Saints swipe Aubrayo Franklin from Niners

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In a move that is destined to make San Fran fans (like our friend Sam Francisco from San Francisco) even happier about the team’s one-way free-agency door, nose tackle Aubrayo Franklin has bolted for the Bayou.

Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Franklin has agreed to terms on a one-year deal with the Saints.

As the free-agency market goes softer than a stick of butter on the dashboard of a car in Hell, look for more of these veteran players to sign one-year deals.  Guys who aren’t getting paid what they want to get paid will want to get back on the market in 2012, when perhaps the benefit of a full offseason will result in more money coming their way.

Franklin was the Niners’ franchise player in 2010.  The eight-year veteran started 60 games in four seasons with the 49ers.  He spent his first four seasons as a backup in Baltimore.

A nose tackle in the 3-4, Franklin will now move to defensive tackle in the Saints’ 4-3 defense.

52 responses to “Saints swipe Aubrayo Franklin from Niners

  1. It wasn’t a swipe. The 49ers made no concerted effort to resign a two-down, non-pass rush NT. In fact, the 49ers already moved the equally capable of locking-down-the-middle Sopoaga back to starting NT and are starting McDonald at LDE.

  2. And with the 1st pick of the 2012 draft, the 49ers select ??… Have the 49ers even sign any free-agents?… All I’ve been hearing is where their ex-players are going…

    I swear the 49ers are trying to get Andrew Luck nxt year…. Well good LUcK with that…

  3. UGH! Bye bye to our starting center, nose tackle, olb and soon to be safety (goldson). You think the way this team is being purged the niners went deep into the playoffs last year.

    I’m assuming the niners are assessing the roster this season and making a big splash next year in free agency. I’m hoping anyways cause as a 49ers fan I like to think this team isn’t that far away from winning the worst division in sports

  4. Sedrick Ellis + Aubrayo Franklin + Shaun Rogers. That’s a fantastically stout middle.
    If Rogers comes to play yes indeed.

  5. Harbaugh better pull a rabbit from his hat, or have an ace up his sleeve…this is ridiculous how much talent he’s letting leave…

  6. moseszd says:
    Aug 2, 2011 5:05 PM
    It wasn’t a swipe. The 49ers made no concerted effort to resign a two-down, non-pass rush NT. In fact, the 49ers already moved the equally capable of locking-down-the-middle Sopoaga back to starting NT and are starting McDonald at LDE.

    – – – – – – – –

    Did you watch the Niners? One of the few things they could do was stop the run. Especially up the middle. A big reason because of this was Franklin. Patrick Willis and Takeo Spikes had huge praise for Franklin as a NT. No, he is not elite, but he is good. Sopoaga is not as good as him. The Saints got an addition here. This comes from a Niners fan.

  7. Our you ready for some 2-14 football?

    It’s not like we won games with all of these vaunted free agents anyway. Goldson is a must keep though. Lose him and you wasted a young, high impact, home grown player.

    Niners will be a joke again, but hopefully it pays off 2-3 years from now. Otherwise, it will just be more of the same.

    Are the 49ers the worst team of the 00’s?

  8. he’s not THAT good, and where was the “swipe”?

    A tough pill to swallow, but evidently players like Franklyn, Clements, Lawson etc… who were viewed as underrated by a lot of people – might not be that good in the first place. If they were, they’re would’ve been more of a buzz around them – and they wouldn’t have settled for 1 year deals. San Fran could’ve kept them all – but for what? How good were we with them on the field?

    Clements always gets burned, Willis’ production increased when Franklyn was off the field in 2010, and Lawson – while athletic – is not skilled to be an OLB in a 3-4 scheme.

    It’s not that the 49ers are tanking the season by letting these guys go. They really just weren’t that good to begin with. Sadly – still rebuilding, but these guys are clearly not the pieces to retain and build around.

    The biggest FA aquisition we made was signing Harbaugh. With some capable coaching leading the way – there’s more optimism on that front, rather than retaining average players who you won’t really notice once we play Seattle in week 1.

  9. It’s hard to get big guys like this motivated but if anyone can, I believe Gregg Williams is up to the task.

  10. Saints are having a great free agency under the radar.

    Shaun Rogers and Franklin are upgrades over the D-line last year with Ayodele and Hargrove. And hopefully Cam Jordan will be an upgrade at DE to complete the revamped line.

  11. Takeo Spikes, Nate Clements, Manny Lawson and now Aubrayo Franklin gone. No one want’s to be a Niner this season with Alex Smith under the gun. HELP!

