Rex Grossman isn’t getting paid like a potential starter

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Veteran quarterback Rex Grossman believes he’ll keep the starting job he wrested from Donovan McNabb in 2010.  But if Grossman wins the job, he won’t be getting paid like a starter.

Per a source with knowledge of the contract, Grossman’s one-year deal pays him only $1.15 million this season.

The one-year deal has a guaranteed base salary of $810,000, a roster bonus of $240,000, and a signing bonus of $100,000.

The magnitude of the contract suggests that Grossman, a first-round pick of the Bears in 2003, had no other options.  It also suggests that John Beck has the inside track on the gig.

Unless he’s getting paid even less for this season.

57 responses to “Rex Grossman isn’t getting paid like a potential starter

  1. Redskins fans should boycott this season. Don’t attend the games, don’t watch on TV. It’s clear the team isn’t serious about competing this year.

  2. I still find it shocking that the Redskins are content to go with Rex Grossman and John Beck.

  3. Is the title of this article for real? He’s going to get paid over a million dollars this year and he stinks!

  4. This is wonderful for Giants, Eagles, and Dallas fans but horrible for Redskins fans.

    Even though all you people do is talk ish every year I will be the better person and say i feel sorry for you. Dan Snyder can’t do anything right. Heck even one of the greatest coaches ever came out of Retirement and couldn’t right this ship.

    So even though most of you are Aholes who never stop running your mouths i want you to know that some people in philly really do feel bad for you.

    Not to mention you way over payed for Werth and he’s hitting like 210 right now and we got Pence whos ten times better and hitting 300 and has as many homers as werth and is 10 time cheaper but still that baseball team is starting to come together and in the next two years could be a beast when last years pick comes up

  5. Eagles fans (and I am an Eagles fan) need to drop this notion that the 49ers are going to trade Patrick Willis for Asante Samuel. It simply isn’t going to happen. It is completely ridiculous. I’m sure this rumor got started on twitter and just continues to perpetuate itself…..but it makes no sense.

  6. Let’s ask ourselves, SHOULD he be paid like a starter? The Redskins have three quarterbacks, none of them should be starters.

  7. Is the dumbass iggles fan suggesting there are rumors of a Patrick Willis for Samuel trade???? Hahahahahahahahahahaha what a moron. Sure ur not a cowboy fan??

  8. Actually I know Rex, he went to my Highschool, can’t believe he is still hanging in the NFL. 1.15 million for 1 year, $810,000 dollars is guaranteed, what a lucky SOB.

  9. Rex Grossman doesn’t play like a potential starter
    Roger that!

  10. I am just amazed at the fact that just about every key move the Skins make is a mistake. Fat Albert, McNabb handling, drafting, suing your local paper ( lol ), Shanahan #1 and Shanahan #2 and good ole Danny boy…wow, what a team in disaray

  11. I know you guys aren’t use to seeing the Redskins being sensible and not overspend..they got younger, got depth, got a kicker and had 12 draft picks. Why would they trade the future for a stop gap at QB who’ll only have a couple weeks to learn a whole new system when they can just go with a QB that knows their offense and continue to build? Redskins aren’t going to the playoffs this year. We all know that. They’re trying to build an actual team like all you guys said they should of been doing. Then you ridicule them for not making their usual free agent splash. Wow…some of you guys shouldn’t be able to talk football.

  12. I have been a Skins fan for 30+ years. The first half of my life was heaven. The last half were hell. I think every true skins fan can start to feel real change in the direction of this franchise, finally. We are getting a youth injection across the board. Just because Sexy Rexy and John Missionary Beck are at the helm, doesn’t mean we’re tanking and it doesn’t mean the Shannallen’s don’t have a clue. It’s called REBUILDING people. Who were we to go after? Orton? We had so many holes we go piece by piece. There are at least 3 potential starting QB’s in the top 10 of next year’s draft. We’ll get one of ’em. And we’ll still be rebuilding. But we’ll be a helluva lot more proud of what we’ll have then, than what we’ve had in a long, long, long time.

    trbowman, I’m not boycotting a thing. It will be painful to watch this offense this year but it will be fun to watch the defense take shape. Tempered expectations, the game is still fun. We’ve weathered the past 15 years…. it won’t be any worse!!!

  13. Rex Grossman played well last year in limited action. He reminded me a hell alot of that former NFL QB, Carson Palmer. Rex was terrible in Chicago sohe won’t ever get his fair shake though until he proves everyone wrong. I’m pulling for ya Rexmeister.

  14. Is this topic even newsworthy? I think more of the point Shanahan made with doofus here and Beck-wad is that he’s such a top notch coach that he’ll squeeze champagne out of these overripe lemons. My take is that Snyder is okay with hiring a new coaching staff and having the 2012 Draft’s #1 selection.

