Zach Miller: Tom Cable helped bring me to Seattle


Raider Nation is hurting Tuesday night after losing their most consistent offensive player in Zach Miller.

It has to hurt worse for Al Davis because his former coach Tom Cable was instrumental in bringing Miller to Seattle.

“Coach Cable gave me a call Saturday morning and saw I wasn’t signed yet, kind of feeling the Raiders would have done it by then,” Miller told Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune. “He said, ‘We want you here and I’m going to make a push to get you here.’

“I took a visit, and my wife and I just loved it. I’m still kind of blown away.”

We don’t blame him. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Miller got $17 million guaranteed and $34 million over the next five years.  We heard that Miller got an attractive offer from Oakland before the lockout and they apparently thought they were close to a deal as recently as Tuesday.

Instead, Oakland chose to spend huge dollars on Stanford Routt, Kamerion Wimbley, and Richard Seymour before locking Miller up. They lost a leader who at 25 years old was just hitting his prime.  It sounds like Miller wanted to stay, but Oakland took too long.

“When I was going into the last year of my rookie deal I was hoping to get extended and get a longterm contract and it didn’t happen. Then the season ended and I was expecting a deal and it didn’t happen either.  Throughout the process I was expecting it and it just never happened,” Miller said.

After watching the Raiders overpay their own guys for years, we expected it too.  Miller actually deserved the money.

89 responses to “Zach Miller: Tom Cable helped bring me to Seattle

  1. To bad his QB is Tavaris Jackson….makes Jason Campbell look like a pro-bowler

  2. I like the move, but Carlson is a great young tight end. His lack of production last year was a product of him being forced to act as an extra lineman.

    Enough with this Andrew Luck nonsense. Seahawks still have a great chance to win the division.

  3. Nobody deserves the kind of money these guys make…and this just proves he was chasing the money.

    So go from one losing team to an even worse losing team and collect your cash…obviously he’s not a true Raider and never has been.

    And spare me Seachicken fans with your recent playoff game comparisons…unless you win it all like the Packers, just shut up.

  4. I usually pick him up as a fantasy sleeper. Not with Tarvaris Jackson at QB!

  5. Why do I get the feeling that the Raiders would have been given another lashing of “overpaying for players” had they given Miller the same contract? He’s a good player, but I think his numbers were inflated due to poor receiver play during his tender.

  6. your overrated and were asking for too much loot,

    join the seahawks

    the Raiders beat them 33-3 last year

    Raiders will get Kevin Boss or someone else and keep the ship moving

    your wife loved it? glad she is making your decisions for you or having an impact on your NFL future

    we’ll see who has a better season, who’s gonna throw it to you Tarvaris Jackson – how is this man still in the league?

    here come the Jason Campbell haters, all he did was sweep the afc west 6-0

    Tom Cable whack anyways, the Raiders improved because of the offense…

    and the offensive coordinator was Hue Jackson.

    thumbs down it, Raiders fan rule the world, regardless of our record

    Tom Hanks, Tiger Woods, Jessica Alba, Ice Cube, 2pac/Biggie, the list is endless…

  7. As a Bronco fan, I just want to say thank you to Al Davis for firing a coach that was extremely popular with his players and inhibiting the further stability of the Raiders organization.

    I guarantee that Nnamdi, Zach, and Gallery would still be Raiders if they didn’t fire Cable.

  8. I know the Raiders are hurting with what they’ve lost during the FA period… But they did some solid moves before the lockout.

    Did everyone forget they managed to lock up the unquestioned leader of the defense, and possibly the team, Richard Seymour, for two more years? Maybe his best days are behind him, but he’s still a Pro-Bowl caliber player, and a great teacher to the youngsters.

    They signed Stanford Routt to a LOT of money. But many people out there genuinely do not know that OAK’s CB coach is this guy named Rod Woodson, who apparently seems to know something about the position. Another great guy to teach the youngsters.

    And finally, the piece that I’m AMAZED people seem to be ignoring, is a healthy Darren McFadden. In my (obviously biased) opinion, he’s one of the most explosive and complete offensive players in the NFL when healthy.

