Ike Taylor contract trails Asomugha, Joseph, Cromartie in average value

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Entering free agency, four players topped the wish list for cornerbacks:  Nnamdi Asomuga, Antonio Cromartie, Johnathan Joseph, and Ike Taylor.

We’ve tracked down Taylor’s contract details, which allows a proper comparison.

Taylor, per a source with knowledge of the contract, signed a four-year, $28 million contract.  The deal pays out $9.25 million in 2011, via signing bonus ($7.25 million), base salary ($1.25 million), and roster bonus ($750,000).  It works out to a cap charge of $3.8125 million in 2011.

The average per year of $7 million puts Taylor behind Asomugha ($12 million per year), Joseph ($9.75 million per year), and Cromartie ($8 million per year).

The fact that Taylor agreed to terms at the end of the first day of free agency suggests that Taylor tried to get a better deal on the open market, but couldn’t find one.

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  1. I’m a Steeler fan. I agree with this ranking. If Ike could catch the ball, he’d be higher on the list!

  2. hey mike, maybe he just didn’t want to leave? why go to a crappy team for a little more cash?

  3. I’m a Pats fan and I disagree with the list. Cromartie is a great athlete but he can’t tackle .

    Period/ end of sentence no disrepect but the eye is in the sky doesn’t lie.

  4. He took a team deal . Probably pays in the next 2 to 3 seasons then the Steelers can cut bait .

  5. As well he should. Ike Taylor was by far the weakest of the 4 CB’s that were ranked as best in the class. You could make an argument that Josh Wilson was just about as good as Taylor and a hell of a lot more value. I always thought that Ike Taylor was way overrated and am glad that he resigned with the Squealers. Q will trash him this year and specifically in the first game.

  6. “The fact that Taylor agreed to terms at the end of the first day of free agency suggests that Taylor tried to get a better deal on the open market, but couldn’t find one.”

    Or, it suggests that he didn’t find one so much better that he wouldn’t rather stay where he’s quite comfortable.

    So, what does the rest of the contract look like, beyond the first year?

  7. Peyton Manning signs a deal making him the highest player in the league and this site reports it as a “hometown discount”

    Ike Taylor agrees to a below market deal before free agency begins and this site reports it as there being no market for him.

    Anti-Steeler bias in every report Mike makes about this team.

  8. Ike Taylor plays for The Pittsburgh Steelers, he is richer than anyone on this list.

    Does anyone think playing in Philadelphia is better than Pittsburgh? What have they done ever?

    As for the other two does it really matter wher they play after being in Cincinnati and Arizona?

  9. He might not be as flashy as the other guys but Steeler fans know what this guy means to the team, plus he might be the best tackling CB in the league.

  10. @ppdoc

    yeah Boldin will trash Ike just like he did in the playoffs to the tune of 1 catch for -2 yds.

  11. And Josh Wilson is nowhere near the player Ike Taylor is.
    If we was, Ozzie would have retained his services rather than relying on a rookie CB with alleged character issues.

  12. Ike is Just as solid as them on that list. Ike has played well in SB’s! He has played well in season & big playoff games!big contributer on them teams wuld of been tough to make any of them SB’s whitout Ike.. any should be paid well is him & why get 1 mil or jus alil more to leave where u been to 3 SB’s in your career commin off a SB 7 still an elite team in the Afc.. Ike iight!

  13. Ummmm no; the fact he signed so early means he prob WANTED to stay with the Steelers. Familiarity is one reason, but the obvious is the greatness that is the Steelers defense and team in general. And I can’t stand the Steelers but it’s pretty obvious.

  14. The Headline of this PFT Post reads “Ike Taylor finishes last among top four free agent corners.”

    It’s not an entirely unreasonable headline, but my issue with it – is that it basically it was penned under the presumption that all such decisions are PURELY driven by financial compensation. The inference is that nothing but the almighty buck matters.

    That kind of thought process is why players sign up for the Redskins. They care more about money than what truly enriches their careers; their lives.

    It’s also not accurate – not even for John and Jane Q. Public.

    People from professional athletes to white collar and blue collar workes frequently consider a myriad of factors other than just the money (e.g., bonds with family and friends, laterals and superiors in the workplace, chemistry with the community, the varying impact of state income taxes, schooling for the kids, whether they want to uproot the family, even the weather, etc., etc., etc.).

  15. It doesn’t make sense to argue that Ike’s quick signing indicates no market for his services. It’s well-known he has a tight personal relationship with the Rooney family. And he’s talked with Foote and Randle El–returning Steelers who’ve said life was not as fulfilling with other teams. Taylor signing before the market heated up suggests never intended to go. I’m no more surprised he was willing to take less to stay in Pittsburgh than I am that Joseph was willing to take less to leave Cincy.

  16. 1buckeye76 says:

    is anyone else nauseated by the arrogance that oozes from nearly every steeler fan?


    You would know, Buckeye fan wrote the annoying fan handbook.

    Seriously, no fan base has a bigger chip on their collective shoulder than Buckeye fan.

  17. It’s easy to challenge the oppo with “Face Me Ike!” when you look at that mug.

    “Couldn’t we just do 10,000 pushups instead?”.