  12. Trade Gore, Davis, CrabbyTree….get rid of all the talent. Stock up on draft picks, and stop replacing the coach every 14 months. Build a solid foundation based on teamwork, and a strong work ethic. Don’t panic over 2 or 3 miserable seasons. Have the courage to stick to the plan, and see where it leads! I’m tired of the “win through free agency mindset”. Lets build a TEAM, not a group of players with one year contracts.

  13. C’mon now… They DID win the Alex Smith sweepstakes.
    Um, what? There were no other bidders for him?
    Ok… So the front office is a mess. At least they have a college coach in there to turn it all around.

  14. The Niners better have a plan, because intentionally tanking the season to get Luck next year will LOSE fans. Then again, Jim Hairball is pretty slimy.

  15. I just heard they’re negotiating a trade of Patrick Willis for an un-named place kicker.

  16. P_Willy says: Aug 2, 2011 5:39 PM

    he’s not THAT good, and where was the “swipe”?


    Pro Football Focus had Franklin as their #2-rated DT against the run and had the 2nd-most stops vs. the run (tied with Suh).

  17. So far the 49ers have let a fair number of 2010 starters walk, and have tried to sell fans on another year with Alex Smith at the helm. Fans better hope that Harbaugh can work some miracles with him. The other teams in the division seem to be making moves to improve their rosters although the SF front office has been making headway on getting a new stadium.

  18. Time to UP the Saints talk on here..

    Were matching the sea-gles in Philly with our signings and have a fierce front 7 all of a sudden with a monster interior.. Ellis, Rogers and now Franklin!!

  19. This just in…. The niners are “Showing interest” in whichever free agent is currently being talked about. Maybe they’ll figure out how to pull the trigger some day soon.
    Baby steps…….

  20. Next 49er headlines:

    “Vernon Davis, Frank Gore and Patrick Willis traded to Arizona for a 2013 5th round pick”


    “Breaking News…Jim Harbaugh to be the 49ers starting QB come week 1, and Trent Baalke and Jed York have solidified themselves as the starting cornerbacks”

    Ahh…so that’s the “plan” they had in place all along…

  21. Wow, I feel like the fan base is on suicide watch.
    So far, they’ve only lost average players who were, or stood to be, overpaid. Apprently, people have forgotten that the “crown jewl” of the 2007 free agency period was largely a bust.

    And really, who should they sign? Plax, Braylon, Cromartie…please. Toward what end…just to feel placated, then annoyed 2 years later when the signing didn’t work out and you have yet another thing to be hysterical about? Niners are doing it the right way. No doubt there are holes to fill, but I can live without Nate, Manny, and the like. Overpaid and over-the-hill players don’t do anything for a team in transition.

    They already landed the big free agent of 2011. Harbaugh is a real coach; he is an active, energetic, hands-on leader who will get the most out of his guys physically, mentally, and emotionally. He knows far more about coaching, evaluating, and turning losers into winners then anybody who cares to criticise the current direction. Let it play out, and stop overfocusing on the short term.

  22. Coaching isn’t the 49er problem. Ownership, management, and scouting are. When Eddie DeBartolo left it marked the end of the old 49ers and with it how they did business. Until the Yorks figure out that they simply are not cut out for this kind of business expect the same results on the field. Maybe Eddie’s nephew will have more success… but I doubt it. As for the Saints, I’m guessing they want to keep the run-stuffer DT rested through the game. Put in Franklin for a couple of series then Rodgers. That’s a nasty one/two punch.

  23. jbniner over the hill over priced player???? manny lawson has been in the league for 5 years same with goldson they are not elite players like i said but manny signed a 3 mil contract with cinci why couldnt we have matched that same offer to keep our former 22nd overall draft pick on the team!!! they draft these good or decent players and then let them leave in FA. they have done it forever! They need to keep some players on the team and build around them and then when they have a player that is better then replace them or keep them as a second….. You dont let someone leave when you have no one to replace them with especially when you spent a first rounder on him!!!

  24. If they keep drafting an OLB with a 1st rounder(julian peterson) and then when he hits free agency let him leave and then draft another OLB with a 1st rounder (manny lawson) to replace him and then when he hits free agency let him leave and then draft another OLB with a 1st rounder (aldon smith) to replace him…. Have we gotten anywhere?????

  25. @jbniner

    All of that would be very true except…the Niners signed a 36 year old kicker and 30 year old washed up safety. How does that fit into the “plan”?

    The kicker I can understand, although I would prefer to develop a young guy if this season is about rebuilding.

    The safety signing points to the fact that their is no plan because 1) they are stock full of young safeties and 2) he’s old and hasn’t played well in 2 years. Garbage signing, garbage plan.