    Bush is a restricted FA, so either the Raiders keep him, or next year get a 1st and 3rd round draft pick.

    Chaz Schilens is finally healthy. Most people don’t know who he is. If he stays healthy, they’ll find out.

    The Nation is stinging from several high-profile departures, and it’s easy for people to kick OAK fans even more than usual right now. But there are still a few reasons for Raider Nation to keep our collective heads up.

  9. Where is the Messiah Timmy Rah-Rah when you need him?? He’s gotta turn the other cheek. Help out his fellow man. Free us RaiderFan from that black plague known as Al Davis…..

  10. Class act guy, gonna miss ya man. Al fell asleep at the wheel again.. Please RETIRE Sith Lord! Your sucking the life out of me and every Raider fan that has ever stuck up, put up, or had to fight for the silver and black. It is time to go, please.
    Why do we go through this year after year with the same asinine moves? Gradkowski, Higgins, Gallery, Miller, Howard, and Asomugha gone now with a tougher season ahead. Same team, all rooks hired but are are we looking at future rebuild because I cannot make sense of this. This rebuild is taking far to long, call DIY, see if they have some ideas, they have nice vids to help your rebuild process.

  11. Ooooh. Zach didn’t feel wanted and his wife prefers Seattle. Cable expressed his love and explained to him that because his wife will be so happy in Seattle she won’t suspect the hookers when on the road.

  12. “I took a visit, and my wife and I just loved it. I’m still kind of blown away.”

    Welcome to the Beautiful Northwest, happy to have you on board Zach and thank you for becoming a Seahawk!!

  13. @wehager:

    I agree with some of your names as players we should have tried to keep, namely Gallery, Miller, and Asomugha. But Gallery didn’t really want to be there with Cable gone. As for Gradkowski, loved him, but honestly, too fragile to be the #1 QB, and probably either wanted a chance to start, which he found, or would have tied up quite a bit of cap room.

    Higgins was fun, but he was never the same after JaMarcus led him with a pass and he got ROCKED by the Chargers two years ago on opening night. With all of the young, already unsteady receivers the Raiders had, I think he was expendable.

    Like I said, though, certainly agree with some of the other names.

  14. Only 3 sure things in life. Death, taxes and Al Davis putting the Raider Nation through hell again…..

  15. Can’t blame Miller; Not much love from Al Davis on this one.

    Another example why Al Davis needs to step down and let some one with Competatence run the Raiders.

    Al Davis has had a Impact and should be in the Hall of Fame some day. (Maybe he is?) But modern football has passed him by.

    Do the right thing Al; if for no one else, the Raiders Fans.

  16. That much money for a dump off, check down receiver? Glad we didnt budge at $7Mill per…..

  17. You also can’t blame him for being on the best team the Raiders had fielded since they went to the SB almost a decade ago, just to have the head coach (the 5th head coach since then, mind you) run out of town. Who wants to play for someone who has no sense of patience or consistency?

    Call if “chasing the money” all you want (and that’s certainly part of it, I’m sure) but there’s something to be said for working for an organization with at least a little bit of stability.

  18. Regarding the initial poster; No one, and I mean NO ONE, could make Jason Campbell look like a Pro Bowl QB. The Raiders dropped the ball on getting Miller under contract, plain and simple.

  19. Miller was good for the Raiders, but if Al Davis signed him for what Seattle just signed him for, many people would be saying he overpaid for him! Thats just the truth, so I’m not gonna sit here & say it was a great signing! Remember he is a tight end, one that gets injured a lot & is one concussion away from maybe being done in the NFL. I’m giving Al props for not overpaying for the services of a long-time positive figure for the team, just because it was the right and nice thing to do. It remains to be seen whether any of these moves are great or poor ones, just my opinion. Asomugha is a 31 year old corner who missed half the year last year, and I’m not so sure he is worth his contract he received either. If there is 2 positions that Al knows what he is doing its CB and TE. Best of luck to Miller and Asomugha. As for Gallery, he is a bust who is always injured! Get ready Seattle. That’s not even debatable in my eyes. Cable is a nice guy, but for an oline specialist, I don’t see it and never saw it with Oaklands line, but I guess old man Al can just be blamed for that too.

