Martz says “elite” Roy Williams will get 70-80 catches


If there was any doubt that Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz was the driving force behind wide receiver Roy Williams coming to Chicago, Martz himself erased that doubt in his comments to the media on Tuesday.

Martz, who coached Williams in Detroit in 2006 and 2007, gushed about what Williams can do in the Bears’ offense. Williams, according to Martz, is “an elite player” who should get 70 or 80 catches this season.

That might sound ridiculous considering that Williams had just 37 catches last season, but it’s easy to see why Martz thinks Williams can get that kind of production: He had 82 catches for 1,310 yards and seven touchdowns in 2006 and 64 catches for 838 yards and five touchdowns despite missing four games in 2007. Williams and Martz have a track record of working well together.

The Bears’ No. 1 receiver last year, Johnny Knox, had 51 catches for 980 yards. So if Williams is capable of playing for Martz in Chicago the way he played for Martz in Detroit, he’d instantly be a huge upgrade to the Bears’ passing game.

But that’s an awfully big “if.” If Martz really thinks, after the way Williams played in Dallas, that Williams is an elite player, then Martz may be the only one.

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  1. As Dallas fan and watching this clown for the last few seasons I highly doubt it. He drops a lot of catchable balls then laughs as if it were funny. Worst trade in Cowboy history but glad they finally cut that guy.

  2. I don’t know. One the one hand, Williams really flamed out in Dallas. On the other hand, we’ve all seen previously productive players fall off the face of the Earth only to have one “last gasp” that shows who they once were.

  3. 70-80 catches?……do the plan on throwing it his way 200-300 times?….I guess if you cast a wide enough net something has to get caught.

  4. If anyone can get that kind of production out of him Mad Mike can. Poor old Jerry Jones will keel over if that happens.

  5. Williams will be getting 150 catches the next two seasons, while the Cowboys eat $12 – $13 million in dead salary for him.

    Brilliant Jerry! Glad to see you’ve learned your lessons from the disastrous contracts of the late ’90’s!!

  6. Martz does remember that 2006 and 2007 were 5 and 4 years ago….as in your reciever got older…slower…less good

  7. Seeing as the Bears are going to have to run a lot of 1 and 3-step drops because of a bad o-line, Williams could end up with 70 catches for 400 yards.

  8. I think Jay Cutler will set a record for completions this year. Problem is it will be completions to the opposing teams.

  9. @whhaaat says: Aug 2, 2011 2:30 PM

    I think Jay Cutler will set a record for completions this year. Problem is it will be completions to the opposing teams.

    Hilarious. Also, the first time anyone here has heard that one.

    Also, I’m lying.

  10. 70-80 catches in practice? That would be big numbers for Roy. But seriouslly if Kreutz aint going back than i expect Cutler to take alot more heat from the Chicago faithful as he is laying on his back, sack after sack. And just like last year. It won’t be his fault.

  11. Well, now that you have the team in your mold Martz after trading away Olsen and signing your type of TE I expect you to have a high return from ‘your’ guys. I hope the O line can make it happen for you…

  12. Roy Williams is the biggest name WR they have had on thier roster for quite sometime, unfortunetly when the Bears to acquire a big name WR they are usually past thier prime, just like Mush from Carolina. He may have the best season for a WR in that town in quite sometime.

    I don’t believe it wil be enough to get them over the hump. I also don’t think the Bears will catch the break of playing a lot of youthful or back up QBs as they so frequently did last season.

  13. Ok….I am a Dallas Fan. IF Roy Williams is so Elite, Why did Detroit trade him away in the first place? I’ll tell you. HE IS LAZY! The best thing he did in Dallas was to get hurt so Miles Austin could step in to replace him!

  14. He sucks and the Bears cheaped out again on a WR….Bernard Berrian was the closeest thing they’ve had to an “elite” receiver…he sucked and the Bears cheaped out on him too….Roy will have 70-80 catches if the number of targets is close to 700-800…..