    Goldson is solid and young; he should be part of the “plan”. I love the way he plays.

  26. I dont like losing franklin, but the reality is that he was clearly not happy in frisco. He held out late last seaason and bolted for another one year deal elsewhere. Sopoaga will take over and though he is not as good as Franklin, he is servicable. Clements was basically a bust in terms of a free agent pickup, and unless he opted to move to safety (which he would never do) he was simply not worth the $$. Lawson never lived up to his potential as he was either hurt or when he did play he was largely inefective. The only free agent loss that I am aggravated with is Baas. He was really becoming a solid OL but also has a history of injuries.

    Plus its not like the niners were sitting on the sidelines and not trying to sign free agents. They made a strong push at Nnamdi and kicked the tires on Plax, both of which ended up signing with teams built to win now.

    With regards to Alex Smith, who exactly were they going to sign to START the season? He was already learning the plays and the system. Were the niners really going to pay the kings ransom to philly for an unproven kolb? Look they spent a 2nd round pick on Kaepernick for a reason.

  27. nomoreseasontix says:
    Aug 2, 2011 5:47 PM
    I just heard they’re negotiating a trade of Patrick Willis for an un-named place kicker.
    you heard wrong, it wasn’t a place kicker it was a place kick ball holder and a long snapper

  28. nomoreseasontix says:
    Aug 2, 2011 5:47 PM
    I just heard they’re negotiating a trade of Patrick Willis for an un-named place kicker.

    ilovefoolsball says:
    Aug 2, 2011 8:10 PM
    you heard wrong, it wasn’t a place kicker it was a place kick ball holder and a long snapper


    You’re both wrong, they are trading P.Willis and VD to the Patriots for a towel boy and one of Bellichick”s hoodies… Wtf I was pushing and hoping for free agency to start for this clusterf**k?! If they aren’t going to seriously pursue bringing any new talent to the team AT LEAST replace all the players leaving!!

  29. Nobody wanted this guy , he is either a cancer in locker room , lazy or has drug problem , or all of the above. GM’s around league who NEEDED nose tackles didn’t even sniff at this guy

  30. If a guy is getting signed a week and a half into free agency on a one-year deal, or still sits unsigned, that seems to indicate that the individual is either out of mind with his price point, or not very valuable. Either way, he’s probably not a guy we need to worry about.

    It appears that they signed Williams to a cheap one-year deal to add depth…fairly smart to me, especially with young guys back there. Besides, and I’m only guessing here, I think there’s a bit of house cleaning going on with guys from the old regime who maybe think they are a bit more important than they really are. Simple addition by subtraction. New coach, new philosophy, new day. Like I said, let it play out.

  31. quietly reloading, stealthily making the best moves in free agency, kept most of our core players while adding some really important missing pieces (Ingram, Sproles, Rogers, Franklin, Jordan, McBride), adding some depth at positions where we are weakest (Clint Ingram, Danny clark, Keeping shanle) while having some raw young talent at linebacker Martez Wilson, Jonathan Casillas. This year Malcom Jenkins makes a HUGE statement to the NFL and my dark horse player is Patrick Robinson, look for him to have a breakout year. Finally more excited about the Defense this yr. I love how its the one and done Falcons who are getting all the praise in the South and the Eagles who are getting all the media attention for the (cough) “dream team”, while under the radar the Saints are now even more dangerous than in ’09. Week 1, we “take dat back”!!!!

    oh and…
    ctiggs says:
    Aug 2, 2011 5:11 PM
    i hate to say it but im very very close to not being a niners fan anymore.

    PLEASE!!! you gotta be kidding me! Man your team was amazing for a very long period of time, multiple championships and an epic legacy still lives within the heart of your organization. Try waiting 44 years to see what you saw numerous times with Montana and Young. Yea SF has sucked for a few years but dont give up on your team… a real fan sticks it out through the worst of times so he/she can truly appreciate the great times. Stand by your team. Cheers.

  32. P_Willy says: Aug 2, 2011 5:39 PM

    he’s not THAT good, and where was the “swipe”?


    You cant be serious…Franklin was the REASON Willis was even as good as he was b/c he was drawing up double teams to free Willis to be able to do what he, learn to watch some football before you speak! I like Willis too, but without a good Defensive line, its hard for linebackers to do much or be effective.

  33. @Nola 4 eva

    I agree, did you see how excited Vilma was when he heard we signed him….. Gregg Williams is probably laughing like a mad scientist with all the weapons he has this year. When Vilma is jacked up about a player…. then we as fans she be jacked up as well! WHO DAT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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