  20. How do you let your best defensive player and best offensive player walk?? Al Davis is high.

  21. Haha, I like how now we got hurt Raider fans trashing on one of their former best players, just like hurt Viking fans did when the Hawks stole Rice from them. This is all on the Raiders, they had an entire week to sign this guy and just ignored him. I was shocked he was still available as well and even more so when I heard the Hawks had managed to steal him from the Raiders. Snooze you lose.

  22. Chairman Al says:
    Aug 2, 2011 10:05 PM
    I know the Raiders are hurting with what they’ve lost during the FA period… But they did some solid moves before the lockout.

    Did everyone forget they managed to lock up the unquestioned leader of the defense, and possibly the team, Richard Seymour, for two more years? Maybe his best days are behind him, but he’s still a Pro-Bowl caliber player, and a great teacher to the youngsters.

    They signed Stanford Routt to a LOT of money. But many people out there genuinely do not know that OAK’s CB coach is this guy named Rod Woodson, who apparently seems to know something about the position. Another great guy to teach the youngsters.

    And finally, the piece that I’m AMAZED people seem to be ignoring, is a healthy Darren McFadden. In my (obviously biased) opinion, he’s one of the most explosive and complete offensive players in the NFL when healthy.

    Bush is a restricted FA, so either the Raiders keep him, or next year get a 1st and 3rd round draft pick.

    Chaz Schilens is finally healthy. Most people don’t know who he is. If he stays healthy, they’ll find out.

    The Nation is stinging from several high-profile departures, and it’s easy for people to kick OAK fans even more than usual right now. But there are still a few reasons for Raider Nation to keep our collective heads up.


    You guys overpaid for Seymour, you overpaid for Routt, but you can’t overpay for Miller, whom is the best offensive player you have? McFadden has the makings of a beast, but Miller is always consistent. Considering the QBs who have thrown to him, that’s very impressive.

    The Raiders are definitely in worse shape than they were last year. I’d say it’s a bit of irony that Cable gets fired and then helps snatch Miller away from Davis and crew.

    Hopefully the Raiders can recover and have a winning season.

  23. First to the Raiders. Why did you even fire Cable?? Didn’t he make that team play hard and do better than expected. I remember the game two years ago when they basicly stunned the Eagles in Oakland and i though Cable was great in coaching a team with less talent to win over a better team. I don’t get it like 10 coaches since 2000 the raiders have had. You can not win in the NFL that way.

    And now to the Raiders fans. Some of you (not all) are getting close to being like Cowboys fans. You say how much you want a player till he signs somewhere else the the player sucks or is overrated. Stop with the sour grapes man. Blame your owner for being a moron not smart player who sees how bad the team is and goes elsewhere.

    Also to the Raiders fans who keep throwing ONE win in Seahawks fans faces. Remember You beat them ONCE last year but they almost went to a championship game while your team was golfing.
    The Seachickens are 1000 times better than the Raiders at almost every position. At this point just about all the Raiders have is a RB, MLB, and a corner (Rout is a great player, over payed but great. he may get some attention now that Nnamdi is gone) but thats it. The rest of your team is just not big time. Sure you have some other players but none of them are great anymore or will ever be. The Seahawks however have a pretty good line 4-5 really good defensive players and the WR are millions of times better than the track stars the Raiders have. Not to mention and i hate to make you Raiders fan cry but the Seahawks QB is better than yours.

    I would take T Jack over Cambell all day long. I saw a lot of him when he was in Washington and i always thought he had boat loads of talent but was just stuck on loser, but hes not. He has maybe the worst acc. of any QB this side of Tebow. He gets hurt to much and he simple put can not read a defense. To be honest I am not even sure how bad those WR really are for how much they have to run off route to try and catch a pass. Perhaps with a better QB like Luck DHB might be really good. I doubt it but it could happen. Thank god DHB ran a faster 40 than D Jax or DeSean might be in Oakland in stead.

    So Raiders nation suck it up. Admit the Seahawks are better and move on. Don’t react with so much venom. The players arn’t leaving because of the fans. For the most Raiders fans or loyal and pretty good. They are leaving because Al Davis is trying to win in 1983.