  15. Why not? What else does Cutler have to throw to? If Williams was on the Packers though, he’d probably get about 30 -35 passes thrown his way. Maybe catch 20.

  16. Sometimes its the players……..The Greatest Show on Turf had little to do with Martz and a lot to do with the talent on the field…..Warner,Faulk,Bruce, Holt……come on man.

  17. Martz now knows better than to leave his jacket draped over the back of a chair on the patio for three years.

  18. Not a chance. Bears have one extremely circumstanial year and every bear fan drinks the koolaid. Lets see how many back up Qb’s they have to face this year and if they actually experience injury like every other team in the league. No way they go another whole year without having one starter miss a game because of injury.

  19. Looks like the bears are really giving the vikes a run for their money to see who can finish last in the NFC North.

  20. Maybe the Beers will play a real schedule this year…..and when they play a good team………maybe “said” team will be half way healthy. Brrrs suck

  21. woodg8 says: “80 catches 1200 yards 12 TDs for Roy book it.” I’ve been out working. Did the Bears get moved to the NFC West?

  22. Martz’s dream offense would be Center, QB, and 9 wideouts. Unfortunately, he’s only got a QB and 2-3 wideouts. I think Roy could get 70-80 catches if he can catch a wide receiver screen, because that’s the only route Cutler will have to throw.

    Also, Martz seems to be lowering the bar for elite.

  23. Well if the “Elite” Roy Williams is going to catch 70 balls they should go out and sign that player.

  24. The winner in the Roy Williams saga: The Detroit Lions, for ever getting a 1st and 3rd for him. That being said I do think Martz will get the best out of RW, but his “elite” days are long gone.

  25. woodg8 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 2:21 PM
    80 catches 1200 yards 12 TDs for Roy book it

    in 2 years combined maybe

  26. Lots of haters out there…. Jealous bastards is my guess. expecially those “Puussy Cats” in Detroit. Everyone seems to forget. They signed him for peanuts.

  27. Lots of haters? Didja see the drops? Didja see the ball get stripped?

    Because, at the end of the day, the guy getting him the ball is that Vandy know-it-all, Cutler. Schmuck.
    Chicago will not make the playoffs. And you can print it!

  28. I’d love to see Roy Williams return to pro bowl form, if nothing else to show how inept the cowboys coaching staff is.. with Knox stretching the field it isnt completely out of the realm of possiblity that Williams gets at least 50 to 60 catches.. if nothing else he is a good red zone option

  29. If Martz qualifies the ball hitting you in the hands then letting it fall to the ground as a catch; then yes he will have 70-80 catches.

    Roy has talent with no work ethic…Jerry made a terrible deal for him.

  30. Cutler’s arm is much stronger than Romo’s. If Roy couldn’t hold on to a Romo-thrown pass; how the HELL is he expected to snag a Cutler-thrown one?

    Martz is senile.

  31. Will he still give the “first down” celebration in the 4th quarter while the Bears are trailing by 24? That’s how you know if Roy is “back to form” or not.

  32. Couldn’t agree with you more, sg39. I’d definitely be congratulating Roy for putting JJ on a slab by making Mike Martz a prophet. Natural cause passing by JJ could improve the ‘girls at the top management level.
    He has been his own worst employee for years. Any one replacing him as GM would be the improvement.

  33. I’d love to see Roy Williams return to pro bowl form, if nothing else to show how inept the cowboys coaching staff is..


    Excuuuuse the Cowboys for coaching up an undrafted WR and a third round pick TE to be better receiving options than this guy!

  34. Da Bums” … biggest fraud in the NFL, get ready to take a back seat to the Lions this year fellas
    you guys should make the playoffs before becoming so insufferable.

  35. …in sports news today. Roy Williams became the first player arrested for “blandness” and will face arraignment tomorrow. Gm Jerry Angelo could not be reached in, “I told you so” for comment.

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