  15. drop703 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 9:29 PM
    I know you guys aren’t use to seeing the Redskins being sensible and not overspend..they got younger, got depth, got a kicker and had 12 draft picks. Why would they trade the future for a stop gap at QB who’ll only have a couple weeks to learn a whole new system when they can just go with a QB that knows their offense and continue to build? Redskins aren’t going to the playoffs this year. We all know that. They’re trying to build an actual team like all you guys said they should of been doing. Then you ridicule them for not making their usual free agent splash. Wow…some of you guys shouldn’t be able to talk football.

    This makes sense. You can’t say that much about the posts here, but this is smart.

  16. therealsmiley says:
    Aug 2, 2011 9:58 PM
    Every move has been a mistake? Have you watched London Fletcher? How about Laron Landry? Santana Moss? How about Chris Cooley? Dope. Hail!

    Another good point. You could throw Orakpo, the signings of Marcus Washington/Cornelius Griffin/Shawn Springs, letting Stephen Davis go a year early instead of handing him a huge contract to collapse, not resigning Daryl Gardener, not shoveling money at Dockery like the Bills did, and getting a Pro Bowl receiver out of Laverenues Coles in there, too.

  17. What is wrong with people on this site? Dan Snyder didn’t sign Rex Grossman. Shanahan did? Why do folks keep thinking that Snyder is owner, scout, coach, GM, president, etc? He’s never ever done that. Again, Vinny Cerrato is to blame for past construction of the team. And why so many other team fans comment on Redskins news? I couldn’t care less about what other teams are doing. It’s bizarre.

  18. Aww! The single reason the Bears didn’t win the Superbowl isn’t getting paid enough! Boo Hoo!!

  19. Rex led his team to as many super bowls as McNabb…having watched all of them, I’ll roll the dice with Beck and see what happens…the question I have is why didn’t they draft one??

  20. Beck is due $800,000 this season and $1 million next season….so……technically that’s starter money for Grossman!

  21. Nor should Grossman get paid like a starter – even though he is. He sucks. docredskin, please, help me understand, how is this “smart” when the goal is to win it all every year? They are handcuffed at the QB position – that FA class we about as week as we have seen, and they weren’t about to get Kolb, yet another QB from Philly. Fat Al was the worst FA singing of all time – HANDS DOWN. The skins have a history of high profile FA signings that did next to nothing (Deion Sanders (who was good, just not with Washington), Dana Stubblefield, Adam Archuletta, to name a few) McNabb was an experiment gone mostly wrong, and he couldn’t get out of town quickly enough. The skins are getting what they have earned. I thought Shanny was a good guy to have at HC, and maybe he will turn out that way, and the D is solid, but the QB situation is pretty dismal, and the Hightower/Torain combo at RB is average at best. You admitting the Redskins are not going to the playoffs this year is a fan who is dejected. You are not alone. Washington has created that feeling amongst their fans, and it will only continue this season.

  22. For the rest of you clowns who pretend to know football:

    After the lockout began, it set in stone the current QB situation. Regardless of who you may have thought would be a longterm savior for this organization, they would not able to pick up a completely new offensive system and build essential team chemistry in the 5 weeks before the first game. Maybe your money was on T. Jackson or B. Croyle but no available player outside 200 year old Favre or 190 year old Hasselbeck grades any better than Grossman by scouts. With his multi-year experience in this system, Grossman is the best fit going forward.

    I feel sorry for the one who wins the job unless the line and running game improves greatly!

    Quit asking for pipe dreams, there is no answer walking through the tunnel. They will be in the mix for one of the two good QB’s next draft. Don’t feel too bad as all of the “experts” in the media have not figured out yet.

  23. White Troated Sparrow says… The Cowboys are equally bad as the Redskins why isn’t anybody talking about that? They had the worst secondary in the league last year and this year they have… THE WORST SECONDARY IN THE LEAGUE. Not one position in their terrible excuse for a defensive backfield was addressed. Jerry Jones is the worst GM in the league PERIOD. Go Packers. White Troated Sparrow.

  24. Guys Rex Grossman is a winner. I guarantee a championship.

    He’ll win the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes, for sure.

  25. It is interesting, the only way you get to this page is by clicking the story link which implies you’re interested in the story about the Redskins, and yet you seem to be mostly Eagles with the odd Cowboy, you must secretly have a yearning to be a Skins fan and/or are nervously watching us build a contender after this season with a franchise QB. MS said yesterday that last season was a fact finding mission about his inherited players, this year it’s starting the rebuild, next year will be finishing touches. As for the fans hating Snyder, or not, when we start challenging for a SB in a years time and beyond they will return.