  24. Huge upgrade for the Seahawks. John Carlson has potential but has been brutal the last 3 years with key drops

  25. I was sick to my stomach when i heard this.
    I could not wait for the lockout to end because i had some hope this year. Now i have no idea who is going to step up this year and catch the ball.

    Wont surprise me if Dmac is the leading reciever this year.

    @ ihavea2inchpenis

    Darren Mcfadden is the best player on offense by far.

  26. wassup with people writing BOOK LONG responses.. like we actually gonna read the replies on here

  27. Who in the world really thinks that Miller is their best offensive player? I mean really Seattle should be happy to have him buy you are a fool if you think Miller a tight end mind you is better than McFadden! That is insane!! It is relevant to bring up the complete beatdown Seattle received last year! It was last year morons why wouldn’t that matter? Have we played since? 1000 times better? You are making raider fans seem like geniuses now, thanks!

  28. Fret not Raiders Fans….. You know damn well he’s not worth it. Sure he got all the catches in your offense, who else was it going to be ? He just has a catchy name, so you really liked him. Your skill positions group is goin to be the best you’ve had in just over a decade. You can still sign a solid TE and have an improved offense next year.

    I think Campbell will be solid this year ! He’s done it before ! Also, your probably drafting a QB in the 1st next year anyway, unless theres some really huge/fast guy from out of nowhere available.

  29. Hey Zach have fun on competition tuesday with Pete Carroll. You and Robert Gallary can compete for who gets to kiss Tom Cable’s ___ First.

    PS:Appreciate it Seahawks you took are 2 most overrated players. Congrats, I for one am borderline thrilled that Miller is no longer a Raider.

  30. To bad his QB is Tavaris Jackson….makes Jason Campbell look like a pro-bowler

    blah blah blah. please give me a break.

    enough is enough.

    unoriginal.old. played out. go through every seahawks related post, some form of this tired jab is spread through out.

    simple and plain, t-jack was never bought in as the “qb of the future” he is merely for now a stop gap. IF he plays well, its a bonus. if not, we have building blocks already in place for the qb of the future. Obviously PC didn’t see the qb of the future in the draft, in Free agency, in the seahawks camp, nor in matthew hasselbeck. Its not like he pulled a arizona and gave the farm up for him. And do keep in mind, seattle is geared towards becoming a Run first team, T jax just has to hand off and resort mostly to short passes, and use the pass just to open up the rush. Its not like they’re bringing him in to sling the ball around.

    Notice the trend. It started last year with the addition of beast mode, BMW, and Leon Washington . This year with the addition of Carpenter and Moffit in the draft. Signing Sidney Rice, Gallery, Zach Miller all HUGE upgrades. PC and company (from what i see) is trying to make the offense bigger, WAY more explosive, and a definite upgrade from the guys weve had here for the past few years who quite frankly are the total opposite. at the end of the day, seattles still a rebuilding team.

    Why bring in a high priced gamble, unproven qb like kolb, with so many other holes in the offense alone? Its not like Seattle was the vegas pick for superbowl, or its not like we were just a qb away from a sb caliber team. bring in a stop gap (whom by the way is 5 years fimilar with the OC’s offense during a year with a lot of time missed due to the lockout, ) and just continue to build toward the future. i think what they’re doing is brilliant. sure beats the ol mora days with julius jones as our RB and the WR injury fiasco during Holmgrens last year. They’re rebuilding, so the cheap shots are kinda boring already.

    oh, and and welcome to seattle, Zach. great pick up PC. Changing the culture of seattle from undersized, old, and weak to big, young ,mean and gritty. kudos.


  31. Good for Miller but he isn’t the first player out there that signed with another team. It is clear that the Raiders did not want to match the dollars paid by the Seahawks….OK fine let’s move on and see how this plays out. Miller is one blow to the head from being out of the league, he is not worth it. There is a reason that a week has gone by before anyone other that the Raiders showed interest in this guy…again he is not worth the contract and the Raiders season is not down the tubes because of losing a TE!!! It may be a long season but it won’t be because of losing this guy.

  32. “First to the Raiders. Why did you even fire Cable??”

