Phillip Buchanon suspended four games by NFL


The Redskins quietly re-signed cornerback Phillip Buchanon Monday.  The veteran didn’t have much of a market in free agency, and we now know one reason why.

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan informed reporters Tuesday that Buchanon will be suspended for the first four games of the season by the NFL.

For now, the Redskins aren’t saying what the suspension is for.  We should find out soon enough.

(In brighter news Redskins fans, Shanny says Rex Grossman will re-join the team Tuesday night.)

25 responses to “Phillip Buchanon suspended four games by NFL

  1. Silver lining in this crap situation is that Kevin Barnes will get an opportunity to show Buchannon shouldn’t have been resigned in the first place. Time to step up KB. Do AA county proad!

  2. Substance abuse. It’s a shame, he actually made for a good #3 cornerback. It’ll be interesting to see whether or not he keeps his roster spot through camp.

  3. “Suspended without even knowing what the infraction was” If that aint a dictatorship, i dont know what it is.

    The Redskins…the punchlines just write themselves.

  4. Great rookie season w/The Oakland Raiders, and then he was traded to Tampa and fell off…

    A Great PR/KR and a vital part of that 2002 SB run by the Raiders.

  5. wethog 66 is doing AA county Proad with that spelling, no doubt……Hopefully Barnes will do good, so far looks like he’s coming along….

  6. Upon learning of only a 4 game suspension, Buchanon lobbied for a full season suspension so he wouldnt have to play any games at all with the Redskins this season.

  7. tatum064 says: Aug 2, 2011 11:59 AM

    “Suspended without even knowing what the infraction was” If that aint a dictatorship, i dont know what it is.

    The Redskins…the punchlines just write themselves.


    They haven’t told the MEDIA what the suspension was for, simpleton.

    Learn how to read.

  8. @wacco4flacco

    Ah the spelling police huh? How about you worry more about whether Flacco’s uni-brow will impact his throwing mechanics, Ray Ray nearing the end, Reid with mush shoulders, and whether Sergio Kindle will be allowed to use stairs again, Hon.

  9. Some of the posts on this site are so ridiculous.


    The Redskins didn’t suspend him, the NFL did. 4 games is part of the substance abuse policy. Do you think the Jets suspended Santonio Holmes for 4 games last year? No, it was the league.

    Please learn something/anything about the NFL before you post.

  10. i am surprised this whole team has not been suspended for substance abuse playing for a weasel owner and shanarat and co. on top of yr to yr failure……LMAO. Last place baby!!!!

  11. Ahh boysroll back with more silly comments…it’s really a shame since back in the day the Cowboys did roll a lot foreign substances on their way to strip clubs and hookers!!

  12. The guy had two forced fumbles and two picks as a third corner last season and the only available photo is of him being stiff-armed?

  13. @ wethog66,
    Reed led the NFl in interceptions with those “mush shoulders” in only 8 games, I might add; you can only dream of having a qb with 25 tds and 10 picks – John Beck? Grossman? Unibrow and all, I will take Flacco. Ray at the end is STILL a top 5 and pro bowl linebacker. And Kindle…anything we get is icing on the cake. So…how you guys doing there?
    Additionally, year in and year out you sign our backups to be your starters – see Stallworth, Wilson, Chester, etc., etc., etc
    Talk to ya soon, Hon!

  14. @reedhof20

    I have dreams of 3 different QB’s winning 3 different SB’s. Just imagine if the Crows kept Trent Dilfer around instead of signing Elvis Grbac to that huge contract, only to see him quit after a year? You to could be dreaming of multiple SB winning QB’s just like me.

    As good as Ray Ray is, the guy is a little long in the tooth to keep up his high level of play much longer, who are theCrows grooming to replace him? Kindle? The guy that hasn’t been cleared to use stairs yet? What about Dan Cody? Oh yeah, nevermind. Anyway, the Skins have London Fletcher, at this point in both of their careers he is just as good, and more durable, than Ray Ray.

    As for Reed, Laron Landry is just as good as Reed at this piont in both of their carreers, and Landry is much younger.

    As for how the Skins are doing “down here”, we appear to be doing ok now. Shanallenhan is rebuilding the right way for once, and so long as LiL Danny lets him be I expect the Skins to be back in the playoff hunt in the next couple years. As for the Crows, is their future as bright? Ray Ray and Reed will be retiring in the next couple years, who is going to lead the Crows moving forward? Flacco? Isn’t he the same guy who became best buddies with Jim Zorn? Truely leadership material. lol

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