmy didn’t tear anything.  So he’ll be fine.  And Chris will be practicing next week.  I don’t think anybody’s in a panic just yet.”

Foxworth was instrumental in the labor negotiations that resulted in a new CBA, giving plenty of time and attention to the process, something for which he deserves enormous credit.  Hopefully for Foxworth, those personal sacrifices didn’t include sacrificing the ability to properly and fully rehab the knee.

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  1. I know how he feels…I tore my hamstring last week at softball – just doesn’t feel right.

  2. I understand that Jimmy and LarDar are supposed to be the future of our secondary but this right here is the reason I was hoping to keep Wilson or make a play for Jonathan Joseph. Little bit nervous about this whole CB situation.

  3. The last two years the Ravens achilles heal has been cornerback. Foxworth was never the answer, injury or not. To stay relatively pat in free agency has been head scratching. Look to make a deal with Phila. for Samuels

  4. This is not comforting to hear as a Ravens fan. I wasn’t ever a big fan of Foxworth to begin with and now he isn’t even full strength. Sweet!

    Asanti Samuel? Doubt it, but I can dream

  5. This is unfortunate, but if you’re constantly in labor war rooms and that takes up hours after hours per day your knee will not be good.

  6. I bet all those Crow fans that were talking smack when the Skins signed Josh Wilson are eating……..crow now.

  7. I am sorry, but from day 1 of this free agency, Ozzie has been outdealt, outclassed and outmanaged. Ozzie is the king of phone call back door closet trades that no one thought he could pull off. This is not that type of year and Ozzie is not nearly as good in this style of free agency. Typically, Ozzie would have never let a talent like Josh Wilson go before knowing and foxworths knee healing. Everyone knows an ACL is a two year recovery. Whu did Ozzie let his insurance policy for cb go to washington for a song and a prayer leading one site to say that they have no clue how washingtom pulled this off. I’ll tell you how, Ozzie is losing it and after losing 3 probowlers and a great lineman we replaced them with a blocking only fullback. We need another WR, a Right Tackle, a pass rusher and now a cornerback and Ozzie has no cap space. Ozzie is not so good with cap space as this is not the first year he has done this (he did it Flaccos rookie year too) and left us short players and short of the championship

  8. @Xinellum Its guys like you who in the last week or so have made me sad to be a Ravens fan at times. If you haven’t in 16 years understood how Oz and the gang work, you never will. No GM is perfect but for all these Raven fans who question Ozzie really need to turn in thier fan card. Did I want them to resign Wilson, Landry, and Gaither yea, but its call FREE AGENCY! Im the same guy who blasted OZ for not resigning Adailous Thomas and needless to say I learned my lesson on questioning one of the most well respected GM’s in the league. Oh and as far as the whole “weak link” secondary that everyone including the media is talking about, keep in mind that was the same secondary(Minus Jimmy Smith) that was talked bad about all offseason last year which ended up ranked #1 in Passing YPG allowed and #1 in Total YPG allowed.

  9. @xinellum – you sir are a retard. if you are a real ravens fan, which i doubt, you would know we are up against the cap. in order to even sign Yanda who was our #1 priority we needed to cut Heap, Mason, Magahee, and Gregg. We managed to sign 3 FA’s. 2 of them were our own. And while I like Wilson better than Carr the truth is that we were only going to be able to sign one of the two.

    Second – Ozzie does not deal with the cap space. Pat Moriority does. So STFU since you don’t know what you are speaking of.

    Fact of the matter is that we have needs like every team does. But there is a cap in the NFL and if you sign a Josh Wilson that means you can’t sign Vonte Leach. Then you would have been bitching because we didn’t sign a FB

    Do us real Ravens fans a favor. Move to Cleveland. We don’t want you, we don’t need you, and frankly we are tired of reading the garbage that you write on this blog.

  10. @ppdoc13 GET EM!!! LOL I was trying not to put him on blast but you just F it. LOL Seriously though xinellum, turn in your Ravens card right now! IN OZ WE TRUST! Oh and “waccoforflacco” did you notice my correct spelling of their this time? Thanks to you im a better speller than I was yesterday!

  11. “Do us real Ravens fans a favor. Move to Cleveland. We don’t want you, we don’t need you, and frankly we are tired of reading the garbage that you write on this blog.”

    The most hilarious and hypocritical thing I’ve read on this site in a long while. Ok, long while being since yesterday.

  12. @humblemind – it just boiled over. i am so tired of this our supposed fans on this site and on the Sun site bitching and moaning about a team that has made the playoffs 3 years in a row and is a winning model franchise as if they were the freaking Oakland Raiders or Cleveland freaking Browns. (no offense to Raider fans and I don’t give a crap about Cleveland fans.)

  13. @wethog66 – dude – you cheer for the freaking foreskins. your owner is the worst in pro sports. your team sucks and has to take our sloppy seconds. your stadium blows. it is dropping concrete all over the place and the seating is terrible. They had to cut back on the seats because they couldn’t sell out anymore. And you are laughing at me?????

    that sir, is really freaking funny

  14. @steel6times

    you may have 6 rings but you still live in Pittsburgh. I feel sorry for you.

  15. @ppdoc13

    If by model franchise you mean a franchise that got a sweet heart deal from the State of MD to move here ($1 annual rent on Colts old training facility, Stadium financed by lottery and tax payer money, forcing fans to pay for BS PSL’s to get season tickets), then yes the Crows are the standard model.

    Crows fans can bash the Skins all they want, but old man Jack Kent Cooke financed FedEx himself and PG County only had to contribute to infrastructure to FedEx. That is how NFL franchises should do things. To bad its the exception not the rule.

  16. @wethoh66 Ravens fans don’t hate the skins, at least this one doesn’t. Thats the problem though, skins fans hate us cause our favorite team tries year in and year out to put a good product on the field and not worry about how Six Flags admissions are down this year. I for one always like to see the skins do good, but for whats been going on to that franchise for the last 10+ years would NEVER happen around here. I honestly remember saying to my buddy in 07 when the Ravens went 5-11 “well, could be a skins fan and go through this every year” That is no joke. No matter if its a tough loss in the playoff’s to Indy or Pitt…Redskins will always be the Ravens stressball, and to that I thank you!

  17. JKC was a piece of garbage that worked to keep Baltimore from getting a team. As far as the stadium, if the results are the example of doing it the right way, the way the Ravens did it must be perfect compared to the dump called FedEx field. That place sucks and you know it.

  18. @wethoh66

    Jack Kent Cook paid for his stadium b/c he had to.

    The state of Maryland was NOT going to pay for a D. C. team’s stadium.

    What he got however was infrastructure improvements around the stadium (roads, etc..) after holding the state hostage and trying to block Baltimore from getting a team for the second time.

    Btw the redskins were the Boston Redskins before they up and moved to DC. It happended a long time ago but hey you too are rooting for a relocated franchise that was “stolen” from another city.

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