    He beats women and assistant coaches. He flies bimbos in to his hotel before road games. Those are no no’s in Al’s eyes. It probably works in Seattle though.

  33. sweetnlow44 says:
    Aug 2, 2011 10:31 PM
    A 1st and a 3rd for bush? What kind of fantasy land is that in? Are all raider fans this delusional?


    A RESTRICTED free agent means the Raiders placed a tender on him. If another team signs him, the Raiders get the picks…….

  34. haha our RB, MLB and CB are our best players but we finished 2nd in the league in rushing yards and 1st in the league in sacks per pass attempt on defense. We’ll be fine.

    You have a team quarterbacked by Tarvaris “I got benched for Gus Frerotte” Jackson.

    “I would take T Jack over Cambell all day long. I saw a lot of him when he was in Washington”

    Stopped reading right there. Please stop posting.

  35. Cable was fired because the o coordinator they brought in turned the offense into a top 10 offense, meanwhile the oline was garbage again! That’s what cable was supposedly going to improve, he never did! This blaming the owner stuff is just getting old, when there are plenty and plenty of crappy ones that are just worried about putting money in their pockets

  36. I like how aggressive Pete Carrol is, but paying 17mil guaranteed for someone that keeps getting his bell rung?
    I hope we don’t regret this move. I still think Carlson is one of the best catching TEs when he doesn’t have to bail out a injured O line. Pete please don’t trade Carlson.

  37. @leftysmoke:

    Absoultely agree they paid too much for Routt, but the Raiders dug a hole before with the Seymour issue. Maybe they paid too much, maybe not, but can you image the backlash people would be giving if the Raiders took on Seymour for two years, then let him go, after giving up a first-round pick? That would be the mother of all PR nightmares.

    Trust me, I wanted Miller all along. Completely agree that he was a key piece of the puzzle. But with him gone, what can I do? He’s gone, so I wish him well, he was a great player, but I’m an OAK fan. Got to look at what we still have.

  38. You do realize the Oakland Raiders had a better record last year than the “Big Time” Seattle Seahawks, right? You do realize you only went to the playoffs because someone from that terrible division had to go to the playoffs, right? You do realize we spanked you 33-3, right? That your “big time” offensive line couldn’t hold our backup defensive linemen from getting to your QB in under 3 seconds, right?

    Watch some football, son!

  39. All Seahawk haters need to wake up and smell what’s brewing in Seattle. Another NFC West Championship and playoff run. PC & JS are putting together the next West Coast Dynasty.

    Eagles CB Samules will be on his way here next.

  40. Well andyreidisfat…since you said Routt (sic) is a great playerand the Seachickens are 1K better at every position, you just lost any credibility you had…if you ever had any (which I highly doubt).

    And just to prove that andyreidisalsostuipid…the Eaglets will never win a SuperBowl…peace out.

  41. The Seattle Seahawks signed four of PFT’s top 22 free agents, as listed in their top 80 free agents article.

    Brandon Mebane is 26. Sidney Rice is 24. Zach Miller is 25. Robert Gallery is the old man of the group at 31.

    The offensive line is bristling with young talent. All five projected starters were drafted in the first three rounds.

    Laugh at Jackson and Whitehurst all you want. If neither one of them can step it up, whoever Seattle gets in the 2012 offseason, either in the draft or through trade, will be walking into a very favorable situation.

  42. @andyreidisfat:

    Your handle is still awesome.

    I do still think it’s a toss-up between T-Jack and Campbell, and that’s not just as a Raiders homer. I’ve never really seen Jackson that much. He got a raw deal in MIN with all of the Favre drama. I think this is going to be a key year for him. Seattle is stacked with talent, so I think a lot of eyes are going to be on him and what he can do.

    Same with Campbell. He’s coming into a contract year. It could very well be the most importtant year of his career. I think both QBs will be extremely interesting to watch.

  43. Good pick up for the Hawks. Good offseason so far. Looks like the Ruskell nightmare is ending no more smurf WR’s and DB’s, monsters along the o-line, bad coaches kicked to the curb. Been four looong years. Sorry Bears fans, your nightmare has just begun. Stop whining Raider fans. Earlier you all full of yourselves spouting off how Miller would never sign in Seattle, now you are glad he’s gone? Boo hooooo.