  18. Nice to have more money, but rings are forever and Ike knows that and appreciate him for it.

  19. laxer37 says: Aug 2, 2011 11:22 PM

    1buckeye76 says:

    is anyone else nauseated by the arrogance that oozes from nearly every steeler fan?


    You would know, Buckeye fan wrote the annoying fan handbook.

    Seriously, no fan base has a bigger chip on their collective shoulder than Buckeye fan.


    well played, laxer – i can appreciate a polite and intelligent shot when landed accordingly. although if you’d read CFT, you’d know i’m a bit more on the level than a lot of buckeye fans…

  20. There are certainly many I’ll-informed opinions out there, so here are a few facts. Everyone says Taylor was regularly torched up. Well, the Steelers gave up the third fewest passing TDs in the league last year (14 if memory serves me correctly) and had the second best defensive passing rating (as per Cold Hard Football Facts). So how bad can Taylor be, given he is the only corner the Steelers have?

    Sure, if he had better hands he would be a perennial Pro Bowler. Fair criticism. But he is a top tier cover corner who can run with the best of them and is a surefire tackler. And since coverage had to slide over to B-Mac’s side too often last year, Taylor was often isolated against the other team’s best.

    So if Taylor is so bad, it can only mean your own team’s highly cherished corners are worse.

    This was a great deal by the Steelers. They received arguably the second best corner available (definitely better than Cromartie and more consistent than Joseph) at less than market rate. That is a heck of a deal.

  21. Taylor is a better cover guy than Joseph or Cromartie, and he’s a WAY better tackler than Cromartie. Joseph is sold, and since he has good hands, it’s probably a wash between him and Taylor, although I could even see giving the edge to either.

    I’m sorry but Cromartie is terrible. He has good hands but he can’t tackle and he can’t cover a receiver without doing something illegal. If they called PI on him when they should, he wouldn’t even be a top 30 corner.

    Say what you want about Taylor, but teams don’t often throw his way. He’s a solid underrated corner, and the Steelers should be happy that he took a deal worth less than Joseph and Cromartie when he is as good or better than either of them.

  22. Staying with the Steelers was a smart decision on his part. Steeler players who stay with them through most of their career make money long after their career is over. I still see 70’s era steeler on commercials and at autograph signings. Franco Harris has been milking that catch for the past 30 years. He is still making money off of being a steeler.

  23. @1buckeye76 …

    We love our team … and other teams’ fans wouldn’t be subjected to our mad love if you guys didn’t troll our threads like junior high kids writing graffiti on bathroom walls. If you don’t want to see what we say about the Steelers, get lost. We both know you OSU fans ooze more arrogance than the Steelers ever thought about. At least we don’t troll threads of every other team telling them we have six trophies and we’re soooo much smarter than they are, too. Pot, meet Kettle.

  24. I gotta be honest. I don’t think Steeler fans are arrogant. We have been blessed with a successful franchise and we EXPECT to win. We don’t HOPE to win. There is a difference. We don’t feel we deserve special attention. We are just always competitive & a lot of people can’t accept that.

  25. @deb – please notice that i included “most steeler fans” in my statement. also notice that i never questioned anyone’s intelligence in the process, nor did i start name-calling like a junior high kid… i just stated an observation that most people who aren’t steeler fans will agree with. i live in central ohio, and it’s not just on these boards that i am talking about… steeler fan lurks all over this part of the country, and i know what i’m talking about. take a note from laxer37, he/she thought otherwise of my statement and replied without stooping to personal attacks and name-calling. i do realize though that this response is pointless anyway, as i have read enough of your posts/arguments with other posters to know that you know that you are never wrong.

  26. @1buckeye76 …

    When you ask if everyone is nauseated by the arrogance that oozes from nearly every Steeler fan, you are calling Steelers fans arrogant and nauseating. That is name-calling. Quit splitting hairs. I just pointed out that you wouldn’t be subjected to nauseating, arrogant Steelers fans if you didn’t follow us around.

    I also pointed out that many OSU fans routinely tell Southern football fans how stupid they are. That’s also name-calling … as well as arrogant and nauseating. Perhaps laxer37 hasn’t been on the receiving end of those posts. Not long ago, you personally thanked me for posting a mea culpa admitting I’d been wrong, so that’s nonsense. But I’m curious … since coming to these blogs, I’ve posting many apologies, retractions, and thank yous to people who’ve corrected my misinformation. How many have you posted?

  27. @deb – sorry, i just don’t like the steelers, i’m a reactionary turd sometimes. let’s just agree to disagree on this one. no hard feelins’ – i’m sure we’ll find common ground again soon on a different issue.

  28. @1buckeye76 …

    No problem … I’ve called out some of our fans for being obnoxious, too 🙂

    JT has OSU in his top 20. Given all the drama, how cool is that?

  29. @deb – not surprising at all. i can say, with no arrogance, that we all know the Buckeyes are unquestionably, hands down, without a doubt, the best college football team ever! haha 🙂 we’ll see, lots of holes to fill.

  30. Anyone saying Ike is lowest talent wise than Cro is a joke. They aren’t even close. If they were, cro would have a ring or two like Ike and would play for a team that wants him…also like Taylor.

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