Norwood lands in St. Louis

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Running back Jerious Norwood, one of many veteran tailbacks who hadn’t gotten much attention in free agency, visited the Rams today.

And he’s not leaving.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Norwood has agreed to terms with the Rams, where he’ll serve as an understudy to Steven Jackson.

In an April appearance on PFT Live, Rams G.M. Billy Devaney admitted that the team hasn’t done a very good job of getting help for Jackson.  Norwood provides that help.

The departure of Norwood could put the Falcons in play for keeping Jason Snelling in Atlanta.

Then again, the Falcons may not miss Norwood.  Injuries limited him to two games — and two carries — in 2010.

On that note, we wonder how much help he’ll really provide in St. Louis.

15 responses to “Norwood lands in St. Louis

  1. i am liking the rams this year. i think they do big things this year. good head coach (defenive coordinator), good offensive coordinator.

    Q mikkel was a huge pickup that nobody noticed.

    week one matchup should be interesting

  2. Yea they signed an understudy to Steven Jackson. Maybe he can teach Norwood (whose best days are long behind him) to stay healthy (eye roll). He hasn’t been productive since the last year Vick was with the Falcons. Good riddance to bad rubbish. The only 2 players left from the McKay regime are Mcclure and White. And it should stay that way.

  3. If he is right, this is a another great pickup by the Rams. He provides that change-of-pace speed burst that they have lacked.

    One thing seems certain, the Niners have locked 4th place up in the NFC West. Even “T-Jax” and that USC knob will be laughing at us all the way to the endzone.

    Wake our GM up when the lockout is over…

  4. yeah, i believe we are seeing a good gm at work.if nordaddy was still banged up they would not waste time.good hands,great move

  5. Damn, I’m going to miss Norwood here in Atlanta. Went to training camp today and say “Sylvester” wearing his old #32. Hopefully Quizz Rodgers can be a Norwood. He’s not even close to being as explosive though. Still think we need Snelling back…Kudos to ‘Falcons’ west (Rams) and our old GM Billy Devaney for picking up the guy he drafted for us.

  6. Surprised Norwood didn’t tear his ACL getting off the plane. Or break an ankle getting his luggage. Or dislocate a hip entering the Rams offices. Always had talent but is made of glass.

  7. I wish they would have signed Snelling instead, he’s been more durable and I think he’d be more capable of filling in full time if (god forbid) SJ gets hurt.

  8. If and I mean a big “if” Norwood can stay healthy he will be a big help to the Rams. He is a great guys and we will miss him in Atlanta. He was just injured so much the last 2 seasons.

  9. But, kudos to the Rams for making moves. I hope Jerious stays healthy and explodes for us like he did early in his career. They just signed Poppinga, another OLB.

  10. Holy s**t… Norwood. All that comes to my mind when I hear that name is “WIDE RIGHT” hahaha… different guy, probably was murdered many years ago.

  11. I hope they add Steve Slaton as a #3. Norwood is injury prone and everyone forgets how good Slaton was 2 years ago.

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