  44. Do Seattle fans really think that Tavaris and Charlie are going to be amazing QB’s? Tavaris couldn’t get it done with AP and the troops with him. Charlie couldn’t dream to see the field with Rivers starting. Yet they are going to win the NFC West? I thought Miller could have shined in the bay area as a good tight end (next to V. Davis). If it weren’t for Matt having his best game of his career SEA wouldn’t advance (oh what team is he on now). Pete Carroll isn’t that great of a coach, w/o money grubbing college kids. Sidney Rice isn’t going to make a huge impact without P. Harvin. A. Curry is a bust and SEA lost their best LB Lofa! Yet they will win the NFC West….

  45. keep in mind that the current lawsuit against the nfl, and how it relates to concussion’s, will impact the league in the future. It is now proven that cumlative concussions cause brain damage. Bad news is the league would be held liable if they allow this, so in other words once you crack your coconut, you are more likely to have another…Zach had two just last year…..pending current litigation it could soon be NFL poicy that a player will be required to miss “x” amount of games besed on # of concussions, and frequncy of them…..if Zach for example on Sept 2nd just happened to get pancaked between seymour and wimbley, and suffers a concussion against the raiders, he might be required to have to sit our for a mininum for two weeks, add another and it would go up to three weeks, and another, IR.

    Just gotta wonder if his skull is already cracked. I mean he did just sign with the seahawks

  46. groess says:
    Aug 2, 2011 10:03 PM
    Can the Raiders get anything right?
    They got the AFC West right (6-0)

    Besides, he had like 3 concussions in 6 seasons, if there was any long term injury risk, the Raiders werent throwing any money at him. You all know why they couldnt sign him?
    1. they guaranteed all that money to Seymour, who they had to trade a first round pick for
    2. they had to sign Routt because they knew they were losing Aso, and over payed again
    3. They dont have a GM that forsees these incidents and re-signs during or extends contracts, since they are rebuilding–err i mean reloading every year.

  47. Miller was solid. Would’ve been sweet if he stayed. But he wanted to leave so don’t let the door hit you in the back. If someone doesn’t want to wear the Silver and Black, go.

    Raiders WILL win w/out you. Mark it down. I think the coaches and Al know how to evaluate talent since they did draft Aso and Miller and they will find a suitable replacement. They might already be on the team. Time for the young guns to step up, that’s all.

    As for the ‘Hawks, you guys got a great TE but if you think T-Jax will get it done for you guys, good luck. He had his chance in MIN with a better o-line, a better RB, and better WRs and he still managed to do jack shiite.

    Win, lose, or tie…Raiders ’til I die.

  48. WojowBk….you realize that the only member left on the o-line is Okung? You realize that the Raiders have been rebuilding since the’ Tuck Rule’ and the Hawks are only in year two of what looks like a very quick rebuild?

    Follow some football son

  49. Unfortunate we loss miller…Zach that is….but let’s not start jumping off the bridge. Until yesterday nobody in the league was knocking down his door…… and even now he is going to to a team that really didnt need him and is in a comparabaly situation(buildingwise). So it wasnt personal.

    If Pittsburgh, NE, or Indy had jumped on him i would feel like we got fleeced again but a 5 yard out is still a 5 yard out and if it’s Mcfadden catching it or Michael Bush i dont care.

    Good luck Miller we will miss you……

  50. eaglejim88 says: Aug 2, 2011 10:57 PM

    @randysavage4eva….. you are the true to life definition of the word HATER!

    No one is hating , I speak truth , Zach Miller is not Vernon Davis or Antonio Gates. Tarvaris Jackson can not play at all.

    The Raiders did beat the hawks last year 33-3

    The offense was the reason the team improved and Hue Jackson was the offensive coordinator.

    What part is hating and what part is telling the truth- these are facts.

    I know why your mad tho…

    bc the Raiders beat Philly in the SB in 1980?

    And before you say “oh that is so long ago and thats irrelvant, what about now?”

    well it is long ago but its also the reason that Philly has 0 superbowl wins and is pressing so hard for a dream team to win now. So it is relevant now because the Eagles are still stuck with 0 Superbowl wins.