  26. I’m no Redskins fan, but I have to admit they may be doing the right thing here. They didn’t draft a QB because none were available worth reaching for in either the first or second round. By the Redskins first pick, Newton, Locker, Gabbert and Ponder were all off the board. And in the second Dalton and Kaepernick were out before the Skins’ turn.

    So what were they to do? Panic and reach? Panic and trade up to get a QB in one of the lower quality QB drafts in a while?

    Seems to me they did the right thing. Collect other assets because they needed more than a QB and ride out the season with what they have at QB. Neither Grossman or Beck are the future and even the most erstwhile Redskins fan has to know that. But a reach at QB wouldn’t change who they played at QB this season nor did it assure them of success for the future.

    Next year will bring another set of possibilities in the draft, free agency (Dennis Dixon?) or even via a trade (Carson Palmer).

    It has been easy to pick on the Deadskins because they have been so stupid and so bad for so long, but this time they may actually be playing it smart, as much as it pains me to suggest that.

    Of course with Shanny the Tranny who plays who is the Manny with Danny at the helm it isn’t likely they will be good any time soon. Oh, that felt better. Had to get at least one slag in.

  27. @jsrdc

    It’s smart because in the past, the big names and offseason spending/trading all of the pics away didn’t work. So Dan Snyder finally realized that he can’t have a yes man in the front office, even if it’s a good friend. He understood that you have to hire a GM and a coach with an actual plan, let them reshape the roster, draft and get the kind of players that they want. Last time I checked Shanahan inherited a 4-12 team…we didn’t have a playoff to begin with. Last year they were 6-10 while trying to deal with people that they didn’t sign (Haynesworth)…so how could you even think that the Redskins were anywhere close to being a contender? Personally, I think the front office has done well in free agency. They’re filling up holes and keeping their draft picks. They’ve added draft picks. Torain is a beast when he’s healthy and the combination of him, Hightower and Helu should be great in the one cut-zone blocking system. I’m excited about Malcolm Kelly being healthy, Hankerson being promising and Moss in the slot. The defense is in its 2nd year with the 3-4 and they’ve added the right personnel for it. Yes, the offensive line and the QB situation are works in progress but you can’t fix everything in one offseason. Rex knows the system and he looked good in a couple of games last year. I’m sure that they’ll draft a QB in next year’s draft. I’m not dejected….Dejected is when you get excited about all these free agent splashes every year and you’ve purchased season tickets just to see your team get blown out and not go to the playoffs year after year. I’ve done that. To me this is a true new beginning. I’m excited for the future.

  28. @ skinsdiehard

    A large portion of the population in the greater DC area are transplants. They aren’t originally from the area and aren’t Redskin fans, but are force to watch Skins games on TV unless you buy an expensive sports cable package. That is the answer as to way so many non-fans follow the Redskins. It’s easier to find a job around DC then most places in America (it’s why I moved). If you think I’m wrong Penn State University played Indiana at Fed Ex field this past fall and almost the entire stadium was covered in PSU fans I’d bet the vast majority were local which mean 60/40 = Steelers/Eagles fans easy living in the area.

  29. atleast we don’t build up a dream team wit a dog killer RB QB ( got his ass kicked the 1st game we met) or a mentally sub QB ( ragequit because we kicked his ass too) and signed wit top FAs ( the thing that our owner did the last 20 years). I lol at those eagles fans kept posting on redskins article because they have nothing on their team to proud about. how about win a SB for the 1st time of ur eagle life?

  30. Did any skins fans watch the the three games he started last year 800+ yards and 7 Tds his qb rating was in the 80’s. The skins are not going to be in a position to draft luck. They are not going to be the worst team in the league. They are clearly rebuilding. Skin fans stop listening to disgruntled bear fans. There are just mad that the last qb to take them to the super bowl is Rex and they ain’t going back anytime soon.

  31. Hooray! What a treat for fans paying big bucks for seats, a contest arranged by Coach Shanahan and Little Kyle…….a contest between Grossman and Beck, two of the worst qb’s in the NFL, to see who is worse, while fans elsewhere get to see McNabb and Haynesworth become All Pro again now that they’ve been thrown out ingloriously and insultingly by the Big Jerk and the Little Jerk…..genetics really works….Snyder….Wise up and fire these guys…..Fans…..Wear paper bags over your heads at games so tv will see how upset you are….What happened to an era where we had Sonny and the Hogs and a great coach who the players loved….and the fans didn’t ever think about bringing paper bags to games unless they had a hoagy in them……..

  32. Hey 30+ year redskins fan.
    me too, and i think they’ll be more competitive than most think. They were rough to watch last year, but very competitive, 6-10, think of the games they lost and really could have won, houston, cowturds, rams, lions, bucs, 2nd giants game, colts. Theres 7 games they had a tangible chance of winning. if they’re even a shade better this year, schedule looks favorable, 9-10 wins is possible. this team is not the bills or bengals

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