    And the last time we played the Eagles were beaten by Jamarcus Russell of all people, all he had to do was put up 13 points to beat you, and the Raiders sacked McNabb 6 times.

    Andy Reid, “The Raiders outplayed and outcoached us” simple as that.

  51. 1st Zack save me the poor me they took to long @rap I didn’t feel wanted garbage you sound like the woman your wife should be and she sounds like the man you should be making the choices were you play! LMAO get a set have fun playing for a team that has never won ish!! 2nd Sea chickens you squad is garbage Oakland won more games Oakland was higher in almost every stat that counts.. you got in the playoffs with a lossing record!!! That is the GREATNESS that is the seachickens!Child Please you must be drnking to many cafe latte’s or must be mildly retarded corky Raider fans know life goes on you can have the guy in the skirt that tom cable felt up on his trip to seattle Have fun Zack!!!

  52. I’ll give u two words OVERRATED and OVERPAID he put some decent numbers because we had the worst reciever corps the last 4 years, when Jacoby Ford started to shine last season Miller’s production fell almost unnoticed, still a top 12 TE but not elite by any means.

  53. So if the Raiders have the #1 pick next year do you think Al is dumb enough to pass on Andrew Luck or sign Campbell to a mega contract.

  54. Good move by the Seahawks. Carlson has had concussion problems and Miller is a Pro Bowler. Everyone is criticizing this move as Jackson is his QB. If he can be a dump off and extra blocker in the run game then he is worth his money. Oakland should have resigned him as they now have nobody to scare opposes defenses at WR/TE.

  55. It stuns me that there is a portion of the Raider fanbase that can’t understand why players don’t want to play for their team. It’s not the 70s anymore. And when good players like Nnamdi and Miller leave, you claim they aren’t that good, say you’re happy to be rid of them, and in Miller’s case even accuse them of being p-whipped.

    Yeah. If Nnamdi and Miller resign with the Raiders, I’m sure you guys would roll your eyes and ask Al why he’d sign such stiffs.

  56. This is funny everyone says the Raiders over pay when 2 ex-Raiders just got paid $95 Million dollars and $42 Million dollars Guaranteed

  57. It’s funny seeing Raiders fans try and use our language! Jezzus! If the Raiders don’t have the most ignorant, dummied down fan base ever…Then Al Davis is a sprite 23 years old!

  58. Hey raider fan, dont hate on seattle making all the right moves and snatching your best guys up while old man river takes an afternoon nap.

  59. Great pick up for seahawks it does suck that jackson is the qb. But niners have no room the talk still sitting here with alex smith and the biggest name we have signed is a 36 year old kicker David akers. Looks like the seahawks and the cardinals taking a step forward. Seahawks did let matt go but the Cardinals took the biggest step. Still the nfc west is at the bottom of the barrol of the nfl, with the afc west close by.

  60. Cheatin’ Pete, Schneider, & Cable robbed Oakland because they are a dilapidated team. Of course Miller, and Gallery and Rice at that, signed with the Hawks: unlimited funds, fools (brought to you by Microsoft and WSU alum, Paul Allen). Did you all forget were the same team who told our #1 WR last year to go fly a kite in Baltimore and wed pay for his ticket out the door???

    Let’s look at the facts: Seattle has done better since the lockout than any other NFL team so far. Patriots are close, some could argue AZ because of Kolb but yeah…no. But what about Matt Hasselback? Well, what about him? Seattle told him to pack his bags and go teach QB camp in Tennessee because we were afraid he’d die under an unproven line (enter Tarvis Jackson and Jesus Christhurst). Oh, and there’s the Hawks WR-core who went from zero to hero in two seasons. And just in case you forgot, Lynch is coming off “the run” that made Fox’s entire sports casting free look futile (ie Bradshaw and Long are clowns) with Forsett Rankin and Robinson set to prove themselves. And let’s not forget it only takes a losing record to beat three obviously terrible teams in the NFC West and go to the playoffs.

    Raiders fans… Yes, you worked Seattle last year. And we very much look forward to having the opportunity to stick it to you in our next meeting. These acquisitions are just the start of what’s to come.

  61. As soon as the wife was coming to Seattle, you knew Oakland had no chance.

    The thought process for her I am sure goes something like this:

    Gee, do I really want play the daily game of avoiding the syringes laying around the streets and malls, or would I be too distracted by the buzzing of neon “massage” parlour signs in Oakland, or would I rather smell the sea breeze and be able to walk down to the corner and pick up my double latte in complete safety in Seattle?

    Adn with hubbys $17m, although finding curtains to keep the sunset over the ocean out of our bedroom windows is a tough task, its a lot better then sorting through the selection of electrified barbed wire we’d need to outfit the new pad in O-Town with.

    Once again, thanks to Al for putting too many eggs in his basket last year, being asleep at the switch this year, and for firing the coach which has netted the Seahawks two decent players.

  62. Miller is a good, young TE. Raider fans, stop being childish, he was your best receiver and Al should have tried harder to resign him.

    On paper, the Seahawks are probably a better team than the Raiders after this free agent period.

    The best offensive weapon the raiders now have is Mcfadden, which means they are gonna have to ride him till the wheels come off.

  63. I’m sad to see him go, the guy was, and is, a class act all the way.

    From a business perspective though, I understand it completely. Miller has had too many concussions lately and foot problems too, so I get it.

    Same for Nnamdi, I hated to see him go but he’s clearly on the downside of his career and he’s started battling injuries the past couple of years.

    I’ll miss them both, but I understand why they’re gone.

    All the best to both of them.

  64. This off season of Raiders activity has been quite amusing. With the pending Free Agency of Nnambi, all we heard from the Raider faithful was how the Raiders ran the organization like a “family” and not like a business. That Nnambi was loyal to Al, as all current and former Raiders were. That he was a California guy who would never leave. He left. Then when Miller’s turn at bat Free Agency-wise came up, we got pretty much the same song and dance from the Raider fans. He’s loyal. He’ll never leave. He loves Al. Zach left.

    What followed both of their departures was an instant 180 from most of the Raider posters. Stuff such as, Nnambi’s too old. It was too much money for Nnambi (even though it was only slightly more than what Al gave Routt). Nnambi wouldn’t play with pain. (And, my personal favorite) Routt will be a great CB anyway because Rod Woodson is his coach.
    Zach Miller received the same treatment. He wants too much money. He’s had concussions. (who’s played football into their mid-20’s without a few concussions?) He’s had a foot injury. (aren’t you counting on Chaz to be your #1 receiving option now? His medical history looks like “War and Peace”.)

    The bottom line boys and girls is that pro football IS a business. There’s billions of dollars involved. That’s how we can be sure it’s a business. The average career for an NFL player is something like 3 years. If you get a chance to sign a second contract, you need to get everything you possibly can. If you’re fortunate enough to sign a third contract, you can probably set your family up for the rest of your life. That’s where your loyalty should be, to your real family and not to an organization that will kick you to the curb just as soon as it benefits them.

    It’s fine that the Raiders’ coaching staff has a “next man up” attitude about the loss of Asomugha and Miller. It’s doubtful that the next men up will be as talented or productive at this point.

  65. Why does everyone keep labeling Tavaris Jackson as a bad QB? He was doing fine until the Farve show came to Minnesota. (Not great but fine). Seattle did bolster their line, so he should at least have time back there.

    Also think of this, how can he be any worse than any QB out of Oakland or any other team not the Patriots, Colts, Eagles or Packers? It’s 2011 and some QB’s are still thriving under the “hype”. a.k.a Kolb. Reid’s best selling job yet. He has a below .500 record as a starter and yet he Cards supposedly hit the lottery.

    We’ll see as things unravel. “Can’t wait”!

  66. I’m still chuckling that the Zach Miller link in the articles brings you to the wrong Zach Miller….gimme a break…

  67. Maybe Zach Miller got tired of seeing the head coach get fired every year, even when the head coach gets the team moving in the right direction. Or maybe he’s looking for a little continuity. Or maybe he got tired of Al Davis telling his coaches what schemes to run and who to play. Al Davis needs to die now so Raider fans can start enjoying football again.

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